Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Can Angels lose their wings??? Can Angels fall from the heavens to the ground??? From what I have heard, wings don’t grow back and yeah they can fall. But it’s their choice. Except, I didn’t get the choice, I don’t even remember.
Oh did I mention.
I’m a Fallen Angel.
Tanya Johnson had always been strange, right from the start. She can run like she's flying, heal quicker than she should but she thought it was coincidence until a sexy stranger comes to her door and takes her away somewhere that hours are seconds and life is death. She doesn’t mind that she’s learning about this world of things she never knew but she does mind that it is messing up her perfect life.
Everyone loves her and all the boys want her. But this one knows her like no one else does. What is he on about her with wings??? Nah get a life, she thinks. But is it all true???

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Submitted: September 09, 2011



Wakening up at normal seven AM, on a normal Friday, everything seems different somehow. The boring, French, purple cupboard seemed more fascinating and the black, huge French mirror seemed smaller. I shook it off and stretched my arms. Putting me average feet with blue toenails into my fuzzy bear slippers. I had my white strappy top on with my black leggings because last night was absolutely roasting hot. This morning was chilly as I grabbed my red dressing gown and shoved my arms though before tying the ribbon on it. I went to the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of white jeans and stripy black and white top and black heels for school. Not big heels, their quite small compared to the heels I do have.

I walked down stairs and grabbed a breakfast bar before running out the door to catch the school bus. Like normal, I got there a second before the bus. Somehow even when it didn’t come at the usual time I still was there before it by minutes. Shaun took my hand and squeezed it. He liked me a lot more than a friend but I was wondering about it.

He had light brown hair, which in the right angle, looked beige though he won’t admit it. He was pale with dark blue eyes a small nose. I, on the other hand, was palewith green eyes and an average nose. My hair was as black as night and shone in the morning sun. I stepped onto the bus and he did too, before taking the normal seat beside me which was at the back. When you’re in third year, you sit anywhere you like. Especially when everyone loves you. I liked him a bit more than I should but I didn’t do anything. I mean I wasn’t on the point that I could kiss him I blushed when he started to smile and laugh but he was so cute.

We finally stopped at a bleak building that had blue doors that was called Academy and stood out against the grey building. The window rims were a dull yellow and all the windows had their blinds closed. There was one window that was huge and had no curtains or blind. It was the window outside the library. One of my favourite places at school as well as the courtyard. An outside place where there were benches and paint on the floor.

Shaun let go of my hand and went over to his mates. David, Brian and Cody. I met mine at the door, as well as my sister and Shannon. I don’t see them much anymore so I was privileged. They’re both university and Alex lives with Shannon now. “Alex!!” I screeched.

“Tanya!!!” she laughed. She had been with someone a year before whom she loved a lot but left I heard. I thought he was a creep though I was seriously small. Alex had moved in with Shannon after he left and mum kept fighting with her, she couldn’t take it mum said. I hugged her tightly and ended up getting tickled into letting go.

“What’s up, chick???” She asked. I shook my head and said hi to my mates. Danny, (her real name’s Danielle but she hates her name) Jessica and Candy. We left Alex and Shannon to make registration on time. Mr Donndle loves us but I want to stay in his good books for the rest of the weekend.

The chat this morning was simple, politics. Boring I know but Mr Donndle makes it funny to talk about. The bell rings and us four make our way Drama. Ms Mantla makes us improvise. No rehearsal just a play about Romeo and Juliet. Our favourite scene she says. So Danny and I did the balcony and Jessica and candy did the dyeing bit. They played every bit well then again they watched it all of last weekend.

Finally it is brake and we just hang about the courtyard watching Danny chatting up a fourth year while we laugh at her failures. He finally whispers in her ear and she laughs. Then he leans in and tries to kiss her cheek, but she’s quicker and catches his lips!!! He just laughs and kisses her again. She whispers in his ear and brings his phone out is pocket. Dialling away, we are nearly on the ground laughing at her.

After a few more snogs she leaves and walks over to us, or maybe skip is a better word!!!

“I’m busy tonight girls I’ve got a date!!!” we laugh harder and she gives me a puzzled look. She’s going to get it on with a fourth year!!! And she’s in third year. Next she’ll go at me for not getting a boyfriend. I just don’t like any boys here. Except Shaun there’s something there for him, I don’t know if it’s just a feeling of family or stronger. Candy, Jessica and I don’t have boyfriends. We don’t need them as long as we have each other. Sounds stupid, I know but it’s true.

The day went like a blast and finally it was time to leave the school and enter the weekend. Shaun kissed me on the cheek and ran with me to the bus. Tom, the bus driver, always looked me up and down so I gave him a cheeky smile. He was in his late twenties I would say and had brown hair and tanned skin. His eyes were completely black, they looked creepy. And when he smiled his teeth looked like they had been filed down. Who the hell files their teeth???

We went to our normal seat and Shaun started to speak. “What are you doing tonight???”

“Why are you trying to ask me to make out with me???” I joked. He actually kissed my neck.

“Maybe.” Was all he said. I turned his head and looked around. No one was downstairs yet. Which was normal for us, we were nearly always the first ones here. I grazed my lips over his and whispered in his ear.

“Pick me up at seven and I’ll be ready for you.” I turned round as Sasha came on the bus. A girl that everyone loved and she was mates with the fourth year that Danny had a date with. We sat chatting about the boy she likes. Sadly enough she likes two and one of them is Danny’s date, I said this and she said it was ok and at least she would have the other one to fantasize about. I laughed.

“So what’s going on with you and Shaun???” She whispered quietly enough that only I could hear. I glanced at him and saw him smiling out the window. I turned back to Sasha and shrugged. Sasha just grinned.

“OK, I have a date with him tonight. He’s picking me up at seven, is that a bad thing???” she just hugged me and laughed. It was our stop after what seemed seconds and I ran off the bus after being threatened to be tickled by no other than Shaun. He got me just as the bus started to leave and I saw Sasha laughing at us.

He tickled me for around five minutes and I tried to push him off me but he’s a lot stronger than me. When he stopped I looked at him he finally stopped laughing and looked at me. He started to lean in and we our lips were about a millimetre away from kissing and all we heard was “TANYA!!! GET HOME NOW!!!” my dad was at work and that sounded like a man. Definitely my mum.

I slipped from underneath Shaun and stood up. Grass stains on black jeans. Not a good combination with my mum. I kissed Shaun on the cheek and ran off. Calling back, “don’t forget to pick me up!!!”

Running straight upstairs I was ecstatic, I had a date!!! I mean I know it’s just Shaun and all but still, he’s really cute and the kind of person you can rely on. Mum came up after me and asked why I was so hyper.

“Is Alex coming back???” she asked hopefully I shook my head. Alex only comes back on visits to see dad and me. Once every two weeks she’ll sleep over but hide because the first time she did that mum locked her in the closet partly to keep her here partly to keep me safe. Why I don’t know. She got out and when I looked at the door of the closet it had a huge hand mark like it had been ripped off.

“Mum I’m going to get ready, OK??? I’m going out. With Shaun.” I said the last part quietly but somehow she heard.

“No way, you are not going out, last time your sister went out she came back with that bastard she called a boyfriend. And look what he did, gave her a child and made her move out!!!” I could not be bothered I pushed mum out the room and went to get my towel.

After a nice warm shower my skin was still tingling. I looked at the clock five o’clock. I was taking longer than usual. I stripped from my towel and got changed into my black strappy with white hearts and arrows on it and my white skinny jeans with long gold gladiator sandals. I checked the time again. Five twenty. Why am I taking so long to get ready???

I dried my hair and braided the bits that won’t go in a bobble and curled the rest. My side fringe was sitting awkwardly and so I straitened it. My hair looked good but my hand didn’t. After painting my toe and fingernails black with white at the top, I added mascara and red lip gloss for good measure. I had just made it. It was five to seven as I ran down the stairs and said bye to mum. I sprinted to the door to wait for Shaun. Hearing loud footsteps I opened the door and gave my best smile to…….dad.

“Well it’s nice to be getting home to this isn’t it gem???” My dad said as he stepped inside and took off his shoes. There were footsteps again and Shaun came into view. Dad saw him too and looked at me as if to say. ‘Watch yourself’ and nodded to the kitchen where mum sat with her coffee.

Shaun wore a plain white t-shirt and straight legged jeans with trainers. In his hand were black roses. I gasped. You couldn’t get these anywhere near here. I took them gently and went to put them in a vase. Black roses are my absolutely favourite flower ever, always has been. When I put them in my best vase with swirls I ran back to the door and hugged Shaun.

“I should get them more often!!!” he said. I laughed and shouted goodbye. We heard my mum running through to the door and I started to run with his hand in mine.

After running to the other end of the street we still heard her panting after us. We kept running a few streets away until we could no longer hear her. Shaun looked at me and I at him until next thing we knew I was against a wall and our lips couldn’t pull apart. We were in the loner street were only one flat was rented and only had another month then it would be demolished. They went gambling every night so we were alone. And snogging. While me up against a wall and he was taking his top off. I just managed to open my eyes and look at his torso. Jesus, he was fit.

I stopped and pushed him off me. “So where are we going???” he looked puzzled. “For our date???” he finally understood and put his top back on and took my hand. We ran again until he stopped at my favourite place, the river deep in the woods. A picnic was hidden in a bush, Shaun took it out and I was puzzled. He just kissed me on the cheek and set up the picnic. Tuna sandwich, salt and vinegar crisp and a granny smith apple for me. Shaun packed Chicken sandwich, ready salted crisps and another granny smith apple for himself. I just laughed at him

“What???” I just pointed to the food and he started to laugh as well. I wanted his lips to mine; they tasted like cherries, my favourite fruit. I pulled him over to me and our lips met. As they danced, Shaun rubbed one hand along my back and the other on my leg. My hands were raking his hair. My phone wrecked the moment as Adam Levine started to sing ‘Moves like Jagger.’ I broke the kiss and grabbed my phone out my pocket to answer my mum.

“Where are you??? I’m coming to pick you up right now!!!” I was getting distracted as Shaun was kissing my neck and jaw line.

“Mum leave me alone, I can look after myself and I won’t run out on you. Or dad for that matter.” I heard her sob and guessed she didn’t believe me. So I carried on. “Let me have this one date at least mum give me that and we’ll see what happens.” She finally calmed down.

“OK, fine you have tonight and tomorrow with your date. It’s Shaun isn’t it???” She remembered who it after all.

“Ok, thanks mum. Love you.” She repeated it and ended up the call. I turned back to Shaun and kissed him.

He licked my lip and I opened my mouth, his tongue went straight through as soon as I let him. We sat kissing until a belly grumbled and realized it was mine. He stopped and handed me my sandwich which I chewed hungrily. I thought of what I had eaten today, the sandwich and a small carton of chips.

We ate and joked about things, school, mates and family mostly. We kissed and ate. It was about eleven PM before I started to get tired. Shaun noticed.

“Come on, let’s go get some sleep. You look shattered Tanya.” I was trying to keep my eyes open but it was a hard job to do. He laughed at me as I yawned and tried to look awake. It didn’t work, unfortunately. He stood up and took my hand.

“What about the picnic leftovers???” it was still on the ground looking abandoned. He laughed and urged me upon my feet. I took squeezed his hand as I got up. We walked to his house and unlocked the door. Nobody was there. The house was empty. He ran up to his bedroom with me and unlocked the door.

I couldn’t feel my feet now so I fell as my legs were dead too. I made several attempts to get up though even grabbing onto something, it was failure for me. Shaun ended up lifting me up and taking me into the room and onto the bed in his arms. It felt nice just lying there in his arms. When on the bed my eyes were fighting a losing battle against sleep. He lay down next to me as I turned over to see him. He brought out lips together and I felt very, very tired.

“Go to sleep Alex, you know you want to.” I was getting nagged at again, first my mother now by boyfriend.

“Sorry Mother!!!” I grinned hugely at him and he laughed.

“Don’t mother me!!!” I was attacked by his hands tickling me. I laughed until I cried and cried until I hiccupped. He hugged me and then pressed his lips on mine. It was like he was hungry or something. I loved it!!! We kissed for a while then I started to fall into a dark chasm of grabbing hands and dreams. Sleep finally attacked me and pulled me under.

I dreamt that someone was holding my hands. A stranger. He had dark brown hair and matching brown eyes, they were the colour of chocolate. He was pale but beautiful and his smile looked like it could make the world light up. I couldn’t stop looking at him and him me. I felt like I wanted to run but wanted to kiss him at the same time.

“Hello, Tanya.” Was all he said!!! No explaining of my whereabouts, who he was, it was just “hello”. I glared at him and he sucked in breath and looked at his shoes, as if he was ashamed.

“Good, you should be!!!” I finally gave him a smile when he looked up. He smiled back. A half smile. It was really cute too. “Where am I???”

“I’ll tell you next time, Tanya. For now you need to wake up”, He quietly said.

“Tanya, Tanya. Wake up Tanya!!!” it wasn’t me talking and his lips weren’t moving. Turns out it was Shaun screaming in my ear. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. He hugged me hard. “I thought you were dead, Tanya!!! Please don’t do that to me.” I laughed.

“If I had been playing dead I would hold my breath and you know what it’s like then.” I can hold my breath for quite some time. I put my face under water one time at the local swimming pool. The bottom of the pool was a grubby brown and wasn’t much to look like if you were holding your breath. I managed to feel fine until ten minutes went by. I could have gone longer but I was bored and wanted to swim.

“Yeah, it’s quite something. And it’s also scary.” He whispered.

“Really??? Let’s see how long you can hold your breath.” I pressed my lips on his and laid my arms on his shoulders. His hands went to my waist and gripped each side. After about half a minute he pulled away gasping. “You aren’t very good at this are you???” I giggled. He shook his head in defeat.

I lay back down and closed my eyes. “What time is it???”

“Five AM” he answered. I opened my eyes and pulled him next to me. We lay there hugging for ages.

“I’m going back to sleep.” I was still exhausted. I didn’t want to leave him to think on his own. That’s sometimes a very bad thing. But I just had to. Sleep wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“Hello again, Tanya.” The voice said. It sounded as soft as a teddy’s fluff but I had a feeling if you crossed the wrong line it would be as sharp as a knife. He put his hand out and offered it to me. I took it without thinking. His hand was warm to the touch and was soft.

“Where are we??? Can you tell me now???” I asked. We were standing in a circled space with a lot of forget-me-nots and black roses. I gasped. My two favourite flowers. “Who are you???” I was getting quite frightened now. He took me to somewhere that those flowers grow and also there were cherry trees a horse stable and a swan pond. These were some of my favourites.

“I don’t think you want to know that.” I nodded my head so sharply I thought it would snap straight off my shoulders. He gripped my cheeks to stop me.

“Tell me.” I whispered he was edging closer. He was cute and all but maybe he was getting the wrong way. His hands slipped around my waist and pulled me close. I just crossed my arms over my chest. He didn’t seem to mind to bad.

“Kiss for information”, He whispered.”It’s fair.” I nodded in agreement. And he let go of me.

“But this will be over soon. So I won’t be able to get enough information.” I whispered back. He sighed.

“You’ll find me, don’t worry.”

“And if I can’t???”

“I’ll find you.” He said in a matter-of-factly voice. I wanted him to find me and I didn’t. It was complicated.

“I’ll leave the finding to you, no-name.” I chuckled.

“Adam. That’s all you need to know about me just now.” He whispered. I sighed. It felt like when you want to know what the noises are that your mum and dad are making and someone says you’ll find out when you’re older type thing.

He kissed my forehead and my breath was stuck in my throat, slowly fighting to my mouth so I could breathe. His lips felt soft and lush on my forehead. Then I awoke, with a laughing Shaun beside me.

“What???” I mumbled, he just kept laughing until I slapped his cheek.

“Hey, what the hell was that for???” it was my turn to laugh. “You were talking in your sleep. Find me, Adam. Find me.” he laughed and I scowled. “If looks could kill, I’d have no chance!!!” I slapped his cheek again. His hand cupped his red cheek.

He looked at me, his dark eyes sorrowful, it made me feel sad. He has that effect on people somehow. I leaned to take his hands away and kissed his cheek. It started to go back to his tanned tone quicker than it should have, which surprised me. I didn’t know I could do that. He kissed my lips and I was shocked.

His kiss was like a child wanting too many treats. Hunger, one of the things that just don’t do Shaun any good. I managed to look at the clock, it was nine thirty two!!! Pushing Shaun off of me I began to get up, mum was going to be furious. I had no chance.

I got my shoes and tripped over while pulling them on, I needed to hurry or else I would get seriously grounded and then I wouldn’t be able to see Shaun. Then again I could see, what was his name again??? Oh yeah, he wouldn’t tell me. I ran all the way home after apologising to Shaun and giving him another kiss.

Home at about quarter too since I ran home instead of walking. I could run for miles, I have that much stamina and run quite quickly too. I’m the fastest girl in all my classes, have been since play group. Mum had a look of happiness on her face and hugged me. She must of seen Maya. Her grandchild. You guessed it, Alex had a baby at the age of seventeen. Somehow she goes to university and manages to look after the little darling.

Maya is really sweet but she bites your finger and when it bleeds she sucks the blood. It’s quite creepy. She won’t take formula, only the bottles that Alex gives her. Mum tries to give her mums bottles from cow and gate but she nods her head as if to say get the stinky stuff away I’m not having it. It loves me though, opening her arms anytime she sees me. Alex doesn’t mind neither does Shannon. Though I think she’s a bit pissed off that Maya like me better than her.

I run to my bed and flop down. I’ll see him soon and he’ll tell me his name. It’s creepy having to talk to someone who won’t give you his name. But he’s cute, has a sweet voice, makes me feel special and shows me my favourite things. I want to meet him again, I will meet him again. Hopefully I will meet him today, and then I’ll find out his full name and look out for him.

That’s just what I’ll do.

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