Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The perect dress

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



A/N, ok, now I’m going to do parts with Shaun talking instead of Tanya. Just to let you know and so you don’t get confused.

As I walked around the mansion with Growler, it seemed quite, sad even. Tanya’s been gone for three days and I can’t even smile anymore. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone smile since she left. The mansion is just a place of misery and sorrow.

 Growler won’t take to anyone through their minds unless it was me. He only asked for things or slagged me off. He can’t be blamed though nobody speaks to each other much. Granddad had been in his room for nearly the whole three days. He has only been out for dinner and breakfast. We all worry about him.

I just want to lie in my room and wish for Tanya to come back, the whole place lit up when she laughed. Nobody feels like that anymore. Growler is happy to chase birds in the garden and eat and sleep. I don’t know what to do about him now. I don’t want to send him back, he’s my only friend in here. I always keep one of Tanya’s tops under my pillow, I get to sleep at night knowing I have something of her near.

I’ve tried to phone her and I’ve tried to get to her through her thoughts but she keeps blocking me out. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but I want to find out.


I was greeted like an old friend when I got back to the house with my bag. I had asked Mr Broont to say to Antonio that he will get great-grandchildren, that I’m working on it and he has to smile, to smile for me.

Alex hugged me and Adam tried to kiss me but I put a hand up and told him to save it for later. It was really strange saying that to him. His nostrils flared a bit and he didn’t looked to happy but I couldn’t help it. I needed to get to Maya.

“She’s in your room, I hope you don’t mind.” Alex told me when I asked where Maya was.

“It’s ok, she can stay there. I’ll sleep on the floor to keep an eye on her.” I said, I was really worried when I saw tears fill Alex’s eyes. I hugged her tightly and ran upstairs. Adam came up after me and tried to talk to me.

“I don’t want to talk, Adam. OK??? Can’t you see that???” I said sternly. I pushed him out my room and put a chair under the handle. Why don’t I have a lock???  I sat down on the bed and lifted the sleeping Maya on to my lap. I cradled her like a baby, she seemed like one. So small and vulnerable.

I concentrated on her and went to her mind. After a while I got through to her. I had never tried to get into some one’s mind while they were sleeping. I had to be careful.

She was just sitting there, so quiet and small. There was a glass of blood in front of her she wanted to reach out and grab it but she knew she couldn’t, the devil would take her soul. Her eyelids were still tired though she was asleep. Her teeth ached for the taste of what she lived on. She couldn’t talk so she couldn’t tell anyone about the deal she made. She just had to stay quiet for the rest of her days, they looked short.

Her arm went to the cup slowly but the more she reached, the clearer the devil was walking towards her. She had to wait until an angel came and slay the devil that possessed her mind. Her arm shot down again and the devil took a step back and disappeared. He was not gone, he just stood waiting until she could no longer take it and drink or until her mind gave up and stopped completely. She sensed there was an Angel around her, but she couldn’t walk away from the kitchen. She could go to the farthest corner of the room but she couldn’t leave or else she would just die.

 I opened my eyes and gasped, a devil had my niece in his grasp. I felt myself shaking. I had to go back into her mind. I had an idea, I just had to see if it would work.

Maya could smell metal and Angel. She knew it was an angel but who was it??? That foolish boy had tried to go into her mind and strangle the Devil but she had to drop the glass to make the Devil stop. He had remade the glass of blood and popped it on the table.

Dark hair came into view and a girl stood in Maya’s line of sight. She squealed. Tanya was here!!! He came into the kitchen and over to Maya.

“Put your hand near the cup.” Maya’s eyes widened. She couldn’t, the devil would take a step nearer. As she shook her head a thought came to mind, Tanya’s smart. She knows what she’s doing. “Don’t do anything until I give the signal.” Maya nodded and kept her hands at her sides. “DON’T drink it just reach for it until the Devil turns up.”

She went to where the devil was and put her thumb up. I reached for the glass and the devil turned up. She let her wings out and watched it cower in fear of the brightness. When it was on the ground she ran, grabbed a knife and stuck it in the Devils back. He screamed out and disappeared.

Maya grabbed the drink and waited. Nothing.

She put it to her lips and had a gulp. Nothing. She drank thirstily until the glass was empty and realised she was full. She felt better already but she knew it would be at least two weeks before she was better. She was glad to be able to get better.

I opened my eyes and smiled. Maya was OK, she would be completely cured in two weeks. Two weeks, why did that sound familiar???


“Listen, you might not be able to have Tanya for your beloved but you might meet someone at the ball. You must go.” Granddad was still trying to change my mind. I had said I wasn’t going to the ball. I didn’t want to go when I had asked someone but I was basically rejected now. Tanya hadn’t called me or tried to get through to me. it was like she was never here. Granddad was the only one who could smile. It was because of Tanya. She said he would get great-grandchildren. We all know she doesn’t mean she’s coming back. We all know she isn’t but granddad hopes all the same.

Growler isn’t bothering me anymore and we get along now. She shit himself when I turned into a wolf in front of him and he’s scared I eat him or something. I don’t care, I just manage to eat normal food never mind a dog.

The ball is in about a week now and I still don’t feel like going. I have to now though because I have my suit and shoes and the ball is all made for the beginning of winter. Great, a cold bed again. Fantastic. Just what I needed. I feel alone more than ever. Even with the dog sleeping in my bedroom, half of the time in my bed.

I just want her back.


Maya is getting better with everyday, she eats, her energy is rising, slowly but surely and she is running about all the time with Alex and me. Or she chases the birds. She draws with Adam, well he draws and she tries colouring inside the line, she does the alphabet with Alex or she sits and tries out talking to people through her mind with me. She loves every second she gets of doing this kind of things. I’m glad for her recovery but I’m sad when I’m alone.

I don’t show it when people are with me but when I’m in my room staring out the window into the back garden, I cry. I want to be in the mansion gardens with Antonio, with Growler, with Shaun. I keep track off when the ball is happening and right now it’s a week until Antonio hosts a ball I was asked too.

I just want to forget, it hurts to remember. Alex says we’ll go shopping sometime but I don’t know. Last time I went any kind of shopping was with Shaun to get Growler.

“Are you OK, Tanya???” Adam asked me, I sighed and said

“Of course, I’m with you.” I try to pretend I still love him, hoping to forget about Shaun but I can’t it just makes it worse. He presses his lips to mine and I kiss him back. He keeps trying to go farther in our relationship but I push him away.

It’s two days before the Ball and I still can’t go. Maya isn’t completely cured yet. She’s almost there though. Every night I look into her energy and see a brighter glow. Her glow is almost as bright as normal. Just a day or two.

Shaun keeps going into my mind, I want to let him through but as hard as I try I can’t, my concentration is always knocked off balance. This whole day has been shambles, the only good thing is that Maya is doing well in talking to people through her mind. I’m going to try and teach her how to transport soon, I think.

“Come on Maya, time for beddy byes.” I said, taking her hand. As we walk over to Alex I see his face. I almost get there but I lost concentration again. We kissed Alex goodbye and went to our room. She climbed onto the bed and I slipped onto the air mattress.  She fell asleep quite quickly and I heard a voice, coming from the door.

“Tanya, come on!!!” I got up quietly and walked over to where the voice was. It comes again, “Tanya, come on!!!” I walked farther out. And was grabbed by Adam. I kicked him and punched him, not knowing it was him until we were in the living room.

“What are you playing at!!!” I whispered angrily. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me, his lips warm and hungry. One of his hands slid down to the waistline of my pyjama trousers and went under. I tried to strangle him but he didn’t feel it instead he put his weight on my and made me lay down on the sofa before moving his hand around, roaming my body.

I punch him in the face and dig my nails into his neck, he didn’t feel anything until I kneed him where it hurts. He let go and fell to the ground.

“I don’t want to have to beat the shit out of you again, Adam but I will if you try that again. Except I’ll beat you up so hard you will need to go to hospital and get oxygen because you won’t be able to breathe.” I said as I walked out the living room and back into my bedroom.

I jumped out of fright when I saw Alex sitting beside Maya watching me come in. “When did you come in???” I asked.

“When you were beating up Adam.” She replied. I nodded and went back to bed.

“She’ll might need a day or two at the most.” I said, looking at Maya sleeping. Alex nodded at me.

“We’re going shopping tomorrow. Shannon’s with her dad so she won’t be coming with us.” She said. I felt relieved, something to get Shaun off my mind. I felt a tear going down my cheek, I missed him so much.

“I need some air,” I said I jumped out the window of the two story house. My wings came out and I shot back up and glided for a while. I finally saw it, the mansion. I smiled for what seemed years and felt amazing. I loved smiling. I flew to the back of the mansion and looked at the windows.

I got to one window that I couldn’t move from. I watched as his chest moved up and down, wishing I was back there on that perch. Growler was lying on the floor with his lips parted and his nose twitching. He didn’t normally do that.

One eye opened and he looked out the window and an eyebrow was raised. I missed seeing that. It was so cute. He saw me and I held my breath. He got up and walked over to the window I put a finger up to my lips and looked over at Shaun.

Don’t tell him I was here. I had to come back.

Fine. I smiled as his tone. I giggled and saw Shaun stir in his sleep. I could hear him talk.

“Don’t go, Tanya, please. I love you.” I shook my head, sleep babble. Shaun always said thing like that in his sleep. I nodded at Growler and flew the other side of the building. Antonio was watching me with a slight smile. I grinned at him and twirled as I flew away. I was happy now I had seen the main people I wanted to see.

I few back in the window and went to the air mattress. Alex was still there and watching me. I didn’t care. But a thought hit me. I still can’t go to the ball. I sighed and got to down farther in my sleeping bag so I could cry without any one seeing me.

I got to sleep as the sun went up.


Everyone was finally exited because it was the day before the ball and everything was ready. The cooks had the last job of making the food. I smiled and acted happy because everyone would stop smiling if they realised why I was sad. She still wasn’t here.

Granddad said she was here last night but I don’t listen. I never can listen when people talk about her. People say she might come back for the Ball tomorrow but I highly doubt it. They all say I have a broken heart because she left but of course I don’t!!! I never like her in that way.

Oh, who am I kidding??? Of course I do. She didn’t feel that way about me though, she has her Adam. How I hate him!!! I would kill him if I got half the chance. I hope Maya is OK. I did research on why she might have been ill and apparently, you Vampires get a threat from the Devil when they’re her age. Sad I think. If they drink the blood, they die. If they don’t drink the blood, they die from starvation.

Only an angel can get rid of the Devil with the starving Vampire. But there are certain ways of killing the Devil; wings are a type of way. If you stand there long enough then the Devil starts to writher away. He can’t handle the light. OK, I did research so I could try and help out Tanya.

Hopefully Tanya did that, it seems the easier way, there is one more that is on the internet. Touching the Devils face. Sometimes the Angel will die from it, sometimes they are just ill for a long period of time. I just hope she used her wings. I grabbed the lead and walked over to Growler.

“Come, lazy. You need a good walk.” We walked for hours, until Growler got tired really. He was falling asleep on the way back as was asleep for about three hours. When we got back I had a shower and got changed. I just shoved on a shirt and dark jeans. I didn’t bother with fancy shoes, I just put on my trainers.

I got a sour look from Granddad but I ignored him. Walking to take my seat, I sighed. I didn’t like dressing up like this. I have to dress up tomorrow though I can’t be bothered. Ms Brighton and Mr Broont stood at the door waiting for something. I raised an eyebrow at them and they scattered. I sighed again.

We had three courses which I didn’t pay attention too and then I walked quickly out the room and ran into mine. Growler was still sleeping when I got in. “Lazy dog.” I said quietly. I got changed into my pyjama trousers and waited until the moon was up. Tonight was a full moon which meant tonight, the wolves in the mansion gather and change. Last time I went Wolf, Tanya had watched in horror.

I waited for about an hour before I felt my body bubble. I want outside into the garden and got out of my trousers and started to change. Breathing was difficult as my body became larger and my organs stayed the same size until I was finished changing. Maybe I wanted it to be difficult.


Alex had gotten Maya up but left me to get ready. I was already up. I got showered and changed into black jeans, black and white converse and a black top. I was so glad to wear black again!!! I put Black eye liner on and a dab of pink lipstick. I felt refreshed but still sad. Tomorrow was the ball and I wanted to lie in. Alex put Maya into a sweet white dress with leggings and black ankle high Ugg boots. Her hair lay limply around her shoulders but she was jumping around the place, wanting to go shopping.

We left before ten and got to the shopping mall about half past. We looked in heaps of shops and got some tops, jeans, skirts, little dresses for Maya and shoes. We went to the Build-A-Bear-Workshop and made a bunny for Maya. She was called Nugget and wore bunny slippers, jeans and a purple top with a peace sign on it. Nugget wore a cap on top of a blue wig. She didn’t get a box, Maya didn’t want a box. Nugget got a purse which held her birth certificate and she got roller-skates for getting about.

Nugget also got white gloves and Maya carried her by her hand. She wouldn’t let her go for the whole day. We went into Monsoon and got some dresses for Maya and Primark, New Look and other shops for us. I kept an eye out for anything special.

We can go into the dress makers if you want. They might be able to get something ready. I’m pretty observant at times.  I smiled at Alex and she smiled back. We walked to the dress makers and I was measured. It was only about ten minutes away from the house so Alex went away with Maya sleeping in the baby stroller.

After I was measured they asked what kind of material and what shape I wanted. I kind of knew all this already. They wanted to know what shape I had in mind. I showed them by drawing it out and they said they could possibly have it made by tomorrow. It would cost about two hundred pounds to have it made. I smiled as I handed it over to the girl making my dress. She had brown curls and blue eyes. I walked out wincing at my money. I couldn’t believe it could be spent just like that.

I went and got another dress in case my original dress wasn’t ready in time. It was a beautiful dark blue dress with an open back and it went down to the floor. I loved the feel of the velvet and it felt nice to wear. I had it wrapped up and walked back to the house with all my bags of shopping. I had got a few DVDs and albums. I phoned up the dress makers while Red Riding Hood was going through adverts.

“Hi, do you have a mask that might match my dress??? I just remembered that the Ball is a Masked ball.” I asked them over the phone.

“I’m sure I could find one for you. It’ll be another twenty pounds because it’s so soon.” It was the girl who was making my dress. I heard her quiet, Italian voice say. I sighed. More money gone. “You can pay tomorrow though, yes???”

“Yes, that would be better.”

I sat down and enjoyed Valerie get told she was getting married and try to run away with her love Peter. I will admit Shiloh Fernandez is quite yummy.

Maybe this story was a bit like mine……..

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