Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Lying for Love

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



The day of the ball, great. Granddad’s getting all het up now because of it so close. He’ll be fine once the ball has started. All the food is prepared, the dresses sent, the servants polished, my mood even more sour and of course, Growler has his one bow tie to wear for the night. He quite liked it when I showed him it and he loved seeing himself wear it.

I had my suit and mask ready, though I don’t have to wear a mask if I wish. I got one just in case I needed it though. I woke up with the taste of horror in my mouth this morning, I knew I would have to smile all night and pretend that I am OK. My distant family and some of the servant’s family. I had to be nice and polite for a whole evening. The ball last until one O’clock. Then it is the beginning of winter and it’ll be bitter cold with no feeling around the palace.

I had gotten up to a cold morning and sleeping dog. I got ready and dressed into my white top and jeans with a hooded jumper and a pair of trainer before going down for breakfast and seeing my granddad.

“Hello, granddad.” I said with a smile and the old man nodded his head. “How are you today???”

“Fine my boy, I think today will have a good event for us both.” He paused, “maybe the whole mansion.”

“Well, of course. Everyone gets to see their family tonight. Everyone will feel happier.” I sighed. I didn’t have much family.

“Yes Shaun, but I feel it will do you good more than anyone, this even that is happening.” Ms Brighton came in the door with the mail and was slow getting to the table, as every morning. Granddad took no notice and carried on. “I think we shall meet the other wolves and think about tonight at three PM. Does that sound good???”

I nodded, not able to say anything else. I ate my breakfast of eggs and beans and toast before leaving the room and going to take the dog for a walk. We went the opposite direction of the walk we had the other day and we went slower. Growler managed to walk farther as well. We walked for hours and hours before turning back and running.

 It was about half past two when I got to the mansion and I checked my legs and arms to see dust. There wasn’t any, I was getting better at running in dust. Granddad saw me and scowled before turning his attention to his paper.

“What’s on the headline today???” I asked trying to strike up conversation.

“Those hooligans in London, setting up riots again. Typical.” He replied, flicking the page. I thought of something else.

“What they doing now???”

“They are setting fire to bins and dog leavings they find lying about the street!!!” I could see it was upsetting him and I left to leave him to rage alone. I sat in the gardens and waited until Granddad came out, followed by some men with grey hair and wrinkled faces. Mr Broont was one of them. They all looked smart in their shirts and trousers.

They all began talking about things they thought would happen, chattering like women in a haircutting salon. I sighed and allowed myself to remember our date. That wonderful night we slept in the same bed out of choice and kissed each other. How I missed Tanya but couldn’t do anything about it. I just have to let her go I guess.


The day of the ball, fantastic. My plan could go into motion. I knew Alex knew my plan, me sleep talking no doubt. Maya was fine, she was fully recovered and eating again. I was glad to see her energy level normal again. Adam had disappeared and I didn’t care where he went but I did care about why he went.

I had been to collect my dress and mask and they were just newly finished. I could tell she was up all night finishing it. I had fashioned a cloak out of left over black t-shirts that were too big for mum, when she was pregnant with me most likely. That had took about five minutes using the sewing machine for the back bit but sewing on the hood I had done by hand. I had found out they did gloves you could by for a fiver in the dress makers and got a black pair. I had spent ages sewing on sequins. I already had black heels so I was sorted. I painted my nails black as well and got my bag packed.

Once I had some clothes, a pair of pumps, my toothbrush, my phone, my iPod and my hairbrush I was ready to go. I hugged Alex and kissed Maya. “I have my phone if something goes wrong again.” I said in Alex’s ear. She nodded and let me go. I looked around the house and felt a tear drop. I might never be coming back here.

I made the important phone call I had to make and got ready. I got showered and curled my hair. I got my dress on felt the fabric. It was black with sequins on some parts and it had a black rose at the shoulder part. The back had ribbon crossing and the skirt was puffed put by lots of black netting. It was tight around the chest but I didn’t mind. I had hoped it would be. I put on eyeliner which made my brown eyes look bigger. The red lipstick made my lips look fuller and taste like cherries. I put mascara on with made my eyes look darker and I was ready to go once I put faint blusher on.

I grabbed the purple bag and got into my heels. They had a strap at the ankle, a strap half way down the shoe and a strap on the toes. There was a fabric flower on the top strap. I slipped the gloves over my hand and up to my elbow. I was almost done. I grabbed my mask and headed for the door. I opened it and stepped outside.

“Going somewhere???” I heard a voice beside me. I looked over and saw a boy emerge from the shadows.

I sighed and replied to dams question, “Yes, I am and it’s not with you.” I said as I started going down the steps towards the pavement but Adam grabbed my arm. “Get off me Adam, you’ll regret it.” he laughed and pulled me too him.

“I’m sorry, I just want you back. Can’t you understand???” I shook my head.

“Yes, I can understand. But what you’re doing is selfish. If you truly love me, let me go.” I said to him sternly. Lucky I had packed my make up last moment, I felt my lips go dry. He let go of my arm and sighed. I smiled at him and he shook his head before flying off into the sky. I laughed and carried on going down the stairs. In the mansion there were only two people who knew I was coming. One of them was sitting in the driver’s seat of the Porsche.

I grinned and kept going. “The ball starts and six O’clock, Tanya. You’ll be there on time” Mr Broont said as I slid into the back seat of the car. I giggled, feeling scandalous. We drove for a while before I asked him something.

“Why does Antonio hold a ball every season???”

“The sir likes to host a ball because his relatives come and see him and our relatives come and see us at every ball. And it makes him happy to see everyone get on.” He said, staring at the road.

“Can I put my iPod in???” I asked. Mr Broont nodded and I delved into my bag to grab it. After switching it into the iPod system, I chose Neil Young. He seemed to like it as he tapped his fingers on the wheel to every beat. We were nearing the mansion with ever long moment.

We were about half an hour from getting there and there was suddenly a huge traffic jam. Someone had tried reversing but couldn’t get it and they were trying to help him.

Tosspot. I thought. Why don’t you just get him towed??? Then he’s out the way of everyone else. But I didn’t worry too much, we still had around an hour spared before we needed to be there.


I’m still sitting there when granddad starts a new topic. It’s about the lights that he has put up and about how good they are.

Jeeze, I think, what is so good about a few bulbs that light up around the place??? When granddad asked what I thought I was polite of course.

“I think they are very nice.” I said casually

“Oh, but boy, I have been keeping track of your thoughts.” Said one of the men, “and you don’t really care.”

“I’d rather you kept out of my head, sir.” I said through clenched teeth. “I like my privacy.”

“Well what about this girl ah, she’s not coming tonight is she??? I fancy something nice to take home. Even if it’s just a bowl of angel blood.” He said with a toothless smile. I closed my eyes and opened them again.

“Sir, you’re going to have to go somewhere else. She’s not coming and I wouldn’t let you harm her anyway.” I said loudly.

“Getting cocky now are we??? Well I will be seeing about her. Oh she looks a beauty she does. A nice bum, but then again, she is an angel. And angels always taste the best.” I stood up and glare at him.

“Going to say that again???” I said.

“She has nice breasts too maybe I’ll-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before I was wolf and jumping towards him. He changed quickly too and we were fighting. Quite savagely as well. I think this went on for quite some while.


After about half an hour we got out of the traffic and used back roads. We wouldn’t make it on time if we didn’t.

“It would take up the same amount of time.” Mr Broont said. I nodded and listened to Last Dance by Clair McGuire. All the songs on my iPod had played heaps of times. Well my On The Go playlist played heaps of times. I had some songs that appealed Mr Broont as well so that made it fair. He started to sing along to some of them as I laughed, we sang to most of them in fact.

I had a plan I just needed to get there to carry it out. It’s not much but it might make Shaun dance with a girl in black instead of being bored all night.

Travelling along a bumpy road, I was glad we were getting there. Mr Broont didn’t go to fast but then the tire would have burst. I was glad to be getting somewhere. I took off my iPod and put my ear phones in. switching on a movie and looked at the road.

I sat and watched Red Riding Hood again. I had sunk it onto my iPod after it was finished last night. I sat and watched Valerie and Peter for a while and realised we were at the mansion. I squealed, I couldn’t believe I was back. After two long weeks I was back.


Granddad finally went wolf and howled. You didn’t want to mess with Granddad when he was a wolf. The results would be nasty.  I sighed and formed back. Shoving on my clothes, I looked back to the old man. I scowled at him and turned to go back inside. I saw something in my bedroom. It was black and moving. Nobody could find my room unless they were with a servant. And the servants weren’t allowed to help anyone find my room. I guess growler would take care of it.

I ran into my room all the same. There was something under the bed. I bent down to look at it but I heard heels clicking vastly along the linoleum outside my room. I ran outside to look and saw nobody, I heard it again as I ran down the corridor. A black thing swept into a room and I followed. I looked around the place and I felt a light breeze, when I looked up I saw the window had been opened. There was no one outside.

I sighed, I’m seeing things now. Great, I’ve gone mad over grief. Well I still have to carry on with the evening, however hard that may be.


I ran into the mansion with my bag, my iPod back in the zip pocket on the outside where the dove was. Running along a corridor, I had no idea where I was going. I saw a face with pinched lips and recognised it the second I saw it.

“MS BIGHTON!!!” she turned round and her face lit up. I was glad to see her smile. I haven’t seen someone smile in a while. “Can you show me Shaun’s room???” she took my hand and hurried along.

“I see you’re staying for a while, dear???” She asked. I laughed and nodded. I missed her voice. I was soooooooo glad to be back. We got to his room quickly and I pushed the bag under the bed. Hopefully he wouldn’t see it. I hugged Growler and he raised an eyebrow. I laughed.

Glad you’re back kid. I knew he meant it. I looked out the window and some wolves fighting. One was black, Antonio, one was brown and the other was red, Shaun. I hoped he was all right. Antonio howled and the both crawled away from each other, snarling. Shaun went back to human and started to put on his clothes. At least he still had his boxers on.

 He turned and I turned, desperate for him not to see me. I heard the garden door open and I ran. Shaun went into his room and stopped. I heard a thunk and looked in the door way.  He was about to pull out the bag!!! I started to run away from his room and went into any room. It had a desk and a chair or two and a big window. Hearing his footstep I opened my wings and went onto the ceiling. He started to look around and when he paused before looking up I took the chance. I flew out the open window and was gone from sight.

I ran round to the front door and composed myself. It was time for the entry. I walked casually inside and went to follow everyone else. I couldn’t wait for the ball to start.


I had walked back to my room and started to get changed. I had my black tuxedo and my smart pointed toe shoes to match. Granddad made me get little white gloves and told me I had to wear my mask. I didn’t want to anymore than I wanted to go to this ball. I didn’t bother arguing.

I grabbed the blue mask with a pointed nose and huge eyes wholes and feathers at the top, it looked ridicules. I walked down the corridor and turned into another one. The ball room was at the end of the corridor and I felt my heart lift a little as I saw all the people there. I might be able to forget her for one evening.

 When I got into the ballroom I saw what must have been thousands of people. Yet the room still had lots of space and the people were still coming in. I gawped at all the people standing there in heels that were the size of skyscrapers.  The men stood there with a glass in hand and chatting while the woman sat down with wine I think and chatted. I went over too some of my cousins and began to listen to their thoughtless chatter. I nodded at everything they said more or less, not really listening.

Everyone stood there with a drink chatting for about half an hour before settling down into seats, the meal had began.

I sat there chatting with some of the women for a while and went to grab a seat. The boy next to me wore a black tuxedo and a blue mask. My mask only covered my eyes but this mask had a pointed nose, blue sparkles and feather on the top. It looked ridicules. I suppress a laugh and looked at the dish. It looked like butter nought squash and coconut milk. It smelled like it too. I waited for everyone to pick up their spoon and start sipping the soup. It was delicious. There was bread with poppy seeds as well, probably to soak up the mixture.

The table had a gold cover and lilies all over the place, it was gigantic. I remembered setting up the tables with Shaun. I wondered where he was sitting. I sneaked a peek at everyone at the table. It was useless, they were all wearing masks. One person had a mask like Phantom of the Opera. I smiled as I sat eating my soup.

The boy next to me nudged me with his thigh, don’t think it was intentional though. I looked at him through the corner of my eye and I saw he was doing so to me. I forgot I hadn’t my cape. I had left it with one of the servants. I wanted it back and too just be the girl nobody knows. I had said to the women I talked to my name was Rosabell, but people call me Rosy. We had talked about the wolfs how annoying the Angels were, which I took no pleasure in talking about, and other things, like our dresses and masks.

The second dish came and I looked at it with gusto. Chicken and vegetables, I sat and ate the vegetables and Yorkshire puddings. I loved those, but I didn’t eat the chicken.

“You don’t like chicken???” said the boy next to me.

“Vegetarian.” I said in a lower voice than my usual one. He nodded and grabbed my plate.

He saw my face and talked, “I’m putting your chicken onto my plate, the cook will be offended if she knows you won’t eat it.” I nodded and waited for my plate. Once I had it back I said thank you and began eating again. All the vegetables and the two Yorkshire pudding were gone a sat back in the chair and had a gulp of water. I wasn’t very hungry now. The last course black forest Gato with cream and ice cream. It was lovely. Everyone sat back and chatted while the servants fished cleaning away the plates.

Antonio stood up and spoke among us all, “everybody go and dance, chat and enjoy yourself. That’s what we are all here to do. There will be drink and refreshment her if you wish for more.” He said before sitting down again and chatting. The band was playing a song I didn’t recognise as I began to get up.

The boy tapped my shoulder as I began to walk away. “Would you care to dance???” he held out his hand.

“I’m waiting for someone.” I said

“So am I but I don’t think she’s coming.” He smiled and I took his hand. Walking to the dance floor, he spun me round and I almost fell, he caught me just in time before swinging me back up. Twirling again I felt great, it was something fun and I hadn’t even known fun excised for the past two weeks.

We danced for a few songs and sat down again beside the refreshment table. I realised we were beside the cheese cubes and I picked up one. I love them, so tasty. I picked up another one and the boy began to laugh.

“Sorry,” I said after I swallowed, “cheese is like a drug to me.” he laughed again as I picked up another one. I smiled and chewed.

“So where do you live???” he asked me.

“Two hours north from here, a little place called Cruden Bay. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.” I replied taking another cheese cube.

“Do you know Tanya Johnson???” he asked.

“Yeah, she nice but a bit annoying to me. Goody two shoes. Does everything she’s told. Teachers pet as well.” I said. “What about you, what do you think of her???”

“Well you are right about the goody two shoes and the teacher’s pet. She runs away from everything. But when she has to she goes into action for her family.” My heart sand with every word he said.

“Well I think I’m going to the dance floor again.” I said getting and grabbing a cheese cube. As I popped it into my mouth he spoke.

“Mind if I accompany you???” I shook my head and we walked to the dance floor again. We twirled, spun, dipped and dived before I said I was going to the powder room. I walked out the ball room and went to the nearest bathroom. As soon as I got in I locked the door and sunk down to the floor. I felt a tear go down my cheek and got to the mirror to inspect it. I got a paper towel and dabbed at it after taking off my mask. The mascara and eye liner was saved but I had a line through the blusher. I washed it off and looked at my cheeks, they were still kind of red. Probably just because of the heat. I must have been here for two hours.

I walked out and went to the back gardens. I needed some fresh air. As I walked I heard a door open and I snapped the elastic band around my head and set it into place.

“Miss, wait!!!” It was Shaun. I turned and waited for him to catch up.

“You’re quite the runner aren’t you??? What are you, thirteen???” I said before carrying on. I walked faster to the door so he couldn’t see my tears. I had came all this way, spent about two hundred and fifty pounds on my outfit, left Maya to cope on her own to be told that I was a goody two shoes, a teacher’s pet and u run away from everything. Worst of all, it was all for Shaun and he said that.

When I got into the garden I took off my shoes and put them at the door and slipped the mask over my face. I dropped it beside the shoes and ran to the other end of the garden. I got my wings and flew to the highest branch of the highest tree and perched there, silently crying.

I heard the door open and looked over at it. I saw Shaun with his mask off and ruffled hair. I willed him not to see me shoes and my mask.


“What an idiot I’ve been!!!” I said to myself. I had walked out into the garden and was at on one of the benches. I went to check up on growler and remembered the purple thing under my bed. It was Tanya’s bag. I hadn’t meant to pry but I looked in ad saw a dress design just like the one that the girl had been wearing sitting next to me.

“Did you know about this???” I asked Growler.

Well, what do you think??? She’s quiet the looker tonight. Have you seen her yet???

“Well of course I have!!!” I said loudly. I can’t believe I said that to her. Well you are right about the goody two shoes and the teacher’s pet. She runs away from everything. What a twit I am!!!

I got up from the bench and swore loudly, remembering this. I heard a snuffle and listened closely. There was another one. I walked quietly over to the far end of the garden. I groaned when nothing was there. Sighing, I walked back into the mansion. She’s probably already gone.

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