Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - A Warning For The Princess

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



Waking up in the morning, I remembered what happened the night before. What an awesome night, I thought with a smile, Was it a dream??? I asked myself.  And saw a grinning Shaun lying beside me. I turned on my side and smiled at him, I loved him, I knew I did. I couldn’t deny it any longer. I kissed him quickly and sat up, realising I only had my underwear of.

“What time is it???” I asked him stretching. I looked at the digital sitting on the windowsill and saw 5:30. I smiled and looked at him. “We should really let the dog outside for a bit. Do him some good.” I said with an impish smile.

“Yeas, we should shouldn’t we??? Just for five minutes.” He agreed.

“Or half an hour.

“Or an hour.”

“Or all day.”

“He can get a good run.” I got up as Shaun went to get his trousers on. I shoved on my grey vest and my leggings. I kissed him and went to let Growler out.

You’re lucky that everyone fell asleep as soon as their head hit the pillow, you were pretty loud princess.

Shut up.

Angel boy was boiling when he saw you two.

What angel boy???  His eyebrow raised and I asked another question. Brown hair and brown eyes???

I don’t know!!! I can only see black and white.  I went to grab my phone and got a picture of me and Adam to show Growler. Yup, that’s him. I laughed. Adam had seen me and Shaun kissing and cuddling. Or ‘snuggling’ as Candy calls it.

“What you laughing at???” Shaun asked.

“Adam saw us last night.” I chuckled. He smiled and took my hand as we walked out to the room with Growler running to the door quickly. I smiled and ran on to let him out. “Can we go outside as well, I’m absolutely roasting.” Shaun nodded and we went to sit on a bench and I laid down on the bench and he put my head in his lap. I was so comfortable it was untrue.


As I sat watching Tanya sleep, I thought about last night. I closed my eyes and thought of something. Was it a dream???  I opened my eyes in panic and saw Tanya, her chest rising and falling. I felt relieved, I couldn’t handle finding out it was a dream. I needed to know that she was here, with me.

She was wonderful, beautiful, fantastic and I’m glad that she’s mine. I sat and waited for her to wake up before asking Growler if he was OK if he stayed out for a while. He just raised an eyebrow. I took Tanya’s hand and ran into the bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and started to kiss me. It was still around six AM so we just laid down on the bed for a while.

She kept rubbing her hand through my hair and I grabbed her hand and kissed it. I saw her cheeks redden and laughed.

“I love you Tanya.” I said to her, meaning it. She gazed at me, with a smile tugging her lips.

“I love you too, Shaun.” She said. I felt something inside me flutter and I realized I had butterflies. I smiled and kissed her with some amount of passion.

“What were you dreaming about???” I asked her, I just wanted to be nosy.

“Oh nothing.” She said with a cheeky smile. I kissed and got up, yawning and stretching my arms. She sat up and looked at Growler through the window. He was staring at something in the sky and I looked at where he was staring but couldn’t see anything. I saw Tanya try to get up and I lifted her into my arms.

“What’s up???” I chuckled.

“My tummy, I’m starving!!!” She said with a squeal. “You are freezing!!!” She was shivering so I put her down and wrapped her in a blanket before picking her up again. “I can walk, you know.”

“I know, I just like carrying you. You’re so light!!!” I laughed. She laid her head on my arm and stopped struggling.

“You’re fit. And really hot.” She said with a dreamy smile. I grinned and pretended to drop her. She yelled and I laughed. “Stop it!!!”

“Whatever you say dear.”



I was still shivering, though I was wrapped up in a blanket and being carried by Shaun. We were heading to the kitchen so I could eat. We heard my tummy ramble and Shaun’s widened.

“Better get you to the fridge, Tanya, I don’t want your tummy to get even more angry.” He said. I just laughed as he started to quicken his pace.

I thought about my dream as we walked to the other end of the Mansion.

“You had better watch out, Tanya. If you come back now then it won’t happen.” Adam had said, creeping me out.

“What will happen???” I asked him and he grinned.

“The wolves will die.” He said. I felt my eyes widen and my mouth open. He laughed and I went forward.

“What is wrong with you!!!??? Why do you want me so much???” I cried out. He came closer and hugged me. I couldn’t move at all.

“I have waited for so long, Tanya. I can’t lose you know, I just want you back. The fair way.” He said to me. I felt sorry for him but then I remembered him trying to seduce me and watching me every night, even when I wasn’t his to watch.

“Why were you at the mansion last night, Adam, why were you watching me???” I asked him, I wanted to know really badly.

“The wolves take advantage of girls after balls like that, they always have. I was worried about you. He took a bit of advantage I feel but he didn’t bite you or anything.” He thought about something and winced, probably watching Shaun and I.

“You shouldn’t watch me, I’m safe. He doesn’t feel like that anymore Adam. I’m safe with him, my boyfriend.” I said the last part quietly but he still heard.

“I’M your boyfriend, not that hairy mutt!!!” he shouted. I slapped him.

“DON’T ever call Shaun a mutt.” I scowled at him and he dropped his head. “Just leave Adam, leave me alone and don’t come back.”

“You’ll be sorry, Tanya. You will be soooooo sorry you said that.” He paused with an evil smile, “I’m taking it to the extreme.” I ignored him and closed my eyes.

What did he mean, the wolves will die or he’s taking it to the extreme??? I let it pass and looked up at Shaun. He was staring at me with his eyebrows knitted together.

“What’s wrong, Shaun???” I asked him, getting worried.

“Oh nothing, my beauty. What is there to worry about while you’re with me???” I looked at him concerned as we walked into the kitchen. “What do you want to eat???”

“Do you have cereal???” I asked. He took out bran flakes and I laughed. He knew me so well.

“A big bowl of bran flake, with half as much milk and a teaspoon of sugar and mixed together, right???” I just laughed, he had me sorted. “You won’t need breakfast later, will you???” he said with a grin. I grinned back an as soon as he turned my smile died. What if the thing Adam was telling me was true??? All the werewolves would die. I stared at Shaun’s bare back and felt tears in my eyes.

I wiped them away, not wanting to ruin the morning with depressing things that might not be true. We sat eating- or I sat eating and Shaun sat watching me- and I couldn’t speak. Shaun started to gather a concerned look on his face. I couldn’t comfort him and say I was OK, I couldn’t find the words.

I finished and got up, putting the blanket over my shoulders. We walked hand in hand to his room after letting Growler in.

You know what he said don’t you???


He wasn’t lying was he???

I hope so.

With all the angels he’s gathering, he’ll be able to wipe out all the werewolves quickly.

I can’t let him, Shaun’s a werewolf.

You might just have to let him.  I know he was right but I was scared, I don’t want anything to happen to Shaun, but how could I help him???

Shaun yawned when I we sat on the bed and I pushed him on his back. “Go to sleep, Shaun. You’re obviously tired.” I told him. He yawned again and I kissed him. He dug deeper into his pillow and I sighed. His eye cracked open and I kissed his forehead. “Sleep.” I whispered to him. I eventually heard him snoring and hugged his bare torso.

I couldn’t help it; I concentrated on the angel I’ve started to hate.

He was kneeling in front of three chairs. There were two men and a woman.  The men sitting in these chairs were all blond. One had dark strands going through his hair and the other was completely blond. The woman in the middle, tallest, chair had Black hair. She was beautiful and everyone was glad to have her as their ruler in Angeliana.

She had white skin and soft brown eyes. She looked like Tanya. As her mother, she was meant to. The woman looked upon Adam and smiled.

“Adam,” she said, “How is Tanya in the human world???” she asked him, she had made him her Guardian but he couldn’t keep away from her so he let his guard down and had shown himself and she had fallen in love with him.

“She is not well, Your Majesty.” He hated himself for what he was about to do but it must be done. He would not let that mutt have his way with her.

“You know to call me Malia, Adam. How is Tanya not well???” she asked curiously. Her son, Jasper, had his eyebrow raised, he was worried for his sister, Tanya. Arnold, her Husband, had an anxious expression. He was worried about his daughter. Tanya was a princess. An heir to the throne of Angeliana.

“She is captured, Malia. By werewolves.” He paused to let it sink in. It was a bit true, she had been captured originally. OK, maybe she went on free will but they did not need to know that.

“Why didn’t she use her wings???” Arnold’s deep voice boomed.

“The younger one couldn’t control himself, he is one the blood rage of all young werewolves. I have proof.” He lifted his jeans up to his knee to show the deep bite that was still healing. They gasped and Jasper stood up.

“We must destroy these werewolves once and for all!!! They made a deal with us that they would not capture angels, and they have broke this promise.” Adam was glad for this reaction. Jasper was the two of the children born into royalty. At nineteen he is the heir. Arnold stood beside his son and Malia kept sitting. She was not one to fight but she had too. She had promised to take part years ago when the deal was made.

She stood slowly and looked down at the kneeling Adam. “You will help Jasper and Arnold get the weapons cleaned and ready and the angels ready for a war.” Adam was astonished at this, he had not even thought about getting this kind of position, just as long as he was the one to have Tanya and destroy Shaun and that old man. He stood and bowed.

“Thank you, so much Your Majesty!!! Thank you so much.” He said, his eyes gleaming. He disappeared with the two men and Malia stood still tears going down her eyes.

“I wish to see her and hear her comment, but I vowed to leave her.” She whispered.

The image disappeared and I had to bite my lips to stop screaming out. He wasn’t lying. I slowly got up and left Shaun to sleep. I looked at the clock. 7:30. Another thought tugged at my mind. I was a princess. Growler had called me one earlier but I thought he was joking. I slid my feet into my pumps and walked down to Antonio’s room.

“Come in Tanya. Close the door behind you please.” He said. I closed the door after slipping into the room. Sitting down, I could feel a tear go down my cheek. He turned to me and asked me something, “Why are you crying, child???”

“You need to leave.” I whispered, “Today or tomorrow. Soon anyway.” He looked concerned.

“Tell me child.” I told him, I told him about Adams threat, about Malia, Jasper and Arnold, I told him about Adams position and his thoughts, I told him everything.

“I can’t let any of you die.” I whispered to him.

“We have not broke the promise, you came through your free will.” He said I nodded but it didn’t change a thing.

“You need to leave.” I repeated. He sighed and nodded in agreement.

“You must come with us.” He said to me.

“No, if I stay here they might not be able to get to you if I can tell them differently. You all need to separate. Go to your families.” I said sternly.

“Where is Shaun???”

“Sleeping. I came to tell you this but I can’t stay long. I need to wake him up and get him ready.”

“Well get him up and ready for breakfast. I will tell him then. I will gather the few wolves in the mansion.” I stood up and ran back into our bathroom. Splashing water on my face, I cried for all I was worth. I got up after splashing my face and making it look evenly coloured.

I walked out with a smile and shook Shaun. He woke up easily and got showered and dressed into a black t-shirt and light jeans with his trainers. I got showered and wore white leggings, my white skirt and a pink top to go with my white pumps. We walked down for breakfast hand in hand and sat down together.

“You don’t have make-up on today, Tanya. What’s wrong???” I didn’t trust myself to speak so I just smiled at him. Antonio walked in and nodded to me. I we sat down and ate, my tension building up every second.


“Shaun, I need to tell you something.” Granddad said to me once we were finished with breakfast. I saw Tanya’s strained smile and realised she had been crying, that’s why she wasn’t wearing make-up. I nodded at Granddad to carry on. “We are moving. Out the country I think we shall go.” I smiled, we were going to move and Adam won’t be able to annoy me or Tanya anymore.

“Isn’t this great???” I said to Tanya. When I looked at her, her eyes were watering. “What’s wrong Tanya???

“You’re going to be moving,” she paused, “without me.” a tear slipped down her cheek as she said the last word. I couldn’t believe it.

“No, Tanya, we’re all moving. We won’t be leaving you silly.” I said grinning. She finally turned to me.

“This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, Shaun. But I do things for a reason.” She was really crying now, tears racing down her cheeks. It took a minute to sink in and then it hit me. She was leaving me. Forever. “I wish I didn’t have to do this. I really do, Shaun. Please, forgive me.” she pleaded. I just stared at her.

Standing up, she nodded at Antonio, kissed my cheek and ran out the room. I stood up quickly, “TANYA!!!”

“Shaun,” Granddad started calmly, “leave her to cry. She needs to.” I stared in horror.

“How long has she know???” I said to him.

“Just after you fell asleep. She was the one to tell me.”

“She told you to leave??? To make me leave???” he nodded at this and I felt anger build up inside me. Tanya wanted me to leave, after all that’s happened, she wanted me to leave. Without her.

“Shaun, believe her when she says it is the hardest thing she has ever had to do.” I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe her. Or him. “I think Rome, with your Aunt Margaret. She has a mansion and many rooms spare. I don’t know the plans with Growler yet.”

“Why???” I whispered.

“The angels are coming Shaun, Tanya is trying to figure out when. She is trying to get through to Adam and find out. They want to destroy us; they have been led to believe that we have broken the golden deal.”

“You mean the one about us capturing Angels???” he nodded and I sat back down. I couldn’t leave her, not like this. “Why isn’t she coming???”

“She thinks that they will come here first because it is where she is. Adam has one of the top positions so he will most likely get them to come here to pick her up and destroy us. Tanya is the Angeliana Princess.” I was in love with a princess. I couldn’t believe it.

“Why can’t I stay here then??? Where are all the servants staying???” I asked.

“They are staying with their families and Adam wants to be the one to destroy you. You are a werewolf, there for a threat to them.” I knew I wasn’t winning. I had to leave her. “Tanya is going to try and talk them out of it. Her biologic mother will be with them and will be glad to see her.”

“Is there anything else I should know before I go and find her???”

“Jasper is her brother and if he finds me, you must run. He cannot find you. Remember Tanya, she will want to see you again.” He said calmly. How could he be so calm about all this??? I was raging!!! I walked out of the room and went to my room. She wasn’t there and she wasn’t in the gardens.

“Where is she???”

In the bathroom. Leave her too cry. It was growler talking. I sighed. I wasn’t getting out of it. I had to go to Rome. I sat on the bed and put my head in my hands. I felt a tear go down my cheek. Why did I have to be a werewolf??? Why did she have to be an Angel???

I heard her sniffling and got up to go into the bathroom.

You better leave her; you won’t like what you see.  I didn’t want to leave her, I needed to see her.


The sounds and voices were ripping through my skull like a lion tearing meet off a gazelle. I couldn’t stop shivering or screaming.

“Come on, get those metals cleaned!!! We need to go in two days. Or tomorrow, which ever we are ready for first!!!” Adam was shouting orders at everyone else. He was delighted to do it. Jasper was getting into his gear, trying on everything to make sure it fit, his father was doing the same.

They men and young boys of around sixteen and seventeen are getting things cleaned, ready and fitted for the coming days. Adam wanted to go tomorrow, just so Tanya would come back. He had a feeling she had done something, something big, but he was abiding the feeling in hope that she hadn’t done anything at all.

“Get cleaning!!!” he screamed at a boy about sixteen, who was barely moving. Adam felt good, he liked having some power even though he was only sixteen himself.

I couldn’t stop screaming, the voice was hurting my brain so much I had to open my mouth and making a loud sound.

There were screams and shouts, the sound of metal clashing against metal as the Angels trained. Jasper was certainly enjoying it. Adam watched as he barked orders at people who weren’t trying hard enough, people who were holding things wrong, people who weren’t ready.

Jasper, the pure blond that sat beside my mother and father. The one who is making sure they get me back. I felt a sting through my brain, through my body. Unbearable pain shot through me and I screamed again. I felt beads of sweat go down my forehead but couldn’t swipe them away. I was shivering though I was roasting; I felt so much pain I couldn’t move. I shouldn’t try and get through to Adam, it was hurting me too much to move.

I felt someone beside me and realised it was Shaun. I screamed again as the pain shot through. He lifted me up and started to run. Pain kept going through me at the speed of lighting and sounds and voices stuck in my brain. I couldn’t talk any more, the pain was too much as Shaun ran to another room.

“Let go of me, please let go of me.” I whispered to Shaun. I didn’t know where I was or what Shaun was doing, all I knew is that there was something cold on my forehead.

“Tanya keep breathing. As long as you breathe you will be OK.” Shaun tried to sooth me but it wasn’t working well. I tried to breathe but it was too much for my lungs. I had to stop every second minute or so. I had so much pain going through me it was unreal. Shaun kept repeating the same thing over and over. “Keep breathing, Tanya keep breathing. Please keep breathing.”

I tried, I honestly tried and then I gave up. I fell asleep to Shaun sniffles.

“Is she here yet???” I heard someone ask. I opened my eyes and saw two men and woman. They all looked familiar. The same too sweet voice talked. “Is she OK???” I looked at them. The men both had blond hair while the woman had black hair. She had white skin and brown eyes. She looked like me. I realised something, she was meant to. She was my mother, the queen.

I sat up and felt no pain.

“Am I dead???” I asked. They all laughed, I realised it was Arnold and Jasper. I looked around me. I was in a white room with three chairs and a bed. I was on the bed. My hand was warm. I looked at it and pulled it out her grip. Their faces were astonished. “I don’t want anything to do with you!!!” I hissed.

I started to walk out the room when Jasper shouted “You can’t go out there, you will feel all the pain again.”

“I know you’re lying, I’ve been here with that idiot Adam.” I stared back at them. “YOU are the idiots. I am ashamed to be part of this world.” And I walked out.

I woke up and couldn’t feel anything, at all. I opened my eyes and saw Shaun. He was holding my hand, sitting on a chair. Antonio was sitting in another chair and Alex was sitting in the last one. “Where am I???”

Alex gave me a smile and whispered, “You’re in hospital, Tanya. Shaun didn’t know what to do. He took you here. Ran all the way.” I looked at Shaun and smiled, well tried to smile, it came out in a grimace. He smiled all the same.

“Thank you.” I whispered. “What are you doing here??? Get moving you can’t stay-” I said, I tried to get up and shut my eyes tight and opened my mouth to scream. Nothing came out. Shaun’s eyes were worried and I closed mine. I was in hospital, the first time I was in hospital was when Adam was starting a war.

“I will not leave you here, I’m staying.” Shaun insisted. I looked at Antonio he closed his eyes and shook his head.

“You can’t stay, Shaun. I won’t let you.” I said to him

“You can’t do anything.” He said. I felt tears prick my eyes. I shook my head and looked away from him.

“We will leave you two to talk.” Antonio said, walking out the room with Alex. I was left to look at Shaun. There was nothing to say. I looked at my outfit and realised I was in my grey vest and my leggings. Someone must have brought that for me.

“I have to go, I’ll heal quicker. You need to know I’m OK so you can leave.” I said to him. He gripped my hand.

“You have to be kidding!!! I’m not leaving at all now.” He chuckled. I gave him a stern look and disappeared.


I couldn’t believe it when my hand dropped onto the bed. She had left and told me it was for me. I shook my head and closed my eyes, hoping to open my eyes to my room. I opened them and saw……a machine with no wires connected up to anyone. And an empty hospital bed, I sighed and stood up. Alex saw me come out the hospital room and looked in.

“She’s gone, did she waste away???” she asked me. I shook my head. What did she mean waste away???

 I walked out the hospital and started making my way to the mansion, ready for them to come for me. I knew I couldn’t go to where Tanya was, they wouldn’t need to come to earth to destroy me then.

As I sat on the bed, I thought about what Tanya and granddad were saying. I got a back ready with all my clothes and my phone. I started gathering up things like my Nintendo Wii, my Nintendo, my footballs and my dog toys. I looked at the computer on top of my wardrobe and took it down. Flipping the screen up, I saw the photo that someone took of Tanya and I. I sighed at the memory.

“Come on, we need to catch the bus!!!” Tanya shouted at me as we ran to the bus stop. The party was about to start in fifteen minutes and that’s how long it took to get to her cousins. She lived in Peterhead, well, right outside. She was in sixth year and leaving after she finished school which was in a week. She was leaving to Edinburgh for college. As much as I hate fancy dress parties, I went with Tanya so she could have a laugh. We were in second year then.

Her cousin, Lila, had about two fields so they were having a huge party that included the whole school. She was really popular. We just caught the bus and the driver gave us a worried glance. It was a 60s party so we were dressed up because if you don’t dress up, you get kicked out.

Tanya had made me gel my hair into curls and wear spiral glasses. I also had to wear thick footed boots and white trousers that flapped around me legs. It was a one suit so I had a white t-shirt underneath to make it look good. Tanya had a little scarf tied round her neck, the same kind of suit as me though it had purple and white swirls and she had a necklace with the peace sign, ying yang earrings and she had gone to the hairdressers to get her hair into an afro. And she wore purple thick footed boots. We looked a sight in our outfits.

When we finally got there we were welcomed with a kiss on each cheek and Tanya was pulled away by her cousin to do some girl dancing. I went and got a drink and stood with my friends, talking about the football and getting slagged off by my curls. After about an hour there were refreshments on the table, cookies that had icing to make them look like ying yangs, sausage rolls, jelly and ice cream and that sort of thing.

There were cheese cubes and I grinned at the sniffing Tanya. She had a serious addiction to cheese cubes since she was ten, when she had first tasted them. I went over and put some on a plate. Walking over, I saw her turn round and smile.

“Delivery for little miss piggy.” I chuckled. She looked offended but took the plate all the same, kissing me on the cheek. Someone took the picture that was on my screen.

Growler came and sat beside me on the floor. I smiled sadly at him and got up, looking for things to pack. I saw her gloves on the window sill beside the clock and sighed. I took me clock and put it in the small pocket of my black suitcase. Looking at the gloves, I grabbed the pillowcase on Tanya’s side of the bad and folded the gloves and slipped them inside. If Tanya wasn’t coming then I would take something small.

“I love you Tanya. I’ll never forget you.”

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