Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Love can be a Suprise

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



I had been in Angeliana for around half an hour and I could walk and talk properly now. Standing at the mansion door, I managed to smile. I needed to reassure Shaun I would be OK. Opening the door I shouted, “Shaun, I’m home!!!” Nobody shouted back.

I ran into Shaun’s room and saw nothing, Growler was gone too. All Shaun’s things were gone and so were growlers I looked to the window sill. My gloves were gone and so was the clock. The bed was the same though, the pillow case was gone on my side.

Shaun had left without saying goodbye.

I felt my face drop and a tear go down my cheek. “Shaun!!! Antonio!!! Growler!!!” Nobody answered. I ran into every room, they were all empty. I ran into Antonio’s room and saw a not on the desk.


My dear, it has been a pleasure to have known you. Rome will not be the same as the place I have stayed with my grandson at his happiest. Be careful when they come and don’t interrogate them. They will do what they please with you. Remember your power, you can change emotions. Shaun will be sad of course but the connection will not be gone. It just will not be strong.

We will all miss you

Yours sadly


I let it all out. I screamed and cried for all I was worth, not caring if they came in the middle of my tantrum. I didn’t care for them. They can all die in hell, those stupid angels.

I heard a sound and sat up; it was in Shaun’s room. I got up and ran into that room. I didn’t have a weapon like they did, but I didn’t care. I wanted the m out. Adam was with Jasper, Arnold and Malia. They all looked startled at me as I scowled. Adam’s face lit up in a grin.

“Tanya!!! How I am glad to see you!!!” He said trying to put an arm round me. I snapped one of his fingers and he pulled away, holding his broken finger.

“Now Tanya, that wasn’t nice.” Arnold said with a shake of the head. Malia wrapped her arms around her and jasper stood still. I stared at him and he began to cry. I grinned in spite of myself and scowled at Adam.

“Get out.” I whispered. Jasper stood still, his face still wet. I said it louder, “get out, now!!!” the boys made a move because knowing what I could do, they didn’t want anything to happen to them. Malia came over and tried to touch me.

“Dear, you don’t what is happening, why would you??” the wolves-” I put my hand up to her. She widened her eyes and I spoke.

“The wolves have been kind to me, while Adam has told you nothing but lies. They didn’t capture me, I went on my own free will. I told Adam to stay somewhere but he didn’t, he came and interfered. One of them bit him and I said I would go if they didn’t harm the angels again.” I explained.

She sighed and told me something I already knew. “Tanya, you are a princess. You are an angel. We made the golden deal with the wolves that they wouldn’t capture angels and we wouldn’t capture wolves. And they have broken it. Adam did not lie.” She said, her voice annoying me.

“SHUT UP!!!” I shouted. She stepped back. “You can see my memories then you can see that one, the one I’m thinking of.” She gingerly took my hand and focused. I kept the memory of that time in the woods in my mind. Her eyes scrunched and her grip tightened on my hand.

She let go after a view minutes and gawped at me. “You weren’t captured.” I nodded

“No, Adam is jealous because I don’t love him, I love Shaun.” I whispered. “I went to save Adam from Shaun and then a whole load of stuff happened and then I began to fall in love with Shaun.”

“What is Shaun???” she asked me.

“A werewolf.” She gasped in horror.

“Angels do not become one with wolves. Especially royal Angels.” She said, with her eyes closed.

“Well I’m not a princess, I’m basically an outcast!!!” I screamed in her face. I slumped down on the floor, my head in my hands. I couldn’t stop crying. “I hate being an Angel.” I whispered. “And I hate you.”

“Well the Angels are gone now, Adam is finding out where ‘Shaun’ is.”

“What do you mean.” I said, lifting my head. She was smiling.

“Adam seems to have found a note, on a desk. Rome, not what I would go there myself. Far too cold.” She said, shaking her head. “The humans haven’t done very well for you. You will come back with me.” I stood up and faced her, almost the same height.

“I have been lied to, bitten and smitten, I have killed someone, I was lead to believe that I was normal, I have been confused and I can’t be assed with you, Angeliana, Adam, Jasper or being a princess so do me a favour and fuck off.” I said before turning to the widow. Here’s hoping I get there in time. I changed my mind and got out a suitcase.

I got my bag and packed my belongings in it. all the time I was packing Malia tried to stop me. “Dear, just come with me you will get new thing!!! Things aren’t anything like these dreary clothes.”

I finally turned to her. “These dreary clothes are mine, they feel like me, I won’t be coming with you to Angeliana, so just bugger off and leave me to do my own life.” I grabbed my purse and counted the money. About two hundred pounds. It would be fine. I put it on my shoulder and turned to the window. “Tell Jasper and Arnold that I would miss them if I had known them and tell Adam he’s a twit. I don’t like him and I won’t need him to protect me. I have Shaun.” I said over my shoulder I jumped out the window and let my wings breath.

 Flying in the cold air, I hoped to God I would be there on time, I really did.


Mr Broont had stopped at the Shipping industry. Granddad still wasn’t back. I guessed he was saying about moving toRome. I sat and sighed in the Porsche. Tanya wasn’t back in time to say goodbye. I felt a tear go down my cheek. I couldn’t believe I was crying because of something so small. Then again, the situation isn’t really small is it???

Granddad finally came back and got into the Porsche. “They are shipping our belongings later tomorrow. We have to pick it up in three days. I hope Tanya is OK.” He said calmly. How could he be so calm??? I mean I’m sitting here crying yet he’s calm about it. I sighed again, laying my head onto the seat.

I thought about the time Tanya and I had spent over the few months. I felt another tear and decided that I would cry once and never again.

We were on the road, driving to the airport. We were so close I could see the building. I scrunched up on the seat and bent my head down so I could quietly cry. The sooner I was done the sooner I wouldn’t cry again. Every thought went on to become Tanya, her face, her body, her black hair, her big brown eyes, her. I knew I would never see her again, but I also knew I would never forget her. She would always be in the back of my mind.

We got out of the Porsche and got our cases. We walked into the airport and bought two tickets to Rome for the next airplane. It was in an hour. We didn’t waste any time, we went straight to baggage drop off and departures. We sat for a while in silence.

“You can get through too her, Shaun.” Said granddad. I sighed but kept listening. “The bond hasn’t been broken yet. You can talk to her and be with her in your dreams.”

“Then I want to sleep forever.” I said. he laughed.

“I know you would but you have to live. You might get over her.” He sighed, I could tell he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

I closed my eyes and tried to contact her. I hoped I could get through.

She was getting closer to the ship industry, she didn’t know if they were getting the boat over to Rome but she was taking the chance with their luggage.

“I’m not going down without a fight.” She said to herself. She could hear something behind her. Looking over her shoulder and saw a crossbow coming to her. She didn’t get out the way in time and was hit in the wings. They went in immediately and she plummeted down to earth.

There was no hope for her now.

I gasped I had to get out and help her!!! “Granddad,” I whispered, “I have to go!!!”

“What do you mean boy, we are close to leaving for Rome.” He said sternly.

“Tanya’s in trouble!!!” I said, hoping he would let me go. He shook his head.

“You are staying here Shaun. End of.” I knew I was losing as soon as he said my name. I didn’t carry on, there was no point since I wouldn’t get anywhere but on the plane.


I looked up, there were people coming near me and I whimpered. I had a pain in my back and I couldn’t move.

“She’s here!!!” I heard someone shout. I opened my eyes and looked around me, there was Jasper and Arnold beside me. “I told you not to shot, dad but you don’t listen much.” I moaned and their heads snapped to me.

Bugger off.  I mouthed. Jasper scowled at me and I smiled. I remembered him vaguely.

Jasper, watch your sister dear. We need to make sure she doesn’t do anything before she is sent to earth.” Malia said to the young blond. He was only four and losing his sister, Tanya. He didn’t understand, he thought she was going away for a day or two, he didn’t know she was leaving him until the deed had been done.

“OK, mama.” He said innocently. He loved his sister dearly. He wouldn’t let anything happen, “Tanya, wakey-wakey. You need to eat your banana. He ran and got a banana for her. It was her favourite vegetable. She woke up slowly and took the bit of banana when handed to her. It was a bit big so she could close her mouth. She smiled at Jasper, her love for him obvious. Everyone knew they had a special bond though they wouldn’t be able to use it for long.

She held out her arms to him and he lifted her up. He was tall for her age while she was small for hers. She was so light it was holding a feather. They both smiled at each other, their little crown and tiara slipping off their heads. There was a picture that was taken the day before. They were wearing their best outfits, Jasper wore his crown and his white trousers to match his white top and his little black shoes. Tanya wore her blue dress and little white sock and her little white shoes with a blue ribbon to tie her hair in a side bobble. Her hair was black curls when she was little, they looked adorable.

Her tiara kept slipping off her head so she left it and took hold of it in her hand. She was sitting down and Jasper had his elbows lightly on her head. They looked like brother and sister except the hair. She had black while he had blond. Their parents took pride in them as they got photos took for the castle. They wanted lots of the both so they wouldn’t forget Tanya.

“Jasper.” I said, remembering him. “My brother, my lovely brother.” His face lit up as he smiled at me and I smiled back. He helped me sit up so he could check my back, it stung like hell as he lifted my top over my back to check the wound.

“It’s pretty deep, dad. We need to take her back.” I shook my head at him and he sighed, “We have to Tanya. You don’t look normal. You should really be dead.” I gave up and disappeared from their sight. I was in the shipping port and standing up. My back hurt like hell and I could barely breathe but I didn’t care. I checked I still had my bag. It was in my hand somehow. I walked slowly until I got to the main building and went inside.

“Hello missy, can I help ya’ll???” a big man asked, he was stocky and came from Texas I think. I made a motion for paper and a pen and he went to get one. He had black hair and a fuzzy chin. I dropped my bag and felt the weight instantly come of my shoulder. He came back and gave me a small piece of paper and a pen.

Taking the paper I nodded at him and started to write. Is there a boat to Rome for Antonio??? He looked puzzlingly at me and shook his head.  I have fifty pound to pay to go with it. It’s really, really important. He smiled and took my hand. I picked up my bag and let him drag me over to the desk. He brought an image up on the computer. It was Antonio. I nodded and pointed to it. Can I go with his things too Rome??? I’m kind of a surprise.

“Of course missy, I would be glad to make sure he gets a surprise. The old man needs one.” He said with a grin. “The boat leaves tomorrow noon. You can go then. Do you have a place to stay???” I shook my head. “My sister stays near here, I’m sure she would let you stay for the night. That OK???” I nodded, grinning.

He took me round the back and down the street, there was a white house and lots of windows. A woman stood at the door with a cigarette in hand. She saw us and grinned. “Frankie, get your butt in here right now and introduce me to your new lady friend.” She sounded like Dolly Parton and had black hair like Frankie.

“Yeah Jolene. I’m coming down, don’t worry your little hair net off.” He grinned at her. “Little missy here is catching the boat tomorrow to Rome. She needs somewhere to stay and I said she could stay here. Just the night. She leaves tomorrow noon, Jowly, can you put up with her???” she nodded and we were standing beside her.

“If it’s just one night ya’ll staying here.” She smiled at me and stubbed her cigarette. We walked in and she led me to a room with a small bed in it and a desk and a chair. The wall had a small window. I felt suffocated already, but it was the only place I could stay really.

“Thank you.” I mouthed. Jolene nodded and closed the door. I sat down and put my bag beside me.  I heard them go through to the door and decided it was safe to take my top off. There was a mirror on the back of the door that showed horrific sights of my back. The whole thing had been cut and made it look like rags. There was a hole in the middle where the cross bow had hit me. I would just have to stick it out.

I put my top back on quickly just as the door was opening.

“You like it here missy???” I nodded at Jolene. “Well, ya’ll welcome to stay here for the night. Ma son Billy is gonna drive the boat tomorrow for the next view days so be careful with him. He’s fragile.” I nodded and smiled. “I’ll leave ya’ll to then dear.” She did just as she said and closed the door. I lay down on the bed on my tummy and sighed. One sore back and one lonely night.

I took my laptop out my bag and flipped the lid open. It was a picture of me and Shaun at my cousin’s party. I smiled at the memory.

“Delivery for little miss piggy.” He chuckled. I made out to look offended but took the plate and kissed him on the cheek. He laughed at me as I popped a cheese cube in my mouth, smiling. “Care to dance??? Or do they say something else in the sixties???” I laughed and took his hand.

Walking to the flashing squares (Which was doubling as a dance floor) and started dancing. We didn’t know how they danced in the sixties so Shaun just started to throw me in the air like he had seen on vampire diaries. I made him sit and watch the first series one night when mum and dad were out at a wedding dance. He hadn’t wanted too but I think the thought of staying over at my house at my house for the night appealing, since he did like me then.

Everyone started to stop dancing and chatting and watch us dance. I started to go red but didn’t get the chance to stop and anyone my reddening cheeks. I was twirling and spinning and lifting so fast that no one got more than a glance at a time.

“Shaaaaaaaauuuuunnnnn, stoooooooopppppppp!!!” I said as I was twirling faster than anything. He stopped almost immediately and let go of me. I staggered a few steps and fell. Shaun caught me though and I couldn’t see properly. “The whole world is spinning like a roundabout.” I said the world was also laughing at me. The world stopped spinning and I stood up, putting a hand on Shaun’s shoulder.

“Tanya!!!” It was my Jessica, “Give him a kiss!!!” I laughed and so did Shaun. The next minute had every one shouted the same thing “kiss him, kiss him, kiss him!!!” I shrugged and looked at Shaun. That had been our first kiss. And the picture on my Computer screen. I missed him so much. I would see him soon though. I smiled at the thought of his surprised face when he sees me get out the boat.

I thought about Malia, Arnold and Jasper. Oh Jasper. A memory came into my head.

“Wake up, Tanya!!!” They were three and five. Jasper loved Christmas, the presents, the huge Christmas that they got to help decorate, the meal. He loved it more because it made him feel like a family, Tanya was there and he knew about her leaving. He felt sad everyday but he didn’t feel sad at Christmas. He loved it and felt his happiest. This would be the last Christmas the little blond boy would spend with his black haired sister.

She woke up with a yawn and a blink of the eye. Jaspers hair was messed up and her hair was like it was last night, straight. She never stirred when she was young; she smiled when he shouted “Christmas!!!” Throughout the castle, with her help. As always.

“Jasper, dear be quiet!!!” Their mother told them. They ran into her and hugged her legs and then ran to her room. Christmas for the family always started in their parents’ room. She smiled and walked after them, too see them jumping on their father. She laughed and lifted jasper off the bed as Arnold woke up.

“Wake up Daddy!!!” Tanya giggled, her voice sweet and cute. You could coo at her all day, her eyes were big and Brown but looked more black when she was younger and her nose was quite small. Her hug could make you feel warm and tingly inside on a cold, snowy, winter day.

“Yes Pumpkin, I’m awake. No don’t-” he didn’t get to finish the sentence as Tanya jumped onto his tummy.

“What a lovely Family Christmas.” Malia said, trying to forget what was too come.

“What’s going to happen???” I asked myself.

Tanya. My eyes popped open at the sound of his voice. Tanya. I closed my eyes and pushed my hands on the sides of my head. I couldn’t cope like this. Not anymore.

Go away!!! I have lost everything because of you and your family.

Our family.


Tanya, you are an heir to the throne!!! People would kill for a chance like that.

Well they can have my place without anything to do about it.

Tanya, listen to me. Mother didn’t want this to happen!!! It’s a deal we made with the wolves.

I don’t care!!! I have lost everything!!! All because of Adam!!!

He is good too you, looking after you and caring for you. Do not dismiss him like that.

I sighed at my annoying brother, my annoying brother. I liked the sound of that. Adam let me fall in love with him and when he was getting attacked I said I would go with the wolves so they would leave him, I went on free will!!!

I love a werewolf, Jasper and if you and your parents don’t like it then tough, I can’t help falling in love with him.

I understand but you need to tell me the truth, Tanya!!! Please let me help you.

Forget it, Jasper. You don’t understand love I guess. I don’t need your help. I paused, this could be good.  Actually, you could do something for me if you really want to.

Anything for you.

Call off the war.

Never!!! Not until I find you.

Then you won’t ever find me, I’ll hide from you forever. I gave up and blocked him, he would forgive me later. I closed my eyes and fell to the darkness, for once I didn’t have a dream.


“I’m not going and I will not be made too this time Granddad. I promise.” I was lying, face down on my pillow, on my bed, tears still going down my cheek. We had been here for two days and I was still crying about leaving her, I couldn’t believe it myself.

“Get up you lazy boy, come and get dressed.” I had only got my boxers on, I was dressed as far as I was concerned. Growler raised an eyebrow but I left it to him.


“NOW!!!” I still shook my head, I wasn’t afraid anymore. Of anything or anyone, let alone Granddad. I buried myself deeper into my pillow and sighed. I was not moving. Not even when I felt a scratch on my back. I just sighed again and went deeper. I felt something in my tummy

Hahahahahahaha you need the toilet boyo. I growled at the dog. My face finally came out the dark and saw the light.

“FUCK!!!” I screamed, the light was burning my eyeballs out my skull. I closed my eyes and buried myself back into the pillow. Granddad sighed and evacuated the room. I smiled and got up. Grabbing my trousers, a shirt and a jacket I shoved my shoes on my feet and grinned at Growler.

 Where you going???  I tapped my nose and climbed put the window, ready for the climb down the creepers. I was an expert now, always running out for time to myself. I ran and ran until I got to the market, I needed something to take my mind off things. I saw bracelets and scarves and gold things. I felt tears and blinked them back roughly. I took my cash put my pocket and counted, ten Euros.

Walking down the market street, I thought about Circus Maximus. I shook my head and kept walking. The boat would be coming tomorrow, I would get my things as well as my memories. I couldn’t be bothered with anything, this is why I was walking down the street until I saw the car we were borrowing, a fiat I think. I ran and ran and guess what??? Ran some more. I wasn’t ready to be found yet. I looked at my surrounding and realised the street was about an hour or two from Aunt Margret’s mansion.

I started to walk, thinking about Tanya, letting myself fantasise about our memories. What if I had been sterner??? What if I hadn’t left her and stayed to help her??? What if she was dead??? What if she hated me for leaving, just like that???

Ass whole!!!” I whispered to myself. I couldn’t believe I had just walked out on her when she needed me most. I needed her, I loved her. Oh my god. I love her. I grinned at this thought, I loved Tanya, I loved Tanya Johnson.

I love you Tanya Johnson!!! I started to run towards the mansion, I would be there soon, packing to fly back to Scotland.

I love you too. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was alone in my mind. But don’t leave, I’m coming too you. Just a little longer. Maybe I should stay then, just a day or two. I grinned and stopped running.


“Tanya, ya’ll need to get ready for ya’ll trip.” Jolene shouted through the door. I got up and rubbed my eyes that were still stinging from the light. Shower, clothes, food. I thought, that’s what I need. I liked the thought of that. Especially food, I hadn’t eaten much for a while. I grabbed some clothes and my toilet bag before rushing to find where the bathroom was.

20 minutes and a hot shower later.

I was dressed in leggings, a white skirt and a black top to match my black plimsolls. I grabbed my bag and ran to the front door, ready for the boat. Just a little longer and I’ll be with Shaun. Just a few more days. I waited and waited yet no one came for me in a car, then again no one came at all. Jolene came to the door and I sighed.

“Kiddo, ya’ll have to hurry if ya’ll want too catch that boat, it comes in half an hour and leave pretty soon after.” I thanked her for everything and ran off to the port, I needed to catch that boat.

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