Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Saved or Dead

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




I walked the way I had come with Jolene’s brother and asked about the boat. I was led to a big steam boat with millions of boxes on it. I couldn’t help but grin as I climbed in to the seats. A man about mid thirties got in. he had blond hair and green eyes, his skin was pale.

 “Gregory.” He held out his hand to me and I shook it.

“Tanya, this is the boat for Antonio in Rome isn’t it???” he nodded and started to back the boat out the marina. I laid back and thought about their faces, what would they look like??? Surprised??? Annoyed??? Joyfull??? We talked for a while and he got out some food. God knows why he brought so much, I could barely eat. It was a boring few hours but we chatted, I had my iPod plugged in, I slept for a while and I read, Gregory just ate and drove the ship. Hopefully a storm wouldn’t come close.

I waited and waited for a storm, then waited some more. Nothing came, great. I was actually exited about a storm hitting the sea.

“How long’s the journey again???” I asked with eyes closed.

“About three days, you in a hurry???” I shook my head at his voice, I was in a hurry but I was lucky enough to get to Rome with the stuff. I really didn’t want to wait that long.

“Mind if I go to sleep???” he nodded and I closed my eyes, I was absolutely shattered.

“Tanya???” I looked around, no one was there.

“Tanya???” a hand slipped to my shoulder and I held it to my face. It disappeared and I turned. My arms went round his neck instantly.

“Shaun!!!” I pressed my lips to his and he kissed me back. Tears slipped down my cheeks as I kissed him passionately.

“Tanya, I’m here. I’m really here.” I smiled at him and he picked me up and swung me round. I couldn’t stop crying. “Why are you crying???”

“I’m so happy.” He sent little fairy kissed on my shoulder, my neck, my cheek and kissed me. “Shaun.” I whispered. He laid me down on the emerald green grass and kissed my neck. I slipped his top over his head and rubbed my hands along his muscled torso.

“Tanya.” he whispered in my ear. I lifted my chin and he bit along my neck. I snaked my hands to the back of his neck and he sat up and started to take my top off. I ripped the front so it would just fall off and he grinned. “Tanya, you’re so….. beautiful.” He whispered. I kissed him and he shut up.

“I’ve missed you, Shaun. So much.” I whispered. He slid his hands up and down my sides and back. I moaned, loving the feeling of his hands touching me. I looked at him and him at me, I didn’t know what to do. I just kissed him and kissed him and kissed him. He ended up tickling me to let go.

“I want you, Tanya Johnson, I want you more than anything.” He started to go under my skirt and pulled my leggings off my legs. I undid his button on his jeans and slid them down. He was about to enter me when-

“Wake up kiddo, I need you to drive.” Gregory said. I sighed and opened my eyes. “Like driving a car and you follow the raider. We shifted seats and I looked at the raider, I pressed down on the pedal and drove the way I saw. Gregory went out like a light and I was stuck on my own.

I drove for hours before getting tired, why was I always tired now a day??? He woke up and took over, I was glad.

About a day more and I would be with Shaun. Yeah, I slept for a good few hours and so had Gregory.


“Shaun, how was your day???” Granddad asked me at breakfast. I shrugged my shoulders and sighed. How was my day??? How was my day??? It was shit without Tanya.

Where are you???

Close. Close to you.

I gave up, she was nowhere to be seen and she gave me the message a few days ago, how could she be close??? I finished my cereal and excused myself from the table.”Growler!!!” I shouted up the stairs, he came running with his lead in his mouth and dropped it at my feet. We went for a long satisfying walk.

“You want to sleep under the stars tonight???” he nodded and I went upstairs to get my duvet and some pillows. I couldn’t believe how dark it was already; then again it was the start of winter. I went to the kitchen and got some food for later and some dog treats. “Want to know the star constellations???” I asked him. Raising an eyebrow, I began with orians belt.

So what’s the story behind that constellation???

“well,” I began, “it shows where north is, so say if you were in the desert and you needed to go north, it would be there to guide you. The brightest star in the sky” I replied. Growler put his head down and half closed his eyes. I got out the tent and walked to my room to get my pyjamas, I had forgotten them earlier. I saw arrows and walked on. My bedroom had them too. I grabbed my pyjamas and followed. I went out the room, down the stairs, through the corridor and into the kitchen. On a plate sat ten cupcakes each decorated with purple or green icing and sprinkles, mini marshmallows or glaze cherries. There was a note beside the plate.

Better take two. !D

I picked up two and followed the arrows again. I went out the kitchen, through a different corridor, into three different rooms and into the library. One last arrow sat pointing towards the chair in front of the fireplace. I walked beside it and turned.

She was sitting there, licking icing of a cupcake.

She looked at me, “You know I lick the icing off the cake before I eat it.” I just stood there bewildered for a minute or two. Her lip started to quiver and I came out of my trance.

“Tanya.” I whispered after grabbing her out her chair and setting down the cupcakes. She kissed me and I kissed her back. “Don’t leave me, I can’t cope.”

“No problem.” She whispered back. “I love you.”I smiled and kissed little fairy kissed on her shoulder, her neck, her cheek and kissed her. “Tanya.” I whispered. I laid her down on the blood red carpet and kissed her neck. She slipped my top over my head and rubbed her hands along my muscled torso.

“Tanya.” I whispered in my ear. She lifted my chin and I bit along my neck. She snaked my hands to the back of my neck and i sat up and started to take her top off. She ripped the front so it would just fall off and I grinned. “Tanya, you’re so…..beautiful.” I whispered. She kissed me and me shut up.

“I’ve missed you, Shaun. So much.” I whispered. I slid my hands up and down her sides and back. I looked at her and her at me, I didn’t know what to do. She just kissed me and kissed me and kissed me. I ended up tickling her to let go.

“I want you, Tanya Johnson; I want you more than anything.” I started to go under her skirt and pulled her leggings off her legs. She undid the button on my jeans and slid them down. I entered her and she just gasped. I rocked back and forth and she just kissed me, she did nothing else but kiss me.

“Shaun, Shaun, Shaun.” She breathed. I stopped and she blinked her eyes at me. I chuckled and carried on. She froze and then screamed. I stopped and got out of her. Her skirt was still on and I needed to button up. I did it quickly and picked her up onto my lap.

“Tanya, what’s wrong???” I asked. I was really worried about her.  A thought came in. What if I got her pregnant???



A scene came into my head. He was close, with the whole of the army. I needed to get them away. “Shaun, GO!!!” I screamed at him.

“No, not now, not ever. I will not leave you.” I loved him for that but he needed to go.

“Adams coming with most of the angel popularity.” I said to him.

“if I leave you come.”

“I can’t take it.” he looked blankly at me and I opened my wings. One was perfect, all colours and feathers fine, the other was a different story. It was completely brown and had holes in it while it healed, at least, I hoped it was healing.

“Tanya,” he gasped, “what happened???” I told him everything that happened. He gasped and smiled kindly at me.

“Now I’m here with you.” I smiled painfully. He hugged me gently and asked me something disturbing.

“What if I got you pregnant???”

“I don’t know Shaun, I’m different from other people. We both are.” It was annoying not being able to tell if I could get pregnant or anything. What if I couldn’t have Shaun’s child??? What if I couldn’t get pregnant??? Oh my gosh, what if I couldn’t have children??? I felt tears go down my cheeks at the thought, I wanted to have offspring!!! I let my wings fold and emerge into my back and Shaun came closer to hold me tighter.

“I might not be able to have kids!!!” I cried out. He rocked e back and forth and hushed me, making tiny circles on my back. “What if I can’t???” I sniffled and stopped crying, I wanted children; I wanted Shaun’s children.

Adam, how do Angels get pregnant???

I’m not telling unless I see you.

You’re already here. A banging came from upstairs and I knew it was him. I stood up and waited for them to come. Adam was first to show.

“Hand over the wolf and I won’t hurt you.” He said calmly.

“You have already tried to take away my virginity. I don’t expect you’ll care if you hurt me or not.” He came over and took my face in his hands.

“You don’t know how much I care.” He whispered. I pushed him away from me.

“You care!!! That is bullshit and you know it!!! You wanted to hurt Shaun, Antonio, innocent people to get to me!!!” I closed my eyes to calm down. “That barely seems caring to me, Adam.” He was about to speak when a voice was heard over all.

“What do you mean, Tanya??? He tried to rape you???” I saw jasper and got angry. I opened my wings and they all gasped and whispered.

“Do you care, Jasper dear???” I said in a sweet voice. He came over and I stepped back only to bump in to 00Shaun. His fingers entwined in mine and my wings went back inside.

“This is the Shaun???” I nodded, “And Adam tried raping you???” I nodded a second time. He slapped Adam across the face and came over to us. “I heard you indeed did not capture my little sister.”

“You heard right. In fact,” Shaun said, “it’s her that captured me.”

“That’s one cheesy line. I stated.

“And I have a whole book full if you want to hear it???” I kissed his cheek and tightened my hold of his hand.

“I will leave you in peace here then, I’m sure you would love to go back to your mansion though.” I let go of Shaun and hugged my brother.

“Love you, Jasper.” His hands want on my back and he pressed his face into my hair.

“Love you, Tanya.” he whispered back. Loosening his grip, I laughed. I had family I actually liked. “You just do it the same as humans.” He whispered.

“Oh gosh.” I breathed. My face must have been as red as a tomato because everyone laughed. Shaun’s arms went round my waist and my head went on his shoulder. He was stifling a laugh too. “I’m so getting you back for this Jasper!!!” I ran out of Shaun’s grasp and after Jasper. We couldn’t stop laughing.

“Tanya??? Jasper???” it was definitely Malia. We turned and saw her teary eyed.

“Mother we were just-” Jasper started to say.

“Never mind sweetest. Tanya, you remember him.” She came over and put a hand on my arm. I waited a few minutes before hugging her.

“Mum.” I whispered. I heard her cry and looked up.

“You accept me.” she whispered. I nodded and hugged her tighter.  She cried silently on my shoulder and I smiled, I had a real mother. One who was the same as me. I felt a tear go down my cheek and let myself cry. I had a mother!!!

Jasper came into the hug and I wrapped my arms around him and my mother. I had an angel family!!! A family just like me.

“Tanya???” I let go of my mother and brother and turned round. Adam stood there looking at the three of us.

“What do you want Adam???” I sighed, not wanting to ever see him.

“I need to do what I came to do.” He sighed a long sigh, “I’m sorry.” He raised his knife and shot towards Shaun.

“SHAUN!!!” I screamed but he was already knocked out by another angel. I let go of my wings and flew fast to Adam and pushed him, shielding my wings around Shaun. “Get away from him!!!” I shouted. My Shaun, my poor Shaun was hated. How could anyone hate him???

“I need to do this!!!” he shouted, “Please.” I took in my wings and struck Adam.

“By whatever it is you people have on Angeliana, I hereby banish you from the human world and the angel world. You must live with the wolves, find how they live.” I said in a powerful voice.

“What if they hurt me???” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Not my problem, they have a reason now. I’m sure they know about your little wolf spree.” He sighed and vanished. I knelt down beside Shaun. “Shaun,” I whispered tears forming fast, “Shaun???” I put my head on his chest.

There was no heartbeat.

“Shaun!!!” I screamed. A hand went to my shoulder.

“Sister, we will leave you here for a minute or two as we know you need it.” I nodded and felt the hand vanish.  I looked behind me and saw Mother standing with tears in her eyes then vanish.

“Shaun.” I kept saying his name, whispering his name, shouting his name. I couldn't believe my poor Shaun was dead.

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