Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Delivery For The Dead

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



I had been sitting there, thinking and crying. My Shaun, my poor Shaun was dead. I needed him, I wanted him. I needed him alive though. I heard footsteps and a gasp.

“Shaun.” It was Antonio. Fresh tears streamed down my cheeks as I heard him. His grandfather. He would have no children, I would ever be able to love again. I still wasn’t letting go of Shaun’s hand, I had held it the whole time since they all left.

Antonio came and sat beside me to mourn. But he didn’t, he placed his hands on Shaun’s chest instead. “It won’t work.” He whispered to no one in particular.

“What are you trying to do.” I asked in a quiet voice.

“Fixing him.”  The song’ Fix You’ by Coldplay automatically came into mind. I looked at Shaun’s face, he was still which brought new tears.

“Shaun,” I whispered, closing my eyes. My poor Shaun.

Tanya.  My eyes shot open and I leaned close to Shaun, listening close to his heartbeat. It was faint, so faint.

“Shaun!!!” I cried out, I told Antonio to move over (nicely of course) and shifted into his place. My hands went onto his cheeks and I kissed him. I just placed my lips on his and tried to ignore his granddad.

Shaun, please. Please work. I felt tears go done my cheeks as I felt his heartbeat slow down. NO!!! I held him closer. I willed myself to give him some of my life energy. I willed him to take it.


I cried and cried because I realised I couldn't save him.
"Shaun, Shaun, Shaun." I couldn't stop repeating his name.
"Maybe I can help this wolf." it was jasper. I shifted over. Antonio wasn't there anymore. His hands went onto Shaun’s chest and I wanted to ripe them off. This was to bring him back though, so I had to let him.
I put my hands on Shaun’s neck and a tear dropped onto his cheek. 'Please don't leave me.'
'I'm trying.' I cried even more at the thought that he was there, he was still there. And he was trying to get back.
'My sisters there. My mum and dad are there. It's hard to stay away.'
'Try Shaun!!! Please. For me.' I cried on my loved on.
"I can't get through. But you can." jasper said. He disappeared and I thought about all the times I had with Shaun. He sucking my blood stayed in my head.
Blood. Angel blood.
I bit my lip and tasted blood. Opening my mouth I kissed him. 'Take it, please just take'. After a minute or so the blood stopped and tears raced down my cheeks.
He started to take it. He kept biting my lips to make them bleed. He was alive, he was living.
My Shaun was alive!!!
I pulled away and looked at him. This time my tears were happy.
"Tanya." he said I couldn’t believe it when I saw tears in his eyes.
"Shaun," I whispered. I still couldn't believe he was alive, I brought him back. Pressing my lips on his he held me tight.
"Thanks you so much Tanya. Thank you." I just sat with him, in true fires warmth for the whole night.


“Tanya, wake up Tanya.” Shaun was whispering in my ear and tickling my side. I laughed and rolled over.

“Hey Shaun,” I still couldn’t believe he was alive. Shaun kissed my cheek and I closed my eyes.

“Don’t bother going to sleep on me,” he tickled me again and I couldn’t help screaming with laughter I sat up and shifted onto his knee. I loved lying beside him, hearing his beating heart against my ears. Mostly though, I loved him.

“Shaun,” he looked at me properly, “what if I am…..pregnant???” his eyes grew large and I looked away unable to handle what he was going to say.

“Well, I would help raise the kid,” he looked at me and I raised my eyebrow, “Child or children.  We’ll both love it and raise it. Granddad might have to help.”

“Imagine a half angel half wolf child???” It was his turn to raise his eyebrow, “children.”

“This isn’t the first time we’ve…” I shook my head at him.

“This is the first without protection thought.” I kissed him and he leaned into me. “Shaun, what are you thinking???”

He nibbled my ear and I started to laugh, “Want me to show you???” I nodded and he started to lift me, taking me to his bedroom.

“Yeah, we really do need to do a make-over if I’m staying here.” I said. He dropped me onto the bed and took my top off. I snapped my fingers and his top was off. “Show off.” I laughed and he got me stripped. What fun that hour was.


“I think I’m definitely pregnant now.” His eyes widened and I grinned. I snuggled closer to him and felt his naked body under the covers.

“Most likely.” He grinned at me and I closed my eyes, happy with Shaun being okay with being a young father. I kissed his neck and he hugged me tighter.

“I love you Shaun.”

“I love you Tanya.” I sent little fairy kisses up his neck, next to his ear and on his face.

“Don’t ever do that to me again.”

“What last night…” he looked at me and I slapped his shoulder gently.

“You know what I mean,” I kissed him again, “don’t die out on me again.”

“I’ll try.”

“I’ve got enough blood.” He sat up and stared at me. “You know I don’t like people staring at me,” I whispered looking away.

“You know I hate hurting you. Don’t ever do that again. Do not risk yourself for me!!!” I bit my lips hard and kissed him. He tried and tried to push me off him but the taste of blood got too far into his throat. Managing to push me off, he shook his head.

“DO NOT DO THAT!!!” I looked at him and him at me, “It’s too dangerous. What if I had been like I was a few months ago??? What if it was a full moon??? What the fuck do you think would happen???”

“It is a full moon.” I whispered.


“I said, it IS a full moon.” He walked to the window and opened the curtains, sure enough. There was a faint full moon ready for the dark night. I stood up and gathered my clothes so I could go for a shower.

I was showered and all cried out. I got my shoes on and left to go downstairs to grab my bag before leaving for home. “Where you going, Tanya???” Shaun was wrapped in a dressing gown and running after me. Let’s make this quicker. I flew down and lost Shaun before grabbing my bag and making my way out the window. He obviously didn’t want me here.

“TANYA!!!” I turned. “Where are you going???”

“You obviously don’t want me here.” He shook his head and came over to hug me.

“It’s not obvious because I don’t want you to leave.” He kissed my forehead and I sighed, my life was in such a mess. I just didn’t feel right. “Tanya, I told you earlier. I love you.” I cried at that, I couldn’t believe I could cry again.

“What is going on down here may I ask???” a young girl of about nine with pale skin and auburn hair was standing at the foot of the stairs looking at us.

“Hello Jasmine. You may as well go to bed, nothing is happening here.” Shaun asked. Jasmine nodded at me and I smiled at her.

“You feel sad, because you fear of non love, your life is a mess you feel. An Angel.” She said walking over.

“How did you know???” I was mystified, I would have heard her come down.

“Tanya, Jasmine is an Angel. She lives with us because she is orphaned and was brought in by my Aunt because she was on the doorstep.”

“Come over Jasmine.” I held out my hand and she ran over and held it. She was wearing white pyjama bottoms and a long sleeved black top. Her dressing gown and slippers were white. “Something odd in a roomful of even.” She grinned and I lifted her up in my arms.

“You know, she’s pretty talented. She can already fly and speak in her thoughts.”

Hello Jasmine.

Hello Tanya. Holy crap she could as well. I didn’t know I was an angel until less than a year ago. Then again, she hadn’t been lied too her whole life. Shaun put his hand on my shoulder and I felt like a family. We could be soon. “Do you want me to go, you need to work on hiding your thoughts.” I smiled and let her down on her feet.

When she was out of earshot I kissed Shaun, I loved him so much and I knew he knew; I just wanted to show it. “Whoa, what’s all this???” he asked me.

“My little way of saying I love you,” I grinned.

“Say I love you all you like my dear.” I shook my head and kissed him again. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me, spinning me round. A second later we were off the ground. “Jesus!!!” my wings were beating and my wing hurt like hell. When I couldn’t hold him up anymore I tried to give him a soft landing but we were higher than I thought.

“Sorry.” I whispered once we crashed onto the floor. Shaun came over and put his arm around me as I let my wings back in.

“Don’t be, you’re healing. Mistakes will happen.” I kissed his cheek and smiled.

“What now???”


Adam walked through the streets, he couldn’t be seen. Not until he had dealt with Shaun. He had almost got him but the wolf had been saved by her blood. “How could I have been so stupid!!!” he shook his head, she was out of grip when he needed to get to her. Torment her in her dreams, tell her what he needed. Because of her he was trapped in a curse, one only she could get him out of it.

She broke up with the Wizards son. He got into trouble because his father wanted to rape a young lovely girl. Adam is nothing compared to his father. His mother died because father made her pregnant with his little brother.

His name would have been Benjamin.

Father needed young blood for his spell, that was Benjamin’s last day. A tear escaped Adams eyes as he remembered seeing his little brother in his miniature coffin. His father had waited until later to laugh at his son’s death. Adam hated his Father but because his father liked pain he had put the worst curse imaginable (to Adam anyway) he hated the one Tanya loved and wanted revenge on him. He had been the one to almost kill Shaun, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if Tanya had to be put through.

A curse isn’t just a curse to Adam, it was death. He had to kill Shaun to be rid of the curse. Nobody had any idea how much he wanted to be dead.

He kept walking, he would until Shaun was in his grip and Tanya was there to watch. He kept walking until his wings were to tire to carry him.

I stayed with Shaun for the whole day before breaking the news with him. “Shaun.” He looked at me and I carried on. “I have to go home.”
“You only just got here silly.” I looked at him, fed up of leaving.
“I haven’t seen my parents in about three months Shaun, I have to go see them.” He grinned at me and I looked at him puzzled.
“Then we’ll both go, you need someone now.” I grinned and kissed him.
"We don't know yet." I whispered to him.
"But we can find out, come on let's go!!!" I smiled at his enthusiasm.
"A day or two, then I'll find out." he sighed excitably and I looked at my flat stomach. Soon.
"What do you want to do???" he asked me. "Circus Maximus???"
"Tickets." he raised an eyebrow. "We should get tickets for going home for this time next week." he nodded and ran off. Soon he was back changed and ready to go.
"Forget the bag." I shifted the bag into a seat and took my little bag out and slipped my phone, iPod and purse into it. The bag went over my head and onto my shoulder.
He took my hand and ran out the door. We ran and ran until we got to a huge square with loads if stalls.
"I thought me were going to Circus Maximus," I said with a raised eyebrow.
"Maybe tomorrow, you won't last five minutes with that much black on." we went to about every stall in the square. I found lots of pretty skirts in dark colours and light tops with scarves to go with them. There were some jeans and shorts but I lots of those in my bag.
"We should have a fashion show when we get back." he kissed me hand as we walked back to the mansion. I had changed into a light blue float gypsy skirt and a White vest in the public toilets.
"Well, a good as that sounds, I think it can wait." get looked at me with a blank face. "We're going home. I need to Shaun, I have to." he sighed and I tried to smile. I had to go, if I came back to Rome it would be nice but I haven’t seen my mum and sad in about two or three months. I had to see them.
"No, I need to see them. I have to Shaun." he gripped my hand and nodded.
"We better hurry. We need to go get tickets ready for next week." I squealled and hugged him tight. I was about to see my family!!! We ran for the next while to get to the mansion and get tickets. "What would you rather have, airways or sea stream???" I punched him lightly on the arm and he laughed.
"You pick. Just not sea stream, I think I puked up about a week’s worth of meals. For a family of seven in a three day course." he laughed again and I scowled at him but kissed his cheek. He sent on to virgin airways and booked two tickets.
"Well your family will be so glad. They have a new addition," he rubbed my stomach and I smiled.
"We don't know yet, I' not telling anyone for a few month even if I am pregnant." he put his head back and groaned.
"Why not???"
"It could be weird and stop growing and then we would have gotten everyone worked up about a baby we're not having." he nodded, understanding what I was saying.
"I love you Tanya." I grinned and kissed him.
"I love you Shaun.”

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