Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A Suprise And A Kiss.

Submitted: September 22, 2011

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Submitted: September 22, 2011



“He took me to the beach and just kissed me. We basically only kissed. Honest.” Danny squealed down the phone. “What did-Ouch, go easy there!!!- Anyway as I was saying, he just wouldn’t let me leave. He started to feel me up and everything. It was amazing.” I didn’t like the sound of this. They had only met yesterday and he was trying to shag her???

“Go, you had a good time, I’m guessing???” I said slowly.  I heard her giggle then a husky voice.

“Got to go babe. Love you lots, Tanya.” She hung before I could say bye.  I was sitting in my bed with the phone, still absolutely shattered. I just wanted to go to sleep but mum would never let me. Or so I thought.

Walking downstairs, mum and dad were in discussion. They looked at me with worried eyes. “Tanya, go back to bed you look very unwell.” Mum said. I felt fine except being so tired I could fall asleep standing. I kinda did though.

“Did you have to fall asleep on the stairs, Tanya???” Adam asked. I just shrugged. “What does that mean???”

“You know what it means, Adam.” I growled. I couldn’t believe I had just done that. His face said even he was startled.

“Showing your true colours, Tanya??? I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“You don’t even know me!!!” I screamed. I clamped my hands over my mouth. He closed his eyes and blew out. I walked over to him. “I’m sorry.” He shook his head.

“I know you better than you do, yourself.” The scene changed into a dark and cold forest. The trees looked like they had angry faces on them. I yelped. I hated the woods when it was dark. It was scary. He just laughed.

“What are you laughing at???” I asked angrily.

“You scared silly!!!” I shook my head, “I mean, come on. It’s not scary at all. You’re just a scared little girly.” He grinned.

“What did you just call me???” No one calls me girly unless they want their face ripped off.

“A scared little girly.” I flew at him he grinned and grabbed my hands, twisting me so my back faced him. I kicked my leg behind me and head butted him in the face. He cursed and let go of me. As soon as I could I punched him in the side of the head and when he tried to catch me I ducked and kicked his gut when I got back up.

He crouched in pain with his head in between his knees. I kicked him for good measure. Fire rose but didn’t spread. It was in a circle around us. “Don’t call me girly.” I whispered. He yelped again. I crouched down. “Got it???” his head nodded slightly. I walked out of the circle. It didn’t hurt in the slightest.

Looking back he was managing to get up. His face looked bruised and he was clutching his stomach. I ran back and hugged him. Tears ran down my cheeks for some reason. I didn’t have any idea as too why. He looked at me. His lips lingered near mine, I longed to just close the gap but I had Shaun waiting for me. Shaun, my boyfriend.

“You may see me soon, Tanya. Then you can say sorry.” And he disappeared.


The alarm was awake and ringing. Edward Cullen was trying to wake me up with his sparkles. I switched it off and sat up. It was Sunday Am on Monday morning. I had slept for the whole day. I ran to the shower and had a good ten minute, hot shower while I thought about what I did. Fresh tears came down my cheeks and I washed my hair.

Finally I was ready in my black skinny jeans, plain black top with a sparkly white belt and blue flats to match my blue hair band. Shaun met me at the bus stop with a kiss. I caught him on the cheek before going to sit on a stone. He came beside me and sat down.

“What’s wrong???” I shook my head at his question. He hugged me tight and I stood up as the bus started to come round the bend. I gave him another kiss and walked to where the bus would stop. It stopped exactly there. Tommy gave me a nod again and I just walked on. Sasha grabbed my arm and pulled me down on the seat.

“What happened then???” I told her what had happened as she giggled. The bus journey was quite short. Soon I was giggling with the girls and boasting with the boys. Danny was kissing and singing, Jessica was chatting about homework to Candy so I was the only one standing staring at the boy with chocolate coloured hair, pale skin and a smile that looked like it could light up the world.

I had found Adam and he had found me.

His chocolate eyes lit up when he saw me. I didn’t realize I was grinning until Candy whispered in my ear. “Everyone is watching you.” It took the hell out of me to look away from his gaze. The bell rang and I ran into school and to our registration room. Candy, Jessica and Danny came running after me. The second bell ran and everyone was there.

Adam walked into the science room and grabbed a chair at the back. I tried to keep my eyes off of him but it was difficult, considering he was in every one of my classes. Danny kept whispering about him and trying to get me to tell her how I know him.

I just say, “How don’t I know him.” She doesn’t really like the answer but never mind. Shaun asked me on the way home how I know Adam, I just said, “How don’t I know him.” He doesn’t really like that answer. Getting nagged and nagged on the bus is almost as bad as being nagged by my mother.

That’s saying something.

 I told Shaun I had homework to do (and lots of it) so I wouldn’t be going out. It’s not exactly a lie; I do have homework just not as much as I made out to have. I needed to watch football or golf. Then I would fall asleep. Or maybe hot chocolate. That could work.

Half an hour and I’m sat on my bed, hoping to fall into a dark chasm of sleep. I needed to see Adam; it was like I couldn’t live if I couldn’t see him. It took a while but soon I saw familiar chocolate eyes. Thing being, they weren’t in a forest or a field this time, it was outside my window.

“Hello Tanya.” I knew those words from the first time I met him.

“Hello Adam.” I whispered. He opened the window and held his hand out for the taking. My hand slipped into his and we disappeared. Yes I don’t know where he was taking me and yes I had homework for the coming day and yes I had exams I needed to revise for, but this seemed more important somehow. Please don’t ask how.

We landed on a patch of grass. Well, Adam fell and I fell on top of him. It felt right though. One word came into my head. Shaun. I quickly shot up onto my feet and wiped my jeans. I asked the obvious question.

“Where are we???” I looked properly around me. Alex took me here when I was little; it was a park with blue swings and a yellow slide. It had patches of daisies and conkers. The park had been closed for about six years now but I went there when I was about six myself. I had always wanted to come back there.

I turned to face the boy who was dusting himself off. “What are you???” He finally looked at me seriously. He walked over to me. I backed away from him.

“Tanya, stop. Please.” I started to run away. I had my purse in my pocket so I was ok. It took a bus half an hour from here to get to the stop outside my house. I had about ten pounds on me, enough to get me home.

I ran in the direction of the bus station but before I could get out the silver gate, the scene changed to a lake. Didn’t stop me running, even when I got to the lake.

“Tanya, stop right now!!!” I tripped at the edge of the lake and would have one right onto some rocks if Adam hadn’t gotten there. I screamed. Could you really blame me though, when you’re above the water with arms around you waist and a gentle wind blowing around but not moving even the thinnest strand of grass.

I was back on the ground before I looked at Adam. Or should I say Adams wings. They were a light, feathery brown on the outsides and a creamy colour on the insides.

What the hell are you???” I whispered. I looked behind me. There was water. I couldn’t leave yet.

“I’m like you, Tanya. I age, die and live. I could be human if I wanted too.” I shook my head at his sentence.

“No, No, NO!!!” I kneeled down on the wet ground. It was starting to rain. “Take me home.” All of a sudden I was in my room again. I lay there until day light, crying out my eyes.

The next morning I went through the same procedure as ever morning. Shower and get ready for school. I wore sunglasses that day. I didn’t want anyone to realize I had been crying. Shaun met me at the bus stop with a kiss on the cheek, Sasha chatted to me about my subjects and Tommy looked at me through the glass.

When I got to school I tried to keep away from Adam. I couldn’t deal with wings and shit today. I got a talk by every teacher for not bringing homework. I got asked questions all the time to make sure I was awake, I got teased by my friends but I didn’t feel the same. I gave up at lunch. I got my sandwich and juice and said I was going to the toilet. I didn’t actually go to the toilet, I climbed out the window and ran into the woods. I needed to get away from here, from school, from Adam, from everyone.

  It wasn’t long before I got a message. Danny.

You ok??? Adam wanted your number so I thought it would be ok if I gave it to him. Where are you??? It’s history, your fave subject. Text me.

I badly wanted o reply but I didn’t dare when she could tell Shaun where I was. He would pretend he was ill and come see me. He got an A for our drama test. He’s just that good.

My phone vibrated again.

My turn, where are you??? We need to talk. It didn’t turn out like I thought it would last night. I’m coming to find you so don’t run. It’ll just make it quicker.

I heard footsteps. I just ran out of panic, out the woods past the school and near my house. The footsteps sounded closer. I ran again, still not out of breath. I ran and ran and ran until I was out of breath. I was in the woods again.

“Tanya, wait!!!” I heard his voice and screamed. It scared me.

“Leave me alone Adam, I don’t want to talk to you.” I actually stopped. “Not yet anyway.” Too late. He was right behind me, catching my arm and pulling me to him. I let it all out. I cried about barely getting to see Alex and Maya, about liking Adam when I’m going out with Shaun. Especially because I’m a thing and not a human. I don’t even know what I am anymore.

That’s saying something.  

“Let It all out, let it all out.” He whispered soothingly in my ear. I finally stopped crying on his whit button down shirt. I looked at him and him at me. Our faces were edging closer every second.

My phone vibrated right as our lips were about a milometer of a milometer away.

Where are you??? Guess Adam found you. You soooooo like him by the way. Even Shaun can see it. He said maybe you should break up. He loves to see that glow on your face but it’s not because of him. Think about it, hot dude over your best friend. What will it be, Tanya???

Danny. XXX


He gripped the phone and put it back in my pocket.

“Never mind them.” He whispered as our lips met. His lips were full and fit mine perfectly. They tasted like honey and cherry on a warm summers day. I loved the taste and I loved the feel of them. His arms slid up and down my back. I couldn’t help myself. I kissed him back.

My arms snaked around his neck and held there. My phone buzzed and started to sing.

“I got that moves like Jagger, I got that moves like Jagger.” I left it but I went off again so I had to answer it. I was Shaun.

“Where are you, Tanya??? Please say you’re ok!!!” he sounded panicky, I felt really bad about leaving. And then kissing someone else, yeah I felt bad. You can probably guess.

“I’m ok, Shaun. Don’t worry about me. Please. I’m just needed to get away for a while. I’ll be back at school tomorrow.” I said quietly. He sighed at my answer. I carried on, “please don’t worry. I have to go. Love out lots.” I hung up before he could protest and slipped away from Adam.

“What are we doing, Adam??? I have a boyfriend and I’m standing here kissing a boy who I like.” He looked startled.

“I have been waiting for so long, Tanya.” It didn’t occur to ask what he meant. It just occurred he was getting closer. I brought the lights down and brought us closer. The sun seemed light it was shinning more than any other day; the sky looked bluer than the sea in summer. The trees, even though they were becoming bare for the start of winter, looked like they were waving. It was all left for me to remember and cherish in my head as I closed my eyes.

My phone rang again but I left it. It rang an amount of times but we left it to do as it wanted. I believed in fate and I believed in destiny, and boy did I thank the gods for my fate!!! I just wanted to stay with him, in his arms, on his lips, for the whole eternity that I was left to enjoy.

He parted with me and looked me straight in the eyes. His hand lifted for the taking. We grinned as I took it. Everything disappeared and turned into things you wouldn’t believe. White fluffy clouds dotted about in the pale blue sky with green tropical trees grew high above the ground. Flowers of every colour could be spotted everywhere and beds of roses were made to look like a rainbow if you looked at it from a birds eyes view with black and white on the outskirts.

“This is beautiful Adam.” I whispered, realising I was still holding his hand.

“Not as pretty as your face though.”  He mumbled, just loud enough for me to hear. I kissed is cheek and smiled.

“Blusher.” I laughed. He turned to face me before leaving my hand hanging in the air and kissing me. I couldn’t help but love it, I mean yeah I had a boyfriend and yeah he was basically a stranger, but he knew me, I mean knew me. And I knew him. Kissing him back he groaned. He actually groaned, I made someone groan!!!

I was beginning to feel something fluttering in my stomach. A weird butterfly feeling but it was in my head as well. A static shock came through me and made me shiver. I realised what it was.

I was in love with Adam.

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