Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Talking About Bitten And Smitten!!! =E

Submitted: September 28, 2011

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Submitted: September 28, 2011



At home, on my bed I couldn’t stop grinning. This was what love felt like. Amazing what can happen. Wait, I barely know him. .

“Adam”, I whisper slightly. I knew he was there, even before his chocolate eyes popped up.

“Yup”, he chirped happily. I bent my finger towards me and he understood immediately. Crawling in the window, I giggled. The doorbell sang downstairs.

“Hold on a sec.” I said quietly. He kissed my cheek and hid in the cupboard. I ran downstairs and opened the door to…….. Shaun.

“Why is he upstairs in your bedroom???” Said Shaun as he shoved his hand into his jean pockets. I bit my bottom lip so hard that it bled down my chin. Shaun looked away from me as the blood ran down my chin. I gave a curious look as I let go, slowly, of my lip.

I heard a growl escape his throat. He looked at me with bright yellow eyes and more hair than usual. I yelped. He held out his hand and whispered harshly with a grin, “Take my hand, Tanya. Believe me you want to.”  I started to back into my house. Nobody was there so I was fine to smash the door into his face. He yelped and shoved it the door to the side. His nose was bright red but his face was steaming.

“Take the hand now!!!” I screamed and ran for my life. His feet pounded behind me and grabbed my hand.

I had only enough time to shout one word. “Adam!!!”

I opened my eyes to a scene with fire and wolf all over the place. There were people with wings tied to trees with half wolf people forming to wolves in front of them. They all screamed as wolfs sank their teeth into their arms and legs. I couldn’t help running to some trees and swatting the wolves. They bearded their teeth at me and crawled towards me.

Screaming I felt something on my arm. “Mine!!!” I cried out as teeth sank into the back of my shoulder. I bent to my knees and cried towards the sky. The teeth came out of me and I ran in pain towards a tree. I untied the rope around blond girl’s arms and worked on her legs. She was pale and was obviously frightened in her white flowing gown. He arms were covered in blood as I screamed at her to help me free the others. I whistled to the wolves and ran.

How handy it would have been if I had wings, eh??? Well, I fell into a world full of blackness.

I woke on a bed of leaves and twigs and people around me. I yelped, out of fright. The people around me looked like the people that were tied to the trees with the rope. I slowly got onto my feet and looked around me, only to see the fire was gone and the people’s wings.

“You need to get out of here, miss”, the blond told me, before carrying on. “Do you know how???” I shook my head. I couldn’t get home now. All thanks to Shaun the werewolf. “Close your eyes and think of where you want to be. Think really hard. We can take it from here.”

I closed my tired eyes and thought of home, my friends, my mum. Everything disappeared and Adam came to view.

“Adam.” I whispered. My throat hurt and I was in too much shock to talk any louder.

“Tanya!!!” he sounded scared and surprised. I tried to stand up but I fell back down when I got onto one foot. Adam quickly got under me to sweep me off my feet. He kept eyeing my throat and giving me worried glances.

“What???” I asked exhausted. He lifted one hand from under me and touched my throat gently, it still hurt though. I yelped quietly and my arm popped into my head. I looked at it and yelped again. It was covered in blood and had bite marks all over it.

“What did you do, Tanya???” I cried out of fright. He held me tighter and I screamed. He was squishing my back. I tried to look at my surroundings through my tears. All I saw was my bedroom. Adam sat me on my bed and apologised for something. I soon found out what.

He started to take my top off and I helped with my cardigan. OK, I know I know that’s what you do in relationships but could you blame him??? I was covered in deep dog bite marks and he wanted to see them. I bit my lips so I wouldn’t cry again as he fingered my shoulder, my back, my arms, legs and neck. I was in sheer agony.

“Tanya, you can’t go back to school tomorrow. You need to rest. Urgently.” I mouthed why; it hurt too much to talk. “You have to be cleared up ok. We need to think of something.” I couldn’t keep it in. I cried as he felt the bite on my shoulder blade. That was the worst one. I still couldn’t believe that Shaun, my ex boyfriend, was a werewolf. I was shit scared.

Adam went to the window and started to climb out. I tried to get out of bed to reach him but instead I fell off the bed and cried out. Seconds later I felt his hands around my waist and pulling me softly to him. I whimpered and opened my eyes. He was right hear my lips and was looking deeply into my eyes.

“Stay with me.” was all I could say before sleep attacked my aching bones.

“Tanya???” I recognised that voice. I saw the boys face and screamed. I looked at my arms and whimpered. The bites were still there. Shaun was coming near me at an alarming rate.

“Stay away from me.” I whispered to him. He slowed down the slightest but kept coming towards me. I tried to run but my legs hurt too much.

“Adam!!!” I screamed to the skies. I couldn’t see him anywhere. “What do you want, you monster???” I closed my eyes and he took the last few steps. He licked his lips and his eyes started to grow yellow. I knew what this meant.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up” I said under my breath. I was not going to be bitten all over again. Shaun jumped at me and I managed to jump out the way and let his face smack off the ground. I could barely breathe. I felt so tired. Even in my nightmare I was shattered.

I finally woke with sweat streaming down me and Adam dabbing my head with a cold cloth. I remembered that I was still half naked in front of him, fighting the urge to do more than kissing with him, I stared at my top. He reached over to the table and grabbed it for me to put on.

“What were you dreaming of, Tanya???” I shook my head. I didn’t want to talk about it. He looked at me with annoyance. I couldn’t help it; I just didn’t want to talk. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone.

Can I stay over at yours??? I need someone right now. I can’t go to school tomorrow. Can you skive with me???  It wasn’t soon before I got a reply from Danny.

Yeah. I’ll come over; you need to tell me everything. OK??? I want to know why you’re skiving.

I wanted to go back to sleep, being scared I didn’t. Who knew what would happen to me then.

The doorbell rang and Adam kissed me on the cheek before running to the door. Footsteps sounded up the stairs as Danny entered my room.

“What is wrong with you???” she said sliding beside me. I looked at her and she pushed my head onto her shoulder. Rough enough to make me yelp. A devil look was put towards Adam.

“I did nothing wrong, ok??? She said she would tell you, so when she does you owe me an apology.” He said sternly. He looked at me with softness in his eyes and I just wanted to kiss him forever.

Danny so my longing for his lips and made an excuse so I could have him to myself, “I’ll just go to the toilet, I was bursting before I came.” As soon as she was gone I reached my hand out to the table to try and get up. He was at my side in a second.

 Just as I wanted.

I turned to look at him and just kept looking. Edging my head nearer, I almost fell over again. He lifted me onto the bed and tried to get away. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him to me. He gave me what he wanted, only it was too soft. As much as it hurt, I pressed myself against him to make him kiss me harder. He did, I smiled against our kiss and he held me gently. We heard the bathroom door open and looked at Danny’s startled face.

“I’m going to go for fresh air.” And with that, she left out the door.

“Tanya, stop. I don’t want to hurt you.” He sounded hurt, as if he was struggling.

“Well if it means getting your kisses, I want you to hurt me even more.” I replied in a hoarse whisper. I just wanted him to kiss me until the world died out.

He stopped fussing and pulled himself down to my lips. Groaning, he started to caress my hair and hold my neck gently. I put some more passion into our kiss. He didn’t object.

“Danny’s coming back. We’re going to have to stop, for now.” He whispered to me, pulling away. I nodded and he stood up and dusted himself before Danny came in.

With Shaun.

I screeched and tried to get up and walk to the back of my room. I feel, of course, and Shaun picked me up.

“Get. Away. From. Me. Now.” He shook his head and I started to use all my might to scratch his face off.

“Tanya!!! What are you doing to Shaun???” Danny asked. Shaun’s eyes were covered with dark sunglasses. I took them off and saw his eyes. I screeched again and climbed out his arms. The floor was better than his arms.  He tried to pick me up again but luckily the pocket knife I have was lying beside me.

I threw it and he yelled as I smirked.

“Tanya, take my hand!!!” I couldn’t have been gladder too. Danny didn’t have a choice so she grabbed my hand at the same time. We all disappeared from the scene.

“What the hell is going on!!!” screeched Danny. I text her saying what had happened, seeing as I can’t talk for long. Reading along she gasped quite a few times. When she was done she ran to hug me. “You were protecting yourself from him.”

Adam looked puzzled so I sent it to him. Then I looked around me.

I was standing up. I felt no pain. What was going on with me?

“Where are we???” I asked quietly. The floor was light colours, whites, blues, greens, lilacs and pinks. There was even yellow. Winced when I saw that colour. I couldn’t believe that had happened. I remembered the blond.

“We’re somewhere where angels come to heal.” He said a mesmerized look on his face.

“But I’m not an angel.” Adam took my hand and I took Danny’s. He led us to where about a thousand stalls were up.

“Have a look. Here, you’ll need some.” He handed me some coins. Looking at them I saw wings on each different sized coin. “I’ll be over here if you need me.” He walked over to a stall were a young lad was selling fruit and veg.

“Look, clothes!!!” Danny still had my hand and pulled me over to a stall. The seller looked about twenty, with bright blue hair and pale skin. Her green eyes looked at us hopefully as we fingered the clothes on her stall. There were beautiful tops and skirts. All light colours like the ground and floor. Danny held up an icy blue top. Its sleeves went down to the elbow and blew out. With white fluffy clouds it was wonderful. I gave her some coins and she paid.  The girl snapped her fingers and the top was Danny. She looked lovely.

I saw a skirt that was white with blue swirls and a blue belt to go with it. I looked at it with love. It was amazing.  The girl snapped her fingers and it was on. I twirled and it blew out a bit. I loved it. Handing her the coins her face glowed as we walked away. Adam came over to us and smiled.

We both laughed at his face and gave a few twirls for him. “Let’s go and get something to eat, Tanya you need to get your strength up. I can tell you about your pain soon.”

Sitting at a table with drinks and fruit, I listened curiously. “So I came from here but was put to earth for my family. For Alex.” Adam nodded.

“When Alex was getting turned into a vampire, you accidently stabbed her boyfriend. With a sharp twig.” He said. I gasped. I was small but I just remembered him. He had the most awesome hair. Sandy that was his name, Sandy.

“OK, so you two are, like, angels???” Adam nodded as he took my hand. I felt sick. Badly. “I always thought you two were weird. I mean, Tanya can run at the speed of lightening and when I accidently cut her when we were about seven the blood trickled for a minute or two but it was a cut that should have been there for days on end. It was gone the next morning.”

I looked at the hand I remember her cutting. It was really sore but it was gone the next morning. And then thoughts came into my head. I had so many cuts on my legs on year I fell off of the monkey bars at the school park when I was little, I should have had scars from some of the cuts I gained. Looking at the leg I could only see soft skin.

I couldn’t but feel ill. “So why does Shaun want to kill me???” I asked, remembering the night that I was attacked.

“We have a history with wolves.” He began slowly.

“Maybe we should wait until later. Let us all have a good time first.” We nodded at Danny’s suggestment. So we walk over to the stalls again and Danny and I start to look at the clothes again. I look at shoes that have white and blue on them and tops as well. I find some nice sandals and a really pretty blue top with white lilies on it. I press the keys into the man’s hand for my outfit and Danny’s skirt. Hers is black with pink sequins on it.

Adam snapped his fingers and they were on. “Jeez I wish I was an angel so I could come here and get my clothes!!!” Danny said. We just laughed at her.

Adam took my hand again and squeezed it. I squeezed back. I loved him so, so, so much and I had the feeling he felt the same way about me. A thought came into my head. Mum. Dad. Where was I??? I needed to get home. But then again, I would feel pain all over again.

“We need to go, Adam. I need to go back home. Mum will be home if she already isn’t.” I said quietly. He took me hand and I took Danny’s. The scene vanished and my bedroom was back in view. I bite down a scream. All the pain had rushed into my body. I fell to the ground and couldn’t move, at all. Adam ran to my side and lifted me on the bed as gently as he could. I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

“It’s ok, Tanya. It’s ok.” Danny said soothingly into my ear. Footsteps were coming up the stairs and I almost cried again. I couldn’t let mum see me like this. Danny sat me on my side facing the window and put my head in my hand. Adam ran into the closet and she closed the door gently just as the door was opening.

“Are you going to tell me about this Adam boy and keeping secrets from me Tanya???” Alex asked sternly.

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