Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Is It Life Or Death???

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Submitted: October 06, 2011



tried to move my head to look at Alex. Too little energy for so much effort and it hurt far too much.

“Its ok babe, you’ll be fine.” Alex soothed. She looked at Adam and nodded. He took my hand and squeezed. I didn’t even have enough energy to squeeze his hand back!!! I didn’t like not being able to move. Why did I have to be the one with the freakish boyfriends???

“Alex. I’m sorry.” I whispered hoarsely. I was lying besides her crying because of the pain. Adam and Alex had shifted me so I lay down on my back so I didn’t feel too much pain.

“It’s fine Tanya. I wanted you to tell me but I knew.”Alex informed. I guess I had a confused face on because she carried on. “Adam intruded my sleep.”

“I thought you couldn’t sleep.”

“Where did you hear that.” I could hear an edge to her voice.

“Um. Ok, is Maya a Vampire???” I needed to know. She was my niece and I had been lied to all my life. I mean, who the hell doesn’t tell their child she’s an angel???

“How do you know???” she whispered sitting up. I opened my eyes and looked at the roof.

“I’ll leave you two too talk, then.” Adam said walking to the window slowly. A few minutes and he had crawled out the window.

“Alex, what do you know that I don’t, is more the question??? Is it not???” I whispered back to her.

“Mum didn’t want you to know about what you are. She didn’t want you to know that sandy was a vampire. Or that I basically am too.

“Mum met someone who was and I quote, ‘amazing beautiful and mesmerising.’ She and the man had a one night stand. You know what that is don’t you???” I nodded. “Well, you were born eight months later, you were surprisingly early. You were fine though so no one worried about you at all. We didn’t think we needed too. When mum got her second check up for you, the doctors pulled her aside. You heart stopped beating.

“Everyone was scared of you. And I guess after a day or two you got lonely. Mum would barely hold you and just touched you when needed. You cried for a while and everyone couldn’t get sleep. I felt sorry for you and gave you a hug. You just snuggled up to me and started to fall asleep.”  She paused at the memory. “That was how I saw your very first smile.

“Mum, being the bitch she is, got jealous and annoyed because she wanted to be there for the first smile, word steps and everything. I was there for the smile and the steps. And then she got really annoyed.” Stopping to smile, she asked me “want to know how???” I nodded.

“Your first word was Awes. We all knew what it was. You said my name. I guessed you had heard it so many times it stuck to your brain like blue tack to a wall. But then I realised, I had been the one to look after you for the first four months of your life.

“Dad was the one to feed you and change you when I was at school because he thought mum was being cruel. I love the old man for it. But being so loved up to mum, when she found out he couldn’t help anymore.

“I let you stay in my bed with me until you where too big. So I put you in a cot with a rag doll I made you. I gave her wings because when I washed you, the water made way for air beside your back. The shape of teeny, tiny wings were in the water every time.” I remembered the doll. She had short white hair and a brown dress. The wings had been small as well. I felt needed, like a mum. I loved it. Then we got your last check up and the doctors told us again about your heart and then they said something started to grown from your back and rip you top.

“That night when I was washing you wings came out your back. I just looked at them with amazement. You were an angel and you still are.” She finally stopped and breathed. I was definitely an angel. I couldn’t believe it.

“Why do werewolves hate angels???” I whispered. Adam came back in to answer.

“OK. Werewolves, right, they don’t like us because we have different blood from the rest of the world because only a lucky few actually live in heaven. The wolves can’t gain control over our blood and they actually descend from a vampire having sex with a dog. They are pretty messed up.”  He paused. “Why Shaun can’t handle himself over you right now is beyond me and why he hasn’t gone a wall before now is also beyond me.” he said quietly.

“So, if I’m in an angel, why am I taking so long to heal???” I whispered. Adam rubbed his hand against the back of his neck and Alex inhaled and exhaled slowly.

“We don’t know, honest.” Adam said. I lifted my head to look around the room. Something was missing.

Shit. Danny I tried to lift my hand but gasped at the pain instead.

“What are you trying to do, Tanya???” they asked in unison. A thought popped into my horrendously sore head.

I shushed them and carried on with my thought. I exhaled and breathed slowly. This was going to work. I closed my eyes and carried on until darkness enveloped around me.

I was exactly where I wanted to be.

Shaun was crouched beside something on the ground and it was screaming. I tried to run over to help Danny but my legs wouldn’t move. I did what I had to do.

I was going to be the sacrifice.

“Shaun!!!” he looked round and I saw Danny’s terrified face. “Want to finish what you mongrels started???” he came running and grabbed my hand. “Only if you let Danny go from your harm and never touch her again. Deal???” he shook my hand and bit it. I just managed to scream for her to wake up. I was going to die happily saving my friend as she vanished into thin air. Hopefully she had woken up. I had a feeling she had.

A flash of light came into view and Shaun was batted off me. I lifted my arm to my eyes and saw Adam hitting Shaun. I couldn’t keep watching. I just dropped my hand and head and listened to the sounds of battle.  I was picked up by harsh hands.

Screaming, I tried to move. My throat felt like someone had cut the insides into rags. I didn’t stop though. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.

“Tanya, it’s ok. It’s me, Adam.” I quietened down then and closed my eyes to awaken in my bed. He was there with me in his arms. Just like my dream. I felt pain shoot up from my fingertips, looking at the damage I gasped.

“It wasn’t a dream was it???” I whispered to him. He just nodded and looked in a corner. A shape was huddled in the darkness and it was sniffing. “Danny???” the shape moved and came out of darkness. Danny’s face was covered in blood and cuts, as was all the rest of visible skin. I held my good hand out for the taking.

“Tanya, what are you doing???” Adam asked curiously. I just put my hand out further.

“Time for girls to have some fun, eh Danny???” she giggled taking my hand and disappearing. We landed just where I wanted. The market place of Angel Healing. (I shall call it for now.)

“Won’t you feel all the pains come into you at once when we go back???” Danny asked.

I nodded and said quietly, “we have to take a risk sometime, else life would be no fun.” I asked one of the stall holders where a nice spot would be and asked for directions. We headed in the direction he pointed and began to sing.

“Do I have to sing as well??? You sound fine on your own.” I nodded at her silly question and took her hand. We ended up at an old willow bearing cherry blossom flowers. It was so special because no where except Angel healing, could you find a tree so special. We sat in the shaded grass and lay down. It was cool enough for us to lie down in peace.

“Are you OK, Danny???” I asked. She nodded and closed her eyes but opened them soon enough.

“Shaun. I…..I don’t WA...Want to g...g...g...go to sleep.” I put my hand on her forehead and whispered in her ear.

“You can go to sleep. I’m here to keep an eye on you.” She slowly closed her eyes and lay asleep without a worry. I was happy one of us could go to sleep without worrying about the other. I just thought about what was happening. Shaun, my ex boyfriend/best friend/friend is a werewolf and on many occasions has tried to kill me (and Danny for that matter.) Adam, the boy I met in a dream, is an Angel and has helped me these past few days and is now my boyfriend, I think. Alex is a vampire, Maya is a vampire and I killed Sandy.  Most importantly, I’m an Angel. Wait….. What about mum??? Where has she been these past few days???

What if Shaun has her??? No I highly doubt it. Not Shaun, not mum.

“Alex, where’s mum???” I asked. Her face went blank. We looked at Adam. His face was a blank too. “How long will it take for me to heal in that place you took me???”

“About an hour.” I waved with all my might and disappeared.  Adam turned up beside me quite quickly. We were standing at the tree Danny and I went. Just standing there looking at it, I tried to think of a plan. I would find Shaun and then…..and then….and then what??? What would I do too all those freaking wolves.

An arm went round my shoulder and I bent my head on his shoulder. I couldn’t believe Shaun could have my mum, dad, Maya. Maya!!! Nooooooo, no way would he have his way to kill her I would make sure that he didn’t hurt her. At all.

“We’ll find her. Maybe not all of them but we’ll find Maya. I promise.” I never said anything to him about Maya, did I???

“How did you know about Maya???” I asked. He hesitated before tapping his skull. He could mind read!!! Not fair. “How can you do that???”

“Think of the person really, really hard. If you do it right then they will pop up in your head.” I thought of Shaun. I thought and thought and thought. A voice came into my head.

“And you, a little girl, are a vampire???” Maya came into my head nodding. A sweet little voice rose above the noise.

“You can’t hurt me.”

“Oh, and just why not???”

“My mommy is going to come and eat you all up.” They all laughed at her threat. I felt a tear going down my cheek. The view changed and I saw a man with white hair and a black business suit stand with a boy with his brown head down.

“She’s thinking of the vampire, sir. I have done all I can.” The voice was familiar. Shaun was helping to interrogate my little Maya. I opened my eyes and looked at Adam.

“I’m sorry, Adam. I might not be back.” I ran into one direction, far enough for him not to see me as the scene changed and I was in the market place. I needed silver, and lots of it. I asked a kind looking gentleman where to go.

  “Over there, miss.” Said a gentleman, pointing to the direction. “Why on earth do you need a knife???”

“My mother needs more, sir. My sister like shiny things and keeps them hidden so she can look at them. She can’t yet talk see.” I replied running into the direction. I found the stall quickly and bought knifes and other sharp, silver things I could find with the leftover coins Adam had given me the day before.

I felt like an assassin with my outfit of black on and my straps of weapons. I just needed to find my pray.

I thought of Maya and closed my eyes. I didn’t need people to help me; I just need to know where she was. I saw the scenery first.

OK, not my favourite. Dark forests, lit only with moonlight, as I walked through the trees just too at least hear Maya’s voice. I concentrated on her again.

“I hear something.” The old man said with a quiet voice. I stopped just so I could hear them breath. I could, I must have been close. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Maya.

She was looked towards a direction, something small could be seen. It looked like a shadow. The smell was familiar. Something different, she suddenly realized, metal and angel. She could smell it. Yes, definitely an angel

Looking at the old man and the young boy she saw the hand of the boy grow nails and hair. She knew what was coming and she wouldn’t let it. She thought of sad kittens.

Didn’t work. She thought of her family dead.

Didn’t work. She thought of the cow and gate formula. Tears started spurting down her cheeks and she cried like never before. A tear went to her lips and she cried even more. Salt gave a reaction to her eyes. The man stopped to shush her but the boy wouldn’t. He lifted his head and looked at her with yellow eyes until they died down a bit.

Opening my eyes, I found light and looked at all directions. I held cries and followed them. A voice popped in my head.

Do you want to get eaten again???’ I couldn’t even think of what happened without shivering. I saw the trees and climbed as high as I could. The trees were close together so it made it easier to transfer tree to tree without being seen at all. Soon I was close enough to see the outline of three people.  There was a tall man, a middle sized boy (whom I think was Shaun), and someone sitting down. I’m sure it was Maya. She looked so incredibly small, it scared me.

I needed to know Adam wasn’t trying to find me; I needed to know he was alright. I concentrated on his mind and saw a picture in his head. My face, my body, he was trying to figure out where I was and what I was doing. I tried something I wasn’t sure would work.

Adam, stop it. Stop looking for me. I said in my mind. I hoped it would work.

Not until I know your safe with me. I couldn’t believe it. It had worked. I tried it again.

I don’t want you to find me, Adam. There wasn’t a sound and I started to worry that it hadn’t worked.

I won’t stop, Tanya. I’ve found you and I’m not losing you now. Or ever. I breathing started to shake.

Don’t come and find me, Adam. I mean it. This is me and Shaun. Only. I had to be stern with him.

Fine. But if I find out that you’re hurt, in any way possible, Shaun will wish he had never been born. I smiled at his comment. He really did care.

Or Maya. And not just about me!!! I felt so happy that I was definitely ready for action. Killing even, if necessary. I really didn’t want it to get to that though. Concentrating, an image came into my head.

She was looking towards the tree, the smell getting clearer. The boy was looking where she was looking so she changed and pretended to be interested in a bird. Only thing fascinating in a bird is the blood. Tasty too.

“Sir, I want to go home now. I’ve fulfilled my purpose her.” The young boy told the wrinkly old man. He raked a hand through his grey hair.

“Don’t you want to finish her, see what a vampire tastes like???” He paused waiting before carrying on. “I have had the pleasure of tasting a vampire’s stone flesh and organs. They are the most wonderful thing a wolf could have ever tasted. Don’t you want to be part of it???” the boy shook his beige head and started to back away.

“I did this so I could talk too Tanya, get her to listen to my explanation. I don’t want to hurt the kid, that’s just savage.” The old man started to growl and the boy’s face expression started to become shocked then startled and finally becoming scared. She was happy to see a wolf scared. It made her feel exited.

The old man was now fully a wolf and howling into the moonlight. It didn’t make her feel exited anymore. She knew that she could run faster but not for long. Looking at the boy, she whimpered and ran to the tree where the angel was and cried to the sky.

I jumped down just as Maya ran towards the tree I was hiding in and picked up the tiny girl. I climbed the tree again with great difficulty and sat her down on the branch. I grabbed a knife and held it to where the wolf would go. Hopefully.

I heard the rustling of leaves and looked behind me. The wolf was a man now and climbing fast. I threw the knife which stabbed him through the hand and made him fall to the earth. I know it was wrong but I needed her to do it. I handed Maya two knives and told her to take knifes out of my straps if she needed, but too use them carefully.

Adam came in a flash and my message sent quickly.

How do you use your wings??? This is a matter of life and death. I had to get my wings working.

I better have wings.

I’m not entirely sure, but I always think of flying and let my wings breath. That’s helpful. Maya took more knifes as I breathed slowly and thought of wings. I thought of the sea and the wind blowing through my hair, I felt free. Something shifted around my back and I looked behind my shoulder. Bright blue and green shone off the feathers and grew as the seconds passed. Seconds I didn’t want to waste. Shaun was coming fast behind me as a boy. Throwing a knife down, I hoped it wouldn’t hit him. He stopped as soon as he saw it looked at me.

I grabbed Maya and jumped out the tree. She screamed as she thought we would hit the ground but I pulled up as flew to the sky. I landed in another tree and strapped the knifes around Maya.

“You throw, I navigate. OK???” she nodded and reached back to touch my wings. Her hands felt like stone against my wings and I couldn’t help but whimper. It hurt so much.

Pulling her hand away, she aimed again at the running wolf. I had seen this one before. I put my arm in front of her and pointed at the other one. She threw at him instead and we heard a yelp. I shot farther into the sky and looked down. I saw a black dot and a red dot. Black was Shaun.

“Aim at him”, I said pointing to the red dot. She aimed and made it stop. It ran towards Shaun and I ducked down. Maya dripped tightly onto me as we came nearer the ground.


Adam surged on eager to get to her. What if she had already been hit, bite, or worse. Dead. He needed to get there.

He had lost her once; he wouldn’t let it happen again.

She thought she had been born a human baby. She hadn’t been born at all; in fact she had just appeared in her cot. Her mother wanted another baby so they went to adoption. There was Tanya, (Cherry really, but we don’t get to make sure their names are kept) and she was took home after all the paperwork was completed. That’s how easy it was. She was just as cute. But she had learned all this. She flew every day, ran every day and did everything else and angel toddler would have done. She was four when sent to earth.

He hadn’t wanted her to leave, of course, but he didn’t get to make decisions. He felt a need for her and it grew worse over the years. His heart felt no love for other girls. His family of course was loved but girls whom wanted more than friendship didn’t have a place in that part of his heart.

Only Tanya did. And only Tanya would.


He flew harder and cried to the skies. What if she really was gone??? He couldn’t live without her.


Maya was still shooting and I had finally landed. My wings curled inward to my back as I looked at the fighting wolves. Shaun wasn’t winning at all. I couldn’t let him die. I know he tried to kill me and he was a lunatic, but I had grown up with him and I had started too really like him.

Lifting Maya onto a branch, I kissed her cheek and ran towards the wolves. They must have sensed me because the red wolf was turning to me. I stopped short and started, he bared his teeth at me which made me scream. He looked like he was smiling and started to turn fully and run after me. I had to get my wings. I just had too. I ran to the tree and opened my wings as I grabbed Maya without stopping. We both heard a crunch and stopped when I was in the air.

I touched Maya’s leg and she screamed. I had broken it.

“I’m so sorry Maya, we have to carry on.” She gripped onto me and pushed me to fly again. I kept going to the floor of the forest but couldn’t help it. I was tired. The wolf was coming up fast and strong. I fell to the ground with a scare.

Who knew what would happen???

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