Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Leaving With The Enemy

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



“Tanya!!!” Adam shouted as soon as he saw Tanya going down, with a little person as well. ‘Maya’ he thought.

He shot to the ground beside her and took her head in his hands and laid her on his knees. Hugging her he heard a pounding sound and saw a wolf coming closer by seconds and lifted her off. He gave Maya a look as if to say, stay by her side and don’t leave at any cost. She nodded and sat beside Tanya, knifes at the ready.

He ran instead of flying so his wings had the chance to rest. He had pushed them a lot to get there just too find she might not wake up.

He couldn’t live if she wasn’t.

“Wake up, Tanya. Wake up!!!” someone said in my ear. I kept my eyes closed as I listened to the noises. There was snarling and rips and hits and shouts. The person kept screaming at me to get up and I recognised the voice. Shaun.

I sat up and pushed him away from me. Grabbing a knife I held it to his heart.

“What are you doing to me??? Have you bit me again???” I looked at my hands and arms and legs. I stared back at him as he looked at me. Maya eased the knife out of my hand before I murdered someone. Shaun waved to the side and she ran off.

He looked closer with every second. I realised that he was closer and stopped. I didn’t want him anymore.

“You wrecked it, Shaun. Try not to wreck you next relationship.” I got up and walked the way Maya had run off to. I got to a clearing and saw three figures. The small one had to be Maya, wait…there were two small figures. One had long hair and the other had brown hair.

“ADAM!!!” I ran with everything I had and pushed the wolf. “Get away from him!!!” I ran to the fainted boy and shot to the ground beside him and took his head in his hands and laid him on my knees. Hugging him, I heard a pounding sound and saw a wolf coming closer by seconds and lifted him off. I gave Maya a look as if to say, stay by his side and don’t leave at any cost. She nodded and sat beside Adam, knifes at the ready.

I spread out my wings and heard something.

Keep them in. It was Adam talking to me.

I just ran over to the wolf and punched it. He howled and gave me a glare and I gave it back. He growled, I growled. He barked and I told it too shut up. He smirked I thought it was creepy. He started to crawl over; I looked at Adam and walked to the wolf.

“Why don’t you fight like a man and not a wolf???” I teased, watching his face fall. “Or are you just a coward??? I fight in human form and you fight in human form, that way it’s fair, don’t you think???” the old man formed in front of me and ran a wrinkled hand threw his peppery hair.

“Well, let us get too it then. Shall we???” his strange growling voice said. I nodded and we circled each other. He leaped to me and I punched him. Yowling, he retreated and twitched his nose. I heard footsteps and looked back too get a blow in the face.

“TANYA!!!” I heard Adam shout and the man lifted his hand. I looked back just too see Adam get thrown against a tree. I screamed and flew at Pepper. He grinned and lifted his hands. I was thrown against the same tree.

“You can’t keep doing this, Tanya. He’ll kill you.” I nodded and stood up. Adam stood and grabbed my hand. I turned and kissed him. He gripped my shoulders and wouldn’t let me go. My hands slid to his face and stuck there. I heard pounding feet and let go. Shaun was coming fast and forming. I got off him and ran towards Shaun. Wings out, he stopped and covered his eyes. I couldn’t help smiling.

He got used to the brightness and ran past me too hit Adam. I grabbed and scratched as much as I could before getting knocked to the ground. A sharp pain twisted through my head. I touched the worst bite and had to bite down a scream. My eyes couldn’t concentrate on one place but I could make out shapes and colours. Adam was trying to stop getting hit in the face by Shaun. I stood up and covered my eyes trying to find the proper shapes and not fall over.

I finally got balance and my sight back so I could help. I hit Shaun and made him fall over before jumping on him elbow first. While he was stuck scrunched up I looked for Maya. She was bearing her teeth and hissing at the old man climbing the tree she was in. I flew over and hit him before he could turn round. He yelled and tried to hit me. I just flew out of reach and up the way.

I grabbed Maya but didn’t get away quick enough. He clawed at my foot until his hand went round my ankle and pulled me down roughly.

“Now girly, be a dear and don’t try to get away or the little one dies. Understand???” I nodded and looked at her. She ran instantly and he barked at Shaun to run after her.

“Not until I’ve had my fill!!!” and he dug his teeth into Adam’s leg. I screamed and screamed but he wouldn’t stop. I had to help Adam.

“Stop!!!” I paused, thinking. “You like Angel blood don’t you???” The old man nodded, “what if I offered you something for Adams freedom???” he snapped his fingers and Shaun stopped sucking the life out of Adam.  He looked at me to carry on.

“If I said that I would let you take me to wherever you needed and do whatever you needed, you have to leave the angels alone. Forever.” I stopped to let them think. He held out his hand and we shook. “Let us have our goodbyes. You can smell the blood so you will know if we’ve disappeared.” He nodded and walked to Shaun too grab his arm and drag him away from us. I watched the hair grown white then a dot then vanish.

“What do you think you have done???” I felt tears pricking my eyes as he said it. I shouted Maya and she came running at inhuman speed.

“Go sit in a tree until I tell you too come down to us, OK???” she nodded and ran off again. “I couldn’t let you die like that, not like that.” He pulled me too him as I cried. His hug was soft; I couldn’t believe this was the last hug I would get from him. That thought made me cry harder.

“Tanya, you can’t do this. I won’t let you ok??? This will work out.” I shook my head. Taking a cheek in each hand, he brought our heads close together. “I promise.” He kissed, lightly at first but I couldn’t leave him without a proper kiss. His hand went into the waistline of my jeans and I put my hands under his shirt. He had incredibly muscles.

I just didn’t want to leave so I took my wings back in and lifted my legs onto his hips. His hand went under my bum to support me. He pulled away after what felt like seconds. I didn’t want him to leave yet.

“You still have Maya to say goodbye too, remember???” I nodded and got down. He kissed me on the cheek as I shouted for Maya. She came running and I lifted her into a hug. She nestled her head into my shoulder and I kissed the crown of her head. I would miss her soooooo much. Adam hugged us both and I cried again.  Felt like I had a family. I loved the warm feeling.

I let her go and kissed Adam again. Bending down I took hold of her hands.

“Tell everyone I love them very much and I never wanted to hurt them. Tell them I’m sorry.” I whispered too her. She nodded and I stood up. I was time to leave them.

“I love you Tanya, so much you wouldn’t believe it.” Adam told me. I felt more tears coming.

“I love you too, Adam. I wish I didn’t have to do this but it was you or me die. I just have to rough it out. Good things come too those who wait.” I let go off them both and walked to the wolves. It was time to leave.

They tried to take my hands but I kept them in my pockets so they both grabbed an arm. I sighed as we disappeared. We found ourselves in a white room with two one king sized bed in it. It had some clothes and some footballs and other dog toys as well as Nintendo’s and Nintendo Wiis and thing.

Definitely Shaun’s room.

He went about picking things off of the bed and floor before shoving them into drawers.

“First job you have is to clean Shaun’s room.” The old man said and walked out shutting us in. there was a click and I ran to open the door.

“Bastard”, I breathed, he locked the door. I was stuck with Shaun. A voice came into my head.

You said whatever we needed didn’t you???

I meant for the old man.

Oh, he has something worse than what you’re doing now. Believe me.

What cleaning the toilets.

 If that means him making your toilet dirty then yeah, let’s go with that.

Eww. I felt like being sick. I got to the bed and picked up the things before stashing them away in a drawer that had phones and things in it. I felt a hand on my arm and turned to him.

“I could of course ask him if you could be my slave, if you like that idea better”, he asked me. I nodded and he walked out of the room. I ran out the room and ran down a corridor and into a different room. Nothing was there but a bed, a bedside table and a chair. I looked at the walls, no window. Running again, I went as far as I could until I reached a door. It opened and there was greenery.

There were trees of fruit, bushed of flowers and other colourful plants where insect were sniffing and lizards and so were sleeping in the shade. I realised how tired I was and I just wanted to sleep. I fell to the ground and closed my eyes. I was so tired I couldn’t stand anymore.


I awoke in a bed which had two people looking over at me. I didn’t like the looks they had on their faces. Shaun had a red cheek and the old man’s eyes were yellow. I tried to get up but I was tied to the bed. My clothes were still on luckily. I sat up and tried to pull my hand away. That was what was tied to the bed. I felt a dribble going down my leg and saw blood. I stared at Shaun and he shook his head. The old man had bit me.

“Every time you try and escape, there are people who have put a magic word on this mansion. You will feel sleepy and fall asleep wherever you are. May you be near an open window or near a door that leads outside, you will fall. And every time you are brought to a werewolf, you are bitten.” The old man paused for breath, “fair, is it not???”

I felt tears prick my eyes when I thought of Adam, Maya, my family and friends. I would never see them again. I looked out the window and saw darkness.

“You may go to bed and sleep, Shaun has made his room vacant for you. You will need to share his bed.”

“Oh how very kind, I bet he is just thinking how horrible it is for me to share a room with him.” I glowered a Shaun who had a smile on his face. His eyes weren’t very happy though. “So do I get, like, Sunday off or something??? I don’t mind having Saturday off as well.”

The old man shook his head at this suggestion. “If you have any free time, you may get it off. But you chores will be done first.” I sighed. Things didn’t look well for me, did they???


As I sat in bed a voice came to my head.

I love you, don’t ever forget that Tanya!!! I missed him so much I could cry about it, I mean tears streaming down my face and everything. I sat up and looked at Shaun.

“What???” he asked, now tears were going down my cheeks. Slowly but surely. He sighed a long sigh and spoke again, “Listen, tomorrow I can get you out. I will say I need you to take me to the park or something and I can go somewhere will lover boy comes with us and you can see him again. OK???”

I got off the bed and hugged him, he had no idea how much this meant too me. He patted my back until I got off. I felt my cheeks flush and bit my lip.

I laid back in my side of the bed and found him.  I saw where he was and what he was doing. He had Alex and Maya with him. I was glad that they weren’t alone. Alex stood with a worried look on her face. Maya was on her hip, playing with Alex’s hair. Adam was trying to get a fix on someone. I could see my face in his mind. I smiled at this thought.

Look for me tomorrow, and you will see where I am. I will tell you when it is safe to come find me. I love you.

Ok, I will wait but I miss you far too much.

I miss you too. And seeing his face finally at peace I fell asleep.

“Tanya!!!” I heard someone scream my name over and over. I saw faces all over the place, but not one of them was any of the faces I was looking for.

I ran to a tree and climbed the branches until I could see all faces that were on the ground. I saw one face that was familiar. My wings grew and flew to where I wanted to be. His wings grew and flew towards me until he was holding me.

“I’ve missed you so much, Tanya.” Adam whispered into my hair. I was happily content. As I lifted my head he cupped my cheeks to kiss me. My lips wanted more of him, I wanted more of him. I gripped the back of his neck and tightened my grip. I felt him smile against our kiss and I started too smile. I was so glad just too hold him, to touch and kiss him. I’m sure he felt the same way about me.

“I do, I do feel the same way about you Tanya. I couldn’t imagine not.” I pulled away and looked at him. He took my hand and looked to where some trees where. I grinned and started to fly away from him.

“Catch me if you can!!!” he laughed and came after me. We zoomed to the trees and when I touched the ground I was spun round and kissed. It was definitely Adam, it was the taste of his lips. I gripped his neck tightly and he lifted me off the ground while spinning me round, I loved the feeling.

Just being with him made me want to laugh so much I couldn’t help it.

“Do you find it funny that we’re actually away from the wolves??? Or do you just like being with me???” I kissed him in response and he was happy with the answer. He hugged my waist and I kept my hands and arms around his neck. I loved him so much, more than he could know.

“I’m going to wake up soon, aren’t I???”  I whispered, sadly he nodded.

“Let’s use all the time we can while you’re asleep then, shall we???” I giggled and he spun me around again. I couldn’t keep my head from falling backwards and laughing. He stopped and kissed me, his mouth immediately shaping to fit in place with mine. They tasted sweet, like the thing you love most but it isn’t too sweet or too bitter. It was just right.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Shaun. His hair was messy and rumpled and he kept twisting and turning in his sleep. He snuffled but didn’t snore. It was cute but I didn’t even remotely like him after what he did to me and Maya. Especially biting and taking all my energy from me.

I looked away from him and looked out the window. It was a good size, one you could actually see out of. The edges were a beige colour and the window sill was cream. I thought about my dream, it had been real, physically and mentally real. I had to bit my lip and hold my breath so I wouldn’t laugh. As difficult as it was I managed, I was OK after all, I could see Adam sometimes.

 I breathed out and remembered our kiss. The trees outside the window were twisted, like they were holding each other. With that thought in mind, my breath slowed and my body relaxed into a sweet sleep.

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