Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Marriage After Death

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



I was shook until I opened my eyes to find Shaun looming over me. Screeching, I swiped his face with my hands which drew blood. I looked at my nails and my eyes must have widened, they definitely needed cut. I looked at Shaun and mouthed sorry. I wasn’t saying it until I knew we were alone.

“You’ll have to nurse, you know. That part of the agreement.” He grinned and held out his hand. He didn’t seem annoyed in the slightest.

“No thanks, I’d rather you show me where to go.” I said sternly. We walked through about three corridors and the he opened a door with a white red plus sign. It had about six first-aid kits and four chairs. We sat down after I grabbed one of the first-aid kits. I took out a wipe, a plaster and gauze. I tenderly wiped at the cut and made sure it was clean before putting the plaster on.

“You’ll probably be able to take it off in about five minutes so you may as well wait.” I said quietly.  He looked at me with a grin and put his hand to his ear, expectantly.

“Sorry.” I whispered.

“What was that???” he asked getting closer, “I didn’t quite hear what you said.” I bent closer to his ear and shouted.

“SORRY!!!” he fell off his chair and I just laughed at him. “Do not underestimate me, Shaun. You will regret it.” I walked out waited for him to catch up. He ran beside me and grabbed my hand before carrying on. I ran beside him until we got to the room where I slept. He grabbed a jacket and handed me a cloak.

“Tell you boyfriend that we’ll meet him soon in the woods and he will need to keep clear of wolves or else I might get into trouble.

No way can we meet there. Try and come to the angel tree and we will be fine there, OK???

I repeated this and Shaun hesitated before agreeing. “You need to go soon though; I will say that you are going to get me some tissues. You have an hour before he gets suspicious. That enough for ya???” I didn’t even think about it. I just vanished and dropped to the ground beside the tree I had seen with Danny.

Hands lifted me and I turned to the face. It had dark brown hair and matching brown eyes, they were the colour of chocolate. The face was pale but beautiful and the lips smiled like it could make the world light up. I couldn’t stop looking at him and him me. I grinned and locked out lips together.

“It must be a dream.” I whispered against our kiss. He smiled at me and whispered.

“I know it isn’t but it feels so much like one.” I turned round completely so I could face him with ease. He lifted something up and I saw a bag. A purple bag with the peace sign and the peace dove on it. I gripped it and opened it. There was a blanket on top so I pulled it out and looked at it. My white, fuzzy blanket!!! I remember I had this phase about two years ago; I couldn’t go to sleep without it. Mum had gone mental trying to pull it away from me but I screamed until she gave up.

I laid it down at the trunk of the tree so I could lean back without falling. Adam sat beside me and lifted his arm to put it on my shoulders. My head automatically bent down on his shoulder. I picked up the bag and took the rest out of it. There were clothes, my purse, Maya second favourite toy and two photos. The toy was a rag doll Alex made her before she was born. Being bored with it quickly, she drew on it. I looked at its leg and its face, the marks were still there. A huge smiley mouth with fangs was on her face and an M on her leg. The dress was black because at the time Alex didn’t have any other coloured fabrics. Come to think of it, she didn’t have any fabrics; she used one of mum’s dresses. We both said she had chucked it ages ago when she looked for it.

One photo was of me when I was little, wearing a little Bo Peep costume and I was holding a stick in one hand and Mum’s hand in the other. We couldn’t find a cane or anything like it so dad did his best to carve a stick to look like one.

The other photo was when the fourth years had their leaving ball. Some left and some didn’t, we managed to sneak in the bathroom window. (We being Danny, Candy, Jessica and I.) We had been in casual clothes walking to the bathroom and got changed once we were in. Most of the third years looked like fourth years so they just let most of us in. Jessica had ruined it for us by saying “What if they find out we’re third years???” and we didn’t get in the front doors. We do this thing at academy when we’re in the year above us. For example, first years get a taste of second year. We do this the month before summer holidays.

It was two weeks before the summer holidays when the ball was on. I had a black dress with white flowers all over it and white wedges to go with it. My hair had been put up into a bobble and the hair past the bobble was curled and flowers were put in. Candy was wearing a red dress and had a rose beside her ear and red heels. She complained nearly all night that her feet were killing her.

Jessica had an aqua cocktail dress on and blue pumps. Her hair was straightened and had extensions in. her hair was beside her waist that night. I think Danny won for best dressed though, with a vibrant green ruffled dress and her hair dyed bright green to match. It was piled on top of her head with roses and violets and lavender through it. Her shoes were dark green and had white spots on them. Everyone loved her for it. A girl in our year called Sophie said “You look like a tramp who couldn’t find anything to wear so just got anything because you were desperate.” Everyone looked at Danny and Sophie to see what would happen.

Danny has a ‘no shit’ policy that all of school knows of. She turned round to face Sophie and simply said

“You had better get out of here because believe me, I will punch you face so hard you won’t even know your name.” Sophie gave up dancing and backed out of the school pretty quickly. In fact, she more or less ran out while everyone cheered for Danny.

I laughed remembering these memories. I missed all of them so much. I felt a tear slip down my cheek and Adam kissed it away. I wouldn’t have much longer now. Maybe ten minutes??? I turned to his face and looked at his eyes, they were sad.

“I’ll see you again soon, Adam. I promise.” I whispered to him.

“I know, I just can’t believe how much you bitten.” I was confused. I had only been bitten once since I got there.

“What do you mean??? I’ve only been bitten once.” He pulled my sleeves up and then my trousers. I had bites all over me. “They are so going to pay for this.” I counted them and got fifteen.

You have only got a minute, make it last. Shaun voice said. I couldn’t believe it, only a minute left!!!

“Kiss me” I whispered, he didn’t bother to waste a second of our time. His lips fitted with mine like a jigsaw and tasted sweet, like honey.

Time to go, Tanya. I didn’t even get to say goodbye, the whole place just transformed into the bedroom and I was standing on the bed with my arms like they were round Adam. I felt tears prick my eyes and I sniffed, trying not to cry. As I wiped my eyes, I heard soft footsteps become louder with every second that passed. The door creaked and a face came into view. It had soft, big blue eyes and a small nose too go with small pinched lips.

“Are you OK, Miss???” Her sweet, quiet voice said. I nodded and got off the bed. I didn’t want to speak too anyone just yet. “Mind If I come in???” I shook my head at her question and she took a few small steps into the room. She was small and maybe about middle twenties. I saw a purple bag in her hand that had a peace sign and a peace dove on it. I gave a tiny smile and she gave a wide smile.

“It’s better to smile, isn’t it???” I nodded and widened my smile a bit. She was really the only kind person I had met so far. “Are you going to talk, Miss???” I didn’t want too, but since she was being kind I did. Even though my voice was hoarse.

“Tanya,” I said, holding out my hand. She smiled again and shook it as she told me her name.

“Ms Brighton, I try to live up to the name.” I smiled properly and she closed her eyes, thinking. Her eyes widened when she opened them, “you’re Tanya Johnson aren’t you???” I nodded curiously. He dropped my hand and hugged me. “God bless you, child. You’re going to need him too.” And then she put the bag onto Shaun’s bed and backed out of the room. I sighed, maybe I should just try and stay in the room.

I heard familiar footsteps and saw an annoying face. “He wants you so you’d better hurry.” Shaun said. I hurried after him and he stopped outside a black door with a gold doorknob. I sighed again and knocked on the door.

“Come in, Tanya.” I walked in and stood beside the door. His brown leather chair had its back to me. “Close the door and sit down, Tanya.” I did as I was told quickly and sat in a little black chair. It had a white pillow to sit on.

“Tanya, I want you to be nice to Shaun.” I groaned without thinking. “I want you to find Ms Brighton and get measured.” I was completely out of it. I had no idea why I was too got measured, so I asked.

“Why do I have to get measured again, tell me???” he sighed and I held my breath.

“We can’t have Shaun’s betrothed wearing the same outfit all the time, now can we???” he said casually. Betrothed!!! I am not going to marry Shaun.

“You are, sweetest. You are.”

“I’m sorry sir, but I will not be marrying Shaun. I just will not.” I paused. “I’m only fifteen and to me, it’s too young to marry.” He turned round in his chair and I could see his face, it looked young and better than usual.

“We made a deal, and you will stick to that deal unless lover boy losses his life.” He smiled a toothy smile, “remember???” I knew I had to do it. I just really didn’t want to. “If you don’t do as you’re told then mummy, daddy, sister and niece get involved in the bloodshed and Alex isn’t that strong.”

 I ran out the room and ran to the nearest big window. I kicked it and it broke easily. “Fuck this.” Sprinting out of the window I ran as far as I could and climbed as much as I could before I fell to the ground.


Adam couldn’t help but be a bit sad. At least he had that half hour in Tanya’s presence. He was walking towards the wolf’s mansion so he could look into her window. She wasn’t there like normal. Why wasn’t she there??? Shaun sat with his head in his hands, his body shaking.

Where is she??? He had too know. It wasn’t long before the reply came.

She got out the system. I don’t know where she is. Anger boiled inside of him as he tried not to swear in his question.

What system.

If she goes near a window or door she falls asleep and a wolf bites her, not my idea. It’s a spell to make her fall asleep. She bet the system. He couldn’t believe it. She was roaming about somewhere waiting to get bitten. He had to find her.

He flew the perimeter of the mansion and couldn’t see anything. He flew over the gardens and couldn’t see anything. Finally he flew all over the land and found a girl with black hair sleeping in a field of poppies. He had to get to her before the angry wolves that were coming on fast. He used all his strength to get to the field and pick her up and fly somewhere where they couldn’t get to her.

He thought about it and vanished from view. They ended up in his house. Beside the market of what Tanya called Angel Healing. He walked to his bedroom and folded in his wings before laying her on the bed.

“How do I do this??? How do I do this???” Adam whispered franticly. His mother was on holiday and she was the only one in the family who knew sorcery. She was going to be away for another few days so he couldn’t get any help there.

I dreamt I was sitting at home, mum was sitting across from me and Alex was behind me. Dad was lying face down on the floor, dead. Alex had blood running from her lips. I didn’t get scared or worried I simply looked at my mother and asked “Why did Alex eat daddy???” I looked at my hands, they were small. I looked at my outfit, I was wearing a small white frock white pink flowers. I asked again, “why did Alex eat daddy???” My voice sounded too young. I got some hair in my grip and pulled it too my face, it was brown. I was brown haired when I was younger.

“Daddy isn’t daddy, sweetheart. And Alex isn’t Alex.” I looked puzzlingly at my mother and turned round to face Alex. Except, it was Tommy, not Alex. I got up and walked over to dad. His energy was low and his blood wasn’t doing so well. I sat down beside him and lifted his head onto my lap and began to sing.

My daddy asked for a kiss,

I gave him on the cheek.

I kissed him on the cheek.

My daddy asked for a hug,

I could only reach his head.

I hugged his head.

My daddy asked for a drink,

I gave him some of my blood.

I got a cup and a knife and cut myself and watched as the blood slowly dripped into the cup before lifting his head and pouring some on his lips.

My daddy asked for food,

I gave him some of my flesh

I cut on some flesh off the top of my finger and opened his mouth before putting it inside.

My daddy said he could not walk,

I grabbed his hand and pulled him forward.

I pulled him over to the door

My daddy said he was dying,

I kissed his forehead and let go off his hand.

I kissed his head and let go, hoping for the best.

My daddy walks among us all on his first last day.

Dad started to walk and hugged mum before lifting me onto his shoulder and running around the small kitchen. I couldn’t but laugh as I was startled by what I had done worked. My dad was alive.

Adam was still sitting beside Tanya when an elderly woman walked in with a girl who looked about seven with blond curls and bright blue eyes that shone like sapphires, her pale skin looked milky in the moonlight. He didn’t snore but he sniffed slightly. He had been dreaming of when he and Tanya were little and running around everywhere.


Being the light sleeper he was, the coming of the woman and child awoke him. Startled, he began to get up when the woman flapped her hand, motioning for him to sit again.

“She always did like the bed best.” The woman said while the child ran to sit on Adam’s lap.

“Hello Adam,” she whispered, scared to awaken Tanya. “I didn’t know she was staying over. Who is she???” her little eyelids closed as she entered his mind. “You love her, you like to kiss her,” she teased. His eyes became cloudy at the thought of never getting to kiss her again. The child’s arms wrapped around him and he buried his head into her little shoulder.

“Amelia,” started the old woman, “Let us talk for a while. Go and see that Mr Bunchkins is OK, we have been away for a few days and he will have been lonely.” Amelia nodded and skipped out of the room. She got a chair and put it down beside the crying boy before slowly sitting down in it. She laid her arms onto the brown wooden arms of the chair. “Tell me what is wrong.”

She listened as Adam explained what had happened to him and about Tanya and finding her asleep. “Please say that you know some sorcery???” she shook her head at his question.

“I am truly sorry, I wish I could help her but I do not know what to do.” Tears slipped silently down Adams cheeks as he realised what he had to do. He had to take her back to the mansion. He decided that he would rest and take her away the next day. He wanted his last night with her.

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