Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Potions & Promises

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



Waking up on a bed that was quite soft, I started to get scared. This bed didn’t seem familiar. I looked at my surroundings and saw a big window with trees outside. The way that they were twisted made them look like they were holding each other. There was a king bed in the room in which I was lying on. I sat up and realised what I was wearing. A blue gown with gold hemming covered my body will my feet were covered in blue pumps with a little gold flower. I got up and walked over to the black door. Outside the door was a long hallway with many doors.

I walked out and closed the door behind me. Walking down the hallway, I wondered where I was. There was a small lady with a round face that went past, she had a small nose, big, soft blue eyes and pinched lips.

“Dear, do you like your gown??? I hand made myself.” The voice was sweet and quiet. I nodded, I did like it. And it must have been hard to hand make a gown like this.”Well, there are a few more in the white wardrobe. I’m Ms Brighton, dear. I try to live up to the name.” she turned a corner and disappeared. I wanted to know where I was so I followed. She was quite fast though and made it hard to keep track of where she was.

Finally, she came to a stop outside a door and knocked. “Sir, I have Tanya with me.” How did she know my name, who was this ‘sir’??? Where am I!!!

“Take her in, Ms Brighton.” She looked back at me and waved her wand towards her. I lifted my dress a bit and ran beside her. She pushed me into the room and there was a leather chair with its back towards me. A deep voice came from the chair. “Close the door and sit down Tanya, dear.” I realised there was a boy with brown hair and a small nose. His eyes were brown and looked sad. I sat down on the chair next to him and he took my hand.

“Tanya, I realize you may only be fifteen, but you are betrothed too Shaun. He is the boy sitting beside you.” The chair spun round and there was suddenly a man with peppery hair and a wrinkly face looking at me.

“Em, I hate to ask as it’s really embarrassing, but what does betrothed mean???” I asked quietly. I looked at Ms Brighton beside the door and saw her eyes were cloudy. She rushed out the room as soon as she saw me looking. “What’s wrong with Ms Brighton???” The old man looked at me with a smile and I began to get suspicious.

“Of course, I forgot you lost your memory on the way here. Betrothed means fiancé, Tanya. Shaun is going to marry you.” I felt my eyes widen. Marry??? I don’t even know him. My mind thought about something else.

“I lost my memory???”

“I’ll tell her about it.” The boy- Shaun??? - said quickly. He stood up and helped me up as well. He nodded to the old man and closed the door behind us. He took my hand again and walked with me. I let go of his hand put mine behind my back.

“I don’t know you so I don’t want to hold your hand, OK???” I said quietly. He nodded and kept walking, always looking in front of him. “Tell me how I lost my memory.”

He hesitated before beginning. “I don’t know properly, but what I know is that you leaned out of the car to far and fell out when you were coming to see me. You bumped your head a bit too hard on a stone and you lost your memory. So you were put back into the car and driven here, where you got nursed until you woke up.” His voice was shaky as he explained.

“I want to see the gardens, will you take me???” I felt like someone was watching me and I wanted to see who it was. He nodded and held out his hand, it was tanned and big, because he asked I took it. He was quite sweet now I think of it.  

We walked together, swinging our hands and arms as we walked slowly to the gardens. If you asked me which way to go then I just would just say, “ask someone else, I don’t know.”

Shaun opened two big, white doors and stepped outside. I stepped with him and felt my eyes widen. The gardens were huge and beautiful. There were rose bushes and violets and creepers on the wall. Forget-me-nots were on a well. I let go off his hand and ran to the well. I wish I had my memory back. I tried to look at the bottom of the well, but it had no bottom of which I could see. There were flowers all over the place and tables too sit down and have a picnic and a pool that was gigantic.

I looked up in a tree and saw a figure. I walked over to the lemon tree and looked further up. There a boy. He had brown hair and a pale face. He was adorable. He looked at me with chocolate coloured eyes. I just wanted to climb up with him and have his arm round me. An image came into my head.

 I was sitting with someone who had their arm around me and their head leaning on mine. I felt love towards this person who I couldn’t see. His face came into view and it was the boy in the tree, suddenly his lips were on mine and it was wonderful. I blinked and the image left my mind. A voice came into my head.

 His name’s Adam. I got kind of scared. It sounded like my voice, but I had never met this boy before. I saw a branch and climbed onto it. He swung down and sat beside me.

“Tanya, I know you don’t remember me-” his voice was sweet.

“You’re Adam and I sat at a tree with you. I do remember you.” I looked at him too see tears cloud up his eyes. “You’re an angel.” I said quietly. His face was edging nearer but I put I finger in between us. He pulled away as I shook my head. I slid carefully off the tree and started to walk over to Shaun. He looked very angry.

I took his hand and tried to pull him away. He let go and spoke quietly, “go inside dear and I will come and met you soon. I wish to speak too Adam.” Leaving him I looked back and saw Adam eyes widening. Something wasn’t right.

I ran back inside and closed the door. There was a window beside it with a wide window ledge so I could sit and watch. I thought of what Adam had just said and the thought that came into my head. I knew him from somewhere. But where, was the question.

Shaun’s body shape was changing, slowly but surely. His neck was growing for fur or hair and his clothes were ripping slightly. I saw him completely turn and run towards Adam. I realised what he was trying to do and ran outside to stop him.

I ran as fast as I could and suddenly felt myself lifting higher, a pain shot through me and I screamed and hit the ground. I couldn’t stop shaking. I heard footsteps and opened my eyes to see two faces coming closer to me.

“Tanya, you’re OK. You are OK,” Adam said to me.

“Shut up, Adam. She doesn’t need you.” Shaun said roughly, shoving Adam hard. I felt Adam’s hand go to my cheek before darkness hit me.

I was walking through a long, dark corridor and it had several screens in it. A girl stood beside me, holding my hand. She had black hair, like mine and pale skin.

“This is your memory. Some people call it memory lane.” She paused, “don’t ask me why.” She urged me on, a hand on the small of my back. I walked with her and realised I had a black long sleeved top on, black and white converse and black jeans. I felt comfortable, more comfortable than ever.

“It’s better than the dress isn’t it??? As pretty as it was, this is the kind of thing you like better.” She sighed heavily, “though you won’t remember, will you???” I shook my head and took her hand. We walked further down the corridor and she stopped. She gripped my hand and put it close to the screen. “Ready???” I moved my hand closer and touched the screen. I saw my hand disappear and moved closer so I hand could disappear. I jumped in and the scene changed. There was a girl who looked like me. She was with a boy, Adam. We were kissing. I smiled at the feeling I walked beside them and thought about touching the girl.

I reached my hand reached out on its own accord. I stopped; I didn’t want anything to happen that I might regret.  I ran away from the scene and it started to change. I was with for girls, they all had name tags. One had Candy she had pink streaks in her hair, another girl, Jessica, with blue in her hair and another girl, Danny, with green in her hair. They all parted in front of a boy. He was Shaun, a girl stepped out in front wearing a black tank top, black and white converse with a pretty blue skirt. She had a white streak in her hair. I closed my eyes.

“Wow, Tanya. Look at you!!!” Shaun said with wide eyes. “And how, my beauty, do I get this pleasure???”

“I just wanted to see your face if you saw me like this.” The girl replied. It was me. I walked on, remembering what would happen.

The next scene was of my and in my head.

  “Think of the person really, really hard. If you do it right then they will pop up in your head.” It was Adam talking.

I tried it out. I closed my eyes and thought of Adam.

“What did you do, Shaun???” he shouted in Shaun’s face.

I didn’t do anything!!! It was that witch, she did the potion that made her loose he memory. He didn’t want her to go off again, he wanted Grandchildren and I was the only one he could get children out of since my sister is dead!!!”

I remembered that, he didn’t come to school for two weeks, I took all his homework and things from school to his house. Something bugged my mind. It was a potion that made me lose my memory. Just so I could marry some boy!!! Another thought bugged me, who was this girl. She seems close to me.

“Alex, I need to get changed!!! Out my room!!!” I screamed at a girl, the one that was beside me. Alex, Alex is my sister. She has a daughter, she had her at seventeen. She met her father, Sandy, at sixteen. Her daughter is my niece, my niece is Maya. My mum’s a bitch.

It was all coming back to me.

I almost killed Shaun, he loves me but I hate him, he’s a werewolf who can’t control himself at the sight of blood right now, my blood. A werewolf had sex with a vampire, that’s why they love blood.

I’m in love with Adam; I said I would do anything for the old man too save him. He loves me, he tried to save me but I ended up saving him from Shaun. I’m an angel, I have wings and I can see where people are and what’s happening to them. I can talk to them without opening my mouth.

I closed my eyes, hoping to wake up. I did. Wakening up, I heard voices, voices like Shaun’s and voices like Adams’s. I kept my eyes closed in hope that they would keep talking on the subject. I concentrated on Adam.

“Think it worked???” Adam said hopefully. He was still playing with her hair, her beautiful, black hair. She had woken up, but didn’t want to seem awake.

“I hope so. Alex tried hard to help her.” Shaun said. He stroked her face, “what have I done to make her like this???”

“You did try to eat her and you attacked Danny, making her think she needed to be the sacrifice, that you wouldn’t need any more blood after you had finished her off. To me it seems fair that she hates you.”

“I understand that, but why did she have to be my betrothed, we’re both to young!!!” he shouted.

Adam slapped him in the face, “the old geezer might come in if you’re loud, twit.” They both sighed, wondering how she was doing.

I slowly opened my eyes to look at them. My hand went to hold Adams as I sat up. He squeezed my hand which made me smile. I liked smiling, it felt nice. I looked at Adam and he was grinning, when I looked at Shaun he wasn’t grinning. His face expression was sad and his eyes looked cloudy.

“Adam, could you leave Shaun and I for a moment or two, please???”  He nodded and got up. Vanishing, I wondered where we went to.

I cupped Shaun’s face and looked at him for a minute before speaking. “You bit me, you made me weak and too make it worse and you attacked Danny, my best friend. You helped that ‘old geezer’ interrogate my niece, Maya and you attacked Adam which landed me in this dress when I would rather be wearing black. But you’ve tried to help me, get me out this position, you tried to get my memory back. By the way thanks it really helped, I remember people now. And I forgive you.” His eyes were clouding really badly. A tear slipped down his cheek and I wiped it away. His head leaned on my hand as I carried on. “You’ve tried your best to help me out of this. And I will agree to this for you. One on condition, you try and ask the old man to let you decide on who you want to marry and when you want to marry. Deal???” he nodded and I started to get up.

“What if it doesn’t work???” he sniffed.

“Like I said, I’ll agree to marry you.” I held out my hand and he grabbed it.

I’m ok, Adam. You don’t need to worry anymore.

We walked down to the same door I had been in the day before. Shaun knocked and squeezed my hand. I squeezed back.

“Come in, Shaun. Bring Tanya with you.” We opened the door and walked in. I shut the door behind us and sat down with Shaun.

“Sir, why do we have to get married at such a young age???” Shaun said nervously.

The old man sighed a long sigh, “as you well know, Shaun, I want great-grandchildren. You are the only one left to give me great-grandchildren.”

“Yes but why so young!!!” I put my hand on his and he calmed down. He breathed out and closed his eyes.


“I just want great-grandchildren, Shaun. That’s all I want. Don’t you want to make an old man happy before his life string is cut???”

“Yes, of course sir, Shaun was only asking why so you and he got a bit frustrated. We’ll be leaving now.” I said, “Sorry to bother you.” I took Shaun’s hand and got up. I jerked my head towards the door and let go. He sauntered to it and closed the door behind him.

I laid my hand on the old man’s hand and crouched down. “Sir, are you ok???”

“I just want great-grandchildren. I have dreamed of grandchildren for a long time.” A tear rolled down his cheek as he opened his eyes.

“And you’ll get great-grandchildren, just not yet. Shaun and I will make sure of it.” I reassured him. He smiled at me. I love seeing people smile!!!

“OK, dear. I believe you.” I smiled at him and walked out. Closing the door I slumped down onto the floor. I was just going to have to tough it out.

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