Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Confusing Love

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



“What do you mean she’s still going through with it!!!? I tried soooooo hard to get to sleep…” Alex trailed of angrily.

“I can’t get through to her either, we just have to leave her to it.” Adam said sorrowfully.

“I can’t just ‘leave her to it. She’s my sister and she’s getting married at fifteen!!!” Alex let her head drop into her hands and cry. She couldn’t handle this. Her sister couldn’t get out an unwanted marriage, her daughter wouldn’t eat and her mother was missing along with her father.

“Jake, I wish you were here so badly.” She said quietly to herself. She still thought about him, all the time. At least she had Maya. She had his eyes and humour. Jake loved to dance and so did Maya. There were only one or two photos of Jake, one of him holding Maya and one of Alex and Jake laughing. He was trying to teach her how to ball dance. She had been wearing an old fashioned blue dress with a little, black scarf on and white plimsolls.

 “Come on, Alex. Step to the left!!!” Jake had said laughing. “No not like that….”

“Which left??? Your left or mine!!!” She said giggling. They had been trying for hours now; she just couldn’t get the hang of it.

She stepped to her left, which was his right, and stood on his foot for the fiftieth time.

“Right, I told you about this didn’t I???” he teased. She screamed as Jake lifted her into the air and dipping her down so she almost hit the ground. They couldn’t help laughing at each other.  She

She never felt this about any one before. Alex was in love with Jake, utterly and completely.

Jake brought her back up quickly and she screamed again. But still couldn’t help laughing. When she knew her feet were safely on the ground, Alex wrapped her arms around Jakes neck and kissed him. It was passionate but not hungry or anything. They heard footsteps and turned round. Shannon was trying to be quiet but they still heard.

“Say left foot!!!” Jake quickly dipped Alex down and they started laughing. That was the best picture Shannon had ever taken.


I was down on a bench in the garden, watching the sunset. It was so beautiful. Alex used to take me down to the lake beside our house to watch it. There were trees could climb and get a good view. Every night we would try a different tree or a different branch. I missed those times, I missed Alex.

I had changed into a pair of jeans and a white top. Luckily they knew Primark existed here and one of the girls had gone to get some jeans. I had automatically dived into the pile of clothes and shoes to see if there were any black things and was told, “Black is a horrid colour!!! You will not wear black anymore.”

I wanted to get things I like, not things other people like. I would have to ask the old man about it. There weren’t many things that the maid got that I had liked. Lots of dresses and skirts and other feminine things. I’d rather wear jeans, shorts, leggings, tops and converse. I was just comfortable in that type of things.

“Beautiful isn’t it???” The old man asked. I hadn’t even realised him walking over. I nodded. It was beautiful. I would rather watch it with Alex in the trees than in a garden far away from home. He came and sat next to me.

“I think we had a little chat, Tanya, don’t you???” he asked.

“What is there to talk about, sir???” I asked quietly.

“Well, first, you can call me Antonio.” He said with a smile. I raised an eyebrow, I would have to consult Shaun about this. “Second of all, you seem to have a lot of things on your mind.”  He saw the look I was giving and carried on, “I did not mean to pry, dearest. I simple couldn’t help myself. You have such an interesting mind.”

“Like what, losing my memory by a potion???” I sighed. I didn’t want to talk much but I didn’t really have the choice. He nodded.

“I did not mean to be mean, but you made a deal and you will stick by it.” He said sternly.

“Not like this!!!” I whined as tears built in my eyes. I sighed and scrunched up my eyes. I had to do this, if I didn’t then Shaun would finish off Adam. I stood up and ran into Shaun’s bedroom and laid down crying. That was all I could now. Sleep and cry.

After what seemed hours later Shaun came into the room with a tray. “I got your favourite. Cheese panini and lemonade.” He sat beside me after putting the tray on the table. Sitting down, he put his arm around me and pulled me too him. “It’ll be OK, it always is.” I sat up and picked the panini off the tray. It looked delicious. I took a bite and realised how hungry I was. I hadn’t eaten in days. It was gone in seconds and so was the lemonade. It was good too.

I sat back and sighed, I didn’t want to do this. I liked Shaun as a friend not as a boyfriend. I leant my head on his shoulder and sighed again.

“Granddad is having a masked ball at the end of the month. He likes to host balls at every start to the seasons.” He paused, thinking. “I know you won’t get a choice, but would you go to the ball with me???” I thought about it, it was nearly winter. I nodded as I spoke.

“Of course Shaun, I would be delighted.” I stopped nodding and looked at him. “Really, I would.” I was kind of exited now. It was something to look forward to since I had barely anything exiting coming up.

“Do me a favour, though.” He asked.

“Go on.”

“Come to dinner with me tonight. I want to make sure you eat.”


As I sat down after eating a three course meal, I breathed out. I was completely full. I had been told by Ms Brighton that Antonio liked a bit of formal dress when it came to dinner so I had changed into a white gown with white gloves and I had my hair down and lung over one shoulder. The white heels I wore went wonderfully with the gown. Shaun had put on a shirt and smart looking jeans. I had to say, I like dressing up like this and Shaun did really look quite good looking.

Antonio had beamed at us when we walked through the door, my arm on his. We had sat down together and Shaun made sure I ate enough in every course. It was funny when he spilled a bit of water down his top. I dabbed the shirt laughing at him.

We had strolled hand in hand in the gardens behind the mansion. We had messed around, chasing each other and laughing at each other. It was good fun.

“I’m staying in granddads room tonight.” Shaun said to me. I looked up and saw a full moon form.  I sighed and ran in front of.

“No, you aren’t.” I said pouting. He laughed at my face as I slipped my arms around his neck. “I can defend myself. I’ve already been through it about a million times, remember???” he winced as I said it and I kissed his cheek. He looked at me and I gave him an impish smile before running into the mansion.

He ran in after me until we got to the other end of the mansion where hardly any one goes. He took hold of me and spun me round in the air as I laughed.

“Want to see the library???”


Shaun opened two huge brown doors and bowed to let me through first. It was massive!!! There must have been about…..twenty huge shelves on each wall. The shelves must have contained hundreds of books all together. There was a little fireplace and two couches. A music station was set up on the wall with a wide screen TV. I loved this room already.

I walked over to a black leather sofa and sat down. It was so soft. The other sofa was white and I realised the whole room was black and white, even the doors. The room was so big that if I spoke there would be an echo. I tried it out.

“Shaun, Come and sit next to me.” I was right, there was an echo. “Does every room have and echo???” Shaun nodded as he sat down beside me. “What if… what if we got a pet or something to take away the echo???”

“What kind of pet???” he asked me curiously.

“I don’t know…. A dog???” I asked sheepishly.

“Or a horse, I know how much you want a horse. A black one with a white diamond on its forehead called Blackberry.” I couldn’t believe it. That was exactly the kind of horse I would get if I could. “And a ….. Stallion. Right???” he winked at me and I nodded.

“We’ll see.” Was what he said. I yawned and stretched my arms. I could feel myself falling. I tried to get up but my limbs wouldn’t obey me. Shaun laughed and lifted me up in his arms. I let myself be carried into our bedroom and lay on the bed. I was so comfortable just lying there. Shaun went to move out the room and I just called to hi.

“Shaaaaaaaauuuuunnnnn, where do you think you’re going???” he slipped back in the room and I smiled. “Come and lay down beside me. Then you’ll get used to it quicker.” He smiled and laid beside me. I managed to wrap my arms around his waist. He slid down to my height and wrapped his around me completely. I fell into the chasm deeper than I had earlier.


“Why did she have to get chosen???” Adam asked himself. Alex and he were still trying to work everything out about the one situation. The situation including Tanya. They both sighed at nearly the same time and stood up.

“What about her school??? What about her mum, our mum??? I’ll end up getting the blame for everything.” Alex moaned for the fifth time. And for the fifth time Adam said for her to shush. “Go and fly round to see her, Adam. Please.” He sighed and ran for a jump fly.

He loved to fly, he just felt sad doing so now. Tanya and he always used to fly before she was put to the Johnson family for Alex. He spread his wings out further and flew even faster. He wanted to see her, he needed to see her.

He flew around the side of the mansion towards her room. He wasn’t best pleased with the result. He couldn’t believe that his arms were around her and hers around his waist. He felt tears coming into his eyes as he rushed as fast as he could back to Alex. Back to where he could cry.


I woke up to Shaun shuffling beside me, trying to get out of bed. I lifted my arms, feeling more awake and he ran out the room, down the corridor and into the garden. I saw about five wolfs and a boy when I looked out the window. Four of them went crawling to the boy except one. It was a red wolf, most likely Antonio. The rest were either brown or grey. I watched as Shaun looked at the window and bowed his head. He didn’t want me to see this but I just couldn’t look away.

His head became somehow hairier as he shrugged his jeans and shirt off. I felt my eyes widen in surprise and I saw him. I forgot how much muscle that boy had!!! His body shivered for a minute or two and I wanted to run outside and hug him but I knew it was far too dangerous for an angel to go outside with five wolfs were she wanted to be.

I watched as his hair grew and his body became skinnier in some parts and chunkier in others. His jaw shape changed and he howled, as if in pain. I winced, not really knowing why. My stomach felt as if it was twisting with every second I watched. He finally bent down onto his hands and knees before his shape changing. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I felt a tear roll down my cheek. What the hell was this feeling I was having???

It was the kind of feeling you had when you saw the person you have a crush on smile, you get a fluttery feeling don’t you, it takes your breath away, doesn’t it??? Well that’s how I felt when Shaun finished changing.

I went back to bed and went under the covers this time. I felt cold suddenly. I knew this feeling. I just don’t want to say it. You can probably guess can’t you??? I fell asleep seeing two faces at once.

A face of a werewolf and a face of an Angel.

A/N. I know this chapter’s short but I just had to finish it here. You get the feeling don’t you??? A really good bit and you just want to start something new??? Well the rest will normally be about four or five pages long.

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