Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel???

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Leaving In Love

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



“Tanya, Tanya. Wake up Tanya.” I could hear someone repeating the same thing over and over again softly in my ear. I opened my eyes and saw Shaun. I smiled sleepily and closed my eyes again. “Tanya, wake up. Granddad wants to talk to you.” I sighed and sat up, realising I was still in the same dress as yesterday.

“What time is it???” I asked as I opened my eyes again.  Shaun was sitting up as well, looking amused at me waking up.

“It’s one PM. So you had better he quick.”

“Give me an hour and I’ll be ready. You’ll have to help me get there though, I don’t know the way.” He nodded and stood up. He had slept in his shirt and jeans from yesterday. A thought came to my head, “is it sore???” I asked him.

He looked at me puzzled for a few seconds until replying, “kinda, you get used to it though.” And then he smiled at me as he walked out the door, closing it behind him. I walked to where a black door was an opened it, the bathroom. That was a start. I put the shower on and went to get an outfit ready. Dark blue jeans and a blue top with white pumps. I stripped off my clothes and went under the hot needles. It felt good to have my hair down my back, nice and warm. I washed my hair and myself before getting out and towel drying my hair.  I wanted to let it properly dry by itself today, it would go curly if I did. I got changed and looked outside the door. Shaun stood waiting for me.

“Don’t you want to get showered as well??? You slept as well as ate in that outfit.” He grinned and walked into the room, leaving me to wait outside for him. Many people passed me and gave me a smile and saying congratulations. I guessed it was just for the wedding or something. Shaun took absolutely ages before coming outside to meet me. He looked himself with his Barcelona Messi top and ripped jeans with his trainers. I laughed at him and he lifted me, spinning me round in a circle.

We eventually made it to Antonio’s room and knocked on the door.

“Come in Shaun and bring delightful Tanya with you.” I stuck my tongue out at Shaun and walked in the room quickly. He followed, shutting the door behind him. I sat down on a chair and Shaun sat down beside me, holding my hand. Antonio turned in his chair so he was facing us.

“Tanya, how do you like your stay so far dear???” I smiled and answered at his question.

“I like it very much.” I said.

“Shaun said you would like a pet or two to keep you company and make some noise around the mansion.” He said slowly.

“I would like a pet because the mansion seems to quiet for my liking.” I paused, letting it sink in, “I just think it would be nice.” I blinked my eyes hopefully.

“Well, I will make sure you find a pet this week, Shaun go and fetch Mr Broont.” He said calmly, but I knew he was just as excited as I was. Shaun got up casually and walked out the door, but as soon as it was shut he ran. I suppressed a laugh, it just didn’t seem how to behave in his presence.

“Dear, you love him, don’t you???” I was shocked at the question, I didn’t love Shaun. At least I don’t think I did.

“No sir, I love him as a friend or a brother, but not as a lover.”

“Maybe you should tell your feelings and face that.” I couldn’t believe it. Maybe I did love Shaun, maybe I just wouldn’t let myself believe it. I couldn’t keep it away from Antonio though. He could read minds, just as Adam or Shaun could. As if on cue, the boy came bounding in and a tall, thin man wearing a suite came in after him. He had grey hair and a wrinkled face. His hands were covered with black driving gloves and he had a hat on.

“Sir, were do I need to drive them to???” he asked in a deep voice.

“Anywhere that they might find a pet,” Antonio replied. Shaun took my hand and ran with me. I couldn’t stop laughing. We eventually stopped at the huge door I had fallen asleep at and I stopped.

“I can’t go through there.” I said quietly to Shaun.

 “He gave you permission, Tanya, we could go anywhere once we’re out the door!!!” I smiled as Shaun said this and opened the door. The greenery was wonderful here too. There were roses going up the walls, a fountain, and lots and lots of flowers I didn’t recognise. At the bottom of the path there was a black Porsche. I grinned as I saw it. We ran towards it and got into the back, there wasn’t much room.

We stopped at our first pet store, Shaun and I were so excited we didn’t look at the name, we just ran inside. There were millions of dogs and cats at the front, with the little pets at the back like hamsters, turtles, guinea pigs and so on. We walked past all the pets before making up our minds, there weren’t any pets here that we liked.

We went on to our second, third and forth shop. We spent ages in each one. “Shaun, I don’t think we’ll find any pest that we like.” I said with a sigh. We went to our fifth shop and walked inside, there was pretty much all the pets we had seen already, the shop assistants asking if we need help, looking at us hopeful for us to spend cash in their store. We walked to the back of the store and looked to the big pets.

There were wolf hounds, grey hounds, collies, and other breeds of dogs. I sighed and started to walk out, ready to wait for Shaun to stop growling at a dog. I looked at this particular dog, it was a ginger Shiba Inu. I crouched down to see it and my eyes widened. The dog raised an eyebrow at me!!! I pushed Shaun over and giggled as he fell.

“Hello doggy.” I said quietly just so it could hear. I looked at it and saw its mind. “It’s a boy, Shaun.” I said turning to the scowling boy.

What you looking at???  I raised an eyebrow at the dog.  Ok, I’m sorry, take me away from here please. Do you see any other ginger dogs??? I feel awkward.  “You sure are smart. Hold on.”

Shaun was talking to a shop assistant when I walked over. He smiled at me when I went over to them. Taking my hand, he didn’t stop talking. We went over to the cashier as the assistant went somewhere else.

“What are you up too???” I asked suspiciously.

“Go and pick a lead, some treats and a toy or two.” He said back. I went and picked some chew toys, a sausage line, a French fry box and a ball with a throw stick. I picked a blue lead and  a bag of treats before walking back to Shaun. He handed what must have been about five hundred pounds to the cashier and went back to the dog.

Please don’t act like I’m a stupid dog, girl. Got it??? I sighed and took the lead. The dog better not harass me. I cannot be done with it. I walked out with the dog’s lead in one hand and Shaun’s hand in the other. They wouldn’t stop growling at each other.

We put the dog in the small boot but he was small enough to fit and have room to breathe if he lied down. We got back pretty quickly and we ran to the back garden with him. Sitting down I tried to think of a name. We had to include the dog in this situation.

“Ginger???” I asked. Shaun shook his head and a ginger eyebrow was raised

“Twit???” Shaun said with a smile. This earned a whine from the dog and a clip on the ear. “What does the dog want then???” He growled.

“What about growler???” I asked uncertainly. The dog looked like he was smiling and Shaun was still scowling.

You got taste.  I smiled and guessed it was decided. I took his lead off and he and Shaun chased each other to their hearts content. I saw Antonio at the window and smiled at him. He gave a nod and a small smile. I turned to watch the dog and the boy run after each other.

Over the next week or two, everyone was getting everything ready for the ball. The walls were freshly painted, the dog got cleaned every week and he was spoiled rotten. Shaun and I spent every waking moment with each other that we could.

Everything seemed to change over the few weeks; it was fun to help decorate. It was two weeks before the ball and the whole place looked better, the walls were blue, green or white instead or white all over the place, Shaun’s bedroom had things I liked instead of just him.

I had been on the lookout for dresses ever time we went out, even if we were just going for something to eat. Shaun and I laughed nearly all the time and we never fell out. Everyday my feelings for him were getting clearer.

Antonio was right, I loved Shaun.


“Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!” Adam shouted to the sky blue as a tear fell down his cheek. First he had seen them get along, then sleep in the same bed and now when he thought of Tanya he saw he love for Shaun. He didn’t want to live in this confusion the world had given him. Alex had been trying to calm him down for hours and given up. She went to try and get Maya to eat but she wouldn’t the little girl had barely any strength.

He had tried to get in touch with Tanya to say something to keep her away from Shaun but he couldn’t think of anything. Every time he was near to getting through he would suddenly lose connection. Maybe he should just let her go.

“No, I can’t let her go.” He said to himself. It was difficult to just let her go, all he thought about was her. Whether it was her black hair, her small lips, he beautiful eyes or just her in general. His wings ached for her again. He couldn’t keep away but juts now he had too. He didn’t like it one bit either.

He concentrated on Tanya and got through to her this time. He needed to hear her voice. He hadn’t gone back since the old man had nearly bitten him again.

Tanya, he whispered to her.

He saw her eyes widen. She must have heard him. He tried again.

Tanya. Maya is ill, you have to come back.  He didn’t like bringing the poor child into this but if he wanted Tanya back he had too. A tear started to go into her eye as she heard this. It maybe worked.


“Shaun!!!” He looked over at me and saw my tearful face before running over to me as fast as he could. “Maya’s ill. I have to go and see her, she’s really bad.” I said hoarsely. It was true, I had gotten a fix on her and seen her. Her energy was low, she hadn’t eaten in days and she looked like she couldn’t cope much longer. I sniffed and got up. Shaun hugged me and looked at Growler, his head hanging. I needed to go and see my niece. I couldn’t let her die. I needed to help her. Quickly

I stumbled away and ran to Shaun’s room to pack some clothes, my toothbrush and other things in the purple bag. I looked at the photo of my parents and me. I couldn’t let this happen to Alex. She had lost her love because of me and she wasn’t about to lose her daughter if I could do anything to help. Mum and da didn’t really care for her. She had lost nearly her whole family.

Shaun came into the room and gripped my hand. “You can’t go, it’ll be Adam trying to stop you from going on with this.” I shook my head. I couldn’t let her die. He knew that.

“I thought about her and saw her, she won’t eat and her energy level is low. She could die, Shaun. I can’t just walk away and leave her to disintegrate, can I???” I hugged him and walked to the big front door.

I doubt I’ll be back, I thought sadly. Mr Broont was there at the car, waiting for nothing I guess. I wiped my eyes with my sleeve but new tears came racing down my cheeks. I told him I needed to go home, my niece was sick. He got in after helping me squeeze my bag in the small boot of the car.

I looked at the big, brown doors and saw Growler and Shaun. Shaun’s face was angry but had tears going slowly down his cheeks and Growler was howling sadly. I didn’t want to leave but I had to. I just couldn’t let Maya die. I looked at all the windows and saw Antonio looking sad, really sad.

We drove for around two long, tiresome hours and I cried for the majority of the long ride. I missed Shaun already, I missed Growler, I missed Ms Brighton and I missed Antonio. I missed everyone at the mansion

“I’m sorry, Antonio. I can’t give you what you want.” I whispered as tears started going down my cheeks. I hated to break a promise, I always said “if I brake the promise, you break my pinkie.”

“I’m so sorry

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