Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Hi I’m Nikita, I want to tell you something about me before you tell me your name, I don’t want you to regret meeting me. This way, you can pretend you haven’t.
I can move things with my mind’s eye, I could also kill you in seconds with the help of my friends from the other side.
Don’t call them dead people, they will kill you without my help.
Nikita Middleton has never had problems, but she’s never really been like a normal girl. At fourteen, even a crush can be dangerous, not to her, to them. When she starts to kiss a guy, he almost chokes to death, and then they don’t remember what happened that day. Things start to happen and her mind’s eye can’t be controlled as it strengthens, there’s one thing that can help her.
But he needs to be willing to be sacrificed.
She doesn’t know that her family has a curse. One she is need of getting rid of before her mind’s eye kills a victim. How many can she kill before she’s found out???

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012




We stood in a line, my anger rising as she tried to insult me. “Like you give two shits, right??? That’s normally what you say.” Mr Gales came and opened the door, inviting the class into A2. She pushed into me and I pushed her hard sideways into the doorframe. If only she’d known to go about and mess with me.

“Feisty one you are,” Ashleigh said at as I walked to my seat. My mind swept from grip before I could stop. She insulted me again and my mind blew like a gust of wind and I heard struggling and screams. I heard shuffling of feet but I couldn’t-wouldn’t-move to see if she was OK.

I could see it in my mind; a ghost hand gripped her neck and started to strangle her. She gripped an invisible finger and tried to prise it off her neck; the grip tightened and threw her against the wall. It smashed her head off the glass window, hard enough for it to break and there was more screams. She wasn’t moving and I finally got up from my seat. I opened my eyes and pushed myself from my seat, grabbing my bag and jacket before running from the class. I doubted anyone was watching me evacuate the suffocating classroom.

Tears spilled from the rim of my eye and onto my cheeks as I stopped to look into the class room across mine. He sat there, watching me cry with his soft, gorgeous brown eyes and so was Kaitlin. I ran as he watched me and shot through the doors, my minds hand opening them for me.

I sat on the boring, brown bench, ignoring the patches of water from the rain that had fallen earlier. I placed my head in my hands and silently cried. Had I killed her???

“Fit were you dein looking in ma class en???” a strong Scottish accent asked, I looked up and saw Kaitlin standing with her bright yellow jacket and her baggy jeans, her chubby cheeks overlapped with the mole on her right side at the top of her lip. She had her hands in her back pockets, she barely looked feminine.

“Kaitlin, leave her alone,” I had heard that voice before, a soft voice as soft as his eyes. I felt the tears race harder down my cheeks as I heard his quiet footsteps come closer.

“Fit’s she gan ti dee??? Eat ma???”

“Kaitlin,” I began giving her a look she was too stupid to use as a warning, “don’t I can hurt if you get on my bad side.”

“Like fit???” I lost control of my minds eyes and my eyes were forced shut as I saw a bin fly to hit her at the speed of light. My eyes shot open and I looked at him, his bewildered face, his shocked eyes, his shaking hands. He looked at me and I stood up, racing for the door at the opposite side of the courtyard.

“Wait, girl!!! Wait!!!” being him, from the information I had gathered about my crush, I knew he could outrun me. He got to the doors and stretched his arms out. “Who are you???”

“I can’t tell you that???” I wiped the tears from my cheeks and whispered, “Please let me through, I have to go to Bus Park.”

“Tell me your name first.”

“A girl of your imagination, that’s all you need to know. For now.” He might find out my name soon but it wouldn’t be from me. He stood to the side and let his arms fall to his sides and I pulled the door open, running down English, hoping that the teachers wouldn’t hear my pounding footsteps. I stopped at the math stairs beside Guidance and closed my eyes picturing him

He wasn’t standing at the doors anymore; he was standing beside the lockers his. Wonder streaked across the field of longing in his eyes.

“Will I see you again???”

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