Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - A Mind Blowing Decision

Submitted: April 07, 2012

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Submitted: April 07, 2012



A Bing Blowing Decision

Break was a breeze, standing at the science door for my next class, and Joel meet up with me to tell me that we were going to lunch, it was my choice where we went (I picked Hame Bakery of course) and whether Georgia came with us and if his friends came with us of we just went alone.

“Your choice,” he had said to me before kissing me quickly on the lips and running back to the canteen to see is friends.

Science was easy, running around class (we get a different class for Wednesdays than Monday which the door leading to it also used by Joel and he held the door open for Georgia and I) like a bunch of monkeys for revision on our next test. We got to go to computers fourth period so I slyly text Joel staying we were going.

Going to Computers in next period, keep an eye out, I’ll make it hard to spot me. Nxxxxxxx P.S. I love you.

Haha, lol, I’ll find you, love you too Nikita. Jxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx J

I smiled as we were packing up to go through since we wouldn’t be going back to the classroom I hid behind Junior and Bruce, but told Georgia I was still Her partner. I peeked at Joel and winked, okay, maybe he could find me.

Who’s the blond kid??? You're not cheating on me are you??? Lol Jxxxxxxx

No!!! I can't believe you would think such a thing. Haha Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We went on every website we could to do with Space. We had fourth minutes to write and type and click as much as we could. Georgia did a lot of writing, while I did almost half as much while texting Joel.

How's science??? Lol Nxxxxxx

Great ha I have science tomorrow as well Jxxxxxxx

Way hay!!! Why on earth are you taking all three sciences???Nxxxxx

I want to be a radiologist later on in life. Jxxxx love you.

Love you too Nxxxxxx.

We all finished up and got to go our two minutes early. Georgia sighed and left me waiting for Joel to get out the science department.

I stared at the back if her head as she left and Joel came quickly out the door. "Something wrong Flush???" I glanced backs and shook my head.

"Not at all." I felt myself slip away to a sneeze, oh god, I thought, worst one yet. Then a cough came a long at the same time. Most people had been blown to the Walls, I was on my back, the doors nearest us had been blown of their hinges and I couldn't see Joel.

"Joel???" I tried to sit up but couldn't, most of the people were getting up and looking around. "Joel!!!" no one could see him.

"He’s safe; I've got the little prick." I heard a voice say.

"Ash where is he???" I whispered angrily. I tried to get up and fell again. Hands went around my arms and people began pulling me to my feet.

"I've got her, I’ll take her to the nurse." a girl with blonde hair and piercing green eyes looked at me as she helped me up.

"Where is he???" I whispered, badly having the energy to do so.

“Don’t talk, he's fine with Ash though he want to kill lover boy. You'll be with him soon." She began walking with me basically hanging onto her, badly walking and as soon as we were in the nearest toilets we disappeared. I whimpered at the pain, my legs felt like a wild cat had been set to them and my hands felt like bees flying around.
Traveling wasn't making it any better.

"I want Joel." He nodded and Joel came into view just as the setting settled. It was a tree house, with a small window on each wall the size of an envelope and a bed and a small table with a lamp and binoculars and two fold up chairs.

And on the bed lay Joel.

He was snoring lightly, almost inaudible as he slept, knocked out from the blast. Ash sat in a fold up chair with his arms folded across his chest. The girl set me down beside Joel as I snuggled up to him, laying my head on his chest as he woke up slightly.

"Heya Flush," he looked around him as he turned on his side to look at me and wrap his arms around my waist. "Where are we??? How did I get here???"

"Shush, go to sleep Joel." I just managed to slid his eyelids down and kiss him softly before he fell asleep. I closed my eyes and shifted and Joel fell onto his back again. Closing my eyes, I heard sighed and whispers.

"She cannot wait any longer Ashling. She must train." the girls harsh but sweet tone said

"One more day Dalya, I beg you, just one more day and she can train, have mercy and give her one more day of peace and of Joel." he begged her. One more day before training, what did they mean??? One more day of Joel??? Certainly not!!!

"Ashling, that blast almost killed her, she is weak from it, training must begin."

"One day," he said, moving to stroke my hair, "please, one more Day is all that I ask of you."

"Fine, one more day and she trains. It cannot wait longer than that."

"I'm sorry Nikita, I really am."

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