Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - When One Dies, One Is ReCreated

Submitted: April 07, 2012

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Submitted: April 07, 2012



When One Dies, One Is ReCreated

I was running. I was running away from millions of blonde people, millions of normal people. All holding weapons to destroy with, to destroy unnormal thing.

To destroy me.

Joel was running to, he was running behind me, shouting to me, holding a bunch of flowers.

"Horror!!! Witch!!! Mistake!!! Demon!!!" he was shouting. He was running with the large crowd, his bunch of flowers were on fire, his face of sheer hate.

"Die evil bitch!!! He shouted, catching up on me. The crowd gathered around us and someone threw their weapon at Joel.

"Kill her!!! Destroy her!!!" everyone was chanting, they chucked weapons at us, urging him to kill me. He set the flowers to my hair and grabbed a cross bow and aimed it at my heart.

"Goodbye Nikita."

I woke up screaming, sweat pouring from my face, trembling like it was winter. No one was at my side, Joel wasn't there with a crossbow, people were t there trying to kill me, the dead were gone. I was okay.

Unless I was dead.

I pulled my hair to my face and saw a blonde tinge at the bottom of my brown hair. I screamed and ran to the bathroom, my skin was still tan, my eyes were still greenish blue and my hair was still brown. Just going a little blonde.

I was in my house, almost falling to the floor, alone. I climbed onto the unit and looked out the window, no cars in the drive. I was alone. I walked back to my bed and loomed at the clock on my phone, eleven thirty in the evening.

My phone rang and I answered it to mum. "Hi, I didn't think you would be up."

"neither did I. Where are you???"

"at the hospital on night shift and getting you tablets, you've never been this ill, tonsillitis is as far as you've gotten and in the past three days you've fainted twice and disappeared from school.

"Mum I'm s-"

"Never mind, stay home tomorrow and don't go anywhere, try to sleep sweetheart, love you lots. Bye." the phone went dead and I was confused. Completely confused. My phone vibrated in my hand and I looked at the screen. A text.

U at school 2morrow??? Were were u??? Spill scoffer. Georgia, she made me laugh. I text back saying I was fine and I had Togo home and I wouldn't be at school tomorrow.

I the phoned Joel. I know, half way through the night and all but he still picked up.

"I didn't wake up did I???" I heard mumbling and giggled. "are you okay???"

"Yeah," he yawned, mumbling again. "Go to sleep, have you seen the time???" I laughed and he chuckled. "I'll see u later tomorrow Nikita, try not to faint or sneeze or breathe okay???"

"I'll try not to. Love you Joel." he mumbled it back and we sued bye before he began snoring again. I hung up the phone and switched it off. I needed some sleep to. I tried and tried but I couldn't go to sleep, I wasn't tired. I say for ages with my eyes closed until the black sheet gripped my hands with feather feeling softness.

"You've been sleeping for most of the day. I knew you would need it." I looked around for Ash but no one was there. There was a dummy. It looked like one of the people with the weapons trying to kill me.

"Ash??? Ash where are you???" I heard whispering and saw the dummy slowly take a step towards me, showing more of its features. It had freckles across his cheeks and square glasses on his nose. When it took another step I saw it was Daniel. A closed eyed Daniel. "What is he doing here???" I said to the darkness, knowing Ash would hear me.

"He’s a dummy, you hated him once, so long it went on for months and now, now you use that anger."

"to do what???" I screeched.

"To attack." the dummy stool another step forward and moved the crossbow to its eye level, getting ready for a shot. I screeched and used my head. Literally. I ran into him with the speed of a chaeta and head-butted him in the stomach. He fell to his backside and disappeared.

"Where's Daniel??? How did I do that??? What are you doing to me?!?!?!" Ash stepped out into the darkness and walked over to me.

"Daniel is at home, He will Never Know He was even here. Your Killer instinct is starting to be called and you need to be ready for when it decides to lead you alone. I'm not going to help you forever."

"I have questions!!!" I screeched back to him. "A lot of questions!!!"

"And I'll answer them. Any of them you want to ask." he stepped out of darkness and was an inch away from me. If we both puckered our lips we would probably be kissing.

"Any???" I whispered to him.

"any." his hand went to my cheek and it felt natural, as if it beloved there. My head couldn't resist snuggling closer as my hand lifted to hold his hand on my cheek. I blinked and felt something warm on my lips.

I opened my eyes to Ash's closet than they had been before. I jerked away and walked back.

"Nikita, wait, please!!!" Ash had kissed me. Again. He didn't understand that I was with Joel and not him.

I pushed Ash away from me and tried to run. I took one step and was lifted into the air and my breathing stopped.

"You know you can't run, so why even try, Nikita??? I'm always going to be stronger than you." that got my cheeks flaming and my blood boiling. Did he seriously think jut because I didn't know how to use my mind he was stronger than me???

What an ass.

I closed my eyes and concentrated really hard before I dropped to the ground.

"What the...???" he whispered as I stood up and dusted myself off. I walked over and stood on his hand, stopping him from getting up.

"Don’t play this game with me, Ashling." he looked when I said his name. "Because I know what the rules are, so I know what to break." before he could say anything or stand up I squeezed my eyes closed and disappeared from Ash's view and woke up in my bed. I turned to look at my alarm clock, twenty past twelve.

"Really??? Only twelve???" I groaned, I felt like I had been sleeping forever. My phone ran and I picked up from the floor, no idea how it had gotten there. Without looking I answered and smiled.

"You okay???" he asked me in a drowsy tone.

"I'm fine Joel, don’t worry." in honesty I wasn't fine, I was going blonde, I had to train with an asswhole, I was scared in case I got a cold and I couldn't see my boyfriend as much as I wanted. Right now, life sucked.

"Okay, I'll get it out of you tomorrow. I have to go, mums coming up to take my temperature, school phoned and said about me getting a good head bang two days ago." I heard a woman’s voice say to Joel about putting the phone down and opening his mouth.

"Bye Joel," I said quietly then shouted, “hello Mrs Robertson!!!" he whimpered at the sudden loud noise in his ear and hung up as I giggled. I sat up and held onto the bed post and closed my eyes. My head was pounding. I gathered some clothes as soon as I could open my eyes again and walked through to the bathroom and switched on the shower. I looked at the mirror and screamed again.

My hair wad half blonde. My eyes were blooming into bright piercing blue.

"Nikita??? What's wrong???" my mother had gathered I to her long sleeping gown and shuffled out of her bedroom sleepily and was now staring wide eyed at me.

“Mum," I whispered, what the hell was happening?!?!?!

"Nikita??? What have you done to yourself???" tears formed in my eyes as the words sank in, she thought I did this to myself when really, it was me turning into one of them.

"Have you got something to tell me??? About nana and grandpa???" she closed her eyes and looked out the window. "Why didn't it pass to you???"

"Because my family members were well kept and didn't die so easily, you nana's side of the family is almost gone. And Barry........" her heart was of pure heartbreak and I wasn't sure I wanted to hear.

"Your brother, he's in hospital. The oil rig crashed and he was a survivor but he's in a coma and we're cutting the cord soon. The machines are the only thing keeping him alive." mum had to lean into the door for support ad she cried

"So Barry’s more or less gone???" she nodded and I understood. One of my main family had to die in order for me carry the curse. Grandpa had died after mum began her own family and granny died after mum and dad got together

I switched off the shower and sighed. I definitely felt bad now. "What will happen once he's gone???”

"You’ll be one of them."

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