Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - A Crash And Threat From The Enemies

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Submitted: April 20, 2012



A Crash And Threat From The Enimies

I looked at the clock once I had gotten inside. It was about half three PM. I grabbed my small beige bag, my shades and my purple sparkly hat before running downstairs to speak to mum.

"Are you going into Peterhead later???" she nodded and I took my chance, "can I come, I need hair dye and contacts." a second nod was giving and I hastily hid my hair in the hat and slipped my shades on after running upstairs to grab my phone, iPod, earphones and purse.

"Hurry up Nikita," mum said, "I'm not waiting forever." I grinned and ran after her, careful not to let any of my hair escape. As soon as we were in the silver polo I turned the radio to North Sound One and started singing to the songs.

"Mum, where would I get contact lenses???"

"Duncan and Todd’s might have, or Specsavers. How are they anyway???" we were coming to a junction so I quickly slipped the shades from my eyes and turned to her. She didn't say anything, just turned and looked at the road. I slipped the red shades back on.

"Are they that bad???" I whispered as she drove out the junction. She nodded and I held my breath, hoping I could either get on the medical list to wear shades all the time or there were contacts that would match my eye colour. We drove in silence to Morrison’s, not even The Wanted making me want to sing.

I text Georgia saying if she was in Morrison’s she had to look out for me. And got a reply saying she would. I smiled, maybe I could tell Georgia this, someone to help me calm down in class when Joel couldn't. We got in and I headed straight for the colours. Mum came quickly after me and looked at the two colours I had picked up.

"If I have to have my hair dyed, why not make it a colour I want???" she smiled and looked from the cherry red to the plum purple

“I guess, choose your pick," I grinned at her and slid the purple back where it had sat before Picking up another two bottles of the red. We got the shopping and the hair dye (and what mum said was "a well-deserved treat" which was a small tub of ben & jerry’s baked Alaska and twilight, breaking dawn part one) before shooting off to Duncan and Todd’s.

"Hello, what can I do for you???" a honey blonde lady sat behind a desk with a laptop. Her face was clear of anything and had green eyes. Lucky, I thought.

"I was wondering if you had any eye contact lenses??? My daughter doesn't need glasses but we're in need of coloured lenses." the lady nodded with a tight lipped smile at us and stood up.

"Could I see your eyes for a second please???" she asked when she was standing directly in front of us. I hesitated but slipped the shades from my face and looked at her. She gasped at my eyes and smiled, really smiled this time before taking my hand and leading us into another room filled with cabinets of coloured lenses.

"Have you got any that are a deeper blueish green??? Mostly green???" she smiled and flicked her hands out quickly toward s different small boxes of contacts. I looked at the different colours, the light coming from the large windows helped to see the normal colour. There were green, blue, grey, brown, black, and even red. I was tempted to take the red but I knew I needed normal looking lenses. I saw lenses that looked a lot like my eyes had been, just a little more blue. Who would notice???

We got the lenses happily and started towards home when Ash walked into the middle of the road. Mum saw him and began to brake quickly as I screamed for her to stop. We stopped quickly but my hair was standing on ends, like I was in water and my voice gurgled.

Then we toppled.

The car flipped in the air and after what seemed hours we crashed, roof first. The airbags were out, the seat belt was nipping my skin and stopping me from tumbling head first onto the roof. My mums head was hanging and blood was crawling down her face as I screeched her name. No sound came from her at all.

"Hello??? Hello!!!" I screamed into my phone as the lady asked what was wrong. "I need and ambulance!!! Just outside Peterhead centre!!! We've crashed and my mums unconscious!!! Help!!!"

"Calm down, an ambulance outside Peterhead centre." I screeched yes and she hung up. People were trying to get us out but the doors were jammed and I was too frightened to do anything. I saw Ash standing at the back of the group, pain on his face.

"I HATE YOU!!!" I screamed, hoping he would hear me, "I HATE YOU WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE IN ME!!!" I looked at mum and shook her shoulder. Mum??? Mum, wake up, please wake up!!!" she didn't even stir as I pressed two fingers to her throat to feel her pulse. I hoped the ambulance would get there soon.

I heard my name and saw Georgia she was banging on the window and trying to say something. "They're coming, it’s okay, Nikita." I heard blaring sirens and saw the lights of the ambulance. I felt something on my arms and seeping on my head. I liked at my arms and saw cuts all over them, blood gushing, when I pressed my hands to my head there was wet substance, more blood was on my hands when I looked.

"Oh shit." the people were stared to vanish and we saw some people trying to open the door and more siren and lights. Everything was going blurry and I felt the shades shift from my face. "Mum, wake up, please." there were crunches and more noises and then I could see light, lots of it, and shapes, shapes of moving people, and blurry voices and noises, sparks of purple thread, my hat. I threaded my fingers through the holes and gripped it, using my other bad to grip my mothers.

The doors were off and they were trying to get us out. I heard some people reassure me it would be fine but I didn't believe them. Not since my visions was leaving me. And the voices, and the noises, all of them leaving me to hear Ash.

"Nikita, I'm sorry. I am so so so so so sorry." he kept saying it as I slipped away. Further and further. I opened my eyes and saw green. Lots and lots of green and blue. The sky was bright blue and the grass was gorgeous green. I looked at myself and saw no cuts, my pale skin glowing and smooth. I flicked my hair in front of me and saw brunette. I laughed as I sat up. I was wearing a knee length red dress, neat sweetheart line and tight until the waist, then it blew out.

There was a cabin a few feet away from and a lake about a mile away from me. And someone sitting there. I ran to see the brown haired boy sitting without a shirt and brown breeches. He had his hands behind him, leaning on them as he sat with his head back, eyes closed and relishing the sunlight.

I ran to his and kissed him. He laughed and opened his eyes standing up and circling his arms around my wait and spinning me round.

"Hello Nikita." I smiled at the brown boy and laughed.

"Hello Joel." He grinned at me and set me on my feet, holding my hands, fingers in between mine and kissed my shoulder, up to my neck, to my chin, to my lips and kissing me for a length of time.

"What are you doing here???" I whispered to him when I got a chance.

"I didn't want you to wake up alone," I raised an eyebrow and he smiled, "I'm not here, you think I am because you want to see me but I'm not." I smiled at him for some reason and shrugged it off. Oh well. He kissed me again and I giggled at him, loving his lips on mine.

"Your still here though."

"Not for long, you have to wake up soon. You can't stay forever." I grimaced at him but he smiled at me and kissed me again. "We have time for a last kiss though." I grinned and kissed him, opening my mouth for him and smiling against his lips. He licked my Tongue and slid it against my teeth before I bit it.

"Goodbye Nikita, I'll see you soon." I smiled at him and nodded. Wrapping my arms around his waist and burying my face into his bare chest.

"See you soon Joel." it all disappeared and I was left to wake up to silence. Was I dead???

"No. But close to it." I looked around and saw a black man in a White lab coat stand beside my bed, pushing small, square glasses up the bridge of his nose and holding a clipboard with a sheet of paper on it.

"How long have I been out of it???" I sat up slowly, taking in my surrounding. It was a small room, a chair at one side of the room beside the medium hospital window and wires and a beep machine on one side of the bed. There was a sink at the others side of the window with a mirror and a cabinet. In the farthest away corner of the room there was a large cubicle type thing with a door which I could only imagine wad the shower or bath.

"You've been sleeping for the past four hours," his deep voice answered. Four hours were a lot considering I hadn't been up long after I had gotten up.

"What about my mother???" he smiled at me and set the clipboard beside the sink.

"Your mother is in another room, she's fine and kicking, just getting a check-up. She lost consciousness in the crash but you got the worst wound. A good cut on your head and about twenty on your arms. The on your head with leave a scar, as will some on your arms. Other than that, you're fine."

I held my hand to my hear, there was nothing there and my arms were covered in bandages. "How long before I leave???"

"Tomorrow, I think, you seem fine, but of course, we want to make sure you're fine before you leave." I nodded and looked at the door. No one was there. I lie down on the bed and felt something on my pillow. My hat was there, ripped by it made me feel better.

"Is my bag here???" he grabbed it from the chair and handed it to me. I thanked him and checked my phone. I smiled as he chuckled at me, noting the stereotypical. Blonde, hopeless and phone lover. Not exactly true. I checked the voice mails, one was from Georgia and three were from Joel.

"Hey," Georgia started, "I hope you’re okay, I'm sorry I couldn't help when I was there. Please text me or something when you get this. Okay, bye."

I listened to Joel's a few times, smiling at him. "Nikita, have you opened your eyes yet??? I hope it's you listening to this. Forget about Saturday, we can do it another time, I doubt you'll be stable to come over."

"Listen," the second one said, "I sound mean in that last one, we can talk about it later, think if you’re okay to. Okay, I forgot to tell you I love you in the last one, so.... I love you."

The last one was the only one I hadn't heard. "Hey, Nikita??? Are you awake yet??? I'm getting worried. If I'm not there when you wake up then I’m sorry, I was there for ages and I wish I didn't have to leave, we need to talk about Ash and all soon. I need to see you again soon. Call me when you can. I love you."

I grinned and settled down with my hat in bag before texting Joel and Georgia

Hi, I'm fine. Now anyway. I'll phone when I get home tomorrow. Love ya, Nxxx

Hi, I'm hospital, go figure, I'll phone later, I find it rude to do so in hospital. Love you loads and loads and loads. Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I then closed my eyes and sighed. I was in hospital. With a cut in my head that would leave scar and loads of little scratches on my arms. My mum was fine. We crashed. In the car.

Because of Ash.

I noticed the Doctor was gone and no one was there in his place. So I lay there and cried. While quiet footsteps found my room.

"Nikita???" I turned, sniffling, towards the wall and ignored him. Why was I to go and talk to him, tell him it's okay that we crashed because of him. I could have seriously been hurt. My mum could have died. Yet she dared show his face. "Nikita, please talk to me."

"What is there to say???" I wiped a tear from my face and felt a hand on my cheek. I grabbed the finger and twisted it awkwardly back.

"Everything. There is everything to say." I shook my head and felt him trace the line where the scar would be. "Let's start off with I'm sorry." I wiped another tear on the back of my hand and watched it travel.

A purple droplet was crystalizing on my hand.

"What is this???" I lifted my hand to get a better glimpse of it. It was going incredibly slowly and was leaving a trail of purple crystals in its wake.

"Something that only you can have. You're a special case Nikita. Your turning blonde and blue eyed, everyone else was already blonde and blue eyed. You have more power than half of us on the other side and your tears are turning into purple crystals." I looked at him and his gaze was amazement. "You really are a special case."

I sat up but turned away from him, I don't care what I was, one thing I knew for sure was I wasn't easily forgiving. He grabbed my sides and pulled me towards him.

"Nikita," he whispered once he had settles his chin on my shoulder. "Talk to me, tell me I'm forgiven, tell me that I can't do it again, tell me I have to stay away from you." I closed my eyes and tried not to turn round and give him what he wanted.

"Tell me you love me."

I squeezed my eyes shut. I didn't love him, I couldn't love him, I loved Joel. I always did, but there was something-something that as much as I wanted, I couldn't figure out just what it was- that sat in me, throbbing for Ash every second. I knew there was, but I just couldn't admit to it.

"Ash, don't do this to me, please don't do this to me," I whispered back as he kissed my neck, sending tingles through me.

"Your wish is my command," he whispered back, taking his chin from my shoulder and stepping back. I sighed and love for him to settle back where he was, to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, but I knew I couldn't do that. "I'll wait, I'll wait foe you Nikita, whether it be a day or forever, I'll wait."

I turned round to say no, don't wait, I won't, but when I turned round, no one was there.
Mum had been in quickly to see me before leaving again as Joel came in the door. I smiled weakly at him and he smiled back at me.

"I'll leave the two of you alone and I'll come back later," she kissed my forehead and left, nodding at Joel as she left. He nearly ran over and hugged me, really tightly as if he couldn't believe I was there, as if to reassure himself. I laughed and he looked deep into my eyes and I sighed happily, he really was scared.

"You're really okay???" I nodded and he kissed me, I giggled against his lips and cupped his cheeks. He pulled back gasping and watery eyed. "Don’t do that to me again!!!"

"Kissing you??? You seemed to rather like it," he shook his head and hugged me again.

"Don't do something like that!!! Crash, get ran over, jump of a cliff, anything!!!" I sighed at him again and hugged him back.

"I'm doing my best you know. It wasn't exactly my fault." I looked away from him and he sighed this time, not a happy sigh either. "Joel I-"

"It's okay, really, I'm just glad you’re alive." I snuggled against Joel, trying to stifle a yawn when I remembered the droplet. I quickly got off the bed and grabbed a paper towel, pressing it to my cheeks as a tear ran down it and caught the droplets. Joel marvelled over them as I showed him the paper towel, grinning at his wide eyes.

"What the hell is that???" I pointed to my eyes and he closed his eyes then opened them. "There is a line from your eye. And it's purple!!!" I laughed and then grabbed onto the sink, maybe I shouldn't be standing yet. Joel rushed to pick me up, literally sweeping me from my feet to put my on the bed again.

"Joel!!!" I giggled as he tickled my neck with the kissed, making slurp noises as he kissed further up my neck.

"Yeah???" He asked as he kissed beside my ear to my eye.

"What are you doing???" He shrugged his shoulders and kissed my other eye and my nose before hovering just on top of my lips. I kept my eyes to his, enjoying the colour of melted chocolate that swirled in his irises, glancing to his lips every few seconds. He grinned at me and lifted his head up before I whimpered like a child and gripped the back of his neck, pushing his head towards mine and kissing him. I forced his mouth open and tangled my tongue with his, nipping his bottom lip every now and then.

"Flush!!!" I let go of him and looked at his mouth. I had somehow given his lip a good bite and made it gush of blood. I opened my mouth to say something and closed it again, I didn't know if it was me or the power I needed to gain control of.

"Joel, I'm so sorry, I-" He cut me off by taking my hand and kissing my knuckles. I looked at him with shaky eyes as he pulled away, letting my hand drop beside me. I didn’t want him to leave, but I had done that to him. Whether it was me or the power, I didn’t ever want to do that to Joel again.

“Don’t look so sad Nikita, I’ll come by later or tomorrow if I can. Bye,” I whimpered again, hoping he’d sit beside me or something. But I had no such luck, he left the room without so much as a wave towards me. Mum came in quickly after he left and the doctor followed.

“Okay, your skull is fine, but as I said earlier, the stiches will leave a scar as a souvenir,” he laughed at his lame joke and I closed my eyes, just wanting to be alone for a second. My mother, on the other hand, had other plans/

“Your father is coming in by to see you after work, so he should be here in about an hour, okay???” I nodded and listened to her babble on about having a lazy day on Saturday, staying in my bed watching films all day.

“I can’t,” I whispered, finally opening my eyes, “I’m going to Joel’s for supper. I was invited earlier and I really don’t want to go back on the offer.” My mother didn’t like the sound of that. She didn’t like that I wanted to spend half my Saturday with another family instead of my own. She nodded and got up.

I was upsetting everyone today!!!

“Mums-” She waved it off and said she was going for a coffee and a cigarette. I let her walk away and didn’t say anything as the doctor told me I should stay in on Saturday, in case I did any damage to my head.

“I’m sorry, but how’s being in a car then being in a house for a few hours going to hurt my head???”

“Because you have more training to do.” I sighed and rolled over on my side. I was not dealing with anyone. “Do you think we want to train you??? Or that we like what you’re doing to Ashling???” when I looked up at who it was, I saw the girl that helped me after the sneeze, the girl who told me that Ash had ‘that little prick’.

“What would you do if I left to go on Saturday???”

“Then you would have a terrible accident, and someone isn’t going to make it this time.” I looked questionably at her and she just said: “You are not one of us, you will never be one of us. It’s about time you just let go about it and forgot everything. She disappeared and I was left with my thoughts.

I certainly didn’t want to be, but I was.


I was home. After one night and a day of being stuck in hospital and being visited by two spirits and my boyfriend ignoring me, I was home. I had phoned Georgia as soon as I was home, telling her I was okay and I would have a scar on my head and some on my arms but I was okay. My dad actually was home from work and hugged me tight, saying how sorry he was about not being at the hospital, mum was happy to let me see my room tidy, I bed made, my carpet hovered and hair dye and packets of bluish green lenses were on my desk. As well as a card.

"We left it for you to see first, I'll help you with the hair dye later. Okay???" I nodded when she asked and let her leave the room, leaving me with my card. I opened the cream envelope carefully and looked at the silver card inside, it had nothing on it, it was just silver, gleaming card.

Nikita, I'm sorry, I hope you can understand that. Go to St. Fergus, I'll make sure her threat isn't carried out. I will come see you later, I don’t know when, but I will. We need to talk. Just, think of me when you look at this.
Your sorrowfully and regretfully,

I side with the card was a dream catcher, a small silver one that had two rings. The both of them was silver, as were the beads, the string patterns were blue and matched the silky feathers. In between the multiple feathers to one bead, two chimes sat, waiting to be clattered. I already had a huge, pink one and a small multi coloured one hanging from my window, but this one would be going on too, a sweet gesture.

"Why is he doing this???" I whispered to no one in particular, "he's hot then he's cold." I sat down with the envelope and the card, looking back between each one. He said I could go to St. Fergus, and nothing would happen. I'll make sure her threat isn't carried out, he had said. I was fine to go on Saturday!!! I looked up from where I was sitting and got the shock of my life.

"I said I was coming round," he whispered, tightening his hands behind his back.

"I know," I whispered back, standing up to tie my dream catcher beside my window. I stood right below it but still had trouble getting it up as I stretched my arms. I felt hands around my waist and my feet go off the ground. Ash sat me on his shoulder and made it easier to get it on the metal bar at my window. I tied it securely and waited for Ash to let me down. Instead, he set his head against my lap. "Ash," I said.

"I know, it just feels nice, if I can never have you then I want to at least say I did this." I smiled at him and sat my hand on his and ruffled his blonde hair with the other.

"Your hairs fluffy," I had always had a thing about fluffy hair, no idea what, I just have.

"I like it like this, and I know you do." I grinned and couldn't help a giggle or two. He lifted his head and gripped my waist again, setting me on my feet quickly and hugged me from behind. "I know, I know, I just want to hold you." I could accept that, I had wanted to when I met Joel, when I saw Joel.

"Okay," I whispered, not saying anything else. I knew he could hear my thoughts. Settling his head on my shoulder, I held his hands, he was obviously upset, I didn't know if it was to do with me or what. "When are we training???"

"Anytime you want. I have no agenda to follow." I sighed and giggled once or twice, Ash silently laughing at his own joke. I turned round and hugged him properly.

"Why do you do this??? Making sure I'm okay, putting up with me, looking after me since the rest won't???" he shrugged his shoulder and slipped a lock of hair behind my ear.

"Must I always have a reason???" he whispered. I knew what was coming, he had moved my hair out of my face, his eyes were glittering and he was moving closer as each aggravating second walked behind us.

"Ash…" I whispered as his lips stopped about a centimetre away from mine. He sighed and I knew he was despite, but did I want to be nice enough to the boy who had annoyed me endlessly, the boy who could have killed my mother and I???

"I'm sorry, Nikita, I'll go away after one thing." He didn't have to continue when I knew what he wanted, and I didn't feel in a position to give what he wanted. I shook my head, so much I thought it would fall from my neck.

"I don't feel right to give you it, I'm with Joel. Not you, therefor I should be kissing Joel, not you," one growled annoyingly at me but in a flirtatious way. I kept glancing from his eyes to his beautiful rosy lips and he chuckled.

"I never noticed they were rosy." I smiled a little but couldn't stop glancing at them to his shockingly blue eyes, his sparkling blue eyes. I never noticed him moving until his lips were on mine. His arms and hands gripped and tightened around my waist, his lips not prying mine open, his eyes almost closed but no completely. My hands wanted to grip his neck and ruffle his soft hair, my lips wanted to prise his open.

And to think I almost gave in.

I pulled away and looked at him, he had kissed me, again, when I asked him not too, why didn't he listen to me?!?!?! I pushed him away from me and sat on my bed, I almost gave in, I almost kissed him back, I almost licked his Tongue with mine. I almost liked it.

"Nikita, I-" my hand went up as I closed my eyes, trying to think, but I couldn't as he threaded his fingers through mine. I pulled my hand back when Ash slipped his hand on my chin. I opened my eyes and saw his face close, trying to get me to look at him. I lost my patience and collided my fist with his jaw.

"Dead people better be able to break their bones." I said, anger rising into my voice. He looked at me with soft eyes. How could he have soft eyes when I punched him in the face???

"Training, now, come on," before I had time to scream or argue, we vanished.

We stood in a field, one that looked like the field where Hercules was day dreaming about Megara. I wanted to kick him, punch him, beat the dead day lights out of him. He grinned at me and kissed my knuckles ad heat rose up my neck to my face. I punched him in the face just as he was about to place his lips on my knuckles and hear a sickening crunch. Ash wiggled his chin with his hand and then without his hand and grinned mischievously at me.

"You’re gonna wish you never did that," he started to walk near me with metal weapons flying towards me. I crouched down, just as they were away to thump me in the face. As was standing in front of me when I looked up, making me shit myself almost. "Feel the power in your veins??? The strength in your mind??? Use it!!!"

I shook my head and he raised his hand, palm up and two metal poles flew up. I slipped off my flip flops and ran like the wind, my summer dress skirt flapping uselessly behind me. The poles caught up to me and tripped me from my feet, I fell to the moist grass with a crunch and thump.

"Ash!!! Stop, please!!!" I pleaded as he lifted two more poles and two weights and sent them flying at me. I screamed and the stopped flying just as they were about to make me into Nikita Pancakes. They wobbled and shattered to pieces, before turning their sharpest points at Ash and shooting quicker than they had towers him. He disappeared and reapers at my side and with a simple "boo" I was jumping and getting caught in his arms.

"Just a tad scared then???" I jumped down from his arms and gave him a good shove. Who the hell did he think he was???

"Can’t we start off with small things??? Wouldn't that be a better???" He lifted his hand to his chin and pondered over it for a slight second before gripping my hand and making us disappear.

When I opened my eyes, we were in the forest, in a small tree house, the one Joel and I had slept after I had the powerful sneeze. I dusted off my red sundress, one that was tight to the waist and then flapped about to the knee with a sweet heart top line. Ash gestured to the bed and walked to the desk to pull out the chair and sit backwards on it, leaning forward against the back rest.

"What do you want to start with???" he asked me, half grinning. I stayed quiet and then grinned and his chair slipped from beneath him and he fell to the floor. "You seemed to have made up your mind."

"You really have fallen for me haven’t you???" he did a mock 'hahaha' while I sat laughing at his fall and my fail of a joke. He got up and dusted down his trouser and then began chuckling once he had seen my teary eyes.

"Next, but stronger." we worked for what seemed hours moving things, using techniques, skills, Ash showing off, the works.

"Are we done yet??? My head is killing me, and I feel like it's going to start bleeding again," he nodded and shot up and helped me up before I had time to even think about getting up The tree house disappeared and we were in my bedroom, the sky the exact same as before we left. "What are we doing next time???"

"I need to think about it, you're strong but you need to work on it. Maybe back to the field." I groaned, he would attack me as soon as we got there and I really couldn't be bothered sigh poles and weights and things.

"Hey, can you go back in time or are you just a spirit with abilities???" he nodded and I grinned, "Think we could go somewhere some time???" he nodded again and I thought of the places we could go, Rome, Paris, we could see Abraham Lincoln, see Elizabeth II being crowned Queen. We could do so much!!!

"I'll promise, we go to the field in a few days and then we can go or do whatever you want, what about that???" I nodded and got really excited and almost started to jump.

"Sounds great!!!" I hugged him, squeezing him tight and then heard my mum shout from downstairs, asking me to empty and fill the dishwasher. "You have to go, maybe I'll see you later???"

"it's a date," he grinned, going for my cheek again while I stood still. I raised my eyebrow and kissed the back of my right hand instead. "Until next time, my lady," I giggled and curtsied as he bowed.

"Bye Ash, see you soon," he nodded and was gone, disappearing into thin air.

"Nikita!!!" I ran down stairs, grinning at the thought of appearing somewhere and seeing something amazing, one of the only good things about my week.

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