Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Meet The Family

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Meet The Family

Lying in bed that night, I thought about the conversation with Joel. He had phoned soon after Ash left and stopped me when I tried to apologize.

"Nikita, it's okay, you have a lot on your plate. Don't worry about it," he said as I began to grin.

"Are you sure??? I really am sorry Joel" I closed my eyes and pictured him, watching him smile. We talked for a while before mum asked me to get showered and get ready for bed. I, being myself, told her I was a big girl and could look after myself. She left me alone for a half hour before repeating the instructions again.

"I have to go Joel. Love you loads."

"love you Flush." I hung up and got ready for school. Now I was lying in bed, wishing I was with him, wishing I wasn't messed up in a way nobody could understand.

"Maybe, maybe everything will get better. Someday." I whispered to the pitch black room I was in before drifting off to darkness. Wednesday moved on to Thursday and Thursday moved onto Friday and Friday moved onto Saturday, the day of meetings Joel’s family. Well, meeting his father as I knew his brother and had briefly met his mother.

Mum was trying to get me to talk As we drove to the address Joel had given me. His parents couldn't come through because I wouldn't let them come to pick me up and just go through again and Joel couldn't come through because Amanda needed his help making the food, especially since he had prized out the foods I did eat that were peskitarian safe.

My stomach was in knots, I was really nervous and just switched on the radio. My mum knew about me turning into something like she never had the chance to but she didn't know about Ash and the threats and the other spirits. I wonder what she would say is she did.

"Nikita, are you that nervous???" I nodded and she turned down the radio so it was like it was nearly off. "I’m sure you'll be fine, I'll talk to Amanda and see what's she like, I just want to know his family aren't really nutters." I just looked forward, we were almost in St. Fergus now, which meant we were almost at Joel’s. The Wanted's Chasing The Sun slowly got on and I started to smile, just what I needed to relax.

We got to the address we were giving and I almost told mum she must have been wrong, but Amanda saw us at the window and began to make her way down the stone path from the door. "Nikita," she sang, "How good you could make it!!!" I grinned and stepped out the car, mum following suite.

"And you must be Mrs Middleton???" she came up to us and hugged both mum and I.

"Yes, you must be Mrs Robertson," she leaned in close to Amanda's ear so I couldn't hear but I think she, as well as I, knew she was failing. "Nikita's a little nervous, once she tarts to talk a lot you should be fine. I-" her voice quietened when she saw my face as Joel walked down the path towards us.

"Nikita," I grinned as he kissed my cheek and went to shake hands with my mum. "How are you Mrs Middleton??? It's been a while, looking as young as a twenty one year old." my mum laughed and patted Joel’s shoulder.

"Hello Joel, thank you, I'll take it as a compliment," she laughed again and Joel took my hand, leading me up the path as Amanda and mum spent a few minutes talking before going up the path behind us.

"How’s everything going???" I shook my head and grinned.

"I'm tripping up Ash and making him fall on his face all the time, so I'd say pretty good," he chuckled and led me through the front door. The house was a peachy- pink with White windows that multiplied by about ten and a deep mahogany door and a slanted roof near the ground, showing it was a bungalow. The garden was almost completely green, it had the stone path which was made of peach and grey stones with flowers beside it and Roses creeping at the bottom of the walls of the house.

"Your house is gorgeous. How do you keep it like this???" I heard my mum ask as the caught with us. The inside of the hall was a sky blue with pictures of the family on both Walls were there wasn't doors. Jordan looked almost exactly the same as he did, but obviously smaller. Joel, you wouldn't recognise him except for the small nose and the deep melted chocolate eyes. His face was chubbier and his lips were straight though his eyes basically screamed of laughter. They both had around six gold medals around their neck, the kind you got at a schools sport day.

"Is that really you???" he smiled sheepishly and I grinned, taking his hand and squeezing it, "well, I think you were a little cutie." he chuckled at my compliment and I soaped him softly on the arm, "you’re not meant to laugh!!!"

"But it's funny, me being a little 'cutie'," I grinned again and he walked with me through the rest of the house, the living room was massive, with a large oak table and lots of posh looking sofas and chairs. Jordan walked out of one of the doors leading out of the room and walked over to us.

"Hello Nikita," he took the hand that was free and kissed my knuckles before raising an eyebrow at his brother and walking away, "I'll see you both at dinner." we walked through the door opposite the one we entered and stood in the kitchen.

There sat Joel's dad, with grey hair that was gelled in a stylish way, spiked at the top and gelled to the side towards his face. I grinned as he got up on his feet and walked over, putting his hand out, waiting for me to do the same. We shook hands and then he gave me a quick hug.

"Dad..." I giggled at Joel's shunning tone, but his face shown proudness at his dad.

"Hello, you must be Nikita," I nodded and he smiled slightly at me, his eyes definitely had the gene that was passed to Joel. "Call me Mark. It's great to meet you, I hope you're taking good care of my son, his minds a little loopy."

"Okay, Mark," I laughed and gripped Joel’s hand again, watching as he failed to try and hide a grin. "I'll take good care of Joel, though I think he's doing a better job of looking after me." he nodded and smiled at his son, patting his son's shoulder and leaving his hand there for around fifteen seconds.

"We have to go dad, we're going to see Jordan." his dad nodded again and I said bye as we evacuated the room through another door. Joel saw my face and grinned before saying, "we have a lot of doors, you'll get used to them."

"You seem really proud of your dad."

"I am, it took a lot for him to get here tonight, I barely see him because he's a police officer, so he works a lot." he smiled a little soft smile; one that made it obvious he was sad about not seeing dad as much as he would have liked.

"Well, it was a privilege to meet him," I smiled softly at Joel, giving his hand a squeeze and then sighed, "do we really have to go see Jordan, he doesn't seem to like me much."

Joel laughed and hugged me, spinning me off my feet and twirling my red, knee high skirt around us. We heard a cough at the door and Joel stopped once he saw his younger brother glaring at us, but mostly me. "Told you," I whispered.

"Nikita," he nodded as he walked over to us and Joel rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. I smiled at Jordan and saw his cheeks gain colour.

Hello Jordan." Joel grinned at me, pleased I was making an effort to be nice to his brother. "How are you???"

"Fine, as are you I’m I think. How nice you look today, out of black and White."

"I like the colour scheme, seems like you don't though." he shook his head and he circled us. "Can I just ask, what are you doing???" Jordan gave me a glare before stalking out the room into another.

"Maybe you were right, Jordan does seem to dislike you."


"Is too strong for Jordan. He doesn't hate anyone." I raised my eyebrow as Joel led us out of another room and led me to the back garden. I grinned at the trampoline and made a run for it.

"I'll beat you!!!" I screeched as Joel began to jog behind me.

"What will I get if I win???" I just kept on running and was a finger away from touching the blue plastic safely wrapping before arms went round my waist and held me while a tanned hand went in front and almost touched the trampoline. I grabbed the arm and pulled it towards me before toppling onto the trampoline with Joel.

"I'm glad I wore leggings," I whispered as Joel leaned on his elbow. "Who won???" He shrugged his shoulders and leaned closer. "Draw???" he nodded and smiled as he placed his lips on mine. I grinned against his lips and sat up, folding my legs underneath me and holding Joel's cheek. He shifted beside me and was suddenly kneeling, looking a whole lot taller than me.

"Flush," he whispered as we stopped for breath. I looked up at him and smiled at his shining eyes, "should we go back to my family???"

"I am absolutely sure, they can look for us for a second or two," I whispered back, grinning as I leaned to his lips again, waiting for him to make the rest of the way. His lips landed on mine with ease and moved with mine in ease. Joel wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me on top of his legs, holding me tightly and close. I gripped the back of his neck, pulling his head to mine as close as it could go. I was happy, sitting there, with Joel, on his trampoline when his mother called his name.

"Joel!!!" I grinned as he pulled away and groaned, obviously annoyed at the interruption. We made our way off the bouncing contraption and walked back through the French doors to find Jordan and his mother standing there looking at us.

His mother had a look of fright and his brother was confused. I looked at Joel and he shared the same look as his brother. What was going on??? Mark came through the door and stopped grinning when he saw us, then grinned again and said rather loudly "Come on, I think the foods ready!!!"
As we sat at the round oak table, everyone was chatting and pilling food onto their plates. Amanda had made an amazing pasta dish for me. Taglatellie with a marscapony and tomato sauce. Some would say that it doesn't sound nice but don't knock it until you try it.

"Amanda, this is amazing!!!" she grinned at me and sipped her water. Joel sat beside me and his family sat at the other side. There were mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, chicken for the Robertson’s and the pasta dish for me. There were steamed vegetables, sauces, I felt spoiled and almost full just looking at the food.

"I'm glad you like it," she laughed, shovelling some roast potatoes on her plate. I grinned and spooned some more on my plate.

"Mind if I try some of your pasta???" Joel asked quietly as he eyed my food. I nodded and handed over the dish. I watched as he tried some and grinned, "I like your taste in food Nikita."

"So do I," I grinned then realised my mistake as everyone’s started laughing, even Jordan. "That sense did it???" Joel shook his head and gripped my hand under that table and gave it a squeeze before trying to eat again.

We talked about most things, schools, families, weather, shows, everything ad we all ate. Jordan began to make conversation with me and Joel gave us a pleased look. We finished and Jordan and Amanda went away with the dishes, Mark left to sit in the living room, we were all alone.

"Can I see your bedroom???" I asked sheepishly, looking around for his family listening in. He nodded and took my hand, leading me through three rooms until we were almost at the back garden again. The beige door had nothing on it as decoration and it was a gateway to Joel's room. The walls were a vibrant red and had yellow along the edges and corners. He had a built in wardrobe, a chest of White drawers and a king sized bed with red covers and pillows, encrusted with the Aberdeen Football Club logo.

"Like it???" he whispered, watching my gaping mouth.

"Just a smidge," I whispered back, marvelling over the glow in the dark stars on the White ceiling. "not fair, you stole my idea!!!"

"Really???" I gave him evil eyes then laughed before climbing onto his bed. “How have I ‘stolen your idea???’

“I always wanted glow in the dark stars on my roof, I know it’s kind of babyish but I like the idea, and fairy lights above my bed.” He grinned and jumped onto the bed beside me and tickled my side, making me lie down as I giggled and tried to fight him back. He laughed as he sat on me and pinned down my arms, knowing I couldn't really fight back.

"Joel!!! Get off me!!!" He pouted at me and I was grinning like an evil monkey. I raised my eyebrows and he was in the air, trying to get back down. I made him go down slowly, so his feet were an inch off the ground.

"Can u drop me now???" He whimpered, pouting again.

"But I'm not done yet," I got to the end of the bed and kissed him, concentrating really hard to let him down softly instead of him dropping like a doll. Ash and I had practised, I kept lifting him and he body turned into a rag, he just dropped to the floor of the tree house with a thud.

Every time.

He had said he landed like that because I had a lot more power than the average mind's eye. Joel was steadily on his feet in seconds and kissing me back, gripping my neck and holding my face to his. I cupped his face, not hard but hard enough to make him bite my lips. He kissed me furiously and passionately for minutes before breaking for a breath.

"I should," I panted, having to stop for more breath, "I should do that more often," he grinned and pulled in again, taking my breath away yet again. He pushed me onto my back and lied down beside me, crushing my chest as he lay across it, getting to my lips. My phone rang, ruining the moment and the mood.

"Leave it, don't answer," Joel whispered as he kissed my neck.

"It's mum, I have to answer," so I did. She asked when I was getting home, what was I doing, how was the food, how was I getting home. When I said I don't know, she said she was just getting the car keys. I hung up and sighed as Joel sat up and pulled me closer to him.

"Have to go???" I nodded and he sighed with me before kissing along my jaw. I giggled and he started to make slurping noises and he kissed me. I kicked my shoes off and crawled to the pillows, wanting to see how fluffy they were. Joel caught my feet and pulled me back towards him, when he realised it wasn't happening he tickled my feet. I froze when he did that and was pulled close to him again, scrabbling to get away and failing.

"Let me go or you'll be in the air again," he didn't seem to care though because he gripped my legs and kissed me again. I wrapped them just above him waist and gripped his neck, tightening my legs as he stood away from the bed. "Where are you taking me???" I whispered as we went out the room.

"I want to kiss my girlfriend under the stars."

"We already have." he chuckled and quietly walked past his mother and brother, careful not to make a sound. We got to the trampoline and I scooter to the middle, going down farther as I did. Joel jumped on the trampoline with me and helped me to my feet, making my fall again as he began to jump.

"Let me get up!!!" he laughed and grabbed my hands, helping me up and jumping at the same time, almost making me lose my balance again.

"Enjoying yourself???" Someone whispered in my ear, yet, when I turned round there was no one there. "Having fun are you???" The blonde girl was behind Joel, slid her finger against her neck, pointing to Joel.

"Come on, I had better get my shoes and wait for mum," he nodded and went to jump off the trampoline. Just as he jumped off, a sharp rock appeared where he was about to land. I quickly concentrated on keeping him in the air and moving him before setting him down slowly on a danger free patch of grass.

"What the hell???" I pointed to the disappearing rock and helped him up on his feet.

"Come on, let's find a space were they can't kill you."

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