Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - A Bottle Of Laughs And A Day Full Of Fun

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A Bottle Of Laughs And A Day Full Of Fun

We had gotten home and mum had helped lessen down the choices. I was sent to bed and told I was going to sleep for most of tomorrow, in hope I would get better. They thought I was sick, I wasn't, I just hadn't been getting sleep, therefor making me look and feel ill. I didn't have long until the party and mum wanted me looking good.

"Hurry up and go to bed, you look far too tired," mum helped me get upstairs, my legs failing to climb some simple steps and getting into bed. I managed to get into my PJ shorts and black vest before sliding into bed and pulling the covers up to my chin. I fell into the dark chasm and was almost ecstatic when I thought it was a pitch black night but then realised I could think, therefor dreaming. Ash walked out of the dark and kissed me lightly, cupping my cheek as he did so.

"Hello," he smiled impishly and stroked my cheek with his pale hand.

"Hi," I smiled softly at him and hugged him, glad he was there. He kissed me again and I just stayed still and waited until he pulled away. He looked at me with confusion and I just smiled again. I felt
like everything was wrong just now, everything.

"Have I done something wrong???" I shook my head and sighed, boy was I glad Joel wasn't here. He nuzzled his face into the base of neck, breathing into me and making me shiver. Imagined Joel instead of Ash and he pulled away, anger slowly clouding his face.

"That's why???" He whispered, "That's why you won't kiss me???" my eyes started to blur as Ash walked away, whispering the same thing to as he walked away backwards. "Maybe he won't be here for long. Maybe something will happen and you can't do anything."

Ash sent messages to my head, pictures, one was Joel and I, sitting on his bed kissing as passionately as we had that night I met his family, the next was his house on fire, him screaming out the window and his family burning in the front garden. It was me with the lighter and the gas, it was me who made the fire, it was me who killed Joel's family and was killing Joel.

"Ash!!! Stop it!!!" he stopped walking and looked at my tear stained
face. One second and he was right at me, holding me and cooing, trying to stop me crying. But of course I couldn't, I couldn't even push him away. I tried to concentrate on darkness, scared of what he could hear without me speaking. My mind was whirling though, I couldn't concentrate and kept thinking back to the kiss and couldn't stop crying even harder. He took a step, still gripping my arms and looked at me with shaking eyes.

"You really can't stop thinking about it???" I sniffled and nodded. What else was I to say??? I couldn't, and I couldn't be bothered lying about it when I would be found out anyway.

His hands left my arms and gripped my face before crushing his lips to mine again. My limbs went slack and he was holding me up, one hand gripping my face and the other gripping my side while his lips smashed and grinded with mine.

"Ash..." He looked at me and stopped, letting me drop to the ground I scrunched up into a ball and screamed as his power took a blow to my head.

"You dare think of him while with me???" it was true, Joel wouldn't leave my mind. At all.

"Yes!!!" I managed to slowly stand and stare at him, making him look away. "I love him and my feelings for you are...a cocktail. I don't even know, so until I call on you, leave me."

And with that, I disappeared.


I sat up in bed, he was gone, and Joel was there instead. He was sitting beside me, leaning against my head board and watching me with curious eyes.

"Ash there again???" I nodded. Joel had slept over at mine countless times, mostly getting permission first but other times sneaking in my window or coming home with me when mum and dad are working by the time I get home from school and hiding in my closet until they're settled in bed.

"When did you get here???" He shrugged and kissed me cheek before hugging me tightly, reminded me off my dream. "You'll be at my party won't you???" he nodded and kissed my other cheek, sighing in my ear. "What's wrong Joel??? Don't say nothing because you haven’t called me Flush or chuckled yet."

"My dad, he's leaving to go to Iraq soon, next week I think," Mark had gotten a new job, he went with the army to help out in Iraq while the war tried to finish. He had only left one or twice but was always gone for about a month and back for three weeks.

"Oh Joel, at least he's not sitting there in an office talking to some ransomed on the phone, he's actually out doing something!!! Think of it that way," I kissed his nose before grinning and pushing him off my bed and making him fall with a loud thud. "Now get out for a minute, I need to get changed."

"As you wish," he said, bowing before evacuating the room while singing Mr lonely. I had to stop doing everything for a moment or two so I could listen. His voice sounded like angels, not to high and not to low, it was Goldilocks.

I got out my straight levis jeans and a black vest with a White cardigan and opened the door to a daydreaming Joel with his ankles crossed and his arms crossed. I grinned and kissed him, catching him off guard. He smiled at me and took my hand as we walked downstairs, well, my mind making us glide. I concentrated on making a bowl of cereal, eating the cereal, sliding and tying my Converse on my feet and brushing my hair and tying it up in a tight bun at the same time.

"Whoa, I never knew you could do that," I grinned as my lace finished tying.

"You haven’t been paying attention," my bag flew on my shoulder and opened so I could check its contents. Purse, check. Lip-gloss, check, phone, check, iPod and earphones, check, "All ready to go. Bye mum!!!" She shouted it back and Joel and I left for outside, the sun was shining and the birds were singing, making the day amazing.

"Where do you want to go??? Peterhead, Aberdeen, Ellen, your pick," Joel asked as we walked down the drive.

"The willow tree, out of all the places we've been, I haven’t shown you the willow tree," I gripped his hand and started to run down the Castle path, turning when we were far enough and walked carefully among the nettles until we were right at the tree. "Amy and I, my little cousin, we used to play a game. And this tree was Grandma Willow."

"Well," he said, "Grandma Willow, tell me, what will happen to us, will we have children???" I grinned at him and wrapped my arms around his waist before pushing him off balance again and climbing up some of the branches until I got to my bit. It had a single, thick branch, one hefty enough to hold three peoples weight. Joel stood at the bottom and grinned up at me, getting down on one knee.

"Rapunzel," he said, throwing one hand in the air and pressing the other to his chest, "Throw down your red hair!!!" I laughed and made my hair grow, something I was getting good at. I made it grow a little long and wrapped it twice around a branch before carrying on, laughing as Joel’s eyes few large.

"Hurry up!!! I don't want anyone to see!!!" he climbed, actually climbed, up my hair, using a branch as a foot rest so he wouldn't tug out all my hair at once. He got up beside me and grinned, hugging my waist.

"Now tell me Rapunzel, how do you make your hair short again???" I froze, wondering what the he'll I would do, I couldn't go to the house, people would see that my hair had grown five metered in ten minutes and wonder what the hell was in their tea!!!

"Joel??? be a babe and run to the house and get the scissors for me???"
He chuckled and climbed back down my hair, swinging as he went. He was back in two minutes with scissors and climbed up for the last time.

"What's my reward???"

"Getting to comment on my do when I'm done." he pouted and I kissed him quickly, wanting to get on. I unwrapped my hair badly while taking out about ten strands a least and seeing the length. I hacked at some and watched the pool of dark red form on the grass and twigs beneath us, looking sad yet vibrant. Joel cut some on his side and helped with the back, kissing each patch of neck he could clear. I closed my eyes and looked around my head, concentrating on the scissors cutting any bits that needed the treatment.

"Come on, you look beautiful," Joel said, jumping down into the red hair. He held his arms out and grinned at me as I made the decision as to jump or not. I jumped from the branch and fell into his arms, bridal style. "Well, maybe the day is today???"

"Maybe, but first, help me get rid of this," he set my feet on the ground and picked up most of the hair. I picked up the rest and we shuffled to my house, throwing it all in the bin. Joel kept a huge lock or so after we chucked it all and wrapped it around my waist, giving me a devilish grin.

"Come here," he whispered before tugging on the hair.

"Your wish is my command," I giggled, running quickly into him, making us both fall to the ground in a fit of laughter. I laid my head on his bouncing chest and controlled my giggling as he stopped laughing.

"I love you Flush," he whispered, settling down and quietening his laughter completely.

"I love you too Joel," I whispered back, sighing happily and closing my eyes for the slightest of seconds. I turned my head slightly and saw Mum and Sharon standing with Nicola at the window, hands on chins and watching us, dreamy faces on them. "Sharon and Nicola and mum are-"

"I'm on it," he began shuffling under me and I started in a giggle of fits as he tickled my sides to get me off. He got on his feet and gripped my hands, helping me up before twirling me around.

"Come on Joelllllll!!!" he set me down again and we began walk/shuffling up the drive and the stairs. His arms were wrapped around my waist and his chin resting on my shoulder. We got to the back garden and sat on the bench, just sitting there until I became restless.

"Can I play with your hair???" he sighed and shook his head as I whined. He gave up and nodded before sitting on the grass and letting me grow and cut his hair endlessly. The dogs came bounding out and Meg attacked Joel with her kisses and paws. Molly walked slowly and blindly towards us and nudges her head against my leg.

"Hello baby girl," I whispered, unaware of Joel's hair growing to the grass. He patted my leg so I would look and giggled before braiding it. "No, you definitely don't have hair as thick as mine."

"No, but it's longer," he growled. I grinned and got the scissors from my bag before hacking away at his brown locks. He sat there quietly and still as I finished off his natural look. I slipped the scissors back in my bag and zipped it up, patting Moll's head at the same time.

"Fed up of my hair???" I grinned at the faint hope in his voice and began flicking bits of brown.

"No, I just don't want to play with it anymore. Can we sit on the grass???" He pulled me onto my feet and sat down, pulling me down after him. He lied down and we heard a squelch and a horrible smell. "Joel???"

"When was the last time Mrs Middleton poop scooped???" I giggled and shrugged, helping him onto his feet and looking at the back of his head.

He had a fresh lot of greenish brown crap in the back of his hair.

"Awe, I just finished your hair!!!" I slapped his arm and pulled him into the house, to the upstairs bathroom and handed him a towel and leaving him too it.

"I'll be fine you know!!! Get the bus home or something?!?!?!"

"Go in the shower, no one wants to smell crap anywhere!!! Now get clean," I ordered, walking downstairs to get a drink.

"So," Sharon said in a serious tone, the three women sitting at the table, the old, the pregnant and the weird. "Does he know how to work it???" I nodded and we started giggling unstoppably.

"I should think so." I got my drink and sat down on the window ledge, soaking up the sunlight. We were all used to it, I literally soaked it up. Bad day with rain and I looked worryingly pale, sunlight the next and you could see my cheeks gain colour and my lenses strain to keep the natural colour under control and my lips go rosier.

We all chatted for a while and then heard the shower switch off. I made my way slowly to my room and opened it before screeching and turning. He stood with the towel to his ankles before shuffling and getting the towel around his waist.

"You shouldn't have come in!!!"

"You should have changed in the bathroom!!!"

"You can come in now, I have clothes on." I turned round and saw that he did indeed have trousers and boxers on. He grinned at me and tried to hit me with the towel.

"Hey!!!" He laughed and hit me again before catching me off guard and getting me to the floor. I lay there, like I had with Ash, but it was Joel instead. He rested his lips gently on mine, immediately melting the tension my bones were gaining. I grinned though my lips and kissed him back, wanting ad much of him as I could get. "You have a lot of muscle," I mumbled, poking his biceps and his muscular stomach.

"Just so I can take you on when I need to," he grinned, kissing my quickly up my neck to my ear. I giggled and kept prodding his muscle, making him growl when I nipped his arms or sides.

"You should be a bear, you're starting to get fuzzy enough and your pretty good at growling," I whispered, scratching his upper lip and feeling the moustache growing.

"I do everything for you."

"So if I asked you, would you shave???" he nodded and grinned, kissing me one last time before rummaging in his bag, another night of him sleeping over. He brought out a razor and shaving cream and my eyes widened, he just grinned even wider and stalked off to the bathroom, turning the tap on and leaving the door open. I walked in and wrapped my arms around his shirtless waist, hooking my fingers on the belt looped of his jeans and leaning my head on his warm, tan shoulder. I stood very still until he was done and then started to fidget around.

"Done," he said once he had gotten rid of all the cream.

"Missed a spot," I lied, kissing him quickly and then turning towards my bedroom.

"You seem to have gotten a bit on you too somehow," I could hear the grin through his voice as he did the exact same, hooking his finger on my belt loops and pulling me back towards him. I turned at the last second and kissed him, making him jump at what he was planning on doing.

"I feel old now," I whispered against his lips.


"Because I'm barely a year younger than you." I grinned as he frowned, well, tried to from but tragically failed. His birthday had been the middle of March, making him sixteen.

"I'm not that old, I’m not old at all!!!" he said loudly and kissed me again before letting go.

"Well think about it," I said, slipping my hands behind my head, "I love you, therefor I love an old man. See not so bad."

"Yes, but think about this, I love a girl younger than me, it makes me sound like a paedophile." I grinned and shot up to kiss him, my arms wrapping around his neck and going on my tiptoes to kiss him.

"I don't care much since we're joking around," he grinned and tickled my sides, sending me into a frenzy of giggles and squeals.

"Nikita!!! I need you to go to the shop for me!!!" I sighed as Joel pouted at my mother’s uncanny interruption. I grinned and tugged on his hand, grabbing a black top and throwing it to him, hoping it was his. He raised an eyebrow and turned it round, the black top with a teddy on front. The one I slept in.

"Umm, I didn't know you, umm," I couldn't think of anything as I giggled at him, wishing he would try it on.

"Definitely not mine." We saw a top rise and Joel swatted my arms as it did. He didn't like me using my mind's eye as much as I did. I grinned as the top flew to his face, dropping to the ground like a brick. He picked a black top off the bed, the one he had been wearing earlier and shoved it on before taking my hand. We walked downstairs, got the money and shopping list from mum and began down the path to the shop.

"So, what do you wanna do after we get back???" I said, swinging our
arms as we walked.

"You chose, I flow with you," I grinned and began running, hearing a second pair of pounding feet and arms around my waist. We got to the shop and bought the thugs mum needed, getting a whippy ice cream at the same time for us. We walked slowly back to the house, eating our ice creams and being careful not to let them melt down our hands.

"You're, umm, growing tanner by the second and a little taller," Joel whispered in my ear. I looked at my hand and indeed, I looked like I had been to Spain and sunbathed in a bikini for a week straight.

"You'll get used to it," I whispered back. "Want to go the beach after this???" he nodded and we ran back home, me doing my best to run while
Joel jogged alongside me. I had practiced it with ash, it was between a jog and a sprint but not running, I would have fainted again. There's not a lot I can do until Ash gives the okay, so there's not a lot I can do.

"You would rock at Halloween. Dressing up really creepily and then moving stuff with your mind," Joel said, a little louder as we walked in the house.

"Never really thought about it being honest," I said back, dropping the bag onto the table and picking things to go away. Joel hadn't seen me do things a lot, giving the gobsmacked look just about every day. "Mum!!! We're going to the beach soon!!!"

"Soon???" Joel asked.

"Well, I'm not wearing full jeans to the beach, and I'm sure you want to see my bikini," he grinned and I laughed as I left him in the kitchen, things floating into sandwiches or into the big float bag we were taking. I ran upstairs, got changed into a red bikini, short denim shorts and ran back down after getting my flip flops.

"You could be a model you know," Joel said as I came nearer.

"Oh really???"

"When I want to share you with fans anyway," he grinned and kissed my forehead before grabbing the bag and heading to the beach. We found a good patch on the sand, not too far away from the water but a bit far towards the sand dunes.

"Want to go for a paddle???" We raced to the water like children, my
hair whipping my back and neck every chance it got to catch up. We
wadded into the icy cold water and I immediately began shivering but
wadded in up to my knees.

"Come on Joel!!! I'm in up to my knees!!!" he came beside me and lifted me, making my look taller than him and barely being splashed up to my knees.

"I bet you feel tall," he grunted, holding my entire wait.

"You're not much taller than me, just an inch or two."

"Stronger though!!! And can easily drop you if I wanted," he grinned evilly, loosening his grip around me.

"You wouldn't dare," I hissed, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Watch me," his arms disappeared and I toppled into the salty cold water. I found the surface and growled, Joel, being the annoying boy he can be, looked amused. Until I jumped on him. He lost balance and fell in after me, splutter if and coughing as he came up again. I stood and laughed, despite the hair on my arm standing on end.

"You look a tab wet babe," he scowled and made me laugh even harder as he failed to keep it going. He began chuckling and took my hand, walking back to the towel and getting sand all over us in the meantime.

"Sleepy much???" Joel said as I yawned.

"No, it's the sun. If I'm in the sun for too long my cells or something begin to get too big and comfortably and fell like sleeping to restore themselves. Make sense???" He nodded and sat down, lifting me onto his lap once I done the same.

"Your mum told me about you and sleep, that you've done something that pissed him off."

"Training, worrying, you," he grinned as I nudged my face into his neck. His arms wrapped around me and squeezed me tight, making me fell like nothing could happen as long as I was with Joel. Ash needed to realise that him and I would never happen; Joel and I would always be around.

We sat like that for about an hour, me sleeping soundly and Joel sitting there hearing my snores. How he put up with it I don't know.

For one rare hour, I slept in absolute darkness.

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