Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - The Dream Catcher And The Asswhole

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The Dream Catcher And The Asshole

"Wakey wakey, Sleeping Beauty." I whined and turned over, shoving my face into the pillow. "Come on, you have school," I whined and did my best to squeeze farther into the pillow. Joel voice finally registered and I sighed before turning round to face him.

"Can't I just sleep???" I remembered the beach and me falling asleep on his lap. "Hey!!!" he chuckled and kissed my forehead but I sniffed and turned round, my back facing him.

"It's about one o'clock, you fell asleep on my lap at around two in the afternoon," I sighed as he kissed my bare shoulder and gasped before trying to cover it by coughing.

"What??? And don't say nothing."

"Your marks getting bigger," I sighed as he said it. Since Barry died a mark had been growing on my beck, my shoulder blade to my wrist, and growing over my shoulder. It was black, White, blue, red and silver, a mix of the colours and shapes, plants that no one got the chance to see, animals that have been claimed to be extinct, the face of my Shiatra, my protector, guardian, trainer, my link to the spirits. Ash.

I, of course, had tried to get things added, taken away, coloured anything to make it look better. It was always gone by morning. Joel didn't like the idea of Ash's face on my shoulder blade, neither did I, but I couldn't help it. It was there and when it was finished, it would reach my waist line and cover both my arms and hands. It basically a tattoo, just one that didn't cost any money to do and one people wouldn't understand.

"So really, it's Sunday," I said, steering away from the award subject. He nodded and grinned before placing his hands on my hips, with some trouble. He rubbed my sides and whispered in my ear, things like "I love you" or "go to sleep" or "everything's okay" the works. I squeezed my eyes shut and slowly fell asleep.

Ash wasn't in my dream. Joel wasn't in my dream. His little brother was. Jordan was in my dream.

"Nikita, how did I know you would be here???" he walked over to me and grinned. "Didn’t know I was connected did you???"

"What do you mean??? Are you connected with them???" He shook his head and explained it all.

"My mother was told when I was born, in her dream of course, that one of her sons would become a dream catcher, one who can see and greet people in dreams, but needs more than dreams to do what is needed, they catch dreams, make nightmares and blow them back into the empty space, they make hell. The only way to activate that would be for them to meet the newest mind controller, the Winatria.

"See when you walked inside my house, I could feel it, this power rising from my stomach." he lifted his hand to my cheek, as if to make sure I was still there. "I have a mission, and I know I'm going to fulfil it. If I die then I must have done it right. If I live then I'm lucky but not for long."

"You mean, if you live they'll kill you???" he nodded and I hugged him tightly, even though he hated me basically, even though if he died it would probably be my fault. To my surprise, he wrapped his arms around me and began to cry, silent tears streamed down his face on onto my shoulder.

"I'm scared, Nikita, I'm so so so scared," he whispered, crying a little harder as he said it.

"Shush, it'll be okay, I won't let the hurt you," I whispered back, feeling incredibly guilty.

"I don't know what I have to do or when I have to, he said when the time is right, that's all he said," Jordan whispered.

"Who told you this???" he described a man that had shocking blue eyes, blonde hair that looked White and a voice that anyone could listen to all day.

"He spoke about you with a lot if care in his voice, it's obvious he loves you," I nodded and wanted to punch someone, but that would have to wait, I had Joel's little brother crying on my shoulder, scared of dying.

"Come on Jordan, get out of this dream and get some sleep, I'll see myself out." he stepped away and nodded, looking anywhere but my eyes. He vanished before I did the same.

"I need to speak to Jordan," I said; getting out of bed.

"At one in the morning???" I stood still and looked at Joel, grinning yet a confused look had registered in his eyes. "Come back to bed, babe."

"Why am I up at one in the morning???" I whispered, crawling into bed and snuggling into him.

"Because you've been restless all night and finally woke up. You were asleep for about ten twenty minutes." I sighed and scrunched up into a ball against Joel. I finally went to sleep, no Ash, no spirit, no Jordan, just complete darkness.
The days past quickly, my mother getting more excited about my party, Sharon getting bigger and moaning about pregnancy, dad working all the more and Joel being supportive and scared when I had to use him to train. Life was good. In a weird way.

Jordan had been paying me visits and trying to be nicer in my dreams. Ash had stayed well away as Jordan took over. We chatted about things, the spirits, anything we could think of. Mark had gone and I went over nearly every day after school to keep Amanda company, or staying over before school.

Everything had been going just peachy, then the nerves set in the day before my party. Half of second year and some others were going to be there, that was around two hundred people. All for a fifteenth birthday. Wow.

"Nikita, Nikita dear, are you okay???" I glanced up from my lemonade at Amanda and grinned.

"I'm great Amanda, sorry I was day dreaming." She smiled politely and sipped the last of her coffee before getting up to put it into the dishwasher. Joel was cutting the grass and Jordan was revising for science, which really meant he was trying to figure what his role was.

"Have you heard from Mark yet???" She shook her head and sighed, whenever Mark left for the army Amanda was really down. I hated seeing her like this. "Maybe he'll send a letter soon, or call or something. Patience is what we need," I grinned and got up to hug her, hearing her sniffle and try not to get worked up.

"I should hope so, I miss him so much. But anyway, your mum will want you home soon, I'll give you a lift." Joel was just coming in-he had somehow 'installed' uncanny timing-and went to wash his hands before giving me a hug.

"You smell like grass," he grinned hugged me tight before ruffling my hair with his grass-smelling hands. After a scowl from Amanda, Joel let go of me and grabbed my hand instead as we walked out into the freshly cut from garden and climbed into the Alfa Romeo and waiting for Jordan.Reply to:

“I’ll give this ride a miss mum!!!” Jordan shouted from the front door, “I have studying to do!!!” Amanda sighed and Joel just looked from her to me, giving me a look as if to say is there something I don’t know about??? I shook my head and kissed his cheek before he could say something in front of his mum, Amanda was going to lose Jordan and might lose Mark, I didn’t want Joel knowing and making things harder.

“Joel,” Amanda said as we turned beside Asda, “are you staying at Nikita’s tonight???”

“No, I need to do something for tomorrow, Nikita can’t see it.” Amanda nodded and began driving again, becoming quiet for the remainder of the ride.

We got home and I said bye, kissing Joel and giving Amanda a quick hug, “cheer up, everything will be fine, I promise.” They left and I made my way inside, dumping my bag as I walked in the kitchen.

“What. The hell. Are you doing. In. My. House???” Ash stood up and grinned at me, walking over before sitting on the window sill.

“I can’t keep away,” he pointed to my mark, “haven’t you noticed??” his face was growing, almost full, when it was the mark would be finished.

“You’re killing him, you’re killing Jordan!!!” I almost screamed right in his face, how was any of this fair??? “Why Jordan??? Why give him this kind of future??? He has a live to live and you’re not letting him!!!”

“Nikita!!! Calm down!!!” I jumped at him, tried to scratch his face, gouge his eyes out, anything to hurt him. How could he do this!?!?!? “Would you rather it was Joel???”

“Why had he got anything to do with this???”

“As I believe, it was either brother would be a Dream Catcher so, really, either Joel or Jordan would be the Dream Catcher. Who would you rather it was???” I just stayed still, I couldn’t speak, what could I say??? I would much rather it was Joel, in fact, why don’t you kill him now??? Yeah, I can’t stay that, even if I did, I would never mean it.

“You want him dead???” I shook my head, he knew I never wanted Joel dead, I loved him far too much. “You know, you think you love him but-”

“There is no but, I love him Ash, and you hate that it’s not you.” I walked away and grabbed my bag before heading upstairs. “Leave, now.” I didn’t even turn around, I knew he had left.

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