Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - A Metal Suprise And Lovers Found

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Submitted: June 04, 2012



A Metal Suprise And Lovers Found

“You need to come over, mum wants to see you before you go to the party,” I grinned and shifted the phone to levitate beside my ear as I put on my makeup. “can Teresa take you over???”

“Yeah, I think so, I’ll be over in less than an hour, I promise,” the nail polish started to fly to my hands as the foundation sponge did its magic and the iPod changed the song. “Love you Joel.”

“See you soon babe, love you too.” He hung up and I got going with my nails as the phone slowly made its way to the bed. My dress was on its hanger, lying on the bed waiting to be worn. It was a strapless knee high dress that had a think red belt under the bust, a black top and the skirt was a white skirt with black and grey roses on it, in my eyes, it was absolutely gorgeous.

Even Kaitlyn was wearing a dress, she wouldn’t tell me what it looked like or show me it, but it’s a rare time you would get her into a dress. A lot of people barely talk to me but mum has contacts at school and invited nearly everyone I didn’t even know what was going on.

“NIKITA!!! HURRY UP!!!” Mum shouted from the door, obviously listening in, “Amanda phoned!!! She wants to see you before you go!!!” Maybe not…

“I told Joel to say I would be there in the hour, give me time, woman!!!” I was just finishing off my nails when my make-up finished and my hair was completely straightened. I picked up the dress and grinned, apparently I looked amazing in it, I hoped Sharon and Mum were right.

“Okay, I just want to get you away soon, I don’t know how long she’ll take.” I grabbed my shoes, black peep-toe pumps with small fabric roses at the toe, and carefully put them in my bag and folded the dress into the bag before running to catch mum.

“Where’s your dress???” I pointed to the bag and she nodded before grabbing the car keys and leading me to the car, my party was in about two hours at my house. Joel wanted me to go over, so Georgia and I were going, she had stayed over the night before. She was now in the toilet.

“Georgia!!!” I shouted from the door, “Come on, we’re leaving!!!” she shouted back before the toilet flushed and she ran to meet us at the door, her bag slung on her shoulder with her dress and shoes. Why we were leaving to come back was beyond me, but then again, everything was beyond me since I became a Winatria.

We drove to St. Fergus talking about the party, who was going, what songs were going to be asked for, what the DJ was like, and Georgia kept on asking about Jordan.

“Jordan’s coming, right???” I nodded and she sighed happily, completely out of it.

“I just hope Ash isn’t there,” I whispered, barely breathed. Georgia still didn’t know about the crash, the death, Ash, anything to do with my abilities, no way in hell was I going to tell her about Jordan, not when it’s him.

“Are you ready for a million hugs and kisses, Nikita???” I laughed at mum, her and Amanda had been getting on like a house on fire. As soon as we parked the front door to the Robertson’s was open and Amanda was rushing to the car with Joel and Jordan standing at the door grinning the faces off like Cheshire cats.

“Nikita!!! Happy birthday sweetheart!!!!” I laughed as Georgia and I climbed out he car, getting hugged so much I couldn’t breathe. She finally let me go and gave Georgia a hug before going to talk to mum, Georgia and Amanda had met once or twice before and they seemed to get on fine. Jordan had met Georgia, his face was of pure amazement when she came round or went to lunch with us.

“Hey babe, my mum didn’t kill you did she???” before I could reply, Jordan was giving me a hug and then chatting to Georgia. Joel grabbed my hand and led me inside, covering my eyes as we walked through the house.

Second front door, I thought to myself, getting the hang of the maze, living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, Jordan’s door, Joel’s door. Bingo!!! As soon as I opened my eyes I saw a beautiful silver chain with a diamond heart at the bottom and a thick silver bangle.

“Joel, they’re gorgeous!!!” he handed me the bangle and I studied it, on the outside it had roses and lilies tangled together and on the outside it had Joel & Nikita branded onto it. I slipped it onto my wrist and grinned at Joel before kissing his cheek.

“I’ll be back soon, I need to get my gear on,” I giggled, looking at his cheek, which now had a bright red kiss mark on it. He grinned and kissed my lips, gaining another kiss mark.

“Stop it!!! I already have to re-apply!!!” he chuckled and grabbed my waist, kissing me like a wild thing. He finally let go after a laughing fit and I snatched my bag from the bed and went off to get changed.

“Nikita!!! Where’s the bathroom???” I grabbed her hand and led her threw a door or two and opened the bathroom door for her. “thanks.”

“Don’t take too long, I need to get changed too.” She nodded and locked the door. After a minute or two she came out in a gorgeous blue satin dress with a large, pink satin bow tied at the waist, it fit snuggly and beautifully around her curves and suited the blue flats with metal studs and a tiny bow at the front. “You look amazing, Georgina.”

“I just hope someone will like it,” she smiled a little at the side. She leaned against the wall and gestured to the door. I went in, slipped the dress on and did my best walking in the three inch heels before re-applying lipstick and checking my hair, gorgeously straight.

“Come on, I need to ask someone a question before we leave.” She nodded and walked along with me, trying on the heels as she went and almost falling. We changed back to our usual shoes and walked to Jordan’s door. Nothing there to make it look like his room, easy enough.

“Nikie, what are you grinning at???” I shrugged and opened the door before gasping and laughing. Jordan turned round, startled and grabbed a top to cover himself before almost dropping it at the sight of Georgia.

“Umm, hi, Georgia,” he stumbled, lost for words, “you look…..” Georgia’s head dropped and he walked over to lift her chin, “you look great, the belle of the ball.”

“You’ve only seen Nikie and I,” she giggled, going red, tomato red, what we used to call him before she got to know him.

“Even when I do, you’ll still be the best looking,” he grinned and started closing in the gap, I tiptoed away, not wanting to ruin her first kiss with a good guy.

“Hey ba…” he lost track of words once he saw me and just kissed my forehead instead. “Where’s Georgia???”

“With Jordan, walk in on them and I’ll slap you.” He grinned and shook his head.

“Okay, I’m guessing they’re playing tonsil tennis??? And you look amazing babe.”

“That’s one way to say it, and thank you, you look cutie-pop too,” he just wore a white shirt and black jeans, his hair gelled into a spike.

“Come on kids!!! We’re leaving!!!” I looked at Joel, wide eyed. When had Mark gotten home?!?!?! I grabbed Joel’s hand and almost ran to the front door to give Mark a hug, he was back safe and sound!!!

“Hello Nikie,” he grinned, his eyes shining and he hugged me.

“I didn’t know you were home!!!” Amanda came through a door and wiped her eyes for what looked the one hundredth time. Her eyes were red and swollen and her face was pale yet she grinned.

What I hadn’t realised though, was that Marks left arm was in a sling.

“What happened???” Joel whispered as Jordan and Georgia came through, his arm and her waist. Jordan stopped midway as Mark lifted his arms out of the sling, it wasn’t flesh.

Someone had blown his arm off and replaced it with metal.

“Amanda, are you okay???” She nodded but kept sniffling as she walked over to Mark and hugged him tight. Everyone went quiet and he began to laugh.

“At least I’m here!!!” he bellowed with laughter and I began to laugh as well, everyone began laughing and the room was loud again. “Right, so, I guess you lot better get to your party???” I didn’t bother asking how he knew; I just assumed Jordan had gotten through to him through dreams.

“Yes, yes, we better go, come on kids!!!” Amanda gathered us all out to the car and I couldn’t stop a tear flying down my cheek as we walked. His arm was gone, great. I saw Joel wipe his eyes and get a hug from his dad before coming to the car.

“You okay???” I whispered as I waited for everyone to get in the car. He nodded and looked at his dad, standing at the door. I looked from him to his family and made my mind. “Mark!!!” I screeched as I took off my shoes and ran to the door, “come on, you’re coming!!!” I grabbed his metal hand and began walking back to the car.

“Where will I sit???”

“In the front.”

“What about you???”

“The boots counted as a door, I’ll sit in there.” He was quiet as Amanda popped open the boot, I climbed in and Mark climbed in the front. The top was off the boot so I could see and hear everyone as Amanda drove to my house, the music was The Wanted, since it was my birthday.

Joel sang to all the words as he had been forced to listen to them but hadn’t complained. Georgia was leaning on Jordan’s arm while Joel sat with his hand holding mine as we sang, Jordan singing a few times too.

We got into the Bay and saw all the cars on my street, with people dropping off their kids or people here with their cars, like Daniel. There were heaps of cars.

What if something went wrong??? What if I killed people??? I couldn’t’ live with myself.

We got out the car and Joel had to help me walk, I felt like I was going to faint. We got in the gate and I gasped, there were so many people!!!

 As Funs’ We Are Young came on, my fears melted away along with my worries.

“Would you like to dance Nikie???” Joel asked as soon as we were in the garden.

“Yeah, I would actually,” with that, Joel and I began dancing to a massive tune at a massive party.

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