Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - A Storm Breaking Slap

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



A Storm Breaking Slap

It was about a few hours into the party, around seven in the evening and everyone was enjoying themselves, the bitches were bitching, some girls were chatting up every guy there was, some were sitting chatting in groups, some were dancing, someone had even found and old football and began to play with the majority of the boys. Everything was great until two pale people walked through the gate, shocking blonde, almost white, and shades on even though it was pitch black.

One smiled as soon as he saw me. The other scowled.

“Nikita??? What’s wrong???” I pointed to the spirits and Joel sighed, scowled and sighed again as they got nearer.

“Nikita, Joel, how are you???”

“What do you want Ash???” his hand tightened around the girl, the one who helped us in the corridor once I sneezed.

“Savannah wanted to see a party, I told her this one was fine, take care of her.” I glanced at the girl-Savannah- and smiled before nodding, I would try. Before anyone even noticed, Ash was gone.

“I don’t even want to be here, so don’t bother.” She patted down her dress like she was self-conscious, I didn’t see why, she was gorgeous, her hair in natural waves and her face was pretty enough without make-up, yet she still didn’t want to be seen.

“Come on, let’s dance, I don’t want you to be scared.” She looked up at me and then at my out stretched hand, then she took it, just like that.

“I can’t dance,” she whispered.

“Neither can anyone else, we all think we can but we really can’t,” she giggled and twirled with me, stepped to the beat and began to enjoy herself.

“How old are you???” I asked, she looked about my age, but acted younger.

“I’m 14, Ash thinks of me as his younger sister,” she sighed and stopped dancing, going to sit down.

“I get what you mean. Want a drink???” she nodded and I grabbed her hand, pulling her over to grab a drink. She was about to pick up water when I gave her a can of Monster, that ought to pick her spirits up a bit. I grabbed a can of relentless and a can of cola for Joel before leading her to out patch of grass.

“Here you go,” I said as I kissed Joel on the cheek and handed him the cola.

“Thanks babe,” he gulped it and his pupil’s dilated. I grinned, in the next twenty minutes or so he would probably be running around without a top on, cola got him higgghhhhh as a kite.

“I’ve seen what cola does to humans over the years, does it happen to him???” I nodded and giggled as he became restless.

“What for a half hour or so, you won’t be able to stop giggling, that’s how bad he gets.” Savannah grinned before getting up, finishing the can of Monster and going to put it in the bin.

“What???” She asked when she came back, noticing me staring at her.

“Why don’t you levitate it???” She gestured to all the people and sat down again, ah okay, to many people. We danced for a while as Joel’s cola settled in his system and made its way to his brain.

“Joel, you okay???” I giggled as he stood up. He nodded and in the next ten minutes was running and dancing about without his shirt on. Savannah couldn’t stop giggling, as could the rest of the party. He stopped acting like a chimpanzee and looked at me, then grabbed my hand and began twirling me around.

“I feel absolutely amazing, babe, what about you???”

“Being honest, I feel like I’m going to throw up at any second.” He stopped and closed his eyes before smiling and looking at me.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have drunk the cola.” I shook my head and hugged him, careful not to squeeze too tight.

“I’m not bothered, you were quiet funny actually, you even got Savannah smiling.” He grinned and kissed me quickly before going to see Savannah. After a few seconds she was laughing and looked like she was relatively having a good time.

“Nikie!!! Come over here!!!” I smiled as Joel shouted and walked over, taking his hand and chatting to the both of them.

We danced, chatted, asked for songs, played truth or dare (until Dean dared someone to have sex with the bench and mum heard, that stopped the game pretty quickly). Soon enough it was time for everyone to leave, one o’clock in the morning and half of the people were falling asleep on the ground, on the sofa’s, in beds, anywhere they could find a place.

Half of the people had gone and Georgia was falling asleep on Jordan’s arm, when Ash came back. “Savannah, come on.”

“She’s welcome to stay Ash, no need for her to leave.” I stood a little in front of her, the poor girl was cowering!!! He raised an eyebrow and held out his hand towards her.

“There’s still a lot of people here, Savannah, wouldn’t want anything to happen now would you???” I scowled and nodded at Joel before taking Ash’s hand and walked towards the front garden.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Ash???” I hissed, low enough for just him to hear.

“I’m taking Savannah home. Where she belongs.” His eyebrow flew up again and he stepped towards me. “She can stay, if you come with me.”

Never.” He closed the gap and kissed me, trying to prise my lips open with his and licking my lips. I took a step back and lifted my hand.

“You wouldn’t dare.” But I did, the flesh on my palm connected with the dead flesh on his cheek. With a loud crack!!! His eyes narrowed and grey stormy as he glared at me.

“Looks like I have sweetheart, watch yourself, I think the dead bruise.” I smiled a fake smile and began moving back to the back garden when he grabbed my wrist, making me turn round to see an angry sprit that looked like it was in water. “Ash???”

“I told you not to do that.” I just stood with wide eyes, to shocked and frightened to do anything. He began to float and I hoped no one could see us. I looked towards the sky and saw dark clouds, clouds that carried thunder and lightning. Clouds which were going to harm innocent people.

“Ash!!! Ash, it was my fault!!! Don’t kill anyone!!! Stop the storm!!!” but no, it was too late. I heard screams as the lightning shown threw the sky and thunder rumbled the earth. I grabbed Ash’s hands and tried to pull him back down to the ground, he was having none of that.

He pushed me away and I fell, bloody heels I thought. I scrabbled onto my feet again and ran, taking off the shoes as I did. People were falling, Lana was trying to gain balance at the picnic table. Joel and Savannah were making their way to the house, not a good idea but still, the house is sturdy.

“Joel!!!” I screamed he turned round and pushed Savannah oh before running back to me.

“I know,” he shouted over the noise, “I know this wasn’t by itself!!!”

“We need to stop him!!!” Joel just closed his eyes and then looked at the gate.

“Come on!!!” I looked at Savannah and urged her on to the house, she ran inside with the others and we ran to Ash. “ASH!!!”

“ASH!!!” we shouted it multiple times before he registered us calling him. “NIKITA!!! WHAT DID YOU DO???”

“I slapped his cheek and said that even the dead could get a bruise!!!” Joel stared and then started pushing Ash about.

“Fight like a man!!!” I shook my head and tried to stop Joel but didn’t succeed, Ash finally fought back and made him crash into the stone wall.

“JOEL!!!” Ash stared at me as I sprinted over, his head was bleeding and he wouldn’t wake up. “Wake up Joel, WAKE UP!!! PLEASE!!!”

“Nikita???” I turned to Ash and simply said one thing before he disappeared.

“I. Fucking. Hate. You.”

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