Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - This Time It's Not Non-Existance...

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



This Time, It’s Not Non-Existance…

As Ash disappeared I couldn’t stop tears streaming down my cheeks until I heard footsteps rushing behind me.

“Nikita!!!” I looked behind me and saw Georgia and Savannah running towards me. I held Joel’s head in my arms while they came over. “Nikita,” Georgia said, “I can help him, would you like that???”

“He’s dying, no one can help him,” I whispered. “No one.” She nodded and bent down with me before taking him out my hands. “Georgia!!! What are you-”

“Shh, Nikita, I need to concentrate or it won’t work.” I sat quietly, gripping Joel’s hand as his breathing began to slow his eyes flickered and then shut completely. I whimpered and shut my eyes, he couldn’t die, not on my birthday!!!

“Nikita, I don’t know if it’ll work… I don’t know if I’m strong enough…”

“Let me in,” Savannah said, she got on her knee, getting muck on her perfectly, strapless white dress with a think pink band under the bust, she began massaging Joel’s face, saying words in a different language as she did, maybe it was tongues??? I began to cry again as nothing happened, his eyes stayed shut, his breathing kept slowing, his head kept bleeding, what was making anything better???

All of a sudden, thunder boomed across the sky and Joel began to stop bleeding, his head began to stitch itself up, his breathing began to quicken to its normal pace and his eyes began flickering again.

“What the hell…” I whispered, looking from Savannah to Georgia back to my boyfriend.

“He’s going to be juuuuusssssttttttt fine… But you have explaining, Nikita, lots of it.”


“You’re kidding???” It was four AM and Joel was sitting up in bed, with an icepack for his head. Georgia and Savannah were on the floor, all of us in our PJ’s in sleeping bags or duvets in the Glass Room. I had told Georgia everything, it was good to have one person I knew I could talk to, one that had supernatural abilities. Just like me.

“No, you should have seen it, Joel just pushed him and Ash took a freaker, sending him crashing into the wall.” I hugged Joel tightly but gently, his head was ‘killing’ him. “Almost causing me to lose him. Thank you Georgia.”

“My pleasure, really think I want you to lose someone so precious to you???” I grinned and wiped another tear away before it had the chance to fly down my cheek.

“God, tell me again what happened???” I laughed and kissed Joel’s cheek he snuggled down in bed and rested his head on my lap instead of his pillow and began to fall asleep.

“On you go, babe, sweet dreams. I’ll tell you tomorrow,” he replied with a yawn and we all grinned. It was just us, mum, Sharon and dad had helped everyone get home since they were in shock. Some people had actually needed hospital., Francesca, Mark, dean and Jordan.

He and I both knew they wouldn’t let him die, Georgia wouldn’t let him die.

“Where’s Jordan anyway??? Wouldn’t he be here???”

“Sweetheart,” I said quietly, shifting my eyes from Savannah to Georgia, even though I knew she could read my mind, “Jordan’s in hospital, a brick or two fell on him. He’ll be fine though, I promise.”

“What???” she whispered. “He has to be alright, no way he can’t be. He has to be alright!!!”

“He will be,” Savannah made her move to wrap her arms around Georgia, “He’s to important remember???”

“Because of you. If you weren’t here this would have never happened. Joel wouldn’t have nearly died, Jordan wouldn’t be in hospital, people wouldn’t be dying, I-“

“If my calculations are correct, it would have been someone else anyway, for all you know, it could have been you.”

“She’s right you know.” We both looked at Savannah who had been silent until now. “There are a few families every generation, if it wasn’t carried onto Nikita, then it wouldn’t be carried onto Jordan, but she was born and we couldn’t miss another generation. It had to happen.” Georgia calmed down then and settled into lying down.

“It’s pretty late, we should sleep. Including you, red head.” I laughed as Savannah tried doing what Georgia did to lie down. We all settled down and I joined Joel wherever he was.

“Nikie,” he said. We were standing on a bridge, a bridge surrounded by cherry blossom trees. “Are you actually here???”

“Yeah, I’m here,” I looked around me, it was just cherry blossom trees and lilies. The bridge was a Japanese style one, the scene was gorgeous. Joel walked onto the bridge and took my hand before kissing it and twirling me around. He twirled me to his body and began waving, his body waved slowly, as if there was a soft piano playing.

“I love you Nikita Middleton.” He whispered in my ear, meaning every word.

“I love you too Joel Robertson.” I could feel him smile against my temple and laid my head on his shoulder, leaning against his chin. He kept giving me fairy kisses along my neck, from my colour bone to my ear, then nipped the skin just under my jawline, giving me a love bite. “Joel???”

He didn’t say anything, just kissed y cheek, my nose, beside my eye, my lips. Was I ready for this??? Yes??? No??? I don’t know!!! He kissed me slowly, just gentle but after a few seconds he became a little more passionate, wild.

I turned round fully and held his face with one hand and ruffled his hair with the other. He breathed my name every few seconds and gripped my waist with one hand and pulled me closer by the small of my back with other.

“Joel, Joel are you sure???” He nodded but stopped.

“What about you, I should have asked, I’m sorry Nikita, we cans top I’m so-” I shut him up but kissing him again, I was ready for this, I knew I was, he knew he was, I knew we were ready for this.

His hands slipped down to my legs and I jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist, not braking one second of our passionate kiss. “I love you Joel, so much it almost hurts,” I breathed.

“I love you too Nikita, I will always love you.” I grinned and unbuttoned his shirt, he had kept it on with his boxers, I had my yoga trousers and a vest on. He moaned against my lips as I raked his muscular torso with my small, bitten nails.

He sat me on the ledge of the bridge and lifted my vest over my head as the setting changed from bridges and cherry trees to a stable filled of dove feathers, even though some were black. I heard horses somewhere and smiled as Joel dropped us both onto a huge pile of pillows and feathers in the stable corner. He wriggled the yoga trousers off slowly, making me wriggle in response. He chuckled before kissing right where my pants line was.

“Where’s your hotspot???” I shrugged and giggled as he began kissing up my stomach to my bra line. I squealed as he kissed right in between my breasts and he laughed, “Found it.”

“Uh huh…” I grinned and brought his mouth back up for a kiss when he tickled my sides into letting him go. He went straight for my lips and bit them, hard enough to grip his hair and tug sharply. His hands when to my knickers and slid them down about a centimetre.

“Are you ready???” I grinned and kissed him in response as he slid my knickers down and unhooked my bra, I was completely open to the world’s eyes. Joel slid off his boxers next and I saw it, his penis was not small. Not at all, but it wasn’t fat either. He grinned when he saw my shocked expression and gripped my waist as he slid inside me slowly.

I gasped, no going back now “go further,” I whispered, you either do it or not at all, no checkpoints. I gripped his shoulder and gave a small cry out, it hurt, but this was my first time, it was going to hurt, but it felt good.

“We can stop, just say when you want to stop, anytime,” I shook my head and squeezed his shoulder tightly, using my ‘claws’ to dig in and arched my back. He went in further and I gave a small screech this time. “Nikita-”

“No,” I gasped, “we’re doing it, I’m not turning back, not now.” He grinned and kissed my neck, nipping it with his teeth. The pain was excruciating but I like it, I needed it. I kissed Joel, biting his lip and scratching his back with my nails. He didn’t object, he just squeezed my waist and bit my lips back as he thrust inside and out of me.

I screamed his name and clenched my teeth as he thrust the whole of himself inside me, I felt the last thread of pain disappear and more pain appear. I screamed Joel’s name again and again, like it was a heavy metal chant.

“Nikita, Nikita,” he panted, pulling back out of me, I shook my head and lay back on the soft bed/pile. “Are you, are you okay???” I nodded and gripped his hair as he lay back with me, hugging me tightly. Out of nowhere a blanket appeared on us and I smiled, feeling covered from the world

“Wow, that was… awesome, sore but amazing.” Joel grinned at me as I closed my eyes. “to think you were almost dead a few hours ago.”

“I think we’re both glad I’m not.” I turned towards him and kissed him slowly but gently.

“I definitely don’t regret anything today. Especially not this.”

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