Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - School Can Turn Into A Nightmare.

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Submitted: February 06, 2012



School Can Turn Into A Nightmare.

I Gourni rang softly around the room until it reached max sound, helping me escape my nightmare. I got up and showered, peeling my clothes from my tall, lean body. The water fell from the showerhead and hit my body with a ping, helping me to forget my horrible nightmare.

The hand, her neck, my tears, their screams. His eyes, his voice.

I got ready for school and walked the two second walk to my cousins. We had argument about his nose, whether he should put his head back or not, whether he should put some toilet paper to it and run to catch the bus, if we would make it in time to catch the large, white, double-decker bus. Lucky for us there were lots of seats left when we caught it second time round.

I waited a few minutes until I plugged in my earphones and zoned out, ignoring the world around me, the jostling, the shouting, the annoying school kids. We ventured out of the small village name Cruden Bay (also known as the Bay.) I wished we could get there fifteen minutes early, just so I might catch a look of his face and smile, smile through the hardships of Monday morning.

Though as much as I wished, we got to school a few minutes before the first bell. I met Louise Maitland and Amy Garland at the front doors and we walked to the vending machines together, my Reggie was two seconds away and Amy was a step away from hers. I stayed there with them, chatting until the first bell rang, instructing us to make our way to registration. I got to the science stairs and gave one of my dirtiest looks to Lisa, she's a girl I cannot live with.

"Georgina!!!" I called to Georgia Findlay as I climbed the last step. She gave a dirty look and I laughed. She was one of my best friends, since nursery.

How she puts up with me??? I'll never know.

I ran over beside her and jumped like a toddler jumping in a puddle, or like Georgia jumping into a puddle. I smiled at her and she looked at my face, my lips puckered and my nose scrunched while my eyes were barely opened. She started laughing and Mark Garland came over, calling me an orange which her laughing and crying. Math was crap, like normal, we were doing something to do with triangles and angles. I wasn't really prying any attention. I sat there and copied the work in my jitter though it did earn me a detention.

English was the same, though we did do something fun. We went to the computer lab beside the library and had to finish out Autobiographies. Which meant we were allowed to look for pictures. Which meant there was a lot of messing around and naked girls on boy’s screens. Which earned some more detentions. Luckily enough, I'm not one of them.

I walked out to the courtyard at break, hoping to catch a sight of my crush, Joel Robertson. Then I remembered, he doesn't go to the courtyard, he either goes to Prince Street doors or beside the courtyard, he never goes outside.
Georgia made it outside a second or two after me and I grinned, somebody had penned her face right down her cheek.

"Looking good!!! What kind of make-up have you got on today then Georgina???" she tried not to smile but ended up laughing at it.

"Dean got me with Sharpie right down my face!!!" she pointed a stern finger at her cheek and I laughed at her annoyance.

"Didliumdums!!!" she gave me a look which made me laughs harder and start to get watery eyed. Jack Willox and Mark came outside as well as Callum Ritchie. Sown of the boys outside started to play football with a blue and black plastic ball Cameron Binnie had taken to school.

I saw Georgia ache for a shot and shouted to the lads, "Oi!!! This quine here wants a go!!!" I pointed to the embarrassed Georgia and laughed. The bell rang and we made our way to science, getting ready for two periods of either experiments or myself falling asleep. Miss Fotheringham is nice but can be boring sometimes. Science just bores the hell out of me and sometimes my eyes are too heavy to keep up.

We did an experiment on 20m Acid (which most, including me, put on their skin to see if it burnt which it didn't and annoyed me) and some Alkali solutions. The chemical reactions were cool, one turned from purple to green, one fizzes, one stayed the same but heated up and the last one made a popping noise. We had RME next and most of us are sure our teacher Mr McDonald is a paedophile. He keeps looking at Georgia’s bum and looking half the girls up and down. And he never picks the girl to answer questions, he just smiles.

We learned some more about why the prince gave up his life or luxury and turned into a Buddha. Louise says I'm a Christian loving Buddha, because someone said Joel’s a Christian. I don't mind, I was shocked at first because he didn't come across as Christian and I don't believe in the religion myself.

It was lunchtime and Georgia hates going downtown where as I hate staying in for school lunch so we compromised and decided that we would get Pasta King for Georgia (which she chose chicken toriano) and Morrison’s for me because I forgot my purse but found £1.50 in my bag.

We walked to Morrison’s with Louise and joked around. As Georgia doesn't like going into Morrison’s, she and Louise waited for me to get back. I got my lunch of a tuna and sweet corn sandwich and paid. Walking outside, I got a good feeling. I stood with the girls as my cousin came out of Morrison’s and had a joke with him.
Louise was really quiet because she and Michael used to go out for around a year. He left to go to the street with his big (and by big, I mean HUGE) bag of cheesy Doritos. We stood there, me chewing on my tuna and sweet corn sandwich and chatting to Louise and Georgia.

We began our way back to school when a boy went past in a grey super dry jacket, he had dark hair but not too dark, more brown. His eyes looked black; I knew what colour they were. The most gorgeous brown eyes I had ever seen.

"Is that.... It is isn't it???" Georgia asked. Louise looked at me as if to say have fun and I grinned. My mind said the same thing as they did. Is that??? No it isn’t it is.

"It's Joel."

He walked past and I had the incredible urge to run back and walk with him, hug him, laugh with him. The same urge I felt every time I saw his gorgeous face. Louise went quiet all of a sudden and a frown covered her mouth. Georgia gave me a look that said I can't be bothered with her moods right now and I rolled my eyes.

I grinned and felt butterflies flutter in my stomach as I thought of him, he looked different, and his hair looked darker than usual. Well, maybe I would find out later why. We walked back to school, shouting and laughing all the way while Louise walked ahead of us because Michael came up behind us and walked with us.

When we got to the courtyard I stood up on the small wall and leaned against the pole before closing my eyes and thought about Joel, what was he doing now??? Did he ever think about me??? Where was he???

He was standing in line waiting for the man in front of him to stop chatting to the blonde saleswoman and pack his bags with his shopping, he was polite, not saying anything but the man realised the look in his eyes wasn’t just the thirst he felt for his bottle of flavoured water but annoyance towards the man.

The man said his goodbyes and sorry to him and packed his bags in record time before leaving him to pay and say hello to the woman.

I opened my eyes, no way did I just see what I thought I just saw, there was just no way in hell I could tell what he was doing. Georgia came over and gave me a queer look.

“You okay???” Nikita???” she asked, sitting on the table.

“Fine,” I replied, listening to the shouts and watching her face soften, trying to figure out what had happened, “just thinking???” She didn’t did any deeper, probably thinking I was thinking about Joel, which, fair to say is quite true, just in a different way that she expected.

“Do you know what’s wrong with Louise???” it’s really annoying me,” I shook my head and she blinked, wondering why.

“Doesn’t it annoy us all???

“Yeah, you’re right,” she put her hand on her chin, thinking. “You’re right, but it’s not the temper that annoys the hell out of us, it’s her.” She stood up and went to the laughing boys and the soaked girls and was whispered too. She looked towards me and so did Jack.

I closed my eyes and imagining the ball flying into the air, one small blue and black ball, lifting miles into the air, soaring higher than the clouds, a pop didn’t happen, just bits of blue and black plastic dropping to the ground at people’s feet. I laughed and laughed, stepping off the small wall and spun around. People were gathering into the courtyard as Georgia laughed with me and the rest gasped in wonder and horror.

The deputy head teachers came outside to find out what was happening with the crowd, the shouted and I imagined a ghost hand clamping over their mouths as their muffles were completely clouded out. Cameron threw his hands in annoyance at his burst ball and I laughed even harder. This was one good Thursday.

“Nikita???” Jack came over and gave me a shake so I would pay attention to him. I looked at him and then at the gathering crowds and the muffled DHTs and the plastic on the ground. “It started when you closed you’re eyes, you missed it.”

“Tell me about it then,” and he did, I had realised I was not in my perch but I was standing on the concrete ground and a grin on my face. He told me about the ball flying miles into the air and bursting and Cameron getting flustered and the DHTs trying to calm everything down but was failing.

I had done that. I had made the ball burst. I had made the DHTs muffle instead of talking. I had made Cameron get flustered. I had made Georgia laugh because of it all. I grinned as Jack carried on with his tale, a tale he should never know was true.

And then it hit me, people would want to find out what was happening to me, the would want to find out what I could do. I could never tell anyone about my ability.

The bell rang as I felt the blood drain from my face, my head, all the way down to my feet. I made it as far as the courtyard doors at the bottom of the Link’s Corridor before I fainted.

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