Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - A Scare And A Little Short Of Breath

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



A Scare And A Little Short Of Breath

I woke up and grinned, had that really happened??? No, it couldn’t have, could it??? Looking around the room, everyone was still sleeping, everyone was still except the stirring Joel. His eyes finally flung open as he jerked, sitting up faster than a cheetah. He looked at me with confusion and then smiled a little.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking???” I nodded and he kissed my cheek before grinning like a Cheshire cat. “It was real, wasn’t it???” I nodded a second time and he lifted my chin before grinning even wider. Obviously the love bite was still there. I sighed happily and leaned against Joel, his arm comfier than I thought.

“I hope you’re okay, I didn’t hurt you or anything did I???” He whispered so he wouldn’t wake the girls up.

“Yeah, I’m in moral pain!!! Why am I even lying like this???” I joked. He grinned and kissed my nose. “I love you Joel, I don’t regret anything that happened.”

“Neither do I, and I love you so much Nikita, so much it’s almost untrue.”  I grinned and sat up on Joel’s lap, shifting my hands under his top, feeling the muscles again and kissed him. I felt him grin against my lips and gripped my waist. I took my hands out his top and wrapped them around Joel’s neck.

There was a clearing of throats and we stopped, turning to the source of the sound. Savannah and Georgia were sitting there, grins plastered to their faces and watching us quite clearly.

“How long have you been…watching???” I asked awkwardly.

“I’ve only been watching since u started, I literally woke up from a nightmare.” Georgia said, I just guessed it was the ice cream van.

“Umm, Nikita, can I talk to you???” I got up after kissed Joel’s nose and walked through to my bedroom with Savannah.

“What is it???”

“I umm…I don’t know how to say this but…” she took a deep breath and said it so quickly that some might not hear it. “Ash somehow got into your ‘dream’ and watched you, he was able to make himself invisible, even though he always wants to show himself. He was there and I was the reason you were able to do that. He sensed I was helping you and Joel and stepped into your ‘dream’.” She took a breath and had tears glazing her eyes. “I’m sorry Nikie, honest, I don’t what he’ll do, he seemed pretty mad.”

“It’s okay, sweetheart, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter.” I hugged her tight but was scared, would he try to kill Joel again??? If Georgia wasn’t there I couldn’t save him. Why was life so difficult??? “What if Ash does what he did??? Almost kills him??? How do I save him???”

“I’m not supposed to tell you…Ash would hate me, but…” so she told me. Everything. Even things Ash hadn’t told me I could do. I arranged with mum to have Savannah stay for a few days, no questions asked, she knew Savannah was a spirit by the eyes. Then mum even said half an hour later that Savannah need documents, she would be staying for a while.

A few weeks passed quickly and with Savannah’s help, she became a part of the family. Even though she probably was my ancestor. We got her into school, she was going to be the same year as me, third year and in most of my classes, considering she gets smarter as every generation is born.

Over the next week or two, Georgia and Jordan had been accompanying me when Savannah wanted to share something or help us learn new skills. She had been a Dream Catcher before she died, then got all the abilities Ash had, once she had died. She told us everything she knew or had figured out about the spirit people, they were the same as normal human being, but they couldn’t die and they had more abilities.

“That’s why Ash has such strong feelings for you, he’s basically human, just a small amount more superior.” She said to me. Joel didn’t come much, he had exams to study for and colleges and universities to look for. When he did come to see what we were learning, we did simple things, we didn’t want him to learn to much, we all knew it frustrated him that everyone but him had been in on a secret he couldn’t ever be part of.

When he was home studying or looking for more school I would go over with a book or something, just to keep him comfortable.

“How can you keep in one pose for so long???” he asked one time, I had been sitting with my legs crossed for about an hour.

“I lose concentration in the story.”  He dropped his pencil on the table and leaned back in his chair, stretching.

“I wish studying was that easy, I can understand half of it.” I took the book from his lap and grinned.

“This is easy!!! You’re in fourth year and you can’t do this???” He stared wide eyed as I began to explain, his eyes going to normal slowly.

“How do you know all this???” I shrugged and went over some different material.

Now, I sat on my bed, reading, crossed legged, with Joel lying down beside me. I kept glancing at him through my hair.

“I can tell your do it, Flush.” He looked at me and saw me quickly move my head to look at the book. “And you still won’t tell me how you’re so smart.”

“I don’t know how, that’s why,” I said, turning the page over before being pulled onto my back. I snuggled into his side and sighed quite happily. I had finally gotten to sticking stars on my ceiling and tying fairy lights about my bed. Mum had finally changed the look of my room for me, it wasn’t red and green and pink flowers anymore, it was a midnight forest setting. One wall (the bed wall) had a forest pattern on it and the rest of the walls had black paint, as did the ceiling. The light was no longer a star, it was a moon.

“What do you want to do today??? The weathers crap,” Joel said, obviously bored with just lying down.

“What do you want to do???” I asked as the rain slashed on my window. He shrugged his shoulders and I decided to get Woman In Black. He still hadn’t seen it and it was the best kind of time for watching it. Everyone was out, mum and dad were night shift and Savannah was staying at Jordan’s with Georgia so we had the night to ourselves.

“What movie is it???” he asked cautiously, he watched Chucky when it first came out and had nightmares for weeks after, putting him off horrors. He had never been a paranormal fan either. Joel shivered once he saw the name cover and gave me a nasty look as I went off to get popcorn.

About an hour later

I almost jumped out of my skin for the second time as the little boy appeared at the window. I could tell Joel was biting back a scream, and my nails digging into his sides weren’t helping either.

“Can you let go please??? You’re gripping my sides really really tightly, it’s beginning to ache a little.” I let go of Joel’s sides and grabbed his arm instead. He sighed but didn’t complain until the next scary part came up and we both screamed. “Turn it off!!! Turn the fucking thing off!!!” I scrambled to get the remote and switched off the TV, leaving us in the light of the lamp outside my room.

“Joel… you swore, you were really scared weren’t you???”  He just kept trembling and I kissed his cheek before gripping his arm tightly. I got off the bed and went to switch the bedside lamp on and shut the door when a creaking sound happened. I looked outside and saw a shadow go up some stairs before closing the door gently and trying not to shit myself.

“Nikita???” I put my finger to my mouth, telling him to be quiet and opened the door, only to hear the creaking again. This time Joel heard too. And shit himself. I levitated the heavy hairbrush into my hand and opened the door fully, just to see white and hear a swooping sound before Joel’s cry.

When I turned round he wasn’t on the bed anymore.

“Joel???” I whispered, terrified, “Joel, this isn’t funny, where are you??? Joel!!!” I heard the swooping again but managed to hit the white.

“Damn!!!” that voice was familiar…

“Ash!!!” I kicked him in the stomach as he cradled his head. “Where’s Joel?!?!?!”

“I don’t know do I???” I kicked him again and he lay on the floor, crying out. Ii rung Joel’s mobile but then remembered it was in his bag. I made Ash stand up and gripped his arm, making him come with me as we moved to my parents’ room. Nothing in there. We made our way to the stairs, opening every door we could in case he was there.

“Ash, we need to go back, my room might be a good spot.” We crept back and check the wardrobe, under the bed and the little cupboard. “The light won’t switch on, can u crawl to the back???” He made his way to the back on his hands and knees before completely disappearing into the darkness. “Ash??? Joel??? Where are you???” I whispered before the sweeping noise went again.

I was knocked to the floor and stared at the face that couldn’t be seen. She looked just like the Woman In Black. I wanted to scream but I was absolutely terrified, I wanted to run but I was stuck to the ground, I wanted to push her away from me but I was scared in case she killed me. Not that she would have much power against me then.

I gulped and opened my mouth before she made this growling/screaming sound which shut me up. I put my finger to my lips and was blown against my bedroom wall. I moaned and tried to stand up before she was in my face, breathing again.

“What died in there???” Another smash on the wall and a breath in the face. Please Ash, if you can hear me, get your ass out of there. And if Joel’s there get him too.

I heard laughter erupt from the bathroom and scowled before shoving my hand near her face, making her crash into the wardrobe. I walked through to the bathroom and saw Joel cowering away from Ash and the door, in the shower. Completely soaked. I pushed Ash out the way and crouched down to see if he was okay.

“Joel??? Joel look at me, look at me,” he shook his head, trembling, not wanting to look in case Ash or someone was deceiving him. “What did you do to him???” I asked, standing up and walking towards ash, my anger boiling in my veins.

“I didn’t do anything, so stop making assumptions.”

“I heard you laughing, he’s scared of you, he’s in the shower soaking wet and cowering what else???” I stepped right in front of him and whispered “What. Did. You. Do???”

“Just scared him a little. You know???” I slapped his face again but this time he laughed and turned into the cookie monster. “Hehehe that’s tickles!!!” I screamed and crouched to the floor. I know I know, scared of the cookie monster??? What on earth??? I used to have a toy of him and he growled when he talked and gave me nightmares. Therefor gaining a phobia. Of the blue freak. Joel and Georgia were the only ones that knew this, as well as my mother and most likely my father.

“Nikita???” Joel breathed, I whimpered as Ash kept making Cookie Monster sound and was almost brought to tears. I heard Ash get up and felt his hands on my shoulders. “Leave her alone. She hasn’t done anything.”

“Where’s Savannah dead boy??? She’s going home. Now.”

“Savannah’s not going anywhere with you Blondie.”

“If she doesn’t then Nikita takes her place.” I looked up and saw my vision clear, my lenses were melting, or disappearing or something, as was the dye in my hair. I felt my vision blur again and my breathing slow down, I could barely draw breath.

“ASH!!! STOP IT!!!” I dropped to the ground and began to squirm, clutching at my chest, trying to breath.

“What will it be Nikie???” he said, crouching down in front of me, “she goes free, human, and you come with me or you stay and she leaves. Make your choice or it’ll be made for you.” I didn’t even hesitate.

“Me.” He stopped grinning, gobsmacked and there was not sound but the sweeping of the bitch in my bedroom. I stopped breathing completely and couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t see couldn’t hear, I though I was a goner. Until I felt lips on mine.

Air was blown back into me, my chest was thumped, air blown into me, chest thumped, this when on for a while until I could finally see again and then hear again.  “NIKITA!!!” It was Joel, of course it was. “YOU BETTER COME BACK TO ME!!!”

“Nope, I’m definitely a goner,” I whispered as Joel’s face became clearer. He had tears in his eyes and tears down his face. Is he crying for me???

“Nikita,” he breathed, grabbing me into a hug, a tight hug.

“I’m back baby, can’t get rid of me that easily.”

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