Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - A Choice To Make And Consequences To Consider

Submitted: June 30, 2012

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Submitted: June 30, 2012



A Choice To Make And Consequences To Consider

I got up and ready, taking a long shower since I had missed it the night before, brushing my teeth slowly and thoroughly, brushing my hair with extra though, carful to get the tangles out. By the time I got to the stop, the bus was there. The morning went slowly in math, the teacher not knowing anything about the subject we were on. A support teacher.

“You, with the red hair, what’s the answer???”

“Don’t know.”

“Look and think.”

“Don’t know.” I heard Chloe whisper, she was back in school already??? That was quick.  Of course, I had found out from Jordan that she wasn’t pregnant, but did have a child to which he didn’t even need to say it was Joel’s.

“You’ve got to talk to him. It’s almost killing him with you ignoring him.”

“Are you too lazy to figure it out for yourself???” she asked, a small plump face getting redder with each second that wasted away.

“Maybe.” She gave up and called for a DHT to come and take me to B17. Whole school time out. I grabbed my bags and shuffled after the tall, skinny man they call Mr Evens and sigh once we got to the door. No one was there but a blonde, skinny annoying spirit sitting in the chair, looking into a book. I sighed and sat down, waiting for Mr Evens to evacuate the room.

“Can we talk??? Please???” I sighed and shifted through my bag to get my book and my iPod, ignoring him completely. “Don’t bother, I can still see your thoughts and feelings. There’s no point in trying to hide.” Sighing again, I sat back in my chair and tried to breathe evenly. "I have an idea about this foetus-"




"It’s a foetus, that's what we'll call it for now. Anyway," He said, rubbing his forehead, "We'll get rid of it. Make it look like an abortion. You can't handle it."

"You don't get a say to whether I keep it or not. It's my baby."

"What about Joel, does he get a say considering he's ripping himself apart to try and talk to you about it." It was true, every single time it was break or lunch or even in class he would phone, as soon as the bell rang, until he knew everything was out of reach at night, even then. He had phoned the house, Georgia, Jordan, anyone.

"I'll talk to him when I'm ready." Every time I tried I lost my nerve. And I got shit for it. Georgia and Jordan were with each other just about 24/7, making me feel lonely and like a bitch for treating Joel like I was. I just didn't know if I could handle it or not.

"Well, you don't get a say, you can't be pregnant right now. You need to get your pretty little ass in gear." He was right up in my face in a millisecond, hands on my cheeks, lips close to mine. "I need you to help me."

"I would never help a murderer." He sighed and disappeared as the bell rang, leaving me by myself.

Meet me for lunch at Prince Street??? Jxxxxxxx

I stared at the text, maybe I should, maybe I was ready to talk to him. Just maybe.

I watched the clock, willing it to somehow make time go quicker, there was only ten minutes left before lunch, ten minutes for me to make my decision.

Going to prince street for lunch, you'll he fine with Jordan??? Nxxxxx

Yeah, try to talk. Gxx

That was it, decision was made. I had to try, this was difficult for us both, I had to remember that. The bell rang and I made my way quickly to Prince Street. James and the other boys were standing at the doors, looking at Joel just standing there, his face to the street, completely still. Worryingly still. I nodded to the guys and walked out to stand with him. He was definitely breathing, I could see his chest rise and fall.

When I poked his cheek he finally turned round to me and smiled. “You came???”

“I’m here aren’t I???” He nodded and grinned when I took his hand, “are we eating sometime??? My stomach’s killing me.”

“Um, yeah sure,” he began walking and an awkward silence consumed us as we made our way to Hame Bakery. Nothing was happening, I was trying to talk but I didn’t have anything to say. At all. As soon as we on our way to Astra Leisure I stopped him in his tracks.

“What’s happening to us Joel???” He looked at me and sighed.

“I don’t know Nikita, I was hoping you could tell me.” I gripped his top and buried my face into his chest, I couldn’t let this happen, it was Joel and me, this shouldn’t ever happen. He lifted my head and kissed my cheek. “And I was hoping it would stop.”

“It will, it is, I promise.” I kissed his lips and he held my cheek, not even caring if we were standing on the pavement to the main road through Peterhead. I grinned and pulled back, wishing we were somewhere else, so people would stop laughing and shouting at us out of cars.

We got to Astra, joking and laughing like we used too, the tension between us melting with every step. We got back to school after having a chat to Lee and Cady, throwing sweets at each other and almost falling to the ground in a fit of giggles

"What do you want to do when we're back in school???" Joel asked. I shrugged and gripped his hand tighter, it felt so good being back to normal, not having a worry in the world. "Nikita, what happened at the motel-"

"Is to be forgotten about. I don't want to relive it." He sighed but smiled at me, keeping his mouth shut. I grinned at him and kissed his cheek, making him chuckle as we got to Prince Street doors. "I love you Joel, even if I don't talk to you for days, I still love you."

"I love you too, Nikita."


"You may now kiss the bride." I grinned with tearful eyes as the reverend said those words, declaring Joel was mine and I was his. I looked at my dress, ivory silk that was neat around my curves, giving me a more dignified shape. Georgia was holding my lilies, grinning and trying not to let a tear escape her beautifully mascaraed eye.

Joel leaned in, wearing his black suit with a rose in one of the button holes. His white shirt shown, as though he was sun through rain. With every centimetre he came nearer, electricity buzzed and coursed through my body, sending me into a frenzy. His lips fairly touched mine, sending electricity through my hair, shocking not me, but Joel. He fell to the ground, convulsing and squirming, making me stop breathing, making it worse when I looked at everyone else.

The spirits were there. Holding everyone, Ash had Georgia by the throat, dead. I realised suddenly that everyone was dead. The reverend, mum, dad, Amanda, Mark, Sharon, everyone. And my loved one was in the middle of it, with Savannah holding his throat.

Then she jerked it sharply, causing him to go still. Eyes rolling to the back of his head. Joel was dead.

"Die die, Nikita," they all said, as if saying goodbye. Ash let go of Georgia and kissed me roughly.

"This is your destiny, with me. Welcome to your new.... Existence, Nikita" I looked around again and hear a cry, a child’s cry. I saw a little girl, standing at the doors, in a White, blood stained dress and red roses.

"Mummy!!!" she cried, running towards me. Before she got the chance to jump into my arms, Ash thrust his hand inside her chest and ripped her heart out, causing her hair to turn White and her eyes blue.

"I sided with them. Your turn Nikita." jus ad she was about to kiss Ash the scene disappeared and I say bolt upright in bed, tears streaming down my face.

"Mummy!!! Mummy!!! Wake up!!!" I looked to the right side of my bed and saw the little girl again, my daughter, and gave a cry out before grabbing her and hugging her tight. "Dead mummy!!! Dead mummy!!!" I shook my head and saw my hair, White. My hands and arms were pale, she was brunette and tanned. While I was like Ash. I looked to the end of the bed and saw Joel, lying dead, blood seeping into the bed sheets and crawling towards me.

"No!!! Joel!!!" I looked at the little girl, she was growing up, literally. Her hair was growing White and her eyes blue, her skin pale and her grin wicked.

"Dead. Mummy."

I screamed, feeling hands on my arms as I woke up. The little girl wasn't there anymore, she was replaced by Joel and my mother. "Joel," I whispered, wrapping myself in his arms and getting as close as I could. "You're alive.”

"Why wouldn't I be???" I felt tears race down my cheeks as mum left the room, seeing that something tragic had happened and we needed a few minutes alone.

"They killed you!!! She killed you!!!" He kissed the crown of my head and stayed quiet for a moment. "Our child killed you." He sighed, squeezing me tightly.

"Well, I'm here, nothing to worry about." I sighed as began to grow tired again, my eyes drooping, no matter how much I didn't want to sleep. "Come on, you're shattered, I'll wake yup up in the morning when we have to get up Nikita."

"Okay, but my alarm should go off anyway."

"Well, I'll switch it off to make it look like I got up before it." I grinned and kissed him softly, just making sure he was really there.

I heard a soft ringing and realised quickly it was a piano solo on my phone. My alarm. And Joel was still sniffling. I shook him awake and made it look like I was sleeping so he could get the victory he spoke of earlier.

"Nikita, babe the alarm went off. Wakey- wakey," I shuffled and stretched, mumbling as he shook me. "Nikita."

"Alright, alright, I'm awake." I turned to him and grinned, lifting my head ever so slightly to place my lips on his. “Ready for school???” I mumbled against his warm, soft lips.

“I guess so, I don’t get much of a choice do I???” I laughed and he chuckled, sending a warm shiver through my body. We got up and ready, getting dressed casually, though even though I tried on three different tops, they didn’t fit like they used too.

“Joel, I think I’m already forming.” I whispered, it was really unusual, Sharon started forming about a week into her pregnancy too, now she only had a month or two left. He came over and put his hand gently on my stomach, grinning as he realised I wasn’t lying.

“Wow, it’s already here.” I smiled at his glowing face, was this the thing I wasn’t ready for??? The thing bringing some of us even closer than before. I hugged Joel, maybe I wasn’t ready, maybe something would happen and everything would go wrong, was I really willing to hurt everyone over a small life???

Yes, I was.

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