Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Not Everything Is As It Seems

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012



Not Everything Is As It Seems.

I never, in all my life, imagined I could ever fell this sad, yet giggly at the same time. Joel was lying beside me, holding my hand and talking about baby names while Ash was whispering horrors in my ear, knowing Joel couldn’t see him.

“Jessica??? Or maybe-”

“It’ll die-”

“Sandy??? What about-”

“It’ll kill everyone-” I closed my eyes and tried to block them both out. Why couldn’t I be alone for once??? Baby names. Deaths. Friends. Spirits. Family. Ash. Joel. Savannah. Dreams. Nightmares. Everything was haunting me now a day.

“Nikita are you okay???” I turned and looked at Joel, his face worried and his eyes burning bright. I couldn’t help but smile at my lover.

“I’m perfectly fine. What was the last name???”

“Nina??? Or maybe Jessie??? Do you like Jessica???”

“Too many J’s. Everyone I know is beginning with J. Jordan. James. Joel, who’s name doesn’t begin with J???”

“Nikita???” I laughed and kissed his nose, making his face spread out in a grin. “Hey, what about Aisling???” I stared at him. Aisling. It was nice, you could shorten it, unusual, I liked it.

“What about a boy’s name??? I’ve always liked Sykes???” He grinned and kissed me, smiling as he did.

“I love it.” I grinned and shifted a little, lying on his bare chest. “Aisling and Sykes. One more question though, Robertson or Middleton???” The question had me stumped. What last name??? Aisling Robertson and Sykes Middleton??? Sykes Robertson and Aisling Middleton???

“I don’t know, but we have heaps of time to think it out, don’t worry.” He smiled as I yawned, snuggling into him more. It was the weekend, we had two days before school was back on and we couldn’t lie like this for hours on end, it wouldn’t be too long before we could lie in at all.

The sickness had stopped but my moods had been awfully up and down. Once I shouted at Joel because he hadn’t gotten her quick enough and the next minute I was almost on the floor in a flood of tears and begging forgiveness. “What will happen, once the babies here???”

“Everything and nothing.” Joel whispered. “The baby will be born, we’ll be here to see too it’s every need and all will be fine. Nothing different.”

“What if it grows up…like me???” I breathed, what if it was like me??? Under pressure by the spirits who hated me. What if it wasn’t like me and had to put up with me, not knowing what was going on properly???

“Then you’ll have computation,” he chuckled and then saw I was serious. “Then it’ll be wonderful, it’ll be able to control itself better. It’ll have you to train it and me to experiment on.”

“The mind needs to have ‘immediate’ family die before the abilities will kick in.” he stared at me, the word sinking in, realising that one of us or another of our children would have to die before they could take on my abilities. “So it’s a slim chance.”

“But what if you’re not pregnant???”

“I am, you should have seen Ash’s face, the way he looked at me and then disappeared, it was like he was going to cry.”

“He did say you couldn’t handle it, maybe he thinks you’re going to die???” I shook my head at the suggestion, it made perfect sense but it wasn’t that. It was the look of a lover who found out his crush would never be his.

“It’s ‘killing’ him Joel, he knows that after this, there very little chance of me being his. If there was before, he knows it’s gone.” He sighed and wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me tight.

“What if something goes wrong??? Nikita, I don’t think-I can’t imagine-” I pressed a finger to his lips and smiles, sadly, but smiled.

“Don’t think like that, Joel. Even if I did die, I would still be able to see you, feel you, see you, hear you, all in all. It’ll be like I’m not even dead.” He grinned and held my finger, moving it and kissing me.

“I don’t want a blonde, blue eyed, pale spirit.” He whispered, making my eyes widen, “I want a redheaded, green eyed, tanned, breathing Nikita.” Tears welled in my eyes and I squeezed them shut, blinking the tears that were burning the back of my eyes away. “I’m not in love with a blond chick, Nikita. I’m in love you. Always will be.”

“I love you too Joel.” I whispered, looking up at him. We smiled and then I settled into sleep, still shattered.


“Nikita, wake up, it’s half one in the afternoon, you’ve been sleeping the majority of the day.” I got up and stretched, knowing that I hadn’t moved an inch off his chest.

“Why, tell me again, do I have to get up???” He chuckled and explained that mum wanted to take me to Aberdeen. Shopping. For the Ball.

“So she says you have to get ready, you’re leaving at about half two.” I raised an eyebrow, moving to get up and stretching again.

“Who told her about-” I punched his arm and sighed as he smirked “Joel!!!” I stomped off to shower, what happened at the last party thing I was at??? My boyfriend was almost murdered. Plus, if I was already forming just a week or so in, then how could I go to the Ball, which was two months away???

“You have to go Nikita, the tickets are bought and the plans are made.” I sighed at him as he said through the door, “so, you’ll do it???”

“Not unless you ask properly.” He chuckled and I unlocked the door, leaning against the frame. He got down on one knee and held my hand, biting his lip to make it harder for me not to giggle.

“Will you, Nikita Middleton, go to the Ball with me???” He sounded so sincere, so hopeful, even though he could have said ‘go to the underworld with me’ I would have said yes, just because he sounded so pure.

“Fine, since I don’t have a choice anyway.”

“Think about it, since I have the tickets would you rather I took Chloe Chalk???” He raised an eyebrow as I whirled round, facing him.

“I’ll go!!! Okay, I’ll go, just stop using her as excuses to get me to do things.” I closed the door and locked it again, giggling silently as Joel sang to Stuck In The Middle With You. The water quickly pounded over me, soaking my hair and melting my worries like they were ice cubes. My mind was whirled into a tornado and I suddenly couldn’t breathe again, spots began to cloud my vision and I dropped to the ground.

“Nikita???” It was Joel, banging on the door, trying to get me to respond. “NIKITA!!! What’s happening in there!!! NIKITA ANSWER ME!!!” I managed to let a small sound escape my throat and all I heard was Ash in my ear as Joel kicked the door down.

“Time to wake up Nikita.”

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