Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - A Time Stopping Fight

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



A Time Stopping Fight.

I was back in school, but I knew the stuff, I had done it in all my dreams. I got tests, things to prove I wasn’t cheating, I needed to move up a set, they even tried moving me up a year, to which I declined, get a different schedule from all my mates??? Be in classes with people I could not stand??? I may have taken it if I was still with Joel, but that was over and done with.

Ash had enrolled in Peterhead Academy. Enrolled. He said it was to take care of me, but I knew it was to see how everyone there worked, what they though, how they acted, what upset them, the works. He wanted to study them in order of more option of his plan, killing them all.

I admit, even though I hate to, he suits black. Georgia had gained a crush on Jordan, I kept telling her she needed to make a move but she never bothered.

Until I pushed her into him at break.

“Nikita, so what about that-” her books fell from her arms as she collided with Jordan’s back, making the both of them fall to the ground while I giggled my ass off. “Oh my god!!! I’m so sorry, I-”

“Hey,” he said calmly, getting up and picking up some of her books and handing them back to her, “don’t worry about.”

“Still!!! I’m-”

“If you really want to make it up for me… go with me to lunch???” He genuinely looked nervous, he was fidgeting inside his jacket sleeves. Georgia nodded, dumbfounded and he wrote something quickly on her hand before walking off.

“Nikita!!!” She screeched when she found her voice three minutes later. I laughed and grabbed her arm, pulling her away. She knew everything, and it turns out, she was a healer.

“Tell me about how you want to ‘kill’ me later, the bells about to ring in a second,” she laughed as the bell rang, right on cue and we made our way to science, parting ways at the door for the period. “I’ll wait here, okay???”

“Okay, don’t move and inch!!!” I grinned and turned round as she moved out my eyesight, just to be replaced with gorgeous melted milk chocolate eyes threaded with gold string, but the gold wasn’t as vibrant as it was usually, something was on his mind.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you,” He moved back, not looking in my eyes. I shook my head and move towards my seat when I feel a hand slip into my bag. Joel was long gone by the time I sat down, shifting things in my bag to see what he slipped inside.

A little navy box with silver ribbon tied into a beautiful bow on top was sitting in my bag, completely still. I lifted it just so it was deep enough for no one to see and opened it, untying the ribbon and looking inside. There, sat smugly in the middle of the box with half its chain hidden behind the soft cardboard, was a sterling silver chain with silver heart with three diamonds at the bottom. It was one with in even loops, half the heart was squished and the other was spaced out, the chain went through the top and was absolutely beautiful.

While everyone was getting into their seats, while nobody was paying attention to me, I slipped it around my neck and clipped it securely, making sure it wouldn’t slip. A blonde, pale skinny boy walked in and I shut my eyes and pulled my hood up, hoping not to be noticed. My hair had actually become platinum blonde and my eyes blue while I was in a coma. As it turns out, nobody has to die, this goes on anyway but somehow, my mother managed to sneak her way out of it. We have no idea how.

“This seat taken???” I sighed and nodded as Ash sat down and footsteps got nearer and louder.

“Excuse me,” Julie Fowler said, her eyes not seeing him properly, considering he was wearing a blue beanie. “This seats taken.” Ash turned round and her eyes turned from cold stone to soft pillows. “Never mind, Claire!!! Move over!!”

“Thanks for the seat.” She began giggling with Claire and the other girls came in, glancing at Ash and taking a double look.

“What are you doing here???” I hissed quietly, making sure no one else could hear us.

“I’m fifteen.”

“Thousand!!! Ash-” Miss Tate came in and I sighed as she began talking.

“As you must have all seen,” she began, smiling at Ash and turning to the rest of us, “there’s a new student. His names Ashling and must feel welcomed, stand up and tell us about you, Ashling.” Savannah hadn’t been enrolled but Ash had and he knows what’s happened to me. He was the one who made that dream. In reality, I never met Savannah.

Ash stood up and adjusted his beanie. Why hadn’t he been told to take it off yet??? “My names Ash and I’m new. Simple.” All the girls giggled and sighed and I just slumped in my seat and hid my face.

“Nikita!!! Put your hood down.”

Are you kidding me???


Lunch, finally. Fifty minutes of pure sighing, giggling, and Ash getting batted eyelashes and winks. Even Miss Tate fell under his spell. Jeezo.

“So, you’re okay with me going with Jordan, right??? I know how much you too hate each other…” Georgia was standing with me, beside Jordan while Joel was waiting for the rest of his group to turn up.

“For the twentieth time, Georgia, I’m fine with it!!! I pushed you into him, now go!!!” I pushed them towards the road and she flashed a grin at me as Jordan took hold of her hand and led her off towards down town.

I felt a hand slip in mine and knew instantly that it was Ash’s. I glared at him and jerked my hand out of his. “Stay away from me.”

“Aw, Nikita,” he came closer and I stepped back. “Don’t be like that.” Really??? I thought, right at school??? He stepped closer and was right in my face. All he had to do was look in my eyes and make my head fizz and unfurl pain all over my body. I let out a cry of pain and crumpled to the floor.

“Hey!!! Get away from her!!!” I heard a shout and opened my eyes a little to see Joel push Ash away from me.

“Joel,” he looked at me and rage crept further into his face, “don’t, you won’t win.”

He crouched beside me and looked into my eyes. “I don’t care.”

“Hurry up and get to your feet!!!” Joel stood slowly and glared at Ash, blocking each attempts he tried, trying to get near me.

“Keep the fuck away from her.” People began rushing over to watch this huge fight between Ash and Joel and there was shouting and everything. Joel threw a punch and hit Ash’s left eyes, leaving a huge bruise quickly forming. How??? He’s dead. They began scrabbling until Joel was on the ground, his throat constricted by Ash’s hands and away to get a hit that would leave something nastier than a bruise.

I finally found my footing and got up just before screaming “STOP!!!” Everything stopped and I stood there, dumbfounded, as time stopped, like a Mexican wave. Joel and Ash were still in their pose and I grabbed my bag, swinging it and thumping it onto Ash’s side then crumpled in a heap beside Joel.

I touched his face and watched him come to life again. “Nikita, are you okay???” I smiled at him and lay back, trying to get control of my breathing. “Nikita???”

“I’ll…be fine,” I panted, grabbing my sides, “don’t…worry about…me.” He got up and picked me up slowly, making sure not to hurt me. “Where…are we…going???”

“Away from here before he wakes up.” His face was pure determination as I held my necklace in my hand. “You’re wearing it???

“Yeah, Joel, I have to get home.”  He kept walking but went the opposite way from the bus station. We got to Morrison’s and of course, it was completely still, no one was moving. As soon as we got to the trollies, he shoved a pound in and took one, or stole would be a better word. “Joel…”

“I’m strong but not strong enough to carry you to the bus station.” I grinned at him, at his determination. Even though he went through seven months of complete exhaustion and silence, his parents nagging at him to go home and sleep, all the exams and everything, me breaking up with him and then this.

He almost gets beat up and then this. He almost gets beat up and still goes out his way to see that I’m okay. What had really happened while I was in a coma??? “Joel???” He raced down the street as I gripped on to the trolley weakly. There was a bus that was just about to close its doors but got caught in the time stopper. We got on for free and I somehow managed to make time start again.

“Joel, what happened when I was in a coma???”

“You know, I was studying, sleeping, going to school-”

“Why did you sleep so much???” He just stared at me, gripping my hand and sighed.

“What do you mean???” I raised an eyebrow and he sighed a second time.

“What did you dream, Joel???”

“I think you know.” It was my turn to sigh and I turned, looking out the window and leaning back as we ventured out of Peterhead. We got to The Bay in silence, not another word exchanged from our mouths.

“I can take it from here,” I whispered as the bus began to slow, coming to my stop. Once off, I gripped the wall and did my best to get home, every step melting the pain unleashed in my body.

“I don’t think you understand this, but last time you stopped talking to me, it hurt.” I turned round and looked at Joel. “And I’m not letting it happen again.” He held my face and kissed me, my first real life kiss from him.

“So,” I said as I pulled away, my eyes lingering on his lips. “I don’t need to tell you anything???”

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