Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Pillows And Party Crashers

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Pillows And Party Crashers

“So, after we got to Zanres we went to Hame Bakery because I wouldn’t eat anything from Zanres and then when we were just about to get to Prince Street doors,” Georgia was at my house, staying for the weekend since her mum was out of town and she got the choice.. School had taken a long weekend and we got Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. Half of it was thank to Ash, half an hour and some of the female staff… Who knows what they got up too.

He claims it was an apology but he knows I hate him.

Georgia couldn’t stop going on about Jordan, I was happy for her, she finally found a guy who made her smile, more than just a friend. Jordan was a good guy, turns out he was actually a Dream Catcher and knew about me, Savannah had warned him.

“Nikie???” I shook my head and smiled weakly at Georgia, giving her an apologetic look. Nikie had somehow become my nickname through the week, mostly to Ash calling me it through the corridors. “Are you even listening to me???”

“He kissed you outside Prince Street and you’re a couple, I’m happy for you. Really.” She grinned and wrapped her arms around me, then ducked down to pretend to sleep at the sound of footsteps coming from my parents’ room.

“Oh my gosh!!! Your phones vibrating under my bum!!!” She stood up so I could get it and look at the text.

Open your window!!! It’s bloody freezing out here!!! Jxxxxxxx

I put the blind up and grinned as Joel and Jordan knocked quietly, even though it was eleven o’clock. Opening the window, Georgia whined a bit at the sharp cold air whistling its way into my cosy warm room. “The festivities are here!!!” The boys said quietly in unison, their faces bright and red with the sudden warmth.

“Great, where are they??? All I see are clown,” Georgia giggled as they climbed onto the bean bag and onto the bed beside us.

“Harsh words from a gorgeous girl,” Jordan wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, just a peck although it made her cheeks turn bright red. “You’ve gone tomato red!!!”

“Shut up!!!” She squealed back, hitting his arm roughly. We glanced at each other and collapsed into laughter. We used to call Jordan ‘tomato’ because his nose looked like one, big and red, we kinda lost that once they started dating. Footsteps sounded through the house again and we shoved the boys under the covers, hiding pillows and telling them to be still, in hope it would look like pillow. We scrunched up and tried to look asleep for when my mum looked in the door.

“Goodnight, Georgia, good night, Nikita,” we supressed smiles and laughter as mum began closing the door. “Goodnight boys.” And then the light from the hall lamp was blocked for the door.

“How did she know???” We asked in unison, shuffling about, trying to get comfortable. “It’s my mother, she skipped my genes after all.” Then it hit me. My mother wasn’t Grandpa’s child, she was someone else’s. And my dad had carried the gene!!! I would confront her later.

“What do you want to do then???” Georgia asked us, just as Jordan was getting a bottle of cola out his bag. “Don’t give that to- no!!!” Jordan handed me the cola and I grinned as Georgia shook her head and he grinned back at me. Joel hung his head as I gulped the remainder of the drink, the fizziness burning my throat and making my eyes teary.

“What happens???” Jordan asked, giving a puzzled look.

“Wait ten minutes,” Joel grumbled. I laughed and kissed his cheek, wrapping my arms around him and leaning my head on his shoulder.

“How do you play the bottle game, I’ve heard multiple versions.” The boys grinned at me and picked up the bottle, setting it into the middle of us, making enough space to spin.

“Well, I’ll start,” Jordan said. “I’d spin the bottle and if it landed on Georgia she would have two choices, dare of forfeit.”

“So what about the one when you have to kiss them???”

“There’s that one two, but this is how we play it.”

“Fair enough.” He nodded and spun the bottle, making it land on his brother. I grinned and Jordan though for a second or two to which dare his brother would do.

“I dare you to,” He glanced at us girls and then grinned at his brother, “I dare you to play seven minutes in heaven with this pillow in the little cupboard.” He threw a pillow at Joel and smirked.

“And the forfeit is…???”

“And the forfeit is that you’re not allowed to kiss Nikita for the night.” He shot up and went into the cupboard with the pillow, giving me a peck on the lips of exaggeration.

“Lucky this pillow already white!!!” He grabbed the pillow and slipped inside the cupboard, laughing and holding a naked brat doll. “I know you get a little lonely without me but dolls???”

“They’re there from ages ago!!!” They all started laughing as my cheeks went bright red. “Honest!!! I haven’t played with them in around two years!!!”

“Played???” He raised an eyebrow and I shoved him farther in, shutting the door and putting the bobble around the handles, stopping him from opening them. There was complete silence for the first minute and a half, Jordan had his phone on to record the time for when he had to come out. Then after around two minutes there were sex noises, Joel was having sex with my pillow?!?!?!

We heard fumbling and lied down, scared of getting caught. While we were doing this, nobody remembered Joel was in the cupboard fucking the pillow…

The door opened and light spilled in around mum and her eyes swept the room. “Where’s Joel???” He all listened as he kept fucking the pillow, the noises kept going even though mum was in the room. He mustn’t have realised. Her eyes widened and we all supressed laughter as mum took the bobble from the handles and opened the door.

He was laying back, elbows on the pillow, playing about with his iPhone. Once he saw mum his eyes grew wide and we couldn’t help laughing. He realised what happened and gulped, letting his finger slip onto the iPhone and we all heard another sex noise.

“Joel!!!” Mum said, shocked that he had that on his phone.

“Teresa!!!” Joel said in the exact same tone. “Is seven minutes over???” We looked at Jordan’s phone and nodded.

“You can come out now, pillow boy.” I grinned as he climbed out, making sure to take the pillow with him. Mum closed the doors and reattached the bobble before leaving the room, closing the door behind her.

“Well…” We all collapsed into fits of laughter and it took us about ten minutes to recover and Joel spun the bottle. “Georgia, I dare you to…give Jordan a full on snog.”

“Forfeit???” Jordan gave her a hurtful look but began chuckling once she grinned at him.

“You have to pick a bogie and eat it.” She leaned over and kissed Jordan, not moving her lips or anything, just a slow peck and waited for him to make a move. He opened her lips with his and darted his tongue in. Yuck, I thought, even though I’ve done it before with Joel.

Their lips moved quickly and you could see flashes of tongue now and then. After about half a minute they pulled away and Georgia went bright red.

“Jordan,” she whispered once the bottle was spun. “I dare you to give Joel a wet willie, without the pinkie.” Lick his ear??? Bleh!!! “The forfeit is that you have to lick his bum.”

“Come on!!!” He whined, crossing his arms. “Joel???” his brother couldn’t stop chuckling and I giggled, wondering which he’d choose.

“I’ll choose for you brother,” he grinned and got up, slipping his jeans and boxers down just enough for a good lick. Jordan’s face twisted but he did it. He licked Joel’s bum. “Do I taste good???” I couldn’t stop laughing and completely went silent as soon as Jordan made a comment.

“Ask Nikita, I’m sure she’d know.” I glared and he just laughed. “Nikie, I dare you and Joel to play seven minutes of heaven in the cupboard.”

“You just love the cupboard don’t you???” Joel grumbled.

“The forfeit is you have to give him a blow job in front of us.”

“Jordan!!!” screeched Georgia. I got up, grabbed Joel’s hand and got the doors open, slipping inside with him.

“Start the clock,” I said as I tried to close the doors. Georgia closed and bobbled them for me, giggling as she did so.

“We’ll knock on the door when seven minutes are up. Starting…now!!!”

“Watcha wanna do???” I whispered. He pressed his lips to mine and held my sides, gripping tight, “Owchie, Joel,” I breathed, prising his fingers off me.

“Sorry.” I kissed him, licking his lips and he let me through, just to let our tongues tango. His hands went under my black vest top and started to explore my torso while mine did the same. His lips travelled down my jaw line to my neck to my collarbone. He kissed across the top of my chest, leaving me breathing hard. His hands travelled to my back and started to massage in-between my shoulder blades.

I went completely still as my stomach started to fizz. “Stop, hold on.” I breathed, moving his hands down a bit. “What the fuck is that???”

“Turn on spot…” I grinned and gripped his hair, kissing him hungrily, as if I hadn’t for years. There was a knock on the door and I groaned, seven minutes already??? We got out, finding grins on Georgia and Jordan’s faces.

“What???” I asked, curious and glaring. The shook their heads and I spun the bottle. “Georgia…I dare you…”


I woke up in an uncomfortable position. My neck was creaking with every move and my head was pounding. What happened last night??? I tried to sit up but found myself unable too, arms were keeping me from moving. Joel shifted and granted me free access to move anywhere as the other two had collapsed on the beanbag and the floor. Jordan was on the bean bag, lying comfortably while Georgia had fallen asleep curled against his chest. I looked out the window and saw the sun was just about to rise, what time was it???

I grabbed a blanket and ran downstairs, desperate to see my first sunrise. I opened the front door and looked out, trying not to fall from a sore head. I heard footsteps behind me and saw Joel, rubbing his eyes and topless and only wearing a pair of white boxers. “Can I get some covers???”

“When did you get changed???” He grinned and sat down beside me, lifting me onto his lap and stealing the covers from me, wrapping them around the both of us. Somewhere amongst the night I had gotten rid of my pj bottoms and had left myself wearing knickers and my vest top. “What happened last night Joel???”

“Well, someone dared you to get a bottle of Blue Wicked or something and then you got it, with your mind eyes,” I snuggled closer to him, taking advantage of his warmth, “and then we drank it between us, then drank a bottle of Bailies, Georgia got wasted on the Wicked, then you and Jordan drank a bottle of red wine.”

“So, in short, we got drunk???”

“Your mum found us drinking the Wicked and actually took the bottle of wine and bailies up, saying to be careful. Probably to show us what hangover is? It took you ages to get wasted, then Jordan tried to kiss Georgia and she fell asleep.” He kissed me softly and we sat quietly, watching the sunset.

“What did we do???” He lifted my arm and I grinned, was it just making out though??? Midnight blue changed to red, pink, orange, yellow and purple. “So that’s why my head hurts like a bitch??? I got pissed???”

“Pretty much, you were adorable though, you kept giggling and using your mind’s eye to move things, you made Jordan fly and then you lost control of it and started laughing your head off.

“What do you wanna do today???” He shrugged and kissed me again. “Sleep for a while???”

“Okay, what then???”

“We have all day to decide.” I grinned at him, kissed him and then settled against him, wishing for nothing better than seeing my first sunrise with my best friend and boyfriend.

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