Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - The truth Comes Out

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The Truth Comes Out

We sat there for about another two hours, even though it was about four in the morning. By the time we got cold it was around six in the morning, we just sat there, staring at the colours in the changing sky, marvelling at them and snuggling as close as we could get.

“I love you, Flush.” I grinned at Joel and he grinned back, cuddling me close.

“I love you too, Joel.” He stood up, picking the blanket and I both up and carrying us back inside. “Why do you carry me all the time???”

“Because I can.” That was that.

He carried me upstairs and set me on the bed, slipping his hands around my face and pressing his forehead to mine, making funny faces and making me giggle.

“Hurry up and kiss me,” I whispered, staring into his gorgeously brown eyes. His lips slowly slid onto mine and began caressing my lips, Joel closed his eyes and so did I, savouring the moment. Our lips sped up, moving faster and faster until it felt like a need not a want. His hands slipped up my top and towards my shoulders and I gripped Joel’s hair, making him make the smallest, quietest moan.

Joel leaned forward, making me lie down onto my back, and his hands slid down to my knickers, pulling them down a centimetre. “Joel…we have guests.”

“I don’t care,” I stopped completely, sitting up, I was absolutely shocked, never have I seen- or heard- Joel be so aggressive. I pushed him away a little and he gave a look of confusion, taking his hands away.

“I can’t.”

“But you have.” I shook my head and crossed my arms, sitting down and wrapping the blanket around my cold body. “Fine, if you want to be a child.” I glared at him, actually glared at Joel and had the sudden urge to slap his face. He called me a child, he knows I hate it when people call me child or kid, I just hate it.

Standing, I walked out the bedroom, desperate for some alone time. I got downstairs and realised that I would have to use my mind to open the door, my hands were full trying to keep the blanket covering me. I closed my eyes and tried to make the door open, it kept shut. I tried again, no success.

“What’s happening here???” I whispered to air.

“What do you mean, open the door.” I turned to Ash and just looked at him. I can’t. “What do you mean you can’t???” you try. He glared at the door and it gave way, moving as quickly as lightening to open. I tried closing it and nothing happened. Not a sound or move.

“What the hell???” Ash kissed my flaming cheek and disappeared, no word of goodbye. My powers…gone… What was happening??? I walked through, closing it being me and tied a loose knot at two corner of the blanket, making sure it wouldn't fall from my shoulders. I made myself a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a piece of toast. Footsteps sounded behind me and I turned to see Joel, standing at the door with a sorrow look on his face.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, waiting for a signal to come over. I smiled a little and sighed when he slid his arms around my covered waist, stroking my sides lightly. "Am I forgiven???"

"You're forgiven." I could feel him smile against my head and closed my eyes, savouring the moment. Who knew what was going to happen??? "I love you, Joel."

"I love you too." I grinned and turned round to face him, kissing him softly. My stomach decided to have its say and start whining and grumbling, demanding the slice of toast. "Jeeze, Nikita, what's up with your stomach???"

"Pork Chops hungry," I whispered, going on tiptoe to lean my forehead to his. In primary seven my mates and I were messing around and somehow named my stomach Pork Chop, he's...poisonous...

Joel lifted me up I could sit on the unit and ripped a bit of toast off, feeding me. "I can feed myself you know." He nodded and grinned stealing a bit for himself. After we were done with the toast he kissed me again and I giggled as he kissed up my jawline, trying to lift him up and failing. I sighed and he pulled away, thinking it was him.

"You okay???" I nodded and then shook my head, my powers were gone!!! What was happening??? "What's wrong, Nikita???"

"My powers," I said as tears burned behind my eyes, "They've...disappeared. I don't know what's happened!!!"

"Doesn’t Ash know???" I shook my head and jumped of the unit, hugging him and feeling glad of his warm arms around my shoulders. "Hey," he whispered as my tears fell to the floor, "it's okay."

"How can you say that??? My powers are gone and nobody knows what's wrong with me!!!" he held my back by the shoulder and had to bend his head down to look me in the eye.

"There is nothing wrong with you Nikita, don't think that!!!"

"Not anymore I'm not!!! I’m bloody normal now!!! No fucking powers to make me go mental and hurt people!!! No need for a blond bastard to annoy the hell out of me!!! I'm just a normal little-" he kissed me.

"You need to be quiet for a second." I sighed and nodded, hugging into him. Maybe it was because I hadn't trained??? Bit wouldn't everything in the dream cover that???

"You need to be quiet for a second." I sighed and nodded, hugging into him. Maybe it was because I hadn't trained??? Bit wouldn't everything in the dream cover that??? I was confused and upset and needed to get my mind off things. "It's going to be okay, honest."

"Can something today???" He nodded and lifted me off the counter, not letting me on my feet again.

"Like what???" I shrugged and he set me on the bed, lying down beside me. "Movies, Aberdeen, biking, shopping-"

"Whoa, you would go shopping with me???" he chuckled and Jordan stirred, making Georgia shift and they somehow managed to get closer to each other. "What’s the world coming to???"

"You're over dramatic," he grinned either way and kissed me quickly, stealing some blanket for himself. "Didn’t I tell you??? Someone at schools having a party next weekend."

"What happened to prom???" He shrugged and I smiled at him, kissing his nose. "Okay, who's party???"

"A friend of Scott’s. It's at a house beside Boddam, been abandoned for a year or two and has a garden and a field with a small amount of forest, ace place." I thought about it and nodded, he grinned and kissed me again.

"Just asking as Georgia comes." He nodded and we settled down for sleep once again.


"Shush!!! They'll wake up!!!" someone whispered before I realized it was Georgia. She giggled and I peeked an eye open and saw Joel. His face was completely covered in pens to make up. I sat up and looked into the mirror on my desk and saw I looked like a clown.

"Georgia!!! Jordan!!!" Joel moved and grabbed my sides before wakening up and laughing at my face. His looked like he was a drag queen. I punched Georgia’s arm softly and went to wash my face, getting rid of a joker smile, a white face and a huge red nose. I had blue pen around my eyes and I love willies on my left cheek. Joel had blue eye shadow, bright red lipstick and some made to look like blusher and mascara on. On his right cheek he had a like hairy fannies. When I walked in on him grumbling and the two jokesters laughing their asses off, I couldn't stop a giggle or two.

"Don’t you start." I hugged him and had to turn away when I looked at his cheek again.

"So, bears or bushes???" Georgia stopped breathing and clutched her sides. And Jordan was rolling on the ground. Talk about Rolf.

"You should know." I nipped his arm and he growled at me before laughing at my cheek which wasn't completely clean. "Chodes or sausages???"

"Well, I don't like chodes... So you're off the list." He glared softly and I laughed. "Cheer up babe, I'm sure you're absolutely fine." We all got ready for Aberdeen and caught the twenty past two bus.

"Georgia, did you know about the party???" she nodded and leaned against Jordan who was happily looking out the window. "You're awfully quiet Jordan, you okay???"

"It's soon." I stared, shocked and Joel sighed at him. "Nikita, you better get in gear." what???

"Never mind, Flush, it doesn't matter."


I had never been a huge fan of shopping, I just liked jumpers, converse and nail polish. Today the guys slumped around after Georgia and I as we looked through just about every shop, looking for outfits for the party. "What do you want to try and find???"

I held my hand to my chin, thinking of a reply for her. "Just something nice. You???"

"Something red or black." we made a move towards HMV, the only shop the two of them wanted in. We laughed as Joel and Jordan ran upstairs and into the movie bit while we looked at posters and headphones. "What did Jordan mean this morning, Nikita???"

"I don't know. But whatever it was," I wrapped an arm around his shoulders and hugged her, "Whatever it is he's okay." she nodded and we went upstairs. "Where are all the-" Matilda. Are you kidding me???

"Ace movie isn't it???" I punched Jordan softly of the arm and laughed.

"That's so mean!!!" My powers still hadn't turned up but I was trying not worry too much. We all got what we wanted and paid for it, walking out and heading towards Debanims. I had gotten about three posters, one of all time low and the other two of the wanted and an All Time Low album. Georgia had somehow gotten me into them. We web up the escalators and looked through everything while the boys messed around with the underwear. "You'll get us chucked out!!!"

"For what??? Seeing if I'm a double d???" we couldn't stop giggling at Joel, prancing around with the biggest bra he could find on his bead. "Found anything yet???"

"No, nothing." I sighed and leaned against the wall where I spotted a pair of awesome shoes. They were red baseball boots and I couldn't help but gaze admiringly. I grabbed them from the shelf and slipped them on, tying the laces and grinning.

"Does this mean that you not wearing converse???" I shrugged and Georgia held a dress out to me. It was a black, one strap, knee height dress with a black ribbon around the waist. The left sleeve was ruffles the moved in towards the waist.

"Try it on!!!" We rushed to the fitting room and I waited impatiently, fidgeting until she drew the curtain back and looked at the ground. I grinned and she turned round. "You look amazing Georgia!!!"

"Do you think Jordan will like it???" I nodded and she grinned, went back to get changed Ito her jeans and pink top before paying and grabbing the guys, making them drop their underwear.

"Awe!!! Come on we were having fun!!!" We laughed and rushed out towards Schuch. We shopped for a while and finally got into the cinema, watching Dark Night Returns. After we got over the movie we went to pizza hut for supper and then round union square for about another hour. "We have to go back to Peterhead, Nikita."

"And I'll be by myself for the night at least." I sighed as the bus came into the station, ready to take us home. "Great."

"Cheer up, at least your pillow will have gotten over the fact that its v-card is maxed out." Jordan grinned and kissed Georgia once we were on the bus. She blushed and looked down but glanced at me. I gave her the thumbs up and she smiled, leaning against Jordan and yawning.

"I guess that's a score. It'll be good for shoving in the washer." Joel's eyebrow flew up and I laughed. "Love you really babe."

"Keep talking Flush." I scowled but leaned back in my seat before being pulled towards him, like when we argued about me being just another girl. That seemed like a lifetime ago now, it was seven months. I sighed, so much had happened in such little time, even though we fought and argued and hurt each other, everything was amazing. We were closer.

"I'm sure mum would let you stay over. You too Gee," she stared at him and then giggled when he grinned, I could tell she wasn't sure about her new nickname though.

"It's okay, I haven’t really been alone a lot since I got home." He nodded and Joel sighed, kissing the crown of my head and rubbing my arms.

"You sure you don't need me there???" I shook my head, he went to keep Ash from making a move.

"And put my pillow into a stroke??? It's okay. Honest." He smiled and we joked about for the next fourth minutes. He gave me a kiss when we came into the Bay, not a tongue kiss, just a long peck. I waved and shouted to my friends as I got off at my stop and stalked home, were my powers back yet???

"He's hot." I turned round to see a girl with platinum blonde hair, pale skin and shocking blue eyes, just like Ash. "His names Jiel??? John?? Ah, I know!!! Joel!!!" her English accent carried out through the dark night as I ignored her and walked home.

"Make sure to stay indoors Nikita, a storms bruin. And it's all on your hands." she disappeared with her annoying anticipation and left me alone in the night. I hurried home and locked the door behind me, even though I knew they could get in without a lock. My parents were at a wedding dance and wouldn't be home until tomorrow, leaving me frighteningly by myself.

A door slammed and I jumped out my skin. Then there was a crash and I saw toffee rush out the kitchen, she had made a dish fall and broke it. I cleaned up and cut my finger, slicing it like a paper cut but bigger and deeper. "Damn, that really hurt." I squeezed it and held it to my mouth when a nauseating feeling struck. I had never been squeamish with blood, I had always been amazed by it and loved it. Hey I felt sick as I felt it run along my lips and escape into my mouth, lingering on my tongue.

I ran to the bathroom and wretched at the toilet, dripping blood over the floor and crutching my stomach, staining my white tee. "Nikita???" Ash crouched at the other side of the toilet and I sighed, what was happening to me??? "Are you okay???"

"No, no I'm not Ash." He was suddenly at my side, pulling me to him and hugging him tight. "Did this happen to you???"

"Yes. I was always sick with blood when I was fifteen." I remembered when he let his human form set and had black hair and green eyes.

"You were like me," I whispered, looking into his eyes, "Weren’t you???" he nodded and I stood up, ready to put my shopping away and go to bed. "Why didn't you tell me???"

"Well, I hated it. I hate reliving it." he flicked my hair as we went upstairs, walking into my messy room. Normally I just flicked my hand and everything found its way to its places, but my powers were gone. Vanished. Poof.

"Why???" He sighed and sat on my bed, moving everything out the space. "Why did you hate???"

"I was kicked out my village. They thought I was a demon, my hair and eyes changed over night and things crash landed around me. People died." I laid my stuff on the bean bag and sat beside him, leaning against his shoulder. "I hated the world after, they made me leave and I found home in the woods, built myself a small tree house, a bed our of leaves and vines and things, made life a little easier and then people came to kill me. They torched my tree house to the ground and me along with it.

"But the leader was my enemy, he hated me because he was betrothed to a girl that didn't love him. Cathy Bell. She loved me, and I her. But she died. I killed her by accident, we were alone and in the Forrest, deep in the Forrest, where no one would find us. We were...kissing and things and i had my hands on her throat. Suddenly... It snapped and she fell to the ground like a rag doll." his eyes glazed over and I took his hand in mine, tracing in between his finger and around his knuckles. "I lost my love of the world after, I found strength and powers I never had and used them to kill person after person. Village after village, town after town and so on. They betrayed me and killed me so I went after every one in that village, no one survived."

"Ash..." he turned to me and held my face in his hands.

"I'm a killer Nikita, I terrible killer. I have no soul, I lost it long ago and I'm not going to reclaim it." he gazed at me, his eyes watery and shaking but he whispered, "You look like Cathy Bell."

"Ash, I'm so sorry-" his lips placed against mine and I stopped short, surprised. I didn't stop him though, I couldn't, I couldn't make myself. I kissed him back, slowly, his lips soft on mine and caressing, moving in sync. I held his hand in mine and drew then out, reaching above us. I forgot everything, life, death, my forgotten powers, my friends, Joel, my name. I forgot everything but us.

He leaned against me, pressing our bodies together until I laid on the bed. He kissed down my neck, down my shoulder to my arm, going back to my lips. I gripped his hands as they put pressure on mine and bit his lips. He grinned against my lips and laid beside me, turning onto his side and leaning on his elbow. He traced the mark on my arm, smiling at me. He traced it and I couldn't stop a sigh, it felt right, lying there on my bed with him. It was wrong, but we forgot.

I shifted and laid on my stomach, closing my eyes and folding melt arms under my face. He clicked his fingers and my tee turned into a strappy vest. He traced his own face on my skin, kissing my shoulders and making me shiver. "Nikita," he whispered in my ear.


"Come with me. Come away with me and forget all this." I peeked an eye open and smiled at the blonde creature lying on my bed.

"I can't you shouldn't even be here. Plus, you want me alive to kill everyone." he shook his head and lay on his back, his head turned to look at me.

"I don't care about all that. All I care about is you." I sighed and closed my eye again but he said something that definitely caught me off guard. "I love you Nikita." My eyes shot open, even though I didn't look at him. "I'm in love with you Nikita Middleton."

"Ash..." he sighed, knowing what I was going to say.

"I know, Joel, it's always Joel. But you can't stay away from me. You told me on you first date that you didn't want to hurt me and turned me away. You never said anything again. You kissed me back, you couldn’t kill me, you looked lien you've enjoyed the past few minutes." I sighed and he sat up. "Don’t tell me you don't love me."

"Fine, I won't." He sighed and began to disappear. "Ash!!! Don't leave me!!!"

"You don't want me here," he stopped fading though, staying still. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to me.

"I never said that." he smiled and held me. "Don't leave me alone."

"I won't."


"With all my heart."

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