Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - A Kiss For All The Feelings We Can’t Hide anymore

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A Kiss For All The Feelings We Can’t Hide anymore

I was crouched under my bed, scared out my wits and cowering. I had my shoulders haunches up in an attempt to block out the angry shouts and tears of my parents. My sisters were out for the night and my brother was in south shields. I hands were covering my own teddies ear, my small, five year old voice a whisper, trying to sooth him. I had a blanket around us and a blanket at my side, ready to sleep when I stopped crying.

My hair was in front of my shoulders, brunette and long. It had never been this long since...since I was about five years old. This wad after my father had his heart attack and hanged for a short period of time. I remember some but not a lot about that period of time. I squeezed my Teddy tight, a small brown dog by the name of melody. I named her that when I was playing a Little Mermaid computer game, Ariel’s daughter was Melody. I lost my Melody a year later in Aberdeen and never saw her again. We looked everywhere for a week before I gave up.

"Melody," I whispered, trying not to sniffle, "Make it stop Melody!!!" I lay on my side, scrunched up in a ball and scared. I felt hands on my shoulder and saw a white haired boy, his eyes blue and kind.

"Nikita," his voice almost made me smile. I recognised it from somewhere, but where??? "Nikita, it's okay, I'm here now." He held me, making sure that Melody wasn't squished either. "Go to sleep Nikita." I sniffles but the tears had stopped, I relaxed my small fragile body against the mans and closed my small tired eyes, sore and red from crying and rubbing them vigorously.

"Mister, who are you???" I reopened my eyes and stared at him, waiting for an anaerobic and intending on getting on.

"My names strange, it doesn't matter." His voice was just a breath in my tiny ear but I shook my head.

"What's your name???" I felt completely safe with him, like he had always been there.

"Do you have to know???" I nodded harshly and he chuckled softly. "My names Ash."


I sat bolt upright and turned my head. Ash was still there but the sky outside my window was pitch black. "Don't you ever sleep???"

"No. Especially with you here." I smiled and watched him watch me. "What did you dream of to scare you???"

"I was a child." I got up and grabbed my pyjamas, tight pyjama shorts and a vest. I went to get changed and he grabbed my wrist.

"Where are you going???" I pointed to the wall, to the bathroom and he sighed and pulled me close. "I'll close my eyes. I don't want you to leave." he shut his eyes and turned away, leaving me to get dressed. I did it hastily and climbed under my covers.

"What happened to Melody???" He raised an eyebrow and chuckled as softly as he had then. "How long have you been watching me???"

"Since you were a day old." I smiled and tried not to close my eyes. "She's with a child, a foster child and she makes this child feel better." I nodded and watched as Ash shifted under the covers and his
clothes turned into a pair of white pyjama trousers with a silver tier. His torso was bare as I traced his arm, his faint veins, anything I could. He smiled at me and held my cheek in his warm pale

"What makes me so interesting for you to fall in love with me???" I whispered as he traced my eyebrows, making my eyes close.

"Everything." His other hand creeped under my cheek, the one on the pillow and I smiled against it, glad for the heat. "The way you smile at the littlest thing, the way you laugh, the way you move, the way you care for others than yourself, even when you found out your sisters had the smallest sickness and made everything like the cinema, the tickets, popcorn, drawing Narnia characters on the tickets, the way you look, everything about you touches my heart and makes me fall more in love with you everyday with everything you do."

"Why though??? You must have hated me at one time???"

"Once, only for a day."

"When??? Why???”

"You were seven and you had broken tour ankle on monkey bars. You wanted to face your fears but you fell and landed awkwardly." I remembered it, I waited until later because heaps of kids were using them, we were somewhere in England. "I came to you one night, a few days earlier to help you. You slapped me away and told me you hated me."

"Why??? I don't remember." he sighed but I could almost hear him smile. "Why did I hate you???"

"You had a rabbit, Snowy, even though he was black and didn't have a strand of white on him." I smiled, I had been the one to find him. "You started to cry when you realized that he was gone and since no one but us knew...I brought him back. You screamed and ran away, scared of me."

"Is that why you didn't show yourself until a while ago???" I opened my eyes and saw him nod before taking his face in my hands. "I'm sorry Ash."

"It doesn't matter anymore, it was years ago."

"It does matter. I'm sorry." he shook his head and I leaned my forehead against his. "Ashling, I'm so, so sorry." he gave a wobbly sighed and I brushed my lips against his. "Do you forgive me???" he just gazed into my eyes, his own sparkling like sapphires caught in sunlight. "Do you forgive me Ashling???"

"I..." I touched my lips on his, not properly kissing him but just laying on top. "Nikita, I..." he wouldn't finish, but just gazed at me, like a child giving puppy dog eyes. I pressed my lips onto his a little more and cupped his face with my hands. He moved his lips slowly and kissed me back. He whimpered a little as I teased him, biting his bottom lip softly and letting my hands leave his face. "I can't so this Nikita..."

"Why not??? You're always kissing me when I tell you not to, making me feel like I always have to choose between everything. You hate Joel-"

"I can't be with you Nikita. Last time I was with someone I killed her by accident." He held my hands in his and closed his eyes. "I won't do that again."

"You won't have to, even if you did accidently kill me I would come back like you."

"Yes," he whispered, laying on his back. "But a bitch. A blonde, blue eyed bitch. Savannah somehow kept her souls. The rest turned into cows. The one you bumped into on your way home??? She was like you."

"How did Savannah stay like what she is then???" He shrugged and shut his eyes but pulled me to his chest, letting me get comfortable.

"I think it's because she took her own life." I nodded and sniffles a bit, feeling a cold suddenly draft into my system. Funny, the only illness I ever got was a slight sniffly nose and chicken pox. "You okay???" I turned my face into the pillow and let out a vicious sounding cough, vicious enough to get Ash worried.

"What-“cough couch”-was your last name before you died???"

"My name was actually Ashling Campbell But people called me Vincent because of my middle name. Only my mother liked my name." He smiled as he mentioned his mother and looked at me. "She bore the mark of a dream catcher." I lifted my top a little and looked at my mark. There was a small sun with jagged flames surrounding my navel and a moon behind it.

"Why do we have marks anyway??? Where's yours???" He shrugged and I turned over so I could see his back. Why had I never seen it before??? I saw plants all over, fading towards his back with the same sun and moon design in the middle. I traced it with my finger and he sighed. I loved his, there were so many things there, all plants and trees, there was one small face at the base of his neck, mine.

"What's wrong-ah..."

“Why's my face on you back???" He turned over onto his back, stopping me from seeing it. I stared wide eyed at Ash, waiting for a reason.

"I never knew, it's been there since I died. Honest Nikita." I sighed and laid bon my back. "Maybe you're my reason for being here."

"If it's to have your heart crushed every other day then sure. But I highly doubt it." He turned away from me and I put a hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at me. "Ash, please don't turn away from me."

"But what can I do??? I'm in love with one who loves another, that never ends well." I grazed my lips over his and fell to his chest, getting comfortable. "Goodnight Nikita."

"Goodnight Ashling." I kissed him goodnight and fell asleep listening to the silence of his dead heart.


A Forrest. Full of silver, white and grey. Every plant was a different shade then the one next to it. I jumped of the thick tree branch I was perched on and walked further through the Forrest. I saw a tree house, it looked like the one I was in after I blew up the corridor at school. I walked closer and saw Ash at the front, at the bottom of the wooden steps held by rope.

This Ash was tanned, jet black and green eyed.

"Ashling???" He smiled and grinned, running towards him with my white dress billowing behind me. I wrapped my arms around his and kissed him. He kissed me back, leaning me against a tree and holding my face. The wind whipped at my hair, making it show at front. It was golden??? I had never been blonde, not golden blonde anyway.

"I love you Cathy Bell." I stopped, shocked at his words. I held my hands out and saw long nail, pale hands and lots of veins. My hands weren't like that... "Cathy Bell??? You do not love me???"

"Of course I do, I love you with all my heart," I found myself whispering, biting my lips to stop from smiling. He kissed me, biting my bottom lip and licking it better. Our tongues tangled and played as my hands slid from his neck to his shoulders, gripping then tightly. "I love you Ashling." Stop it!!! I'm not Cathy Bell!!! The words wouldn't come out, I knew what was going to happen but I couldn’t stop it.

His hands slid to my throat, holding them gently and slowly, without either of us noticing, tightened their grip. In one short second there was a snap and he was screaming. I fell to the ground, my eyes closing against the pain while I screamed silently at myself.


I felt tears down my cheeks and pain in my neck as I jolted awake. "Nikita, are you okay???" I shook my head and gripped his hand, the one that wasn't wrapped around me. "What happened???"

"I'm not Cathy Bell, I'm not Cathy Bell, I am not Cathy Bell."

"I know-" I looked at his face with tears streaming and he sighed, closed his eyes and took his hand from mine. "You felt my memory didn't you???"

"Yes. I felt everything. I couldn't change it Ash, it was horrible, I hated it so much." he nodded and sat up, making me sit up. "She wasn't meant to meet you but she did, and you knew, you met her there and you didn't tell her to go or something would happen, you kissed her and told her you loved her."

"Nikita..." I wiped my tears away and he kissed one as it was rolling out my eye. "I'm sorry you saw that." I shook my head and tilted his towards me, holding his chin.

"I'm not. But I'm not Cathy Bell, I'm not fragile." it was still dark outside but the lamps were off, almost sunrise. "I'm not going to die because you kiss me."

"Look at you!!! Your powers aren’t working, you have an illness, you’re seeing old memories of mine and yours," he sighed and held my face in his hand, leaning his forehead on mine. "Something’s not right." I leaned in closet so our noses were almost touching, looking from his eyes to his lips.

"Well I don't know what's going on." I whispered, closing my eyes. "I don't know at all."

"Of course you don't. You’re not meant to just yet." he pressed his lips slowly on mine and caressed my lips slowly, keeping his hands to my waist and sides. I held his face in my hands and kissed back, biting his lips, stroking his pale cheek, forgetting everything for the second time in as many days. He shifted back into a laying position, dragging me with him, never breaking the contact of our lips. We
stopped and I got comfortable again, settling down to sleep for the last time that night.


Black sleep. My mind was dreamless and comfortable. I sat up and looked at the clock which read two PM. Jeezo. I let my arms spread against the bed and remembered about Ash. When I turned my head there was no one there. Not a single soul, dead or alive.

On the bed shelf my phone rang. "Hello???"

"Hello Flush." I grinned but it fell as soon as I remembered last night and this morning. "Sleep well enough???"

"Just dandy." he laughed and made me smile, even though I didn't deserve too. "What about you???"

"Well, Jordan and I stayed up to watch Woman in Black and I couldn’t get to sleep. I watched the whole of it this time."

"Congratulations!!!" I laughed and he growled.

"Hey, mum wants you to come over, think you can handle it???" I gave a squeak and he chuckled. "Can you make three???"

"Probably, I'll try get my mum to take me over. See you soon."

"Love you."

"Love you more."

"Shite." the line went dead and I giggled softly to myself as I got out of bed. I got dressed in a top I got yesterday, a black top with a sparkly purple cross with a strappy blacktop underneath and la bright purple, tight, halfway-to-my-knee skirt. I grabbed my purple converse and gave my hair a quick tug with my brush. I got downstairs, got a worried look from my mother when I sneezed for a full minute and choked down some cereal. "Can you take me to St. Fergus???"

"Sure," I mother yawned and grabbed the keys. They mustn’t have gotten into early. We drove out, almost falling asleep in the car and finally made it to the Robertson’s house. Amanda stood at the pavement with a face of stone. I saw my mother’s own face fall. "If she starts anything, you get me and we walk out."

"I'm seeing it through mother, nothing’s going to stop me." she sighed and parked the car, letting me out first after taking a wobbly breath. I walked up to Amanda and she crossed her arms, glaring at me. Was she going to accept me like my dream???

"So, Nikita," I gulped and she tilted her chin up a little. "Fanta or cola???" I gave a laugh and she smiled, her hands finding her hips.

"Depends on the situation," I replied, still laughing as she hugged me and gave a happy sigh. Joel stood at the door, arms and ankles crossed as he leaned against the doorframe. The sight still took my breath away and sent huge butterflies into my stomach, making my heart miss a beat.

"Well, let’s get inside." I nodded and walked up the path, leaving my mother to talk with his.

"Wasn’t so bad then???" Joel asked as he wrapped an arm around my waist and kissed my forehead.

"I guess not." I wrapped my arms around his own waist as we walked inside towards the kitchen. At the sink stood a grey haired man with crutches and a metallic arm. Obviously, Mark really had been in the army.

"I'm guessing this is the amazing Nikita." I smiled at his sparkling eyes, one I had newly noticed were an unusual bright blue...

"That would hopefully be me. And I'm guessing you're Mark???" he nodded and came over, holding out his hand, the flesh one. I shook his hand but gave in and hugged him, glad he was alive.

After getting over the shock he hugged back and smiled at me. If I was right, I know where Jordan got the Dream Catcher genes... "Missy, are you okay???"

"Remember what I told you???" Joel mumbled, taking my waist once I stood back.

"Me or your father???" I winked at him on the sly and Joel looked at his father’s eyes, his own widening. His arm slackened and he looked from me to his confused father.

"Dad???" his father grinned and hugged his son, "Why didn't you tell me???"

"I never thought I had too." he smiled at me and Amanda came through and smiled, not knowing yet what was happening. "Our sons found the truth, not without help though."

"Nikita???" Her face fell again and turned to shock, looking from me to Mark and I let my arm out of the jacket sleeve. "Jordan!!!" he rushed through and saw his family and my sleeveless arm.

"You knew???" He whispered.

"No, I never realized until now." he smiled and Amanda hugged him, kissing his head and blinking the tears back. "I know the burden." Amanda grabbed my hand and pulled me into a separate room.

"So you know our son will die???" I nodded and closed my eyes. "You know we can't stop it???"

"I just don't know why Joel isn't part of it." she sat down and signalled me to do the same. "What's Mark though???"

"A Dream Catcher, but we think his time is short." she let the tears out and I rushed to hug her. "I can't lose my son and my husband. I can't."

"You may not have too." I whispered, squeezing her hand. "They've disappeared, Amanda, you may not have to lose Jordan."

"But what about Mark??? I love him and he could die anytime soon!!!"

"I somehow doubt that if he can survive the army he can't survive this." she stared at me and I tapped my eyes, I she suddenly got it. I had dreamed all this in my coma. "I'll help all can. I promise."

"You'll promise no such thing!!!" I pulled back and stared at her determine face. "I have a son other whose whole face lights up when anyone says your name. I will not risk your life when you both have
love in your grip."

"I could die when it happens, it's not going to matter if it's a little earlier, I'm sure Joel will-"

"Don't you dare," she hissed, shooting to her feet, "Don’t you dare say he'll find someone else. We all know your dreams, the ones in your coma, who do you think had to hear about her some dying, her son refusing to go home because he wants to be there when you wake up??? Refusing to live his life because when he's asleep he's with you??? I'm not going to let YouTube your life when you could destroy another’s. Not my poor son Joel."

"What can I do then?!?!?! I can't just let him die, Jordan’s going to die as well!!! You as well as I know that!!!" Amanda turned away and threw her hands up in frustration. "If I was to die, I would come back anyway, Joel wouldn't be alone-"

"Joel wouldn't have children with you though!!! He would grow to be old and fifty, not looking like he does now where you would still be gorgeous, bright blue eyed, no wrinkles, you would never die!!!" she faced me and gripped my hands, her eyes pleading. "Please, save yourself. I can't lose half my family and have the rest unhappy and hopeful for something that's I'll never be."

"Amanda..." I didn't know what to say, say no and save her family while dying and becoming a bitch??? Saying yes and let her family die???

"Please Nikita, I beg you to save yourself."


"Nikita???" I ran past the three guys, chatting and consulting their genes. I ran out the door and realized that somehow I had kept my inhuman speed. I barely breathed as I ran to the bottom of the garden and heard footsteps behind me. "Nikita!!! Nikita Middleton!!! Stop!!!" I turned round and Joel slowed down beside me, panting and clutching his side.

"What???" I almost snapped, I needed to get away from here.

"I can't let-can't let you go anywhere by yourself." I raised an eyebrow and held a hand out.

"By all means come with me," I whispered a little softer. "I just can't be here."

"Where would we go??? To Aviemore??? Fraesurgh??? England??? No, stay and talk to me." I shook my head and took my hand back, raking it through my blonde waves. "Nikita," he whispered, pulling me to him by the hips, "talk to me." I closed my eyes and remembered Ash. He had told me he could go anywhere, Venice, Spain, Paris, he could go to the sun if he wanted he wouldn't burn.

"I can't stay here. I need to get away Joel, I need too." he gripped my hands and kissed my nose.

"Then we'll go together." I closed my eyes and pictured somewhere, anywhere, just to get away.

The world stopped and I felt a rush, wind Blowing through my hair and clothes, threatening to separate Joel from me. When it stopped I opened my eyes and saw the inside of a barn. Just like the one in my 'dream'...

"Nikita, where are we???" I walked outside and saw a golf course somewhere I didn't recognise but it was dark and rain was pounding down. We were miles away from the golf club, so far I could barely make it out. I had only been out for a few seconds yet I was soaked to the bone. Joel's phone rang and I could hear Amanda’s frantic voice at the end of the line.

"Where are you??? Where's Nikita???"

"Mum, calm down, mum, I'm somewhere, a barn, yes I know, I'm with her. We're in shelter but it's pounding it down and raining. I'm fine. Okay, bye." he turned to me with wonder burning through his eyes. "How the hell did you do that???" I shrugged and hugged him, gaining some

"Ask Ash, he told me about it." Joel chuckled and tightened his arms around me. "I'm so bloody cold it's almost unreal!!!"

"I remember last time we were in a barn." he winked and grinned at my reddening face and kissed me. "I'm sure you do too."


"Unfortunately??? What does that mean??? You don't-" I kissed him to shut him up and pulled him outside.

"You need to be quiet." I whispered as the rain soaked us to the bone. "I've always wanted to be kissed in the rain. I think every girl does."

"Sure, just as long as it's always me you kiss," his lips found me as lightening streaked across the sky, making me jump almost straight into his arms.

"Always, without a doubt." Ash crept into my mind but I pushed him away, not wanting to ruin the moment. Joel's tongue crept over my lips, looking for an entrance. I pulled away and licked his wet cheek, grinning and running inside shelter.

"Get back here Flush!!!" he ran after me and I giggled, trying to hid. He sneaked up on me, grabbing my waist and twirling me round, making me squeal before setting me on my feet again. He pushed the hair in my face behind my ear and kissed me, cupping my face in his strong hands, letting me place my hands on his.

Something tugged at his jumper and the zip began to slowly undo itself. "Flush???"

"Nothing to do with me," I whispered, smiling at his lips. Funny thing was, it had everything to do with me. My powers were coming back slowly, I had realized that when I was running. My jacket found its way to the ground and Joel fumbled with his zipper, his jumper somehow getting caught in it. His jeans button slid out the whole as he fixed the zipper and the jeans zipper was down in a flash. My cross top was off in a flash and his green polo shirt was off just as quick.

"I wonder if there's a blanket hidden somewhere???" Joel whispered, a mischievous grin spreading across his face.

"Condom maybe better???" I closed my eyes and saw a shop, made some random customer buy one and it disappeared from her hand, appearing in mine. "Never knew I could do that!!!" Joel took it from me and shoved it in his pocket, his hands messing with my hair as the strappy top became a strapless top. It fell to the ground and I kicked my shoes off, the laces already undone as was Joel’s. He almost ripped the skirt off as he pulled it down, his own baggy bottoms at the ground. Somewhere along the lines and scratchy blanket had appeared and so had a hay stack, lined and ready for use. I grinned as Joel picked me up and threw me at the pile, jumping with me. He unhooked my bra and didn't bother with careful, he ripped the aides of my knickers and his
own Elmo boxers giving a loud rip and flying towards the back.

"Great," he whispered, groping my sides, "They were comfortable." I grinned and flicked my wrist, sending the boxers back.

"Tie the sides or something until we can fix them later," I breathed as he kissed my jaw. "Imagine if I had gotten pregnant, they would have been real kids anyway." he shrugged and the protection was on, making us armed and ready.

"At least it won't be as painful this time." Joel whispered, starting
some fun.


I lay on my stomach-actually laying on Joel-playing with his short hair. "You should definitely grow your hair, we can braid it and everything." I whispered, flicking his ear. He grabbed my hand and
kissed each finger.

"You could grow it for me, Flush"

"Can I dye it green???" I looked Ito his face and saw a look of disgust at the very idea. Grinning, I ran my finger down the side of his face and kissed him slowly, seductively. "You know you want to," I
mumbled, biting his lip.

"Can you stop time by any chance???" Joel whispered, his fingers threading through mine. I nodded and clicked my fingers, wondering if I could do it like that. I fumbled about and stretched for my phone, the screen was still, so was Joel’s. I was definitely getting better at this. Hands went to my sides and pulled me back, I turned round, wrapping some blanket around me and grinned at Joel, whose mischievous glint was back in his eye.

“You are most definitely horny." he grinned and bit my lip. "Joel, come on please, calm you hormones." he pointed and I flicked his lip, kissing his cheek and laying down.

"Are you sleepy???" I nodded and he laid down beside me, pulling me close. "Go to sleep then, or you can try get us home???"

"Naked??? That ought to shock Amanda." he chuckled and kissed my nose, getting up to put dome clothes on. I did the same and snatched his navy jumper from his shoulders before putting them on my own. "Tip 101, a girl loves a guy’s jumper."

"Got it. Am I getting it back though???" I shrugged and he picked me up, twirling me round and throwing me lightly in the air.

"Joel!!!" I screeched once I was airborne. Somehow I kept going and ended up gripping onto the iron beam on the ceiling. "Joel???”

"Let go!!! I'll catch you, I promise!!!" You might not be able to breathe though, that's the worry, I thought. Ash!!! I felt my grip slacken and tried hard to tighten it but it failed drastically. My hand
slipped completely and I fell, almost screaming as I did. "I've-I've got you!!!"

"No you don't," another voice said, pushing him out the way and catching me. "You're not strong enough for this. Idiot."

"You want to see how strong I am??? Blondie," Joel hissed, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from Ash as soon as he could.

"You may be strong for a human but not for me." My right arm was gripped and yanked, causing me to almost trip over my feet.

"I beg to differ." A yank for my left arm.

"If you want to kill yourself go ahead." Right yank.

"I'll make sure you don't come back Blondie." Left yank.

"Weakling." Right.

"Twit." Left.

"Waste of space." Right.

"Waste of time." Left.

“I'm not going to have an arms after this!!! So watch it!!!"

"Let go of her human." Right.

"Let go of her dead person." Left.

"Jack ass."  Right

Don't say it don't say it don't say it. "Ghost." The grip on my left arm tightened even more than I though and so did the trip on my right. I gritted my teeth and squeezed my eye shut as a small crunch went on in my left arm.

"Shouldn’t have said that." There was a watery sound to Ash’s voice and there was even more crunching and tears threating my eyes.

"Why not??? Hurt poor baby’s feelings???" This time I didn't bother with discreet, I screamed as the whole of my lower arm gave a savage crunch and immense pain shot through my body. "Look at what you've done!!! Nikita??? Nikita speak to me, come on babe."

"Me??? You called me the repelling name. You insane-"

"Well that's kinda how it works idiot!!! I call you a name and you call me one until we our fists are in each other’s faces and we can't feel anything!!!" Joel let go of me and went to take a swing at Ash. He retaliated and their second fight started. Over me. Again.

“If you two don't stop fighting right now," I hissed, still not opening my eyes, "I'll stop you both in time and you'll both be alone, anywhere I want."

"You worked out how to transport???" I nodded as I bent to my knees, clutching my broken arm. "How???"

"Because she was pissed off, no doubt at you!!!"

"Shut it!!! Both of you!!!"

"Nikita-" I clicked my working fingers and thought of rivers as I gripped Ashs arm. He didn't have time to move before we were at the top of the Niagara falls. I transported before I could plunge into the icy water and gripped Joel’s arm.

"Stop fighting, please." I pleaded with him as soon as he blinked. He nodded and hugged me, making me screech at my arm. "Now take me to hospital." we began running towards the golf club, I was far too tired to transport again. We got inside and found out that we were actually in Donald Trumps new golf course outside Aberdeen.

“What’s wrong???" one of the waitresses asked.

"We were walking, she tripped and claims she broke her arm, we need a hospital. Can you phone an ambulance or something???" Joel spluttered, hugging my waist and cradling my arm.

“Sure, hold on." The brunette waitress phoned somewhere but my eyes were in and out of focus. Not good. A ginger waitress came through with a plate of food and set it down in front of someone before leaning against the bar counter, her pony tail bouncing and her elbows propped behind herself. She had freckled all over and pale skin. And she was definitely eyeing up Joel.

“Can I help you???" She asked, her voice tarty.

"We're fine." I said, attempting a painful smile. "We're already being seen too."

"Do you need any help with anything???" she asked him after glaring at me, puffing her chest out her black waistcoat.

"Like my girlfriend said, we're already being seen too." I leaned against him and almost gripping my arm.

"Well, my numbers there if you need it." he placed a card on the table and Joel raised an eyebrow, keeping his eyes own her face.

"I'm sure if I needed it I would have asked." She 'pffted' and walked off, strutting for all she was worth. I sighed as the brunette came over.

"We've got a taxi for you, it'll be here soon. Ten minutes or so." I nodded and she got us some drinks. "On the house since Abigail was trying it on with you. Sorry about that."

"Thanks, don't worry about it though." I sipped my J2O until the taxi came. We ran and got it quickly and I leaned back, blocking everything out until we got to the hospital. When we got there we sped to the entrance only to see the most disturbing thing. As soon as my eye twitched the taxi blew up.

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