Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Wakening To Lovely Sight And An Invitation

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Wakening To Lovely Sight And An Invitation

I opened my eyes to find myself in the First Aider’s office, lying on the bed beside where she sat with a pupil. I sat up and had to lie down again, my head hurt, it was dizzy, everything was spinning where I was.

I tried sitting up again, slowly this time and managed. I listened closely, trying to figure out who was talking.

“I’m sure she’ll wake up soon, you may as well go to class, thank you for taking her here.” There was a mumbling, soft voice, so soft that it would sound exactly like honey if it could talk. “Okay, thank you again, Joel.” My eyes shot open and I looked over to the First Aider and her visitor. I couldn’t keep the gasp in that slipped out my mouth, like a prisoner escaping from their cell.

Joel looked over and stood up, he nodded at the First Aider and said goodbye before leaving, his belt clinking softly as he left me lying in wonder. The Fist Aider came over to me and spoke, “How are you feeling dear???” she asked in her Scottish accent. She flicked her dark, shoulder length hair past her ear and gave me a smile.

“I feel fine, thanks. Just a bit woozy.” She nodded and helped me set my feet off the side of the bed. “Can I be nosy and ask why the boy was here???” she gave me another warm smile.

“Joel came in with you because I was busy he had you in his arms like a pillow case, he wouldn’t let you down until he was sure he wouldn’t drop you and wanted to stay until you woke up, but didn’t stay any longer than necessary.” She walked over to the sink and came back with a small cup of clear water, “drink up dear. You need some liquid in your system.”

As much as I tried, I couldn’t even swallow a sip of water. What was he doing here??? Why did he help me??? Why did he care???i closed my eyes and wondered what he was doing now.

He sat in class, hoping she was Okay, she was lucky he was there to help. Yet all she had done when she saw him was yelp, which obviously wasn’t a thank you. He looked at his paper, he had been there for around ten minutes and all he had written down was the date and the title, he had a question sheet in front of him with more than twenty questions on it. All the words swam as soon as he tried to read them.

He couldn’t think about his lesson, he could only think if she was Okay, was she wondering what happened??? Was she sleeping again??? Was she thinking about him???

I got onto my feet slowly and quietly told the First Aider I felt great, easy to go and she gave me a slip to leave the office. I took the small green slip and left, collecting my bag while I was at it. I had art, but only ten minutes left of it. I would be fine wandering around school without leaving for class.

I stood beside the assembly hall and closed my eyes, if I could move things then I would need to get Joel out of class.

His pencil flicked, trying to get out his hand. He loosened his grip on it and watched it fall off the table and roll beside the door. He watched as it filled in a slip for leaving the class room and made an excuse.

“Miss,” he said quietly in his soft voice, the dark haired, plump teacher turned from the board and look at him with annoyance,

“What is it Joel???”

“Can I go to the First Aider, I have a severe headache.” She nodded and told him to get a slip. It was all written out in a font he didn’t recognise. The box beside First Aider was ticked and ready to go.

She signed the slip, giving him permission to leave for the period to do what he wanted. He was told to take his things as he probably wouldn’t be back before the bell and let him go.

He kicked his pencil out of the classroom and closed the door behind him, trying to pick it up. It rolled out of reach and kept going until it got to the assembly hall.

I looked at the approaching pencil and heard the footsteps; I could just barely hear them. Joel came round the corner and stopped when he saw me. His pencil stopped and he bent slowly to pick it off the grey floor, never taking his eyes off me.

“I thought you were in the First Aiders office.” He said, staking a step closer.

“I thought you were just going,” I leaned on the locked doors and watched as he threw a hand through his brown hair and came closer. He stuffed his pencil into his pocket and kept his hand there, confused by what I had just said. “how’s your head???”

“Why do you care, you don’t even know me.”

“Why did you help me when I fainted???”

“Because nobody else would.” I raised my eyebrow and he sighed. “Because I hadn’t thanked you for your letter.” I put my head down, my cheeks reddening as I remembered that letter. My friends had embarrassed us both and I was too chicken to apologize in person.

“Why did you bring it up???” I had my eyes closed and it was difficult to stay where I was. I almost imagined him kissing me like my dream.

“Why not???” My arm got really itchy, my exima kicking in again and the image getting clearer. I couldn’t breathe, the thought of people prodding me with surgery instruments, trying to cut me open to get to my brain.

“Hey, are you okay???” I shook my head and heard him come closer, “put your head in between your knees, I’ll hold you up. Don’t worry.” I did as he said and he held my shoulders, flicking my ponytail onto my back again and again. I breathed in and out until I felt better, he held me the whole time.

“Why are you helping me??? You don’t even know me.”

“I don’t have to know you to help you.” I stood up straight and heard the bell ring, if I left now, I wouldn’t be crushed in the rush. “I’ll walk you to the bus.” He took my arm and walked out the doors with me, I didn’t even make my mind’s eye make him.

“So, in that letter, you saw me at Ellen I think you said you though I was cute, was it???” I laughed and dropped my head in extreme embarrassment. I felt him chuckle as we crossed the crowded road, not at all letting the cars pass.

“Do you have to remind me of what I wrote in that annoying and embarrassing letter???” he nodded and I sighed which made him grin, it made him even more gorgeous than before.

“Yeah, and I want to embarrass you as much as I can.” He wrote something on the leaving slip he got in class and ripped it off before slipping it in my bag. “Try not to faint on the way home.” I laughed as he left to go to his small bus, leaving me at the doors of the double decker bus I had to go home in.

I got in and sat down, it wasn’t two minutes before Lisa came up to me and asked what happened.

“Why weren’t you in Art, Nikita???” I smiled, partly because of what happened and partly because of Joel. If I felt like crying, a look at his face would almost make me smile.

“Hold on,” I said putting my index finger up, indicating to give me a minute. I closed my eyes and watched from a bird’s eye view.

The longer St. Fergus bus rolled out of Bus park, leaving the other buses to follow. The small Boddam bus left and the small St’ Fergus bus was getting ready to leave when the tire burst and they couldn’t move.

“I fainted and was brought to the First Aider where I stayed for almost two periods.” I looked out the window towards the non-moving mini-bus and grinned. There was other busses coming in but you had to pay to get on those. The bus driver came onto our bus and said something to our bus driver Steve and then left.

“Alex!!!” Aaron shouted from the back of the bus, “What’s going on???” we soon found out.

“Listen you lot!!!” Steve came halfway down the bus and shouted at us, basically because half of us don’t listen unless he does. “The St. Fergus bus is coming onto this one, so make some room for them and we’ll need to go to St’ Fergus.”

He went to the front of the bus and got into the driver’s seat. The pupils from the St. Fergus bus piled onto our bus and Joel and his Jordan were last on. Jordan found a seat at the front and the only seat left for Joel, was the seat beside me.

He smiled at me and walked over, “Care to move your bag???” I shifted my blue bag onto my knees and moved closer to the window, giving the giggling Lauren a grin. “thanks,” he said once he had sat down. “Still got that number???” I nodded and he smiled at me again.

I took the number from my bag and messaged it.

Heya. N

I got one seconds after. HI. J. I saved the number into my contacts as Joel R and turned to him.

“So, you get to talk to me now, upset or what???” she chuckled and I laughed, feeling happy beside him, feeling the heat radiate from his body.

“Not upset, maybe on the verge of crying but not upset…...” I slapped his arm gently and he laughed, I felt my cheeks redden as he laughed. Believe me, it sounded amazing.

He kept laughing to himself as I tried to put my feet on the seat. "Stop laughing at me!!! Joel, stop it!!!" he stopped when I said his name and I started to go red again.

"How do you know my name???" I retire my hair in my pony tail as he asked, getting even more embarrassed.

"Don't you think I would know your name to write a letter and get it delivered???"

"Do you know anything else about me???" I felt my eyes widen as I lifted my head to look at him, how could he ask that???

"Maybe. Not much. Just a little." I made my finger look like they were going to pinch air but stayed from doing so. He raised an eyebrow and I dropped my hand onto my bag.

"She knows a lot about you!!!"

“Shut up Lisa!!!" I gave her a death stare and he giggled with Lauren. Who also told her to shut her mouth. Joel looked at me with questioning eyes.

"What exactly is 'a lot'???"

"I know you live in St. Fergus, you name's Joel Robertson, you went to the primary school in St. Fergus, your brother's Jordan, you’re in fourth year and you go to Hame Bakery just about every day for your lunch." I took a breath and felt the world spin around me. "Take this for a second would you???" he took my bag and I dropped my head in between my legs and took deep breaths until I felt like normal. Or almost normal.

"Nikita??? Are you feeling okay???" Lauren came over as we were turning a bend and almost fell. Joel caught her top and kept hold until she got her balance.

"You okay Lauren???" she nodded and smiled at him. I lifted my head and looked at her giggling at my cheeks.

"Having fun Nikita???" I laughed and Joel looked between us before going red. I laughed even harder at his cheeks and took my bag from him. We were out of Peterhead and going round the roundabout beside McDonalds as Joel got up and walked to his brother. Our came back and sat down beside me. Lauren made a phone me sigh and I laughed.

"How about going to lunch tomorrow??? We have P.E tomorrow at the same time." he asked me. I felt fluttering in my stomach and nodded, "Hame bakery???" I nodded a second time as we were entering Cruden Bay.

"Great, sounds Awesome. I'll text you later okay???" he nodded and I fell silent. I was asked to lunch by Joel!!! I felt like singing, like laughing until I cried like shouting at the top of my voice. And it was only lunch.

We came to my stop quickly and I asked Joel to stand up so I could get out. He did so and I walked quickly to the front of the bus so I could hope out as soon as the doors opened. I glanced at Jordan and he gave me a where look. I thought nothing of it and got off the bus, waiting for Michael to hurry off it. He joked with me and I couldn't hear what he was saying until the bus went by.

Joel sat waving out the window at me.

I ran home and closed my eyes as soon as I got in the door.

He sat there, looking at his phone, waiting for her to text him. Lauren was sitting, trying to ask what was going on between them and he stayed quiet until she gave up.
"Are you at swimming tonight???" Lauren nodded and he sighed, great, more questions about lunch.
Fantastic, who knew helping somebody would be so annoying???
Especially someone he feels the need to get to know.

I squealed and dad shouted to me, asking what I was screaming for.

"Not screaming dad," I shouted back, "squealing. I'm happy!!!" I walked into the kitchen, a place that was definitely getting built into perfection. We has made another small room and joined up the two of them. All that was left was painting and sockets. I smiled at how well it looked and grinned at my paint covered dad. "Been painting all day???"

"no, I've gotten some sockets into the wall." he started to explain how the whole room was hopefully going to look for the fiftieth time this week and I smiled, mum was fine and had her own ideas Which would have to be used and dad had some better ideas, she didn't like that nobody was on her side.

I was starving since I had a small lunch and made myself a bowl of cornflakes. Just to test, I went to my room and concentrated on the bowl. I close my ewe and controlled the spoon to take some cornflakes and milk and go into my mouth. It ended up spilling onto the bed sheet. I ended up controlling bits of cornflakes individually.

Once I had finished, I put the bowl aside and got my phone out my front pocket.

Heya, anything you want to talk about??? N

I put my phone on loud and sat it on my desk. I would need to control something else. I closed my eyes and controlled a random book to move slowly over to me. It landed in my crossed legs.

My phone rang and I controlled it to move to me, answer and go on loud speaker. I threw my hand out towards the door and slammed it shut so I could talk.

"Hello???" I grinned at his voice.

"Heya, you wanted me to text but I phoned instead."

"I can see that," I heard the grin in his voice, his butterflies-flittering-in-my-tummy grin. I sighed happily and waved my hand in front of my face, trying to cool the blush that attacked my cheeks.

"I can tell you're blushing."

“Oh, how come???"

"Because you go quiet and I just know you're either grinning or blushing." I laughed at his accusation and hit up, walking to the bathroom. "and since I know what you're like when I talk I can tell you’re blushing."

"Well, maybe I'm just grinning, you wouldn't know."

"What are you doing now Flush???"

"Flush???" He chuckled and I grinned, completely controlled by his voice.

"Yeah, my new nickname for you. Like it, Flush???" I shook my head, laughing as I entered the bathroom.

"I guess I can live with it."

"Where do you live???" I turned the tap on and splashed some cold water onto my cheeks.

"You know Zara Stephen, ask her." he sighed at I laughed.

"Nikita!!! Come do the dishwater!!!" my dad shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

"Got to go, I'll see you at bus park doors to tomorrow."

"No." did he want to cancel??? Dint he want to go to lunch anymore??? "Meet me at assembly hall doors." I grinned, retying my hair Ito its ponytail.

"Of course, even better."

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