Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - The Fire Within Me

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The Fire Within Me

Joel gave a shriek but I didn't even stir. My good arm raised itself and the taxi flames shot up even higher. People around us screamed and shouted, squealed and shrieked but I didn't make a sound. I was somewhat angry and annoyed, with the pain, the Ginger waitress, Ash, Joel, myself, everyone. But the poor taxi driver paid for it. "Nikita, Nikita are you okay???" I didn't hear him, my hand kept raising until the flames were almost taller than the building. Where had this sudden outburst came from???

My broken arm began to lift itself somehow and the flames grew wider, they spread out and the whole car was one huge flame. My eye twitched again and my arms fell to my sides and the flames disappeared, leaving the car in a black mess white a roasting body in the driver’s seat. I felt it all hang onto my shoulders and felt instantly tired, dropping to the ground in a broken, messed up, controlling heap.

"Nikita???" I blinked and heard people around me, I heard Joel trying to urge me talk, I heard footsteps come closer, shouts of nurses and all, sirens and screams, blaring flames start up again, I heard it all but my eyes failed to open ad I sniffed and coughed up blood. "Nikita hang on, okay???"

"J-Joe-Joel-" I tried to grip the soft familiar hand that was there but I was lifted up and my hearing failed to come through. I slowly went to sleep.


"Mum, yeah, I'm fine, go back to bed, I'll see you tomorrow or something, I got to go, yes I'm okay, I know. I love you to, bye." I opened an eye and saw I was in a hospital bed. Again. Yet this time I was in my clothes and not PJ's.

"Why am I here???" I whispered, trying to move my Left arm. It wouldn't move and o got panicked until I saw plaster. Someone had already signed it. Flush. I looked at Joel who had dragged the visitor chair over and saw beside me.

"Me and Ash had a fight and he scrunched your bones up pretty well. Could take a few weeks before it heals properly." I sighed and gripped his hand in my good one.

"Why am I here instead of at home???"

"Remember the fire in the taxi???" The huge flames, the burnt body, my hand controlling it. I nodded and he sighed. "You fainted outside and we had to wait until you woke up to take you home."

"So, in the barn you two fought, he broke my arm, when we got to the hospital I blew up a taxi and killed some-" I stopped myself, throwing a hand to my mouth. "I killed someone. I killed an innocent taxi driver."

"I'm sure that he deprived people of more money than needed." I closed my eyes to stop tears. I had killed someone. I was a murderer. "Nikita, it's okay, don't cry please."

"I'm a murderer Joel, I killed that taxi man when all he did was drive us to the hospital." He gripped my hand and kissed it, kissing every finger.

"It's okay, no one knows you did it. They can't get proof either. It's okay." I shook my head and felt anger and pain boil into my veins. "Flush???"

"I need to go home." I sat up and started shuffling about as Joel tried to get me to stay still.

"I'll get the nurse okay??? Just-just stay here." I nodded and he ran off to get a nurse. I sat still as I heard them coming back.

"Okay, let's get you seen to and then you can go home if it's all thumbs up." I nodded at the small nurse and she took my blood pressure, my heart rate, pulse and did the eye and ear thing. "You're good to go." We got my things and left quickly, I was desperate to get out here. To think about the murder and a hospital where many have died??? Poisoned, cancer, everything.

"Hey, Flush calm down, you're okay." I looked at our hand but something caught my eye. I looked at the plaster on my arm and saw a mark, it was like pens were quickly redrawing the mark onto the plaster. Great. I looked at my hand and saw it creep up a little towards my finger. It was half way up my hand. "Flush, you okay???"

"Just peachy." Obviously this meant something. Just what??? My mark wasn't meant to grow any farther than my wrist. Wasn't it??? "Stay with me tonight???"

"Of course, if you don't want me to leave I won't," he said, kissing my temple. "I love you Nikita."

"Love you too." My mind wasn't in the moment. Jordan had said it was coming soon, what did it mean??? My powers were lost and came back stronger, now my mark's growing further than it's supposed to. "I need to talk to Ash."

"Talk to Savannah," he growled, even the name pissing him off.

"Ash is my Shiatra. Savannah doesn't know me yet." What about when I was in hospital??? "Since Ash's my Shiatra I need to talk to him. He's the only one I'm kinda allowed to speak to."

"He would do more than talk." I slapped his chest and he laughed, "It's true and you know it Flush, he would do more than talk given half the chance."

"I'm trying not to dwell on that." We phoned Mum and asked her to come pick me up. "You're staying in a different room when he's here. I can't risk breaking anymore bones."

"I'm sorry about that." I sighed and we stayed silent for the half hour it took mum to come pick us up.

"Are you okay??? What happened??? Is everything okay???" I nodded and leaned in the back seat, closing my eyes and breathing deeply. Everything was turning upside down.

"I'm fine. We were on the trampoline and I fell off, I broke my arm on a rock or something I don't know." She nodded and drove out of the hospital parking lot. My mum didn't know about my powers, my ability, Ash, the fact that once this 'thing' happened I might die. And I could kill people with a blink of my eye.

"Why didn't Amanda phone me??? Doesn't she fell I have the right to know about my daughter???"

"Mum!!! I wouldn't let her phone-"

"Where is she now???" Wer eyes widened once she looked at me in the mirror and saw Joel, she saw him sitting messing around with his fingers, trying not to be awkward. "Sorry Joel, I forgot you were there.

"Doesn’t make it better." I hissed, taking his hand in mine. I realized he had his jumper on and kissed his cheek. "She didn't mean any of it, don't worry."

"It's okay." He sighed and leaned back, wrapping an arm around my waist. We all sat in silence until we parked at the Robertson’s house. "I'll be back soon, I need to tell mum I'm going to be at yours."

"Tell Jordan he can stay too, we'll get Georgia as well, we need to go to Morrison’s anyway." Mum said quietly, smiling kindly at Joel. He nodded and we got out, heading up the garden path. As soon as we got inside I kept my head down, I couldn't bare looking Amanda or Mark in the eye. Either way, I would let them both down.

"Mum!!!" Joel shouted, walking through multiple doors and keeping my arm away from anything. "Mum???"

"Yes, sweetheart???" She appeared at a door and smiled at him. "Nikita!!! Are you okay???" She rushed over and I finally looked at her worried face. "Nikita what happened???"

"Nothing, if my mother asks I fell off the trampoline." She nodded, taking the hint.

"What's wrong Joel???"

"I'm staying over at Nikie’s tonight, Jordan can if he wants. She doesn't want to be alone." Amanda raised an eyebrow at her two sons staying over. "Georgia’s staying over too." she smiled and nodded and we went to get his things.

"Is that what your mother thinks of me???" One thing I realized quickly is that Joel never calls me flush around his parents, it was always like that.

"Think nothing of it." I smiled and knocked on Jordan’s door as Joel went to get his things.

"Jordan???" there was no reply so I risks opening the door. He was laying there, swear on his worried face, his arms crossed under her head and asleep. "Jordan???" I whispered, poking his side.

"Three-days-killing-fire-death-" he stirred and jolted awake. "Nikita???"

"What’s in three days Jordan???" He shrugged and I poked his side again. "Get your things, you two are staying over at mine with Georgia." He smiled at her name and went to gather pyjamas and all. I walked out and towards Joel’s room. There were photos of us on his wall, ones from our shopping trip, ones from the day we spent at the castle, one of us sleeping, some from when they all stayed over. My favourite was most definitely the one where someone had somehow got a picture of us. We were at the Lido beach and you could see Georgia in the background, swearing at the photographer who I think was Jordan. Joel and I didn't know we were being pictured at all.

My hands were around his neck and his around my waist and out eyes were closed as our foreheads were leaning against each other. We were grinning, love stuck grins stuck to our faces as the wind whipped at our clothes, my blond waves flicking around us.

"Oh, hey," Joel took me out my thoughts and put his bag on his bed. Grinning ad he watched me look at the pictures. "It's my favourite too."

"I don't know why, you look terrible." I said, making Joel grin even wider.

"Oh really???" He said, pulling me over. "Is that right???"

"Excruciatingly right." He bit the skin underneath my ear and I giggled. "It’s so right it's almost untrue."

"Hmm," he whispered slowly pushing me onto the bed, "We're just going to have to change that." He growled playfully and kissed me, biting my lip. I pushed him off with my good hand.

"Stop pouting and get ready."

"I'm not finished." He whispered, kissing my jawline.

"You're on pause." He sighed but chuckled once I winked and went to his drawers to steal a jumper. "I'm just wondering, did you actually have sex with Chloe Chalk???" there was silence as I grabbed a dark red jumper and pulled it over my shoulders. "It's okay, I'm not mad about it anymore. Was she pregnant???"

"We did do that..." I smiled a little and closed the drawer halfway. "I don't think she got pregnant, why???" I picked a note out the drawer and read it out.

"You are an asswhole. I can't believe you talked me into that. I'm in so much trouble. Chloe." I raised an eyebrow and flicked it in the drawer before closing it completely. "Just wondered."

"Nikita, I'm sorry-"

"There’s nothing to be sorry about, I was just wondering if it was lies or it actually happened. Considering she wouldn't know." he sighed and kissed my forehead.

“Are you okay???"

"Just peachy." We heard a honk outside and I remembered my mum was still there. We walked out and said bye to mark and Amanda.

"Heed my warning," she whispered when she gave me a hug, "In every cycle there is a loophole." I looked at her curiously but my hand was tugged and pulled out to the car.

In every cycle there's a loophole???


"No!!! Jordan!!!" Georgia giggled as we played yet another game of spin the bottle. This time we were doing the kissing version. I grinned as Georgia folded her arms and Jordan kissed her quickly. As soon as he sat back down the bottle was spun again. So far for the past three minutes straight Georgia and Jordan’s been kissing. Please, no thank you'd, it was entertaining for me to. "Fucks sake!!!"

"Nikie, knock it off." Jordan whispered, winking and hiding a smile. I grinned as it stopped at Joel. "Can I spin again???"

"No way!!!" I almost screamed. Mum and dad had to be persuaded for ten minutes before they reluctantly went to the Killie for a few pints. So far they had been gone an hour. None of us minded, we had played been playing multiple versions of spin the bottle since they left. All of us were scared of horror movies so we picked Insidious from Sharon’s forgotten DVD collection.

"Yes way!!!" Joel shouted as he backed to the edge of the bed. The floor was clear except their bags and he bean bag. Georgia pushed him off and we collapsed in laughter as he landed with a thud. I leaned over to see if he was okay and got pushed down myself, landing on Joel with an even bigger thud.

"Owe," he breathed, his head falling to the ground.

"Hello there," I said, raising my eyebrows. My arm felt no pain and we took the plaster off with a sharp knife, nicking my skin every so often. It turned out that after a few hours I was good to go even with a completely crunched arm. "How are ya???"

"Fine once I can feel my insides. Or breathe. Whichevers better." I laughed and got off, climbing back onto the bed and mentally shoving Georgia off the bed, making her hang in mid-air.

"Hurry up Joel!!!" Jordan shouted at his brother, whose eyes were closed. I grinned and floated down quietly. I gently placed my hands on his sides and sent a shock through him.

"Shit!!! Owe!!!"

"Hurry up and kiss your brother!!!" I said, pulling him onto the bed. When they resister Georgia and I winked and pushed them to each other. They kissed by accident and us girls collapsed into laughter. "Love is in the air, la la lala la!!!"

"Shut up Blondie." I raised an eyebrow and felt anger boil in my veins again. For some reason it was annoying me where as any other time I laughed or shrugged. I shook it off as Joel spun the bottle, landing it on Georgia. She grimaced and quickly kissed him, getting it over and done with.

"Um, what???" Joel sat startled and the window opened.

"Mind if we join???" Joel’s face turned from shock and confusion to anger and pure hatred.

"Nikita, shove over." I looked at the soft waves and grinned.

"You know me???"

"Of course I do, I had to help him with the dreams," Savannah wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. Ash sat beside her and Joel, before I decided that was a bad move and made Joel sit beside me.

"I don't want to move. If he causes shit then I'll move."

“Who would you rather sits beside me??? You or him???"

"Joel can sit there if he wants." I vaguely recognised that voice and saw blonde hair and shocking blue eyes climb through the window. "Jay, I'm guessing you're Joel???" he nodded and anger went through my veins again. Was this what Joel felt when Ash flirted with me???

"Well..." Georgia said, smiling at me encouragingly and gripping Jordan’s hand.

"To many J's in here, I think one should leave, it's giving me a headache," I said, grinning but sending a quick glare at Jay.

"Maybe you should leave then???" She hissed, and before I could say anything I was whisked out the open window and heard the click of the lock. The blind was still half way up and they saw my eye fingers click and the glass smash.

"My bedroom, my house," I hissed, flicking my wrist and sent her crashing into the roof. "My rules." her body flew out the smashed window and fire took over the blind ad she crawled back inside.

"I don't think so Princess." She breathed, her nose wrinkling. "Want to take this outside??? Could get ugly."

"Gladly, but your already ugly, I doubt it would make you prettier." everyone knew I was lying. She was gorgeous, her sharp chin, high cheekbones, pale skin, sparkling blue eyes, long blonde hair, huge boobs to get any male staring. She vanished and I heard a shout from my garden.

"Come on the princess!!! Show me what you got!!!

"Nikita, don't, ignore-" Ash began before I shoved him off my arm.

"No!!! God I'm fed up of all this shit!!!" He looked hurt but I was to pissed off everything I had been angry in the past few weeks was finally pushing through the dust and into my brain. It all wanted out and I was done tying to cave it all up.

"Ooo, baby girl gotta-" she didn't get to finish her sentence, I threw my hand put and she was blown back to the hill across the road. She cried out but gave a joker grin. She snapped her fingers and a mini earthquake surrounded me, almost making me fall to my feet. I kept my ground until it was down and glared, her hand gripped her throat as I lifted her hands, doing what I had done to Lisa in my dream so long ago.

The ghost hand smashed her into the ground repeatedly and threw her in the air, gripping her body and squeezing. She cried out in pain and I felt hands on my shoulders.

"Nikita!!! Nikita!!! Stop it!!! You're hurting her!!!" once the hand disappeared I realized that my hair had been flying around my head. It dropped onto my shoulders and back as I fell, feeling too tired to stand. Cold hands caught me and Ash’s face came into view. "Come on Nikie, stay awake."

"I can't believe I've done that. I could have killed her." I whimpered, thinking of the taxi driver.

"If she was alive." Tears fell down my cheek as he leaned me against the grass and gripped my hand. "It's okay Nikita."

"It's not!!! I could have killed her!!!" Georgia, Joel, Jordan and Savannah were rushing out to me and Jay had disappeared. "I could have killed her." I whispered, closing my eyes and balling up my fists. I scrunched into a ball and hid my face, feeling wind whip at my hair and clothes again. This time I was alone.

"You're never alone." I saw Ash standing at the other side of the field I was in. I walked to the middle of it and glanced behind me. There was a two-maybe three-story house that had a black tiled roof and at least five windows at the front. There was a small field in from and another huge one at the side with a small cluster of trees spread out. Ash and I were walking among the smaller field, the one with the
football net. I remember this place, Georgia had shown me it once when we walked to the beach. She had been here as a child and though it was creepy once it was abandoned. She had a dream where a demon possessed Joel and went on a killing rampage. He charmed me into the woods and ended kneeling on Georgia with the knife away to slit her throat.

"I know I'm never alone. But it feels like I sometimes." Ash nodded and took my hand. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, tears filling them as I opened them slowly. "What’s happening to me???" I whispered, grabbing him into a hug.

"I wish I could tell you Nikita," he whispered back, stroking my hair and holding me with one arm as I hid my bubbling face in his covered chest. "I really do want to."

"Why can't you???"

"Because this could be dangerous for you, if I told you it would bind us together. Even closer than now."

"Then don't tell me all of it." he chuckled and kissed the top of my head. "I'm so confused Ash, I don't know what to do."

"I know." is all he said. No reason why I'm confused and hurt, no reason as to why this anger was piling into me all of a sudden, no reason why I was killing people. No reason for anything. "It hurts to keep myself from telling you but I can't. Your dream catcher should be telling you some facts."

"He said something," I whispered, pulling my head up and looking him in the face, "He said something about three days and deaths. What does that mean Ash???"

"it can mean multiple things but all I can tell you right now is," he tilted my chin up a little and brushed his lips over mine, "is that your times almost here."


I screamed, the boy’s face had jumped out and made me crap myself. Same with the other three. They hadn't pressed me when Ash and I disappeared at the same time, they saw how sick I looked and left me be. Although, Joel’s face could have looked better with a smile instead of a scowl.

"Holy shit holy shit holy shit-" I clamped my hand over Joel’s mouth to stop him from saying holy shit for the next hour. I instantly regretted it when the next scary bit came up and he bit my hand. I yanked it from his mouth and cradled my sore hand.

"Are you a horse or something???" I hissed quietly. He kissed the reddening spot and gripped it tight. "Joel, I promise it won't kill you, please let go or my- AHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed yet again and thrust my face into his chest.

"And I thought I was the scared one." I flicked his ear and he chuckled softly. I looked at the other two on the other sofa, Georgia was soothing Jordan and he was gripping the pillow next to him. "Jordan you wussy!!!" He shouted before screaming like a girl again. At the end of the film we all got changed though despite the PJ's the
boys brought, they stripped onto their boxers and tried together us doing the same thing.

"I'm wearing my pyjamas and that's that!!!" I said, grabbing a pair of PJ shorts and a strappy top and heading for the bathroom. Georgia was standing outside, waiting for her turn to change.

"Hurry up Nikita!!! Something’s going on in there!!!" I finally unlocked the door and left it open for Georgia and got inside my room, putting my clothes on the beanbag.

"Hey Nikie, lots of legs you've got there," Jordan said, winking and getting a shove off the bed from his big brother.

"Thanks Jordan." he flopped back on the bed, wrestling with his brother. They both got shock once they realized they were floating. I grinned and dropped them both onto the bed, knocking the wind out of them but they laughed either way as Georgia gave a shocked look and grinned.

"We all fall down," I whispered. We all sat back on the bed, the bottle in the middle. "What version are we playing this time???"

"I know, we all need paper." Georgia said, getting off and grabbing some pens. I ran to get paper from the study and some hard books. We all got ready and did as Georgia said. "Remember, this might not actually happen," she whispered. But we knew it most likely would, what we had found out when my parents were picking lottery numbers is that Georgia's psychic. She told them what numbers and we got quite a lot.

We picked numbers, names, pets, transport and places to live for each other, Jordan for Georgia and vice versa, Joel for me and vice versa. "Stay stop whenever you want." we counted in our heads and all said stop.

"Four," Joel said to me, pointing to my lined sheet. He counted four and got four kids, I would marry him, we would live in a barn in Spain, our car would be a Zonda R and we would have a pet pigeon...

"Great," Georgia scowled, looking at the sheet in Jordan’s hand. “Two kids, a mansion in Paris, married to Jordan and a Alfa Romeo and a horse. Married to him and-yuck!!!"

"I'm surprised," I said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, "That you haven’t already." she puffed and shoes me off her. "Jordan what was yours???"

“Two kids, box in Paris, married to lady annoyance, a dog and a Ferrari," he said, showing me the paper. I grinned at Georgia who blushed, obviously making him believe that they would get together and stay like that. "What about you brother???"

"Just about the same as Flush, though I got a lizard." I laughed and hugged him, grinning at Georgia. "Great, now I'm stuck with you."

"Excuse me???" I scowled at him as he wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me tightly. "Fine then, you don't have to be stuck with me."

"Flush, come on!!! I didn't mean it." He frowned at me and I laughed.

"It's okay, I'm kidding." I kissed his cheek and leaned against his back, getting quite comfortable. "Okay, what now???"

"What about truth or dare???" Jordan suggested, shrugging as he took Georgia's hand. "We haven’t played it in a while."

"I'm all out of dares." I complained and Georgia moaned about the game. "Would you rather???"

"Definitely," she said, bolting up right. "I'll go first!!!" She spun the bottle and it landed on us. "separate!!! We can't play it properly with you like that!!!"

"Fine," I breathed and shifted off his lap. She spun again and it landed on me. "Damn."

"Would you rather," she tapped her chin and gave a grin "Would you rather suck off Joel or snog a tree that a dogs newly pissed on???" I giggled and bit my lip.


"Say your words wisely Flush," he said, gripping my hand.

"The tree." they all ewwed until I gave my reason. "It’s been pissed on once but how many times has Joel pissed???" They still ewwed and Joel gave a fake look of hurt. I spun the bottle and it landed on Jordan.


"Cheer up kid, it could be nice???" he shook his head and waited for my WYR. "Would you rather bum fuck Georgia or lick an old man’s cock???"

"Nikita!!!" I grinned and waited for the answer.

"What if I say bum fuck, would I get into trouble???" Georgia scowled and nodded but he said it anyway. He spun the bottle and landed it on Georgia. "Would you rather rainbow swirl Nikita or lick a dogs arse that's just shit???"

"Awww!!!" We squealed and I pushed Georgia away from me.

"Rainbow swirl," she growled, folding her arms. "You disgusting mink." I almost gagged but let it go asthenosphere bottle spun again. "Joel, would you rather suck off an old man or snog Chloe chalk???" I laughed and raised an eyebrow.

"So, what would you rather do???" He shrugged and mumbled Chloe. "I'm sure that can be arranged," I said, giving him a small shove.

"You've got to be kidding me."

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