Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - A Party Of Destruction

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A Party Of Destruction

"What are you wearing tonight???" Georgia asked me as we got dressed. It was Saturday and we ready to party. The boys were coming over to take us there but we were going to be at Georgia's.

"I don't know, I was kinda hoping you would help me with that." She nodded and zipped up her jumper. "I have a few choices but not a lot." It was noon and we were leaving at about half two to go into Peterhead and have a last look around. The boys were going to be at her at eight, enough time to get the bus through and be there for half eight. It was a small trek from the road through the muddy track to the house. We weren't spending long looking through shops, just enough time to see if there was anything. I'd probably get stuck in WHSmiths.

"Well I want to see the castle before we go so we better hurry."

"It's going to be really muddy." I said, tugging at my hair with a comb. It was gorgeous sunshine now but there had been a storm the night before. She shrugged and I slid my bag over my shoulder. "Bye
mum!!! We're going to the castle and probably won't be back"

"Okay, enjoy yourself," I hugged mum and check my bag yet again, two dresses, a small black clutch bag, my small heels, iPod and earphones, phone and purse.

"I'm ready." Georgia grinned and hugged mum before we set off for the castle, what should have been five minutes became twenty and we didn't have a lot of time to look about.

"I'm wondering," she said as she climbed down the stone stairs, "Why don't you just transport us??? Instead of wasting cash and money."

"Because you don’t have a strong stomach, plus, it tires me out really well." she nodded and we finished up at the stone castle, "I'm definitely getting married here." I was at my cousins and decided it, getting married in a church isn't for me so I thought about it and told mum, who decided she hated the thought and scoffed.

"Amazing isn't it???" I nodded and we began back to the bus stop. I checked I had change to get there and leaned against the stop, ready for the bus. "What’s happened with you and Joel???"

"Nothing, why???" I began to get worried, was he okay???"

"He just seems peeved a lot."

"He just hates Ash." She shook her head and grabbed my hand.

"He hates the thought that you love Ash." I shook my head and opened my mouth to deny it. "I know you, I know the way you look at him, the way your face brightened when he was there the other night. It's obvious you like him."

"Well considering I've known him my whole life just about-"

"Over dramatic!!!"

"Is not!!!" I pushed her away from me a little a turned round. "He's been watching me since I was one day old, making sure I was okay, looking after me-"

"So you would be ready for what's coming!!!" I scowled and watched the bus come over the hill, getting my money out and ignoring Georgia. We were silent until the bus stopped at the station, two seconds from her house. "Nikita, I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Maybe you're right, maybe it was for what's going to happen." I sighed and jumped off the bus, I wish I knew I was ready or not. I coughed viciously and grabbed onto Georgia's arm. We dropped everything off except our purses and phones. We walked into the town centre and sat there, waiting, as Savannah appeared in the middle of Hoppet and walked out too us.

"I'm not late or anything am I??? How long have you been waiting???" We shrugged and walked off, linking arms with her and checked out the shops.


Three hours later we were sitting in symposium with about ten bags between us and drinks, sharing a slice of carrot cake. "This is so good!!!" Savannah exclaimed, claiming yet another forkful. "I've never tasted this before."

"That’s because you don't eat." I said, sipping my White hot chocolate. I got the plastic spoon and scooped the foamed cream off the top, sighing at how good it is. "Are you going to yours after this

"Yeah, Savannah you're coming right???" She grinned excitedly and nodded. "Good because we're going to need help with our hair." Her grin expanded and slowly fell off her face.

"We have a surprise though, and you're not allowed to open your eyes when we're doing it." I said, setting the money on the table and picking up my bags. We went to Georgia's and Savannah said nothing for ages as we set everything on the bed. "Sit," I told her, pointing to Georgia's computer table which had been changed into a vanity table for the night.

All her make-up and my small make-up bag were on the table along with her straighteners and her mother’s curlers and my crimpers. We had thought about this earlier but made sure not to think about it much in case she saw our thoughts. Georgia ran through to cut up cucumber. She came back as I was closing Savannahs eyes and told her to relax. She got comfortable in the computer chair and Georgia put the uneven cucumber on her eyes. She had the cucumber and a knife on a plate at
the side of the table.

"What are you doing???" Savannah whimpered, going to lift the cucumber as Georgia got the foundation set.

"No, Savvy!!!" I slapped her hand away lightly and she gave a cry, scared of what we were doing. "Honest, we're not going to hurt you, I promise Savannah, well we won't hue you intentionally." She gripped my hand as the brush dusted her skin, making her look a little less pale. Together we lifted the cucumber and applied mascara, eyeliner, rosy blusher, light yellow eye shadow and pale red lipstick to her pale face. We straightened her hair and folded it into a horizontal roll, putting
in a clip and straightening the locks that hung out the clip again.

"You can open your eyes now Savvy," Georgia whispered. Her eyes opened and she looked in the mirror in front of her. Her face lot up and she grinning, her eyes watering. "Please don't cry, getting someone’s face to look like that take pure concentration."

"I-I won't, but I look lovely!!!" She sniffed and hugged us, squeezing us tight and eating a slice of cucumber. "No one’s ever done this for me. Thank you so much."

"No problem, you've been a huge help for us and we wanted to something nice for you." she grinned and squeezed our hands. "Georgia, get in the seat!!!" she grinned and sat down, choosing out the colours.

"Wait," Savannah said, "Why yellow???"

"You'll see!!!" We started on Georgia, adding everything we had for Savannah but sparkling grey eye shadow instead of yellow and dark red lipstick. She smiled as we tied her hair in a thin bobbled hidden by a black ribbon and tied it on top of her head, curling it to hang in nicely. "Nikita!!!" I took my turn in the chair, getting into trouble for eating some cucumber and closed my eyes, ready for my make-up.

"Make me look like a clown and it's the last thing you do." I hissed playfully. We laughed and Georgia slapped my hand away from the cucumber. I eyed patiently and stopped myself from sneezing a lot as they did their magic. There was whispering and I felt them lift my hair in different places. When I was eventually allowed to open my eyes I gasped. My face didn't look pale anymore, I looked my normal self, the tanned girl. I had rosy lipstick on and pale blusher with mascara, little eyeliner and no eye shadow.

"We're waiting for you to pick your dress before we add eyeliner." I nodded and went to touch my hair. It was straight and sleek and tied in a loose braid over my left shoulder. We decided on our dresses and Georgia had picked her black dress from the shopping trip, it's not normal for her to wear a dress but she looked gorgeous in it.

Savannah had chosen a yellow one trap. It was a tight dress with ruffles to cover the materiel underneath. It hugged her figure and looked amazing on her. We added a thin White belt and she slipped on her White wedges before deciding against it and putting on the borrowed wellies and grabbing her small yellow bag on a chain over her shoulder, it was just big enough to fit the wedges, peep toes with a trap at the back and a fabric White corsage in-between the foot and toe gap.

I looked over my choices, a red dress, a blue dress, a knee high White and a mini black and pink dress. I looked at Georgia’s and decided against them, they were either too long or to short. Savannah was to bright or really dull. "Are you sure I can't just wear a nice top with jeans and my converse???"

"No!!! Pick a dress and get it on, we're almost ready. They had their dresses on and their wellies, their bags just about to be filled. Georgia had a bag in the same style as Savannah but hers looked a little more like an envelope and had a fabric flower at the corner. Her shoes were Flats that were a little like a sofa. If you flicked the sequins over they turned silver and black if you did it again. The had a bow at the front and suited the dress well. I looked at my shoes and picked out a pair of pumps. I grinned at their faces, the heels were two inch and kinda thin, they were black with White ribbon strung at the opening.

"Have you picked a dress yet???" I shook my head and savannah pushed me into the cupboard. "Count from one to five over and over until I say stop. Tell me the number and that's the dress you wear." I nodded and she closed the door.

"One," I whispered quietly.

"Make sure we can't hear you!!!"

"You can hear me anyway Savannah!!!" she sighed and I sat on a box. I counted silently and shouted out "Three!!!" once they told me to stop. I was let out and handed the black number. I grinned and slipped out the room and into the bathroom, locking the door and gently sliding the dress on. I looked at myself in the small mirror above the sink and grinned, I looked pretty amazing. I walked back and let them do my eye shadow before sliding my iPod, phone, shoes and purse into my small black bag. I got my converse and pushing my feet into them, hearing the door knock.

"Okay girls, ready???" Savannah whispered. I closed my eyes as we nodded and saw Katrina open the door. Savannah looked out the window and gasped while we stayed clear until Katrina shouted us through. My eyes shot open and we walked out, blushing through our blusher and smiling, embarrassed.

They stood there with jeans and trainers on. I grinned at Joel and realised Ash was there too. "Ash??? What are you doing here???"

"He wouldn't leave," hissed Joel through clenched teeth. We said goodbye and Victoria wouldn't let us leave unless we put some make-up on her. She got a little lipstick and mascara before we left as Cameron whined.

"By- hey you’re not Ginger anymore!!!" I laughed and then stopped, my eyes widening at Georgia. James had never seen me as Red head. "Bye tubby!!!" Georgia scowled at her brother and we left with the guys. Joel wore a denim waistcoat with a White shirt and Ash wore a black waistcoat with a White shirt. Though his hair looked golden in the lamp light. Jordan wore a black t-shirt as couldn't stop gawking at

When I looked at Ash making Savannah giggle I noticed her hair had turned golden to. "Savannah, your hair...???"

"I know, when we're in our element our hair glows different colours. Yours is red." I looked at my hair and my eyes widened. It was glowing red. Georgia was no different, her hair was glowing blue and Jordan was green. "Our hair is golden because we're dead."

"What is your element???" I whispered, gripping Joel’s hand. He kissed the crown of my glowing head and grinned at me.

"Different from everyone’s. But the same as each other’s." she smiled at Ash, love striking across her face. I almost let out an aw but remembered he didn't really love her back. "Come on, we could miss the bus!!!"

"Or," Ash said, wrapping an arm around her waist, "we could just go poof and be there in milliseconds."

"It's a little early to do that is it not???" Joel said, his eyebrows furrowing. "Plus, they've got their wellies just for the trek."

"Then we zap them back." I hmmed and hummed before we felt the rush of air and whip of hair as we transported. We were suddenly at the house, us girls bare feet and feeling the grass under our toes I could help but smile and close my eyes, I felt at home. Once I regained myself from the weird moment I slipped my shoes on and gripped Joel’s hand. There were people all around us, loud music coming from inside and girl in miniskirts and tube tops with heels the size of the eitful tower. Some were wearing maxi dresses and flats, some were coming from the side in bikinis. The beach was a two minute walk down the grassy hill as long as you have shoes, there's loads of rocks.

"At least you're not going about in a bikini." Joel said quietly in my ear.

"Would it bother you if I did???" I mumbled back. He grinned and shrugged, pulling me into the house to grab a drink. If someone gave the place a spring cleaning it would be absolutely gorgeous. Oh I forgot to tell you, there's a garden at the side of the house, basically a square place filling with flowers and trees, surrounded by four tall, grey walls and a brown door on the side with the house and another identical door on the opposite wall.

"I guess not, but just not in front of all these drunk guys. There are kids from first year who are getting pissed to sixth year who are barely on their feet." He shouted above Katy Perry's Wide Awake. "They might be too strong for you to fight off without exposing yourself."

"Maybe, but that's why I have you," I said seductively, grabbing a mix of something to give a green colour. I recognised the kid at the blender as Scott, Joel’s friend. “Scott!!!"

"Nikita!!!" I grinned and hugged him, I hadn't seen him in ages. "What do you want???"

"Is the Scotty special different from this ogre???" I shouted, holding my plastic cup up.

"I'll make a new one, a Nikie!!!" I laughed and Joel wrapped an arm around me, taking the cup from me. Scott handed something to me. "Vodka, Bailys, Peach Snaps, Vodka and Sourz of all kinds!!!" I grinned and kissed his cheek as I took a swig of the concoction.

"Tastes ace Scott!!! I'm hiring you for my party!!!" He grinned and kissed my cheek before pushing me to Joel. We walked outside again to check on our scattered group. Georgia and Jordan were standing seeing who could chuck a stick the highest. Ash and Savannah were sitting on a log with their arms around each other, Savannah in pure enjoyment.

"Come on, see the inside!!!" We ran back in and pushed past everyone, trying to see upstairs. There was a bathroom, tiled in blue and dolphin taps on the White sink and large bath. The next room as a girls room, purple and silver everywhere. Purple sheets and pillows on a queen sized bed with a princess curtain over the top and a window seat with silver everywhere and purple cushions, wooden wardrobe and
a wooden desk both painted purple with purple edges.

There was a double bedroom next door with everything either blue or green. It was the exact same as the girls, except it was double desk and bunk beds. The master bedroom was pink and black, but this one was as bug a bed as you can get with a wall committed to a wooden desk with two places for laptops and shelves all over the wall. This one had a balcony instead of a window seat. Across from this bedroom there was another bathroom the exact same but where the blue is downstairs it's White and vice versa.

"Nice." Joel said when he walked into a kids’ room. It had an old TV and a forgotten play station one with a box of games next to it.

"I thought this place was abandoned???" I whispered as he pulled me back downstairs.

"So did I!!!" He bashed into someone who smiled seductively at Joel. Does it take much to know who it was???

"Hey Joel, I didn't know you going were to be here," Chloe said, tracing a finger down his chest. "Wanna come party with me???"

"Cant, Nikie and I are going to find Jordan." He smiled a little at her and gripped my hand.

"Well when you and Nikie are finished come find me, I'm missing you," she sashayed up the stairs, blowing kisses and winking. I tightened my grip on his hand and pulled him downstairs.

"Sure the invitation wasn't tempting???" I said once were outside. "Because she seemed pretty close to getting there."

"Nikita don't, I don't want to hang around with her. She must have shagged everyone in school." I raised an eyebrow and he lowered his eyes to the ground. Georgia was having her shot at throwing the stick and I flicked my wrist, sending it flying.

"I win!!!" She giggled as Jordan threw his hands up and saw us approach. She winked at me and laughed as Jordan twirled her round, dipping her and making her hair touch the ground, which was pretty low. Joel wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder.

"Do you forgive me???" He whispered in my ear, swaying us in beat with Hot Right Now by Rita Ora. I nodded and he kissed the skin under my ear. "Thank you."

"There’s more or less nothing to forgive, you didn't shag her when you with me or anything so it's okay." he nodded and tightened his arms around my waist as Ash took Savannah into the woods. "I don't want her alone with him, Joel."

"I know." He may have kept me alive for fourteen years but it didn't mean he cared about Savannah. We followed them and they disappeared. "Nikita..."

"I can't, I'll be too tired," Joel sighed and hugged me. "We just have to trust him."


Five Nikies and four watermelon Breezers later, I was swaying on my feet and feeling great. Three times Joel had to sit down, he was little drunk but not much, he'd had four Nikies. "Joelle baby, come dance with me???" He grinned and snatched my hands

"Gladly." Swedish House Mafia's version of Marvin Gaye's Grapevine came on and Joel dipped and twirled me, swung me and threw me in the air. I laughed and he brought me back up, our noses touching and us gasping for breath.

"Where’s Georgina???" I breathed, stroking his face with my finger. "We should go find her, before she does something she'll- she'll-" Joel cut me off my kissing me, biting my lips and sliding his Tongue between my lips slowly and licking my teeth. I let him take my waist in his hands to stop me falling and gripped his neck. His lips
tightened after a few seconds and then I somehow remembered Cathy Bell. "No!!! No, no, no, I have to find-find Georgina," I mumbled and pushed him away from me. I left him in the throng of people and rushed to the trees where they had been five hours earlier.

Georgia and Jordan were sucking each other’s faces off with about ten plastic cups at their feet and leaning against a tree. "Hello??? Persons???" I giggled and poked Jordan’s side, annoying him a little. "You are at a strip club, not a sex pub."

"Oh shush," he said, his hand on Georgia's thigh. I raised an eyebrow and Georgia smiled at my. "Where’s Joelina???"

"Away, dno, doing sumin." I shrugged and slapped Georgia's arm lightly. "It's fun, maybe not with him..."

"Nikita!!!" I grinned and skipped off into the next field. There was a bonfire in the middle and a boom box beside it, screaming out songs. Sexy and I Know It began and I jumping around. I grinned as Scott came closer and grabbed my hands, twirling me around and all.


"Scott!!!" He dipped me and swung me round, my back on his stomach. "Why are you so bloody tall???" I shouted over the music.

"In the genes, why are you so gorgeous???"

"In the genes!!!" He laughed and dipped me again. This time he kissed me quickly. I laughed and he let me back on my feet. The song finished and I kissed his cheek before going back into the house.

I grabbed another drink from the house and walked upstairs, in need of a piddle. "You really need to relax," a saucy voice said from behind a door.

"I really need to go," a familiar voice said. Joel???" I pressed my ear to the door and listened.

"Just a kiss, you know, for old times’ sake," 'saucy' said.

"For all times sake, leave me alone, I seriously, go-go-go aw-" there was silence and I heard moaning and ripping. I opened the door and saw Joel laying on the bed with a half-naked Chloe snogging him, his hand really close her thong clad arse.

"For all times sake shut up!!!" I hissed. Joel looked up and so did Chloe, her hand gripping the waist of his jeans. "God could you be any louder???" I walked over and scowled at Joel, his eyes keeping well away from mine. With one swift motion my full cup of sticky alcohol was all over Chloe’s straight hair, made up face and Joels annoyingly cute puppy face.

"Ugh!!! You bitch!!! Nikita!!!" She screamed, jumping off Joel and wiping her face.

"Still want to fuck her Joel??? Because you know, I'm not going to bother with you if you do. But you can if you want." I walked away and into the bathroom, doing my business and getting out quickly. "Pfft. I don't need that man whore." I walked downstairs, got another concoction since mine was all over two whores.

"Nikita!!! Hey there!!!" I looked over to see Lisa and scowled. She grinned mischievously and gulped her drink. "How are you???"

"Pissed and pissed off. You???"

"Hey, do you think you could introduce me to him??? She gestured to the Ginger boy over at the door and grinned.

"Jack??? Lisa you know him." she shrugged and I pulled her over. We basically hated each other but her crush was cute on the green eyes boy. "Jack, Lisa, Lisa-"

"I know Lisa," he said, making her blush.

"So do I, I told her that anyway, have a nice time. Have you seen Georgia???" they shook head and I pushed Lisa into him, making him almost fall over but blush at her in her White dress with multi-coloured spots and small ruffles below the waist. I walked past them and saw Mark and Lauren sitting kissing lightly. Wow, I thought,
Lauren first kiss, cute!!!

"Nikita, is everything okay??? I turned round to Ash and Savannah.

"Where have you been for the past five hours???" I hissed, grabbing onto the nearest tree and gripping tight, breaking my hand print into it.

"Anywhere and everywhere, are you okay???" I shook my head and
continued my search, trying not to picture Chloe and Joel. "Oooh,

"Ya think Blondie???" his hair was even brighter, so was Savannahs and mine. I found a bright blue Georgia and vibrant green Jordan snogging and gripping hair. "Hey!!! Can we go??? I'm tired and it's one o'clock."

"Uh- sure???" Jordan sighed as Georgia fixed her outfit and smiled at me, wiping at lipstick out of place.

"You can't leave Nikita." I turned to Ash and Savannah and stiffened, seeing Jay. "The party's only just beginning."

"Maybe for you, but I'm done here."

"Why, because hot stuff up there wouldn't stop having fun with a girl who's a pro and go for you??? Diddum’s." I scowled for what must have been the tenth time that night. "Like I said, the party has already began."

"I'm leaving." I grabbed Georgia's hand and we began for the track. As soon as our feet hit hard mud we couldn't move any further.

"You're not leaving until he dies." I turned and saw Jordan floating, attracting an audience.

"Jordan!!!" Georgia screamed, taking her flats off and going to run. I lifted my hand and earth stood in from of her. "Nikita???"

"You can't help him. He'll be like that until this thing happens."

"But he'll die!!!” Tears glazed her eyes and I held my arms out, ready for her to run and hug me, to cry on my shoulder. "Nikie you have to help." I had too, if I saved Jordan Amanda’s family would still basically be there. She wouldn't be alone.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, hugging the crying girl. "Jay, what's happening???"

"In every cycle there’s a loop hole. Surely you would know that, right???" Amanda, she had said that too. What did it mean???"

"Ash, tell me!!!" I screeched as Jordan turned from a green sphere with a boy in the middle to a black hole. "Ash!!!"

"If you die you don't come back. Your time to do as you can is now." He looked away from me and Savannah started to cry but Jay grinned.

"He'll be all mine." I let go of Georgia and punched the bitch in the eye.

"He's no ones. Especially you slut." Her hair started to float around her head and her eyes turned bright blue, no White and black, just blue. Her skin glowed gold and her hands turned to fists. "I know you hate that, ghost."

"Nikita, stop it!!!" I shook my head and suddenly hundreds of people were piling into the field, blonde, blue eyed spirits. "Nikita, you have to stop!!!" Ash gripped my arms and only then did I realise I was in the air. The black hole was sucking people in, anyone who got to close and there were a lot of close people.

"How!!! Ash help me!!!" I felt completely sober now, sober and so pissed off I felt like a fountain. Savannah had run off to stop Georgia from getting to close and Ash pressed his lips onto mine.

"I can’t help. I've trained you, use it." I sniffled and felt a sneeze. Shit. It came and tree were thrown to the ground, crushing people and making them jump closer to Jordan, losing their lives.

"What's happening to them???"

"They’re going into another dimension, they'll never return." I ran towards it and heard Ash behind me before Jay told him to leave it. Lisa was close and slipping before a tree came to knock her off her feet.

"Lisa!!!" I saw Jack push her out the way and tumble to the ground with her in his grip. "You can't get close, it'll kill you!!!"

"No it won't, that tree would." He looked behind and saw the earth crumbling nearer and nearer to them.

"I love you Lisa, I always have!!!" I took a step closer and saw him kiss her, one that made her weaken and whimper, gripping his shoulders and kissing him back.

"I love you too!!!"

"I can’t let you die!!!" she gave a confused look as he pushed her back, throwing her to safety before the earth crumbled and swallowed him up.

"JACK!!! NOOOOOO!!!" she bent to her knees and screamed, but no one
noticed Mark running after Jack.

"Jack, I love you!!! You can't die!!!" He dove in after jack and I got the shock of my life. Little blonde mark, the cute, smart mark, was a closet gay. And he loved his best friend Jack. I saw Lauren and she shrieked but saw me point to Lisa. She grabbed Lisa's arm and they ran together, to the track and away from the hole, as were a lot of people.

"Nikita!!!" I ducked as a huge tree made its way to crashing on me and he stood up straight, flicking my wrist and putting the tree on fire and made it disintegrate right in front of me.

"Not today bitch." I whispered, clicking my finger and settling fire in front of the hole and a fire wall from the door of the house to the track, making people run to safety. Chloe came out with Joel and I felt my heart stiffen, their clothes were ruffled and his hair could have been a bed head. "Joel??? I breathed, tears in my eyes. More trees
disintegrated and more fires erupted as the spirits came closer and closer.

"Nikita, where are you???" I threw my hands up to create light and saw Ash next to me in a flash. "Please don't do this."

"I have to. If I die he lives and Joel can move on, live his life and not need to worry about me." I turned to ash and gripped his face. "I need to do this."

"But I'll never see you again." For the very first time I saw tears stream down Ash's cheeks.

"Maybe some other time you will. Just not for a while." He shook his head and I kissed him. For once I was the one to kiss him. "Don’t even bother acting like I'm Cathy Bell, Ashling Vincent Campbell." he whimpered and kissed me back, a fury circle erupting around us. There were shouts, cries, screams ad chaos all around us and we blocked it all out, everything but the passionate lock of our lips.

"I love you Nikita, you can't do this." He whispered, stroking strand of hair out my face.

"This is the only thing I can think of to do. I can't kill you all. But if I do somehow live then I promise this won't be our last kiss." He cried out as I let go of him with one last kiss and ran off towards Jordan. I lifted everything I could and threw it all into the hole, trying to block it all up. It started to close and the spirits headed over. They reached or for me and I blocked their attempts, throwing stuff at them. Some disappeared and some just got angrier.

"Nikita Middleton!!! You will never be one of us!!!" A guy hissed at me, claws out.

"I never want to be!!!" I threw my hands out and some flew back into the house, shaking it a little. I looked at the hole and saw that it wasn't completely closed.

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