Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Goodbye My sweet Friend

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



Goodbye My sweet Friend

Screams slowed to a stop as everyone left. Georgia was behind restrained by Savannah and Ash was trying not to come over. I looked at the tiny hole and sighed. It needed one more thing until it closed up. I jumped into the hole, excepting owing and hurt to grow over me but all I got was a face full of Jordan.

"Nikita???" We fell to the ground with a large thump and I'm sure I broke something. "Nikita, kill me now."

"Jordan, I can't." Fires and small floods rises everywhere as this generations dream catcher began to die. "You won't die, I promise."

"It's in my future to die. Georgia was sleep talking." he saw my raised eyebrow and continued. "My nearest future."

"No it's not, I'm going to save you, you can't-can't die!!!" I said loudly, tree growing limbs and ripping each other apart. "I won't let you, Georgia-"

"Has seen that she will love again, it's okay." I shook my head and placed my hands on his chest, Ash had taught me I could see the wounds, but I was willing to try and save them.

"Come on come on!!!" I whispered, pressing my hands down and trying to concentrate. "Come on!!! Work!!!" He pushed me away from him and grimaced, gripping his stomach.

"You can still live, have children, be loved and be in love. Don't break that for my life." I whimpered as Georgia ran over and hugged him, watched him cough up blood.

"Georgia," Savannah breathed, just catching up even though she was faster. "Jordan???"

"Savannah his times come. The dream catchers dying." Tears spilled down my cheeks as Jordan gripped my hand in his. His grip became weaker and his eyes closed, his breathing shortening.

"Out the way," she ordered, shoving me away from him. Georgia knew she couldn't safe him, she wasn't as skilled a healer yet. Savannah did I what I had and placed her hands on his chest, her glow brightening as she applied pressure. "Well mother, I'm finally saving someone other than myself." She whispered and took a deep breath. She gritted her teeth and dug her hands into his chest.

"Savannah!!! Stop, you're hurting him!!!" Georgia shrieked, trying to push her away.

"I'm saving him."

"How???" I whispered, she couldn't-Joel-my party!!! "You were a healer!!!"

"My powers are stronger than anyone’s but not strong enough." How could she give him life though??? Before I could ask all the blood flowed into Jordan open mouth and nostrils, making him splutter and cough.

"Jordan???" He blinked and Georgia hugged him tight, none of us realising that Savannahs glow was dying, she looked a little like Tinkerbell. She lay on the ground, giving little coughs and sneezes. She was dead, she couldn't get ill.

"Savannah???" I whispered, taking her hands in mine. "Are you okay???"

"Want to know why us spirit people are still here after we die??? We have life force. When we give it to someone else then we become the person we were." I realised she was speaking truth, she was growing tanned and her hair was going light blonde, still whitish but more alive looking. Her eyes were going duller and she smiled with rosy lips. "Tonight was fun, I learned what fun is, I realised I had to
great friends and I saved someone. And Ash, he kissed me."

"I'm glad." Right at that weird moment we heard shouting and Ash running towards us.

"Savannah!!! What have you-" He saw Jordan come back to life and gasped, dropping beside her and tears spilled down his eyes. "Savannah, no." She nodded and Ash lifted her onto his knees, making her comfortable. She smiled and wrapped her weak arms around his neck. "You shouldn't have done that."

"Yes I should. I've lived and he hasn't, I've seen the world and it's wonders, Jordan’s barely seen anything. He's too young to die." She tilted his head down and kissed him softly. "I've shot my goal and scored."

"But Savannah," I whispered, gripping her hand. "Your goal costed you everything."

"Behind the clouds is a rainbow, sometimes it lets out a little of its self. Sometimes it lets out sun and sometimes rain. But when it lets them both out it has its chance to shine."

"What does that mean???" I said, gripping her fading hands.

"After every storm there's a rainbow, you have to look carefully to see it." she smiled at us and said to Jordan, "You don't even need your abilities anymore, you’re finished. You're not going to die anytime soon."

"I was wrong???" Georgia whispered, kissing his cheek.

"It's one of the few times you will be. Look after him." She turned to me and held my cheek in her cloudy hand. "Everything will be okay, he'll come to his senses. Maybe it'll take you a while to forgive but he's loyal."


"Don’t but me, let me finish.” I smiled at her as the tears ran down her hands and formed into purple crystal drops. "Put this on a string and it'll be your good lucky charm."

"How???" I whispered, leaning my head softly on her hand.

"Because a kiss from us is good luck, only on these guys though." She smiled and picked the crystal from my chin, kissed it and clicked her fingers, making a tree branch fall and turn into a chain. The crystal threaded through the chain and hung at the bottom, looking right. "Be careful Nikita, great things could come from you."

"I hope so, but you were always there," I held the chain in my hand, feeling the heat radiating from it and watching it glow gold in the middle. "How can I do anything without you at my back???"

"You'll find strength. Just promise me something," she whispered, her face sinking as she glanced at Ash, smiling, and touched the tears on his cheeks. "Don’t cry Ashling, you'll see me again."

"I can't promise that." He whispered, smiling a little.

"You don't have to, it takes a lot to make tears drop from your frozen eyes." I grinned as he chuckled, flicking some hair from her face.

“I promise Savannah, whatever is." she smiled at me and took a deep breath.

"Just make sure when you're picking names from the hat, make sure I'm guaranteed to win." I gave out a puzzled look and she grinned.

"I promise, I'll never forget you Savannah, I promise I promise I promise."

"You have to be my rainbow." I nodded and smiled through our tears. "Right now there's clouds but you'll see shine again."

"Okay." Ash rubbed my arm as she closed her eyes again. "Savannah???"

"Yes???" She asked, peeking an eye open.

"Will I see you again???" she nodded and I laughed a little at the thought of seeing my best friend again.

"Just make sure it's not for a while." I nodded and her eye closed again, letting her body fade and turn into ashes, blowing away in the early Morning wind.

"Bye savannah," I whispered, letting ash hold me as I buried my face into his chest as I cried.

"It's okay," he said, his voice wobbling as his hand stroked my head softly. "It'll be okay." I felt like my world was crashing. My best friend just died, I learned that if I died I wouldn't come back and my boyfriend slept with the school slut after my warning. Plus, all the spirits were at y back and clawing.

"Not all of them." Ash whispered, kissing the crown of my head.

"Just about." Jordan and Georgia declared they were leaving, who could blame them, there friend just disintegrated and blew away. I took my head from Ash's chest and clipped the chain at the back of my neck. "I'm never going to take this off Savannah." I knew, I knew that if she was there she would be smiling.

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