Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Can My Heart Be Controlled??? Taster

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



Can My Heart Be Controlled???


He walked through the busy streets of Aberdeen, his two bags banging on the back of his legs and his laptop case flopping across his chest. His taxi had broken down fifteen minutes away and he still had two bags to check in and get into departure.

He had been walking in the middle of summer on a Saturday morning and hadn't seen anyone he recognised, different. The only face he wanted to see would look at him in disgust so it made no difference anyway. He longed to hear Deadmau5's Hi Friend and look at the screen to see her laughing face, to answer the call and tell him she wanted him back.

"Not like that's going to happen." He whispered to himself as he stood at the airport doors, getting his breath and letting his legs get their feeling back. He stood at a wall and leaned on it for support, thinking that his heart was probably heavier than the laptop bag on his shoulder.

He read the texts from his mother and brother and smiled a little. Trust his mother to fret and order him to email as soon as he landed in Florida, his brother joking around and making him laugh when he felt like his laughter had died. His mouth turned from a smile to scowl as he thought about the ghost.

Probably didn't wait two seconds before sliding in my place and stealing her away, he though, picking at the lose tread on his jumper sleeve.

“There!!! That’s him!!!” He turned round to the voices behind him and saw a group of people with bright hair and shades run towards him. There were about five of them, though he knew he couldn’t fight them off even before the levitated him and stopped him from breathing. “Fight it and we’ll kill you here and now.”

I’m not trying to, he tried to say, but too much air was cut off. One of his bags dropped and the laptop stayed on his shoulder.

“Maybe she’ll learn, since the fire, the deaths and the threats didn’t help.” Joel began gasping and the let him breathe.

“She didn’t do anything wrong!!! Leave her alone!!!” Joel shouted, finally noticing the other people were still. They had frozen time!!! Why hadn’t she told him about that?!?!?! Oh yeah, he thought bitterly, I forgot.

“Shut up moron!!!” The leader of the spirits shook everyone out the way and stood right in his face, sliding her glasses from her face and revealing the shocking blue of her eyes. She had a sharp pointed chin and hard cheek bones, her hairline barely visible on her snow white skin. Her body was tall and lean, with breasts just big enough to make any man's mouth water and legs as long as the Vegas strip.

“Shame you might die,” She said quietly in her strong English accent before kissing him quickly, her lips rough but soft at the same time, leaving him even more shocked than her eye colour, “you’re rather hot.” She turned to the bag on the ground and looped it over her head, letting the strap rest in between her breasts.

“Excuse me-”

“We roll!!!” She shouted, before the whole group whooped and shouted as the disappeared. No phone call to Amanda, no phone call to say to Jordan he was going to need more than luck, no phone call to say he loved Nikita. No even a goodbye to his father.

They just disappeared.

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