Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - A Date Doesn't Normally Come With A Warning Does It???

Submitted: February 10, 2012

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



A Date Doesn't Normally Come With A Warning Does It???

I had told the story three times, as my Facebook status, Lauren and Georgia. I couldn’t get away from my mind’s eye either. I wanted to know what was going on, mum and dad would have told me if they were like me wouldn’t they???

As soon as mum got in the door she made a coffee like nothing was out of the ordinary. She opened the fridge and took the milk out, dad has one sugar no milk and mum has milk no sugar. Strange, I know.

When she was concentrating on the milk not spilling onto the unit, I closed my eyes and moved the milk top onto the microwave. She looked for it as soon as she set the milk down.

“Looking for something???” Mum turned to me and gave me a quire look. “Check the microwave.” Mum moved to the microwave and spotted the green milk lid.

“How did it get there???” I stood up and began to leave the room when mum said my name, “Nikita???” I turned towards her, hoping she would give up and tell me what I wanted to know, it was a family gene, I wasn’t a freak that people want to experiment on. She didn’t, all she said was, “Make sure you brush your teeth, it’s ten o’clock.”

“Yeah Mum,” I sighed, I couldn’t be bothered with this. Maybe it was a on off, just a day fling. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning now. I said my goodnights and gave my hugs and ran upstairs to get ready for bed, I shoved on my navy and black PJ trousers and my black strappy top after brushing my teeth and using my face wipps to wash my face (the soap makes my face itchy) and jumped into my warm bed. I made sure my alarm was on and snuggled down with Twilight to read.

Tomorrow couldn’t come quick enough.


I was walking in the woods, it was dark and I couldn’t figure out where I was, even with the stars. I kept walking, hoping to find something familiar to me to fins my way home. The only thing distracting me was the whispering.

“She cannot possibly be the one, she is a dark brunette!!! Her hair is almost black yet not blonde, as we were told!!!” One angry voice whispered.

“She had the dream, both her parents are fair headed and so were her grandparents. But we must still help her.” Help??? Why did I need help??? I’m not insane, that I know off.

“hello???” I shouted into the black night, “hello, is there anyone there???” I heard the whispering quieten and come to a stop as a figure appeared in the distance. A man’s figure, a man with blonde hair. I blinked and he was right in front of me. He had skin as pale as snow and his face was clear of moles, warts, freckles, everything. Two eyes, the shade of icy blue and a small nose sat on his face along with lips. Thin lips that were a pale pink and I couldn’t stop looking at.

He lifted a pale hand to my cheek and held it there. It was warm despite the cold night air. He was utterly gorgeous. Who was he??? What did he want with me??? Could he answer my questions???

“It depends on what you wish to ask.” I gazed at him, awestruck that he could read my mind. “Thank you for the compliment,” he started to chuckle and I felt my cheeks start to burn.

“You what what’s happening to me don’t you???” he nodded and let his hand drop before sighing at me. “Can you tell me anything I need to know??? Why I’m, not blond like you, like my family, why they’re angry. What am I???”

He sighed a second time and I shook my head. Obviously no one could answer my questions, why??? I don’t know. Seems like I don’t know a lot these days.

“That’s not true. You know a lot, just, not about yourself.” I raised an eyebrow and he laughed, the sound made my inside melt into weird butter. “You really can’t help thinking can you???”

“Well,” I said, my cheeks experiencing the burning sensation again, “if you would stop listening to my silent conversation-”

“With yourself.”

“-with myself, then you wouldn’t hear all the comments.” He laughed and my insides started churning for the second time in the past minute.

“Nikita, you need our help, you need to harness you mind’s eye.”

“Who are you?!?!?!” I was getting frustrated now, I needed and wanted to know who he was.

“All you need to know-for now-is that I’m from the other and we are here to help you. If you can’t control your mind’s eye then you could kill someone. Maybe more than one…..” I stared at him in bewilderment. I could kill, as easy as blinking.

“Until you have gained control, you are going to see a lot of me. For now, reality calls your name.” Now, to me, the sound of seeing more of him was pretty damn good.

I saw the scene fade away and he disappeared. A stranger in my dream, a stranger who I believe was real. I closed my eyes and reopened them.

I was lying in the same position as I fell asleep last night, but I was in the middle of the woods.


I ran home, it was easy now I could see where I was going and slammed the door behind me. Mum was long gone to work and so was dad wich made me alone to go to my room and think for a second.

I looked at the clock on the wall and sighed, even if I was to get ready for school and took an hour, I would still be about three hours before the bus even entered the Bay. Why did that guy, that-that-thing show up in my dream and just tell me that I could kill if I didn’t let them help me???

I wanted to see him again. I wanted him to take my hand and show me where he came from. I wanted to fall into his arms, fall into his eyes, I wanted him to fall into my life. Yet I had thought all of this of Joel just yesterday.

The thought of going to lunch with him still amazed me, I mean, he was kinda popular judging the group her went around with and heaps of people from school befriended him on facebook. I checked my phone, had had called me earlier and I missed it. I would phone him later when I got to school.

Thinking about what subjects I had today, I remembered the assembly I had every Tuesday and sighed, the only thing I had looked forward to was the fourth year assemblies but they didn’t get any. My registration right next to the assembly doors so I get to see all the people who have to go for assemblies, yet it’s only first to third years that get assemblies.

I switched on the shower anyway and peeled out of my mud caked PJ’s before stepping into the warm needled of water. Water had always helped me too relax and think, whether it was pondering over things that confused me or just daydreaming, it had that effect on me.

His amazing blue eyes, his pale skin, his sharp but soft voice. They all shot into my head like bullets. What was going on??? I could kill people, he said. Who was he??? He said he was from the other side. I spent ages washing my hair and thinking, even as the water turned ice cold.

I got out the cold water and wrapped myself in a towel, leaving my hair lying limply down my back before switching the shower off. I sat on my bed, wondering what to do for the next three hours and finally decoded to grab my sketchbook and pencils.

I began by drawing eyes, a pair of detailed eyes, dark on the outside light on inside, the lashes, the soft touch of pale. They almost looked real; I had amazing talent since I was young.

Stretching my drawing skills, I drew the slope of the nose, the thin lips, the light hair, the stocky neck, the broad shoulder and worked the last details of the eye again. I got my blue pencils out and began to colour his eyes, rubbing some part with my thumb to mix the colour. By the time I was finished my masterpiece, I had an hour until the bus rolled to a stop at my bus stop.

I got dressed into my cardigan and my tank top of which were all black and of course, my black and white converse. I grabbed my shorts and stuffed them into my bag and dried my hair before tying it up, brushed my teeth, wiped my face and added mascara, eyeliner and lip-gloss. Couldn’t hurt could it???

Michael didn’t have a nose bleed that morning so we made it ten minutes before the bus did and got good seats. I couldn’t keep focus as my mind raced between today’s lunch, my dream and yesterday.

Instead of going straight to school, we turned left at McDonalds roundabout. We kept going until St. Fergus and I grinned, Joel would have to get on the bus again. I got my phone out my bag and made the necessary text message.

Double decker has entered St. Fergus. There’s still a seat beside me if u want me to save it for you.

Yeah, thanks for the heads up J that would be great, see you soon. I grinned at Lauren and she leaned forwards in her seat.

“What’s happening today, Nikita??? You have that dreamy smile on your face again.” I laughed as we came to the first stop. I told her about today’s plan for lunch and Joel sitting beside me and she laughed with me.

We came to the last stop and two brother turned to face the bus as it rolled to a stop and stepped onto it. I bent my head down as Joel walked up the steps and looked around. Closing my eyes, I wanted to see where he would sit without me telling him

He stood there, looking for her so he could sit down, the driver was telling him to find a seat as he walked up to Lauren.

“Is she on the bus???” she giggled and looked at the sleeping gril. He laughed and sent a text to Nikita

I see you. Her phone sounded and she couldn’t stop giggling before shifting her bag onto her knees.

“Hi Joel,” he grinned at me and I smiled back. I loved Tuesdays. I used peek at him when we were getting registered for P.E. but careful not to catch his eye, now I didn’t need to worry. I looked through my bag for something to do instead of gaping at the gorgeous boy sitting beside me.

Lauren kept giggling at me and I tried really really really hard not to blushing and stop smiling but he grinned, making it that extra bit harder.

“Still in for lunch???” I looked at him with wide eyes, slightly amazed he still hadn’t backed out. “You can cancel if you want, I don’t mind.”

“Thanks for the chance, but I’m fine, I made sure I wasn’t busy or going anywhere special. Just so we could go downtown.” He grinned at me and I smiled back, honoured he cared so much.

“Great we can go to Hame Bakery and Astra Leisure if you want???” I was completely and utterly fine with it as he asked me.

“I’ll warn you now,” he gave me a warning look and I just managed to keep a straight face as I leaned towards him and whispered in his ear, “I have Mrs Ritchie before lunch.”

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