Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Start To beautiful Lunch

Submitted: February 15, 2012

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Submitted: February 15, 2012



A Start To A Beautiful Lunch

I sat in assembly, trying to focus on Mr Mackys words as he went on about good behaviour and thing, but all I could think about was Joel and I holding each other up as we walked into school giggling at each-others red faces.

He had walked with me to the science stairs and tried not to laugh at my tearful eyes but I couldn’t stop giggling. “Nikita, calm down!!!” I shook my head at him and the bell rang so he made his way to his registration.

“Bye Joel.” I waved as he turned back and smiled at me.

“Bye Nikita.” I was standing there until the second bell, watching the space he had just been in.

Georgia nudged my arm and I turned away from this morning and looked at her. “Are you okay??? You look kind of spaced out.” I nodded at her and grinned, she shook her head, knowing what I was thinking of.

From what I was listening to, the assembly was quite short, so we made our out the theatre and down the stairs to……find Joel standing at the Vending machines. I grinned at him and he smiled back.

“What do you have first???” I raised my eyebrow as he came over to me and nodded at Georgia.

“English, why???” he shrugged his shoulders and walked beside me as Amy gave me a wide eyed surprised face.

“Just wondering, Flush.” He chuckled at my face as the heat raced to my cheeks. I shook my head at him and he began to laugh at me.

“Why do you call me Flush again??” he just shrugged his shoulder and blinked. We stopped at my English class. We were the first people there, not even Miss Belenkina was there yet.

“Because I like calling you Flush, it’s better than Blush.” He grinned at me and leaned forward as I just stood like a pole. Completely still. He leaned beside my ear and said “See you at lunch,” and kissed my cheek. It was basically nothing, yet my cheeks flared and he chuckled down the English corridor.

Everyone got to the door and Miss Belenkina unlocked it and caused everyone to push and cause chaos. I looked at Lauren and she grinned at me, obviously knowing something was going on.

I sat down in my seat and felt my phone vibrate. I looked at the teacher who was helping everyone get their books and jotters and shook my phone out of my pocket to find a text.

You OK??? Where you going for break??? J.

Nowhere special, probably courtyard. Why??? N. English couldn’t have been longer, I sat there, looking at my phone every ten seconds and even though the teacher saw me, she didn’t take it from me.

A few minutes before the bell Joel text me again. Meet me beside assembly hall. J.

OK, will be there before you. JXX N.

What will I get if I win??? J I looked at the door, wondering why he wanted to kiss my cheek. The thought made my cheeks flare again and the bell rang, stopping Miss Belenkina from talking and letting us go. I almost ran through the corridors and up the ramp as I sped along to the assembly hall. I looked around, I couldn’t see Joel anywhere as I walked to the doors.

He was leaning against the doors.

“Well, what’s my prize???” he said as I stopped in front of him. I grinned at him and shrugged my shoulders. “I’ll think about it and say what I want at lunch. Promise you’ll deliver???” I lifted my pinkie to him.

“As long as it’s nothing out of range.” He shook his head and wrapped his pinkie with mine. We grinned at each other and my phone vibrated in my pocket. “Hold on two seconds,” Louise had text me asking where I was. Never mind her, this moment was more important that replying to her text.

“Later, text her later. You don’t need to reply.” I laughed at his words and he grinned at me, sending a frenzy of butterflies to flutter around my stomach. We began to walk to the courtyard when some of Joel’s friends shouted him over. I nodded at Joel and he went to his friends and I carried on walking to the courtyard.

“Nikita!!!” Louise ran up to me at super speed, she’s pretty fast, growth must all be in her legs. She used to run into me all the time and earned the name “Comet.” I moved out the way so she wouldn’t almost knock me over and look at her smiling face though she almost tripped over.

“Hello small person.” She shouted my name again, telling me to stop calling her that and said I was so annoying, she says that to me all the time. Literally. We walked over to Georgia and she gave me a look so, what happened???

“Hi,” I said awkwardly. Georgia gave me the look again and I sighed. “He took me to my English door, and said bye to me.” I felt heat creep up to my cheeks and Louise sighed at me like it was a crime gut Georgia giggled.

“What else happened, I know something else happened.”

“Well, he kinda-” I looked at Louise and then Georgia, “-kissed my cheek.” I grinned and she laughed. Louise had long gone. Lisa came over and asked what happened and I simply said, “nothing.” The bell rang and we made our way to business studies, we had our second test, spread sheets. Last week we had done web design, I probably failed miserably.

We got to the top of the stairs and Jordan followed us but went to the opposite door for science. When he saw me he gave me one of the dirtiest looks known to man.

"What’s his problem???" I shrugged at Georgia’s question; why he didn't like me was beyond me, maybe it was because I gave his brother a letter, maybe he just wanted to give me dirty looks but it didn't bother me, why did I care about Jordan???

We did our first test in ICT, web design which I was sure I would fail and get very little marks. Geography went by quickly thanks to a movie we watched about tsunamis. I don’t even know what we did; I was paying all my attention to my iPod clock.

Because of something to do with injuries with rush hour when the lunch bell rings, we got out two minutes early so I was okay to walk normal to the assembly doors to wait for Joel.

He wasn’t too long after me and we began walking out of the Prince Street doors and downtown, ignoring his friends whistles and calls as we went.

“So, what’ch ya wanna talk ‘bout???” he shrugged his shoulders and my cheeks went red, embarrassment taking over. “Are you always this quiet after classes??”


I stopped talking, thinking of things to say so I could get him to talk. “How many days do you do swimming lessons??? Lauren does them nearly every night.”

“Three days a week, cycling another day and jogging twice a week.” holy mother of whatever, he did more fitness than Lauren!!!

“How’s that gone???”

“You saw me at swimming in November.” I did, and I blushed immediately as he said it, I tried to remember him with the top on instead of just his skin tight, blue, knee-length swimming shorts.

“I did, I just….. forgot.” He chuckled and kept walking.

“Come on Flush, if you don’t walk then we’ll never make it to Hame Bakery." i hurried after him, silent until we got there, him chucklung at my embarresment all the way.

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