Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Lunch, Fun And A Kiss To And Back

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



Lunch, Fun And A Kiss To And Back

We got to Hame bakery and ordered our lunch, macaroni pie for me and sausage role for Joel. We began walking round beside Farm foods and I couldn’t stand the silence any longer.

“Why are you so quiet at Lunch time???” he shrugged his shoulders and I stopped, waiting for him to finish his bite of sausage and pastry.

“I guess there’s just not much to say.” He said quietly, I sighed at him and he turned to look at me.

“It’s me, I don’t know anything about you, you shouldn’t know anything about me-” his pastry started to crumble in his hand and the clouds were changing direction. I looked up and then at his pastry and he began to look up and I panicked.

I bloody well sneezed.

Joel almost fell over and if there were any trees beside us, they would have most likely fallen. The clouds went back to normal and his pastry stopped crumpling uncontrollably.

“Bless you, and a half!!!” I grred and he chuckled.

“That’s nothing to laugh about!!! I could have hurt you by sneezing!!!”

“If you listened properly, I wasn’t laughing, I was chuckling.” I had a short wire, it was burning pretty quickly to the quick. “Nikita, let it out, laugh, I’m just kidding around with you.” I sighed and felt better. I giggled and began laughing, then laughing so hysterically that I almost fell over and Joel had to keep my upright, finishing his lunch quickly and chuckling as he looked at me, making me feel like a drunk.

“You maybe shouldn’t have said that,” I giggled, still having to hold onto Joel. Well, I pretended I needed his help, really, it was just to be close to him. “Because now you won’t get rid of me.”

“I still have to tell you my prize from earlier.” I had forgotten about that but he grinned, laughter in his eyes. “Will you go on a date with me???” I just looked at him and blinked, he was really asking me out wasn’t he??? My friends don’t like him the way I do. The say he’s ugly and I’m nuts for liking him, I say the opposite, there’s very little people I would call ‘sexy’, well, there’s only two people. Nathan Sykes and Joel Robertson

“Yeah, okay. Where???” he grinned and I let go of Joel and shyly slipped my longest strand of fringe behind my ear.

“Where ever you want, movies, park, swimming, anywhere.”

“Where would you rather go??? Actually no,” he took it the wrong way, he thought I didn’t want to go with him, I watched his face fall and laughed, “I still want go on a date, I just had a thought. Surprise me.”

“oh.” I laughed even harder and he grinned, chuckling with me. “What about Friday???”

“Perfect,” I said, shy to take his hand, as if reading my mind, my hand suddenly became warm and I looked at Joel, absent minded taking my hand and keeping it warm

.we talked for the rest of lunch, walking to school from Astra Leisure and talking about us. Joel has a passion for cycling, running, swimming and Smarties. I laughed (a lot) and admitted my favourite sweets were peanut M&Ms which he chuckled at.

I admitted I was definitely not fit, I liked cycling, hated running and loved swimming though I didn’t do any of them much. Joel was kind of dumbfounded and said I had to work out of some kind because I was always on my feet when he saw me and I was pretty skinny.

“Honest, I don’t much of either, walking at my normal pace or slower isn’t working out.” He laughed at that and I giggled with him. He swung our arms as we walked to Astra and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Have you been thinking about what you want to do in fourth year??? Or maybe for spring break???” I had completely forgotten about the subject choices.

“I don’t think I’m doing anything for spring break and for subjects….I haven’t even given it a seconds thought!!!” we got into Astra and Kaitlyn and Amy were there with Louise. I gave Kaitlyn a look as if to say, embarrass me and I will whoop your ass with a baseball bat!!! She laughed at my face and Louise giggled while Amy just smiled at me, happy for me.

“So Joel,” Kaitlyn was round him in seconds, “What do you think so far???”

“Shut it Kaitlyn, I’m warning you!!!” she laughed and I looked at Joel, “I’m sorry, she’s kind of annoying like this.”

“No need to be sorry, she’s the one that told me you liked me after all.” I hung my head and walked to the counter, ready to order my sweets. The ladies name, which I don’t know, stood there grinning at us. She had a round, sweet looking face with small pink lips, a small nose and wide, green eyes.

“Now, what can I get you today??? Hello Joel,” she said, not to be rude. She got her plastic serving glove on and a paper bag at the ready.

“Can I-” Joel stopped talking and touched my shoulder, giving it a squeeze as if to say hold on a second.

“Can I have fifty pence of blue and pink bottles and fifty pence of rhubarb & custards please, and in another bag can I get a fifty pence of pink and blue bottles please.” I looked at him in shock then looked at Kaitlyn, Amy and Louise. Amy had her grin on and her thumbs up, the other two were laughing.

Thank you, I mouthed to them, the three of them nodded or gave thumbs up. I got a pound out of my purse and tried handing it to Joel.

“No, I’m not taking it. Let me try some and it’ll be all the pay back you need to give me.” He handed me the small bag of sweets and asked me to hold his for second while he got the money out his wallet.

I grinned as he held it hand out, he really wasn’t self-conscious was he??? I turned and grinned at the girls and they laughed at my happiness as Joel and I walked out the door and into the street.

“What are you doing in P.E. on a Tuesday???” Joel asked me as we crossed the road.

“On Tuesdays we swim, have you never noticed my hair wet on a Tuesday???”

“Yeah, I just haven’t seen it wet in a while.”

“Well, then again, I think we’re doing a fitness block now for the next eight weeks but I brought my shorts.” He began to swing our arms again as we walked and I grinned. “What about you???”

“I do badminton for the next few weeks, I don’t know what we’re doing after.” We crossed the second road and was almost at school. “Where do you normally go at lunch???”

“Courtyard, that’s where I spend a lot of my time.”

“I see you around a lot........”

“I’m going to admit, I used to get my friend to go back and forth to prince street door to see if you were in school yet, but you were normally still out.” He laughed, I mean really laughed from the stomach. “It’s not funny!!! I got slagged off and everything.”

“Okay,” he said, chuckling. “I’m sorry. You really used to look for me???”

“This is a lot to say considering it’s me and you’re not making it any better.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry, really. Can I try some of the sweets yet??? I don’t really have them.” I shook the bag and held it out, I hadn’t eaten many so he could choose from a wide range of mucked up sweets to perfectly shaped sweets. Joel took a few out the bag and popped some in his bag and one or two in his mouth.

“They taste….” I laughed as his mouth scrunched up as he ate the blue and pink bottle, “…..sour, yet good.”

“See if I can throw one in your mouth???” he stopped where he was and I took a few steps away before chucking a sweet at his face, it hit his mouth. Second sweet, his eyeball, lucky it was a rhubarb & custard. Third one, we got in his mouth bag on!!!

“Dancer!!! I shouted pretty loudly, he chewed the sweet and took my hand again, it was warm and made me smile. “Sure you don’t want to run away before Tino, Taylor, Aaron and all them see us together???”

“I don’t care, do you??? No??? Well then leave it, I want to be seen with you, they can’t say anything about it.” I smiled and blushed as we walked down towards Prince Street doors. Some looked at us both together and others left us to it.

We walked through the doors and towards the courtyard as happy as could be, my cheeks were most likely glowing with red light even with the cold breeze hanging outside. Georgia, Lisa, Mark and Jack were outside when we got outside and didn’t look at us until Jack announced it.

“Nikita!!!” he said in a gay voice, even though he’s not gay, “Is that Joel???” he pointed a finger towards the beauty boy beside me, holding my hand. I nodded and blushed even more. “Hahahahaha!!!”

“Shut it Jack!!!” I shouted back. “Leave him be.”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind.” Joel said quietly, I looked at him with a grin and he looked back. Lisa and Georgia exchanged look and stared at Joel and I.

“Mind if I borrow her for a second???” Lisa asked, her taking one arms and Georgia taking the other arms, the closest beside Joel. He shook his head slowly and I gave him a death stare which he laughed at. He stood beside the boys and began talking about something I didn’t hear.

“How was it??? Did he kiss you, hug you or just hold your hand??? Confess his undying love for you??? Did he buy you anything???” These questions were pelted at me the moment they got me away from Joel.

“t was fine, he didn’t kiss me or hug me though he held my hand for most of the time. What love??? He doesn’t even know me well. That much. He wouldn’t pay for my sweets at Astra Leisure, he bought them for me.” They giggled and squealed until I told them to be quiet, he could probably hear us.

“So??? Joel!!! Nikita says she loves you!!!” I slapped Lisa’s arm and Georgia laughed at it.

“Awesome.” They squealed even more and laughed and giggled. I looked at Joel with a raised eyebrow and he just grinned making it very hard to try be serious with him.

“Nikkita, Nikita, Nikita!!! He loves you!!!” I shook my head and them I was crashed into. Louise had run into me with the power of a comet. (I actually started to call her that a few weeks ago) and I had to grab onto Georgia to gain balance again.

Through the last twenty minutes of lunchtime, Lisa was soaked in Juice, Jack had been partly soaked, Marks hat had been stolen a number of times, Georgia had almost peed herself with laughter, Joel had asked if this was normal and if I was sure, he had taken my hand and not let it go and I had gotten embarrassed as Louise and Kaitlyn told Joel what I had said, how good looking he was, how sweet his voice was to my ear. Everything.

The bell rang and we began making our way to P.E. so we wouldn’t get into trouble for being late. We stopped outside the doors to the P.E. department when nobody was going through the corridor.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Nikita. Well, I’ll see you later. Wait for me at the bus park door, okay???” I nodded and he leaned down towards my face. I felt a bad case of fluttering going round my stomach as his lips placed themselves onto my cheek. I had to hold my stomach to try and stop the fluttering.

“Bye Joel,” I said when he had done. I kissed he cheek quickly and ran off, he has said earlier that he was going to wait for his friends. I looked back quickly and saw his grazing his fingers across his kiss mark and smiled.

Maybe things were looking for me now.

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