Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - We Have To Fight For This Love, Don't We???

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



We Have To Fight For This Love, Don't We???

I was running, but my mind was completely out of it. All I remember is starting the beep test in the assembly hall and running as fast as my legs could take me. I heard a beep and snapped out of my trance. There were only three people running, Kerry, Kathrin and I.

“Come on Nikita!!!” I heard people shout, just not too loudly. Another beep sounded and I raced to the other side of the hall. Kerry was there a millisecond to late and was out of the beep test. Just Kathrin and I. I ran and ran, managing a second to breath before the beep went again.

I got to the other side and Kathrin was a millisecond to late, just like Kerry. I ran and ran and ran as the beep sounded again and again. I couldn’t hear the shouts of my name, I could only hear the pounded pulse in my ear. I began to slow down and then heard another voice.

“Come on Nikita!!! Run girl!!!” it was Joel, I ran even faster, sprinting for a good few minutes and then my legs went numb. I didn’t let that stop me, I kept going and finally opened my eyes to the brightness around me, the different colours of clothes, the different faces. Joel standing beside Mr Lawson.

They were all shouting on me, rooting me on as I ran as fast as lightening to each side, again and again, over and over. I ran and ran until my legs went dead. I ran the last bit of the hall and slumped down at the wall, resting my hand on the wooden surface.

“Well done Nikita. Go get a drink if you want.” That was the last thing I heard before I went crashing down.

“Idiot, you do realise until you get a grip on things you’re vulnerable. If you work yourself to much you’ll faint and stop breathing a lot.”

“Shut it you negative spirit. Blondie.” He shut up and I woke up.

I was lying down in the hall, a damp towel on my forehead and a hand holding my neck up. “What happened???” I asked, doing my best to sit up as slow as I could. Joel took the damp cloth from my head and lifted his hand from my neck to help me sit up.

“You need to stop fainting, are you okay???” he chuckled as he asked me. I nodded and gripped the cloth to my cheek, it was cold and I was absolutely roasting. “Come on, better get you checked out with the First Aiders.” He helped me stand and kept an arm around my waist. Why was he in the assembly hall anyway??? He should have been in P.E. himself.

We walked towards the First Aiders and sat down, waiting for her to finish seeing the pupil in her room. “I thought you were in P.E.” I said quietly as we waited.

“I was, but then I was told to go to Mr Lawson to tell him something, I was walking through when I saw a bunch of third year girls and saw you running against that girl. I thought you said you weren’t fit???” he pulled me closer to him and kept his arm round my sides.

“I’m not, sheer willpower.” He chuckled and shook his head, as not to believe me.

“You can’t run for that long and say sheer willpower, I’ve done the beep test and you got to around nine point six. That’s a lot of running.” I shook my head and it began to swirl again, I leaned my head against the wall and he lifted it off the wall and shifted it onto his shoulder. If I could I would have protested but his shoulder was comfortable and my head was fine there.

“Why did you want to go for lunch???” he looked surprised at me when I asked, I needed to know why, was I just another girl he wanted to know??? An unfortunate girl he wanted to seduce??? If I was I didn’t want to be.

“I want to know you, become the friend you need, become the person you most need. That so bad???” I nodded and he stood up.

“I don’t want to be just another girl!!!”

“I kissed you on the cheek twice, gave you my number and spend most of my time with you. Does it look like you’re another girl??? Nikita, I asked you on a date!!!” I turned from him and the First Aiders door opened, a first year kid that I didn’t recognise walked out and I gave Joel a look that said leave me to calm down or you’ll regret it. He walked out and I walked into the Fist Aiders room.

“Weren’t you the girl that came in yesterday in that boys arms???” I nodded and told her what happened. She listened and then gave me a slip to get out of school for the last fifty minutes of school. I thanked her, left and got my things from P.E. before going to Mr Lawson and telling him I was okay to leave school.

I went into the P.E. department and left through the bus park door there. I looked back into the corridor leading to the door and saw Joel standing at the end. His lips were moving and it looked like he was trying to tell me something.

Don’t leave, watch out. Then he was actually running down and pointing when I looked behind me and was smashed in the head with something. I fell to the ground and watched the world disappear.

“He loves you.” I looked at Ash and frowned. “He has feelings for you, you can tell can’t you. Of course not, all that’s missing is the blonde hair.”

“Shut up Ash!!! Of course he doesn’t love me, I don’t love him either. That much.”

“Of course you do, I would rather you didn’t I would rather you loved on of us,” he came closer and lifted my chin, making me look at him. “One of you, one of me, one of us who understands you. Someone who can keep themselves together when you lose control.”

“I don’t want anyone else!!! I want him!!! Not some dead person, not someone who knows and understands because they’re going through it but someone who can make them themselves understand even though they don’t know what they’re going through!!!” ash looked hurt at me and I shook my head.

“I don’t want you or anyone else, I want Joel.” He cringed at the name and I grinned, if he was going to be mean and spiteful to me then I won’t let him get away with it. “What don’t like his name??? don’t like that his face goes into my mind every second of the day that I have to think, when I’m with you, when I should hate him, don’t you like that it’s his face, his voice, him that goes into my mind and ears all the time and not you.” He growled and flew at me, trying to knock me down yet I managed to just step out the way and let him fall to the ground.

He flew at me and got me down this time. “Say it again and I will bite you.”

“What??? Say that I like him and not you???” he said he would bite me, yet he bit my bottom lip. “What the hell are you playing at???” he looked me square in the eye and kissed me, a proper tongue and lip action kiss. I began to kick and tear my lips from his yet he was stronger than me. He kept kissing me and holding me by my wrists to the muddy ground, not releasing his grip at all.

I closed my eyes tight and made myself wake up.

“Nikita!!! Nikita are you okay???” I opened my eyes and found Joel looming over me. I sat up and he moved beside me. My lips tingled from Ash’s kiss and I lifted my fingers to them. Ash had kissed me because he was jealous of Joel because I liked him and not Ash.

“I’m fine. I-I need to go.” I grabbed my bag and got up, stopping to stumble a second or two before almost falling again. Joel caught me before I hit the ground and lifted me bridal style. “What is it with you and carrying me???” he shrugged and walked to the double decker.

“Am I okay to go on here???” Steve nodded and walked up the two steps and then to the seats.

“What time is it??? Stuart was the only person on the bus so the bell mustn’t have rang yet. Joel sat me down on one of the cold, pinkish-reddish benches and sat down beside me but turned to Stuart.

“Joel???” he turned to me and then turned back. I sighed at that and leaned my head on the window. Joel turned towards me and sighed.

“Do you forgive me??”

“For what??? Defending yourself against my harsh words???” he shook his head and I closed my eyes, I couldn’t wait to get off this dreary bus, get home, plug in my music and forget the world. “My bag!!! I shrieked, I don’t think Stuart liked that too much. “Where did my bag go???” Joel lifted it from the flood of the bus and plonked it onto my knees. “Thanks, I guess.”

“I don’t get a thank you then???” I gave him a look and we both sighed at each other. I leaned my head back on the window and tried to leave the world behind then remembered the stupid blonde that would be waiting for me. Instead, I got my iPod and earphones and tuned in to the music, ignoring the people filling into the bus.

We got out of Peterhead and began to go to Cruden Bay when I fancied walking the rest of the way. I closed my eyes and pictured the back two tires bursting when we got near a layby. The bus started to slow down and Steve drove into a layby. I walked up to the driver cab.

“I think the tires burst, mind if I walk the rest of the way to Cruden Bay???” he shook his head and told me to go to back to the seats while he checked. He opened the doors and closed them behind him. I am not waiting for the old man to get back and tell us we have to wait half an hour for another bus. I closed my eyes and prised the doors open with a ghost hand, the deck board he had at the drivers wheel was complicated. The doors opened and I grabbed my bags from beside Joel before jumping off the protesting bus and jogging away from everyone, letting them all shout for me to go back.

“Stuff that.” I though as I jogged away from the non-moving bus. I heard footsteps behind me and sped up to cross the road before the car came by. The footsteps stopped and Joel began to shout.

“Nikita!!!” I stopped and waited for him to hurry across the road.

“Are you following me now??? Or do you just adore me too much to leave me???” I was joking but when he didn’t answer I shut up and began to jog again. He kept up with me and wouldn’t let me over take him or leave him to go in front.

I began to sprint as soon as we go into the Bay and took a difficult route to follow unless you know your way around. Joel kept up with me until I ran into a hidden drive and waited for him to jog pass, looking for me. I sprinted the opposite direction from Joel and ran homewards bound.

I walked up the steps and in the back door once I found out that the front door was locked. I walked inside and dumped my bag on the chair as well as my jacket. Grabbing a glass from the cupboard and making myself a drink, it slipped out my grasp and spilled all over the floor in a huge orange puddle.

“What are you doing here??? How did you find out where I live???” I snarled at the two boys sitting in the kitchen, one on the windowsill while the other sat on a chair. Joel stood up a coughed.

“I asked someone and the dude came with me.”

“So you walked inside my house???” he shook his head and pressed a finger to his lips. I heard mum snoring upstairs. “What do you two want???”

“You.” Ash was standing beside me now, trying to take my hand but I slapped his face. Think of it harsh if you want but I was confused, angry and annoyed with this blonde boy.

“Me??? You’re trying to take my hand because less than an hour ago you kept getting annoyed that I liked someone who wasn’t you!!!” I turned towards Joel and sigh, “and you??? Don’t bother seeing me on Friday. I don’t want to go out with you.”

“You don’t have a choice.” He stood up and walked beside me, eyeing Ash as he did so. I raised an eyebrow and he carried on, “you owe me.”

“She doesn’t owe you anything,” Ash said, stepping in front of me. “So just go back to the retarded place you came from, messed up twit.” I stared, astonished at Ash as he called Joel name after name.

“Come on, I didn’t call her anything or you, I did no harm to anyone. I would never-” he looked at me out the corner of his eye and I looked away “-ever hurt Nikita.”

“Get out.” They both looked at me and I looked at Ash, “get out my home, Ash.” His eyes clouded and he swore at Joel, leaving us on our own. “Why, why did you say that???”

“Because I meant it.” He took a step closer and took my hands in his and lifts them up. “I meant it Nikita, every word.” I didn’t want to hear that. I shook my head, as if to clean it of the mush I was hearing. “Nikita, I meant it!!! Honestly!!!”

I gave up, I just gave up. I slumped against the drawers and felt the handles dig into my back. Joel lifted me up so I could sit on the unit instead of arching my back so it wouldn’t hurt.

“What do you want???” I whispered. He just looked me square in the eyes and kissed me square in the lips. I was shocked at first, my eyes wide and my lips non-moving as he tried to kiss me. He pulled away and looked at me with shaky eyes. I took my hands from his and slipped them on his face and brought it to mine. He slipped his hand on my waist and moved his lips with mine in a synchronised harmony.

I had always read romantic stories when just after a day or two they two people began to fall in love or began to kiss or whatever and thought they were stupid for letting each other take over. I always wanted to tell them to get a grip, I wanted to tell them to get a life, a job, to go and wait for a week at least then they could snog and do whatever they want for how long they wanted.

Now I was sitting, on one of the kitchen units, with my hands on Joel’s face, his hand on my waist and kissing like there was no tomorrow. Eat my words??? As long as they have a drink.

“Nikita,” Joel mumbled as we stopped to lean our foreheads together. I blinked and looked at him through my eyelashes. “I lo-”

“Don’t, too soon.”

“I have to though, I have to say. You don’t need to say anything back, I just want you to hear me say it.” I closed my eyes for what he was going to say, not sure if I was ready or not. Things were going quicker than the speed of light. “I love you Nikita. I’ve never felt this way for someone before but I love you, so much it hurts when we fall out.” I looked at him and smiled

“I love you too Joel.” He grinned back at me and pressed his lips onto mine. I didn’t protest. “Does this mean we’re still on for Friday???”

“Tonight, we’ll go out tonight, that okay???”

“Better than okay, that’s terrific.”

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