Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - A Goodbye In Your Sleep

Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



A Goodbye In Your Sleep

As soon as Joel left I went to get ready, what do you wear on a date??? I looked through every single piece of clothing I owned. Jeans and t-shirt??? Nah, to laid back. Gorgeous dress and heels??? Nah, to posh. Jeans and a gorgeous top, skirt with a top, dress and leggings???

I went to my drawers and looked through my tops, what one could I wear??? I called my sister, she's really good at helping me look for something nice.

"Shaz!!! I need you to come over, I need help!!!"

"What with???"

"I'm going in a date later and I don’t know what to wear!!!"

"Fine," she sighed, "I'll be over soon. You're lucky I'm off today." she hung up and I remembered. She had her second scan today, my sisters pregnant and only has a few months left until the baby's due.

Sharon came over and helped me look for something while giving me a questionnaire.

"What's he like??? Is he cute??? Where are you going for your date??? Who is he???"

"He's really sweet, he like me a lot," I love you Nikita, "he's adorable and he keeping it a secret from me, so I don't know where we're going. His name's Joel Robertson." I loved the name so much. Sharon smiled at me and held out a top I got for Christmas. It had a grey tank top underneath and I White long sleeved top that went down past the shoulders and was ruffled at the bottom of the sleeves.

I knew the sort of thing that would go with the top. I went to the wardrobe and pulled out my black straight jeans and my purple converse sneakers.

"Looks good, go try them out." I ran to the bathroom and got changed into my outfit. I looked good in it. I went back to Shaz and she got my make-up out. She applied eyeliner, mascaras, lip-gloss, light blusher and tried the foundation but I stopped her.

She also helped with my hair, straightening it but braiding some at the front. I didn't know what else I could do so I text Joel.

When do you want to me or whatever??? N

Can you manage to meet me at the bus top beside the lido??? Six thirty okay??? J

Perfect xxxxx love you loads. N
. I grinned at the texts and Sharon agreed to drive me in. Zit was already six o'clock so we got going after I got my Handbag. My phone, iPod and my purse were in it so I kind of needed it. We got there a few minutes early and Sharon needed to go home so I got out the car and let her drive away.

Where are you, I'm ready when you are. N

Bus is late, should be there soon. J. I walked up and down the street for a while and he still wasn't there by half past. I walked to the garage across the street and got a drink and sat at the railing. I leaned over to look at the caravans and went a little too far over. I wasn't really paying attention though, I imagined that the bus was going that extra bit faster. I opened my eyes and I panicked, my feet slipped and I began to tip over the railing.

It's a step hill to fall down.

I squealed and felt hands around my waist, pulling me back over. I looked at my saviour and kissed him quickly. "Hi Joel." he grinned and took my hand, his hair a little messed up but it looked good on him.

"Hey, I hope you’re just trying together my attention." I grinned and we began walking.

"Where are we going???" he tapped his nose and kissed my cheek. "Joel, at least give me a clue."

"It’s not here."

"So much of a clue!!!" he chuckled and I stopped. He stopped with me and I just looked at him.

"Something wrong???"

"No, I just wanted I do this." I brought his face to mine and kissed him softy. He kissed me back and held my face as I gripped his hand with mine. I felt him smile against my lips and smiled back, leaning my forehead on his.

"Come on Nikita, I don't want us to be late and miss the whole thing." he took my hand and we began to run, good thing I had shoved on my converse instead of my heels. We ran until we were in the middle of Peterhead centre.

"Joel, Joel!!!" I began lagging behind as soon as I felt myself get tired, I didn't want to faint again. "Joel, go slower, I can't go at the same pace as you!!!" he slowed down and we slowed to a walk, I felt myself get really tired and lagged behind. He slipped an arm round my waist and pulled me close, helping me to walk quicker. I began to cough viciously and bits of the pavement went flying in front of us. It didn't look too good.

Joel and I walked for ages, he wouldn't let me know where we were going, he wouldn't give me clues and kept me in the dark. Not literally of course, Peterhead was lit up by lights like a show board. We stopped at a park bench and sat down.

"Can you tell me now??? Please, when are we getting there???" I begged him, gripping his hand and holding them close to me.
"Okay, I'll tell you," he chuckled and I sighed happily, "We're here." I looked around and all I saw was green woods and swings and obstacle courses, being honest, I didn't even know Peterhead had a park at all. I felt disappointed, I thought it would be amazing, the movies, dinner, somewhere that wasn't........ Here. But then I realised, just knowing Joel picked here for us made it the best date ever.

"I love it," I grinned at him and hugged him. We sat and talked for an hour or two then went for the nearest fish and chip shop. We went back to our bench and saw an old lady with her dog sitting peacefully and left her where she was.

"Joel???" I turned and stopped his from walking, tugging him back towards me.

"Yeah, Nikita???"

"Why do you love me???"

"Love has no reason." he wrapped his arms around me as it began to rain. "Plus, I love everything about you, not what's above the skin but what's under."

"You can't love everything, you don't know half the things about me." I mumbled when we started walking. I would have to tell him, he loved me and I was beginning to definitely love him. We knew just about everything about each other, he just didn't know that I was 'special'.

"Nikita, are you okay??? You seem a little intense tonight." I shook him and ran a metre away from before sneezing. He still fell over!!! I tried not to cough and sniffed instead but when I coughed trees and wooden fences kept coming out of their places. That’s it I thought, I’m leaving.

"Joel, I think I'm coming down with something, mind if I rain check???" he sighed but shook his head. I texted Shaz and asked if she could come pick me up.

She phoned me, whining in my ear and complaining it was about one in the morning, she wasn't coming to pick me up. "I can probably get a ride to Cruden Bay, if you want???"

We ended up getting on a bus with the last of our money though we both knee Joel would have to go home. "You had be best to go home now, as much I like having you with me." I said, taking his arm as he walked me home.

We got into the door, he still needed to go home but we hadn't gotten him a ride yet, when mum was sitting with a coffee in hand and a dark look on her face. "Where were you??" I let my hand drop from Joel’s arm dropped my head.

"In Peterhead."

"This time in the morning??? Nikita, I’m disappointed." she set her coffee on the table and walked over. "You must be Joel."

"Yes Mrs Middleton."

"You must be in need of a ride home."

"Well yes, I do."

"Stay here tonight, I'll phone your mother and tell her, if she's still up that is." I got the phone and Joel dialled his number.

"Hello, Mrs Robertson, your son is here in Cruden Bay. He was on a date with my daughter and just got in the door. If you want he can stay here, my older son might have clothes he can borrow for tomorrow. Yes, he'll be fine. Yes, yes, I understand. Okay, goodbye Mrs Robertson."

"Where will I sleep???"

"I trust you with my daughter so she'll get a sleeping bag and you can go on her bed. But she goes into the bed. Understood???" he nodded and we walked away, hand in hand, listening to my mother sigh. I got the pink sleeping bag with a furry trim and giggled as Joel stared at it.

"Sorry, the other one's really thin. It'll keep you warm." he took It and i got my PJs and left for the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and made sure they looked okay, washed off the make-up, un-braided my hair and tied it in a straight forward bobble and got changed into my White strappy top with spaghetti straps and my grey, baggy, knee high yoga trousers. Joel was sitting there when I remembered he needed trousers for sleeping.

"Do you need a top???" he shook his head and I ran downstairs to get a pair of my brothers PJ trousers. He was only an inch or two taller than Joel so they should fit. I turned round and closed my eyes while he got changed and focused on black. He wrapped his arms around my waist from the back and kissed my bare shoulder, I watched him as he walked to the double bed, his back showed a lot of bone but it was still gorgeous, the freckle on his shoulder, his tanned skin, I loved everything about him.

"I love you," he whispered, making me giggle sleepily.

"I love you too, now come on. We have school in a few hours." he got into the sleeping bag and I shimmied under the covers, turning to face my gorgeous boyfriend. He slipped his fingers through mine and clasped them together, kissing my forehead, my nose, my cheeks and my mouth. I giggled at him and he chuckled, but lay there gaping when I accidently levitated my cat.

I dropped her on the bed and closed my eyes and mouth. He would think I was a freak, I wouldn’t tell him unless he asked, though just not tonight. We just lay there for what must have been an hour at least, only blinking and pretending to be asleep when mum came to check on us. Joel was first to fall asleep, holding my hand and sighing now and then. I kept looking at him, his nose, his dark eyebrows, his tanned skin, his broad shoulders, his thick neck, his full lips. Everything about him was amazing, sometime it looks like he's glowing.

His eyes popped open and I smiled at him, making him smile back. "Go to sleep Joel, you'll be shattered when we go to school."

"What about you??? Won't you be tired???" I shook my head, I didn't want to go to sleep and see Ash, I was sleeping with my boyfriend beside me and I thought of Ash, he was never far from my mind.

"I'm used to it, I don't get tired, I'm wide awake in the morning." He grinned and kissed my nose.

"Well try and go to sleep for me. No blonde strangers now, your boyfriends only here!!!" I giggled and wrapped my arms around him, which was kind of difficult considering the sleeping bag. How did he know about Ash??? Had someone beard me talk about him and tell Joel??? Well, I didn't care. He was right, my boyfriend was only beside me. My wonderful gorgeous boyfriend.

"I'll try, they're hard to resist." he chuckled and closed his eyes again, one closing extra slowly and got me giggling. He popped the same eye open and brought his two diners towards my eyes and rolled them down. I let him do it and snuggled as close as I could to him. We both fell asleep at around the same time.
I sat up slowly, looking around the pitch black room. I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary; Joel was still on his sleeping bag with his arms dropped onto the bed, where I had been. There was tapping, it wasn't at the door, it was out the window.

"Come on, this might be your dream but he can still wake up." it was the blonde stranger.

"I can't have one night without you can I???" he chuckled and I opened the window, climbing onto the bedside table and taking his hand so I could get out into the morning moonlight.

"Until I despise you, it's going to be hard to miss me." I sighed, was that a bad thing??? He helped me clump over the roof and down the shed until our feel reached solid ground. We climbed the fence so we were in the front garden and I smiled, I had never thought of how beautiful it was, I only used to open my door to see who was shouting in the middle of the night.

"Why do you come and see me???" he shrugged as we sat down on the granite steps beside the front door.

"Why not???"

"It's like courting, just a little weirder." I said, taking his arms when he offered it. Ash smiled at me as we walked Gothenburg from door steps and sat down.

"You didn't answer my question though, why do you come to see me."

"Because I can." yeah, but you know u have a boyfriend I thought. He sighed and looked up, towards my bedroom window.

"Ash, I can’t do this anymore, you'll just get hurt." he shook his head and I Sighed, getting up from my perch.
"Bye ash."

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