Can My Mind Be Controlled???

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - A Morning Full Of Non-Existant "Sex"

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012



A Morning Full Of Non-Existance "Sex"

I slipped back into the back door, closing it so carefully that it sounded like it never opened, it never closed. I made my way back to my room, carful to miss the creak stairs and nearly jumped into bed. I felt so extremely lucky to be sleeping next to Joel.

I looked at his tanned face and amazing features before laying my head on his chest, it was and made me feel extordonry instead of some freak who's like Matilda. Joel shifted, lifting his arm to wrapping around me and slipping farther I to the sleeping bag to lay his cheek on mine.

I'm so lucky, I felt like a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end.

I closed my eyes quickly and felt myself fade away, soon I would wake up and find Joel. I heard something ringing, a soft sound that sounded like Swan Lake and opened my eyes. Joel was beginning to stir as I realised I had to go to school. Why couldn't I just stay off for the day with him???

"Morning gorgeous." I whispered once He opened his eyes.

“Back to you. I'm too sleepy to come up with anything." he whispered. I giggled at him and he smiled sleepily at me.

"So, prince sleep a lot, I guess I should be sleeping beauty shouldn't I???" he chuckled and I sat up, waiting to get up for school.

"What did you dream about???" I went completely blank, what was I supposed to say 'some blond spirit called Ash invaded my dreams and told me it shouldn’t be you to have me.' I couldn't really say that to him now could I???

"Is it weird that I dreamed of darkness??? Completely black???" I said to him, feeling extremely guilty for lying to him. But what could I do??? I can't tell him yet I thought. Not yet.

"Not at all," I looked at him, waiting for his dream and he sighed happily. "I dreamt our date."

"That would have been a long dream would it not???" he chuckled at say up, stretching his arms and making the sleeping bag fall. I gawked at his bare chest, it looked seriously good.

Joel looked at me and followed my gaze before laughing and grabbing me to him. I squealed and remembered school. "We have to get ready; I still need to get you some clothes!!!" I shot up and ran to the door, laughing as Joel tried to catch me.

"Nikita, Nikita!!!" I turned to look at him as his grin spread across his face. "My clothes from last night were black, I can use them." I grinned and laughed, looking at him chuckle. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him.

"I wish we could spend the whole day together." I whispered in his ear.

"We can spend lunch together." I nodded and he sighed happily, bending down to lift me up. "What is about the bus you said???" shizimms. The bus. I struggled out oh Joel's grip and grabbed my clothes before shorting to the bathroom.

"Wait!!! I screeched to know one in particular and ran back, kissing Joel on the cheek before I went to get changed. I shoved on my outfit from the day before and brushed my teeth while I made my mind's eye tie up my hair so I would be ready quickly. "Can I come in yet???" I said to my bedroom door.

"If you want to see me half-dressed then yeah."

"What half???”

"Top half." I opened the door and grinned at him. He grinned back as he pulled his black t-shirt over his head. "So, you've seen me half naked, what about you??? It's your turn next."

"Don’t think so boyo." I laughed as he pouted and wrapped my arms around him. My bedside clock said it was only half past so I reckoned we had some time left. I lifted my head up and placed my lips on his. He hugged me tight and kissed me back, not with rage of hunger but just slow kisses.

He lifted me to sit on the bed so I wasn't on my tiptoes and he didn't have to lean down to touch my lips with his. I heard mums door open and smiled, she opened the door as Joel was dusting the bottom of his top and I landed on my feet.

"Nothing’s happening, Right???" I shook my head and smiled at her. She moved away from the door and walked down stairs. I grabbed my bag and filled it with the things I needed for today.

"I thought something was going on???" He pointed to me then him, frowning though his eyes were laughing.

"I was playing you Joel. I thought you knew that???" his eyes died and I laughed at him. "I love you to much to play with you, you Muppet!!!" he turned from me and began walking downstairs, ignoring me as I said his name over and over. My eyes began tearing an when I began snuffling he turned round.

"Why you crying??? Because I'm a Muppet???" a tear rolled down my cheeks, I hated it when he was mad at me. He began to chuckle and I stared at him, he was laughing at me crying.

"What's so funny???" as soon as I said it, my eyes widened and I slapped my forehead. He had joking about being in a mood. Of course he was, it's Joel. Last time I had seen him flustered was when I had fainted at school. "You’re so cruel!!!" he laughed even harder and wrapped his arms around me. As soon as I felt his warm arms engulf me, I couldn't help but smile.

"You can be a bit slow sometimes Flush." I grinned and lifted my head to kiss him. Then mums voice rang down the stairs, saying it was twenty to eight. I grabbed my bag and Joel’s hand and ran out the door, the bus would probably still be going to the Bay when we got there but it sometimes came early.

Michael walked up the street alone, watching me as he ate the packet of coco pops. He got to the bus stop and stared and Joel and I. "Who’s that???" he said, not even blinking as he stared at Joel.

"My boyfriend. Joel." Michael looked suprised and Began laughing. "What is it wiu people laughing at me today???"

"Actually," Joel whispered in my ear, "I was laughing with you, not at you." I smiled at him and frowned at Michael. What on earth Louise thought of him was beyond me. I forgot to mention. Louise and Michael went out for a while, things didn't work out and now they try to avoid each other.

Let's just say, I'm glad we don't run into him sometimes.

The bus took its own sweet time driving to our stop and when it did there were a few bewildered faces as we walked down the bus to my normal seat. Lana was open mouthed and wide eyes, as were many people as they looked through the bus windows before stepping on and walking up the steps.

Lauren was the only one who smiled at Joel and I. Lana, seeing the grin on her friends face and the happiness on mine, came over and asked why Joel was at the bus stop.

"He was at my house." her eyes widened again and I laughed at her dirty mind. She thought I slept with him!!! Well, to a certain extent I had, just not what she thought. "We had a date last night and didn’t get home until around one o'clock. Mum let him over night."

Joel tightened his arms around me as Lana walked back to her seat, thinking of what to twist in the answer and turn it into a juicy story. "Maybe we shouldn't have told him." he said, then realized his mistake. "Her, her I meant her!!!" I giggled at him and leant my head on his shoulder while he asked if I wanted to plug on my earphones.

"What music does you Phone have??," I asked, he got it out his pocket and gave it to me.

"Listen to your heart’s content." I smiled and looked through the list of songs. Chiddy bang, Eminem, Deadmau5- my eyes widened as I saw "Lack if a better name." One of my very favourite songs. He chuckled at my expression and plugged an earphone in my left ear. This boy was my dream boat, and I was ready to sail the seven seas.

"Man, I didn't know someone with good music existed." he poked my side Wichita made me giggle and twitch. "Where's your Reggie???"

"Geography." I smiled at him as the bus pulled into Bus Park. We got off and I felt like Bella walking awkwardly into school with Edwards’s arms around her shoulders, the whole school staring at us. Except my boyfriend isn't a sparkling weirdo vampire and his arms is beside me holding my hand in his instead of around my shoulders.

I looked at him and gave him a genuine smile, so genuine I could almost feel my eyes twinkling at him.

"I'll walk you to science, I need to go to the canteen anyway." we walked towards the other end of the school. Joel kept chatting, knowing I was feeling uncomfortable with all the stares. I just kept smiling and tried to ignore everyone.

Then my friends saw us.

Georgia smiled at me, and then began grinning as she saw where Joel's arm was. Louise was grinning so much it looked like her skin was about to bunch over her ears, Kaitlyn was laughing and Amy was giggling. Lana just glared, goodness knows why but I didn't give a flying fig at that moment in time.

"You want to stay here or come up with me???" he was beginning to slid his warm arm off my gaining-cold shoulders. I smiled at him and took his and in mine. "That doesn't feel as comfortable."

"No you're right, put your arm back." he lifted it back onto my shoulders and I leaned my head onto him as we walked up the stairs, winking my eyes at Georgia as we went. There were some people already upstairs like Cameron, mark and Greg and one or two third years. They stared in awe at us and Joel just kept whispering, telling me to ignore it.

A feeling like cola started to fizz up my throat towards my nose and I gulped and gulped trying not to sneeze. "Can I get a tissue please???" I asked a canteen lady and she rutted and went on about young kids and germs, if only she knew what was happening. Joel looked at me and quickly gave me a tissue and grabbed my hand, disappearing out of the canteen with me before the lady got back. I went Ito a corner and just got the tissue to my nose before my worst yet sneeze paid a visit.

I ended up banging my head off the wall really hard and falling on my backside. Joel came over and said I needed to stop sneezing just as the bell rang.

"I'll meet you here at the end of break, try not to sneeze please. Or cough." I laughed and said I'd try as he kissed my forehead and descended down the stairs.

"Nikita!!!" I looked at everyone filling upstairs and half of them coming to ask what happened. I told them we had a date- to which Lana had fun saying he slept with me that night, as in had sex with me- and we got on the bus together.

"I dint know if you slept with him, I'm somehow doubt it." Georgia was glancing at Lana, describing how I had done it all. In great detail.

"Well, she's wrong to a certain extent. We slept together, but not like that, mum wouldn't even let him sleep under the covers, he was in a sleeping bag." Georgia widened her eyes and I smiled, last night was amazing, even when I was about to fall from the railing and he caught me. As we sat in Reggie, they all tried to include me into conversation; Georgia had to nudge me a few times to get my attention for the register.

"Are you okay Nikita???" I looked around to see who it was, Ash stood beside the bin for glass and I just stared at him in wonder, how had he got here without anyone seeing him??? I turned from him, still angry about yesterday and began to float away as soon as I could. German was the same, every chance I got I drifted. It was the same things each time, Joel pulling me from the railing, Joel taking me through hours of walking, Joel coming home with me, Joel’s back, Joel, Joel, Joel.

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