Lunar Protection Agency

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Mason Bertrand is a very ordinary boy.
It's just the people he surrounds himself with that are different.
Enter a world of tangled love webs, mysterious murders, enchanting girls, and a very powerful medallion. Mason might just be as different, as the girls he dates...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Date To Skate

Submitted: March 04, 2010

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Submitted: March 04, 2010



The pencil danced over my fingertips. I had been slacking off all week in math, and there was no point in finishing the test. Why even try when I had know idea what a polynomial was?

I was dazed, looking around the classroom for some other entertainment. I looked at Luke. Sweat was forming on his forehead, his eyes were unsteady. I almost choked myself holding the laughter inside. Luke had been bragging this morning that the test was going to be a synch. It didn't look so easy now. Especially since notes weren't allowed. Notes were the only things Luke was ever good at. He didn't study them, just wrote them down automatically.

I however have a photographic memory, and tests are very easy for me. If I had been able to sneak a peek at his notes, I wouldn't be throwing the test down the toilet right now.

But oh well. Mr Mortimer would have to understand. He never understood when I really wanted him to though. Right now, I could care less if I failed Algebra 1. When am I really going to use polynomials in my life?

I look around the class once more, and see Mariposa finishing her test. Mari, is one of the smartest girls attending the school, and she is completely gorgeous. She has wheat blonde hair, and gray eyes. Not that I looked at her that much. The chances of me ever being with a girl like Mari were zilch. She was stuck up, in the way that I hated most. She didn't care if you didn't have money. She wouldn't talk to you, if you didn't have an IQ of 200. Which meant she was way out of my reach. But there were plenty of other girls in the class that sufficed. I wasn't unpopular with chicks, I just hated that I only enchanted the dumb ones. Mariposa was too intimidating for me to even talk to.

I sighed, and looked at the clock. Five more minutes, and the bell would ring. I would be free of this hell, and of school for the next two weeks. Winter vacation was my favorite time of year. I got to see both of my parents, I only currently live with my mother, and I got to sleep in for days, with no worries at all.

I tapped my pencil on the desk, as the last seconds on the clock ticked away. The bell shook the walls, and sang of my freedom. I would've sang along with it, but if I could manage getting out of school today without detention, I would do it.

I turned in the scrambled answers for my test, and grabbed my jacket from the coat hanger in the doorway.

“Oh man...” I heard Luke mumble, as he turned in his test, and stalked toward me like a zombie.

“How'd you do?”

He shook his head, and mumbled “Oh man.” again. He wasn't even looking straight at me when he did. I was guessing it was that bad.

I took my time getting my coat from the hanger, waiting for everyone else to pass by me. Mariposa took one more appraising look at her test, and nodded. She turned it in to Mr. Mortimer with a smile, and glanced my way. Her eyes froze me like ice. But there was amusement in them. She probably knew that I failed, and was rubbing her accomplishment in my face.

I felt someone's arms grasp my stomach from behind. They squeezed tightly around my waist, and I recognized the purple band around on of the wrists. Jenna and I had been going out off and on for the past six months. She was what most people called the Clinger. I liked to call her a booty call.

“Masers, when am I going to see you over break?” she asked in a whimpering voice. She knew what that did to me, and she used it against me as much as she could. My cheeks felt flushed, and I pried her small arms away from my ribs.

“Jenn, that hurts.” I turned and looked at her pouty expression. Her lips were pursed, and her large brown eyes were shiny. I hated the fact that she had such power over me. “I'm gonna be busy this vacation. You know how my folks get when they see each other. It's gonna take all I have to keep the fur from flying.”

“But I want to see you!” she protested, and stomped her feet. Her hair was like chocolate, and it matched her eyes. She was small framed, but had delicate features. Anything a sixteen year-old boy would want and more. But she wasn't Mariposa.

“I'll call you after Christmas. Maybe my parents will let me see you on New Years.” I said slowly. She squealed and hugged me tightly again, giving me a quick kiss, and then running out of the room to join her friends.

Now it was just me and Mari. She was gathering her books from her desk, and shoved them into her schoolbag. She took her sweet time getting over to the coat rack too. Mr. Mortimer was already grading the tests, and mine was getting closer and closer to the top of the stack, so I made up my mind quickly.

She grabbed a plaid coat that went past her hips, and put her arms through it slowly. I didn't have anymore time to waste.

“So what are you doing for break, Mari?”

She looked up with a dazed expression, acknowledging that I was still there, and fastened her coat. “My parents are coming back into town this weekend for Christmas. They wanted to do something special, since my birthday is on the 24th.”

I was surprised she was saying so much, let alone talking at all. So I told her what I was doing.

“Yeah, my dad visits every Christmas from St. Petersburg. Him and his girlfriend come stay with me and my mom.” that sounded like more than she needed to know, but it wasn't really. My mom and dad had a weird relationship, and it would sound so to anyone outside the family.

“Your father comes from Russia?”

“Lives there. He's actually French.”

She smiled, which was something she never did when talking to me. I decided not to take it for granted.

“Are you doing anything else over break?” I asked, my heart beating in my ears.

She shook her head slowly.

“Well, maybe I'll see you?” This was going to kill me.

She looked at me confused, and I almost thought she would refuse me. But she nodded slowly, and it was all I needed to be relieved. I stepped over the threshold, and heard her soft voice behind me.

“I might be at the ice rink, on Tuesday next week.”

I turned around, and saw her expression. It was almost shy. It made my heart melt. I nodded with a smile, and left the school grounds that day, happy as a clam.

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