The Sweetest Kiss

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - 3 weeks later

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Submitted: July 24, 2009



Chapter 6.  3 Weeks Later

That night Cassidi and I pushed our beds together so now we had like this gigantic bed.  We spent the night making up a plan about how to get Felicity to ask out Erik (the one that i punched).  As it turns out Erik and her brother Freddy hang out all the time so everyone knows about her crush well except him. Even her brother knows just doesn't know how to tell him.  So as i was saying we made up a plan to get them together or at least try.  Cassidi and I are going to thro a summer vacation party and invite most of the sudent body because we had become fairly popular.  Erik and I hang out sometimes and we have apologized to each other so when Erik comes over tonight we are going to convince him to ask out Felicity because everyone sees the was he looks at her or the way when he talks about her you can see his eyes glissen a little. I dont know how Cassidi can sleep at a time like this I am just so excited to finally see Felicity happy. I still haven't shown Cassidi my wings yet im waiting for the perfect moment it turns out that my wings are the exact color of her hair.

Out of nowhere the door bell right and Cassidi rolled over asking me to get it. I slipped on a t-shirt since i had my boxers on already and answered the door.  There stood Erik and Felicity.  Felicity saw what I was wearing and turned around.  Erik was about to ask wat was wrong when he looked at me he started to laugh histerically until he started to cry  "Hahahahaha dude seriously go put some pants on and get Cassidi i think she was going to help Felicity get ready." He said while he looked at her back with loved filling his eyes."Oh umm erm that is um a good idea umm be right back make urselves at home." I said blushing and running up the stairs to our room.

"Cassidi, baby, they are here come on get up don't make me get a bucket of water to poor on you." I told her with a misqhevious smile i new she was wearing a pair of my boxers nd a white t-shirt with out a bra (just so you know we haven't had sex or anything just made out.. alot) so i knew what cold water was going to do to her.  "You wouldn't dare" She hissed at me slowly getting up. Darn I really wanted to do that to her oh well some other time.  She slipped on a bra nd walked down and brought Felicity up and locked me out of her room saying this was 'girl time' and that I would have to wait and see her. Didn't even give me a kiss or anything. 

I walked back down the stairs and found Erik watching the football game we recorded last night for Cassidi's dad and I.  I sat beside him thinking of how i was going to get on the topic i needed it to be when he looked over at me and said "Blake I need your help.."

Cassidi's P.O.V.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Blake had woken me up threatening me with cold water so I slowly got up. I was suprised to find out that Felicity had come over with Erik i guess her brother must have dropped them off.  At the moment we are in my room so far I have painted her nails to match the outfit she was going to wear tonight which was a light pink tank top with a black mini skirt nd a pair of light pink flats. I thought she looked so cute and kept assuring her that Erik was going to be so shocked.  We decided that we were going to put some of her hair in pigtails then leave the rest of it down and strait.  She helped me pick out my outfit and it was similar to her but i was wearing a light blue talk top with a black mini skirt and a pair of light blue flats.  After we got dressed we got a little hungry so we went to get food we found the guys watching football both Erik and Blake had a smile we walked by and Erik had to look over Felicity twice to make it was the same girl then he got up and said "Felicity can we talk... In private?"Felicity looked over and I nodded my head saying she should I told them they could go to my room.

After they left I turned around and gave Blake a kiss and asked him how his talk with Erik went. He said "Well I didnt know how to start it so he did. He looked over and was like 'Blake I need your help..' so I asked him with what and he said 'As you know I really like Felicity but im afraid if I tell her she wont feel the same way because I know she really likes this one guy and im just so jealous over him I mean what can he have that I don't.  So I need your help. What do i do?' so i said 'Ok im going to tell you something that you should have already known. The guy that Felicity likes is you so you just need to get her alone and ask her to this dance tonight because im positive that she is going to say yes to you.  Everyone has known that you to like each other you to were just to blind to see that. So when the girls come I say you ask her to speak in private and ask her out.' So as you can tell he took my advise." 

"Oh my god Blake that is so cute hehe. Oh here they come."We looked up the stairs to see that Erik and Felicity were comming down holding each others hands.  They smiled at both of us and continually thanked us for hooking them up and stayed with us till the party started secretly kissing each other when they thought we wern't looking.

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