Serenity: Fallen Angel

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Re-write of my story from my old profile

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Serenity: Fallen Angel

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Chapter One: The Fall, The beginning of something new.

The falling flashed through my mind. A boy saved me from being beheaded once i disobeyed the owner of a Freak Circus. I was the part-bird, part-girl thing he got alot of money from. They watched me be beaten to unconciousness and laughed as i was always repeatedly humiliated. My long black hair fell over my face and tickled my nose. Waking me from my nightmare. I opened my eyes to see a dusty yet neat room. The sun shined through the window beaming on my back. It made my wings burn, yes i have wings big black ones, and twitch. I decided to pull them into my back making them look like nothing more then tattoos. My hand went to my head and i winced, my head was bruised.

As was the rest of me and a few cuts and scratches from the fall, I remember falling into a forest after escaping. My wrist was bandaged up my arm to my shoulder. My chest was covered in bandages as well. I poked my chest and i could feel the two broken ribs. Parts of my body were numb some i could feel.

I looked around where i was and my eyes stopped at a green bowl filled with fruit so i decided to reach over and take one (wincing in pain as i do). Before i could even take a bite i herd footsteps and my heart began to race.Who else is in this house with me? Will this person be cruel and mean? Hell i didnt know, i didnt want to find out but ,my movements are limited thanks the stupid trees i crashed into. The door creaked open and a boy peeked his head in and smiled brightly at me.

"Good, your up. I was beginning to worry you went into a coma, you fell pretty hard." He said, he has a pretty deep voice. I just sat quietly not speaking a word as i looked him over. He looked about already 6' 2 maybe, dark short spiked up hair tan and muscular but not crazy muscled. As he looked at me he had dark hazel blue eyes. For some reason him looking at me made me blush and fidget.

"Can i see your wrist? I need to change some of your bandages." He asked me and i held my arm out to him, blood already starting to show. His eyes widen and he immediatly gets needle and string.

"Your stitches are open, i gotta redo them okay?" I nodded and he unwrapped the bandage and i see a big cut on my arm looks like it used to be an open gash. He pulled out the old the stitches and began peircing my skin with the needle cloing my wound up. I sit there quiet and wince my body shaking as each poke brought more and more pain. He's probably hitting some nerves in my arm. As he finished he bit the string and put new bandages.

"There, itll heal better now." He told me and got up and was starting to walk away till my hand grabbed his stopping him in his tracks. Right now, im scared to be alone.

"P-please d-dont l-leave, i-im scared" I stumble out my words. He looks at me sad, his eyes turning a greyish blue now. I hope i didnt upset him.

"You dont remember me do you?" He says, i shake my head no and he lets out a long pained sigh. How could i possibly know him? I dont remember a thing from when i was little, i remember things from the age 10 to now. He sat on the bed and pulled me close to him and pressed his lips against mine in soft slow passionate way. I kissed him back one of my hands going to the back of his head and i run my fingers through his hair. He moaned into my mouth. But soon, maybe too soon, he breaks the kiss and we are both breathless.

"I-i've never been kissed before." I admit to him and he chuckles.

"Yes you have, i used to kiss you that way when you were 9." He says. My eyebrows furrow and i look at him confused. He shakes his head.

"Maybe in time you'll remember. But for now, ill just be your friend. My name is Jackson." He holds his hand out to me and i grasp it and shake it smiling.

"I am serenity." I say.

He nods his head and i bite into the fruit i had next to me. I smile happily, its been forever since i had something this good. Fruit is the best but the food i used to eat when i was at the circus of freaks was smashed worms. I had to eat them or starve to death.

We sat in complete silence. He picked me up and carried me to a living with a t.v in it. He sets me down and it turns on. Once again we were in a state of awkward silence. I bit my lip and im fidgeting like crazy.

"Hey, whats wrong?" He asks me looking worried. My body began to heat up and it was healing itself just from him looking at me. I leaned in close and my lips attacked his. Its like i wanted to be loved right this second and i did, I wanted salvation an escape from my nightmare and i was getting it. His hands lingered from my neck down my arms to my side and finally rested on my hips. Touch wasnt enough for me, i wanted and craved for more. The memories came flooding back into my head all at once where he touched me. He touched my hand and i remember when i was 5 he used to always lay in the grass feilds with me and hold my hand. A tear escaped my eye and a sob escaped my throat as i remembered more and more.

My parents left me abandoned leaving me to die and Jackson taking care of me when i lived in the orphanage with him. Then my being kidnapped after he moves away from me. I have always had my wings, i was born with them. God banished my soul from heaven and into a living body but i had a price, i had wings i wasnt ment to be cared for. Yet here he was, caring for me, being friends with me and best of all loving me.

"Are...You okay?" He asks breathless from the kissing. I smile wide at him and nod.

"Yes im fine, i just remember everything Jackson. Everything. I love you." I say to him and tears fall from his and my own eyes. Those three words sparked inside me. He bathed me in in his kisses and i didnt feel any ounce of pain as i realized i could heal myself with my very will.

"I love you. God, i love you serenity" He says over and over to me, making me cry harder. Then silence again, we laid on the couch in an embrace that i will always remember. He loved me and i loved him, that much was enough for me to be happy. The rest of the day we sat there talking catching things up to speed about how our lives have been since we last saw each other.


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