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Future is unknown but it shall be ruled by our own actions which are carried out as our reaction to a situation caused by our EMOTIONS. what about FUTURE if our EMOTIONS are ruled by external control and not of our own???

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Emouvoir

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012



Thanks giving party

I have asked Ralph to come and pick me up such that we both can go together to Mrs.Notinbottom’s Thanks Giving party at County hall which is 25KM away from the city and then a 10 KM side away to the High way.

By the time, he came to pick me up  it is already 7’oclock in the evening and I am not in a mood to get ready and go with him like any other day used to be as I always wished to spend with him. With preoccupied thoughts of my instinct of something terrible is going to happen, with the unusual calmness of the people with showing no negative emotions and being composed in all sorts of emotional situations or circumstances. No teasing, no mockering, no small mistakes or crimes being done only the devastation and destruction is seen when ever people lose control over their negative emotions such as Anger, Jealousy, lust etc or if they show even a small sign of distress. The result is something beyond anyone’s imagination.

When I am completely absorbed in my thinking he called me. “Aren’t you interested in going to Mrs.Notinbottom’s Thanks Giving party?” “No, Ya, Yes I shall be here ready within a half-Hour.” I said but not showing any kind of pain caused to me when I am thinking about what is going around us.

When I got ready it is almost 7.40 PM and it is already late as the party begins at 8.30 PM, we have to go earlier as I promised Mrs.Notinbottom’s that I will help her in the arrangements of the Party.

As soon as I entered the hall way,” Let’s go”, I said.

We started in his Endeavour as the destination is little far away from the city and I thought it would be better if he drives so that there would be any conversation than merely a talk.

“Are you OK?” he asked “seems to be little preoccupied since the time I came to pick you up?”

“No nothing seems to be very long day and usual tiredness of work.”

“So you have a complete week end ahead, and can have rest for two days before you again start for work”, he said.

“ya”, I said but two days rest it seems to be impossible for me now with intuition that something is going happen and without knowing what is coming but when it comes it shall be like a thunderbolt fallen over the head and the pain shall be unbearable and shall shatter me into several fine fragments like when glass hit to floor.

His voice startled me as we hit the high way leaving behind the city lights.” Hay, tell me is something bothering you? It seems like you had some terrible attack of Asthma or something.  As you are fighting for your breathe I thought so.”

Again I gasped for breathe and my words trembled I started something to stammer to tell him that I am fine and nothing to worry much. And finally I succeeded in conveying the same to him. After hearing that he seems to be relaxed a little but the alertness in his posture is still there. I think he is still playing with the probabilities of taking me back to the city, if some emergency is called for immediate medication.

And then finally again he spoke, “by seeing you I think there is a need for me as a friend to warn you about which makes you to drive insane may going to happen next week”.

I am shocked listening to his words. I thought he got the zest of my intuition that something is going to happen. NO Oh god how come he is able read my worry? Is he thinking in the same lines of mine? As I am thinking and staring at him there is a sudden halt of the Car. He started shaking me and he is asking whether I am OK or not and after few seconds I finally able to compose myself and I started shooting him with my questions angrily.

“I am fine, what made you think I will go insane? With all these stuff happening around us”, I asked.

I am trying to be cool because I feel the heat of my aura gradually increasing with the level of my anger and I doesn’t want it go beyond threshold which may cause devastation and destruction causing me the pain of losing my friend. My dearest friend who is more than me, than thee, than anything in this world to me. But I don’t know whether he feels the same or not.

Then again he spoke, “Nothing, Nothing as far as I know you, the factors like love, ardor, and passion etc cause you more twinge than usual things. So that is the reason I said “drives you insane””.

“What? Love! Are you???” I asked.

“Oh you got it but not me ok” he said in a very scratchy way.

“Then?” I asked

“There are few who are planning to propose you in a different way than the usual”, he said.

“Who?” I asked again.

“Mr. Patterson and Mr. Rodriguez”, he said scornfully.

“You mean Frank Patterson and Zian Rodriguez?” I laughed like a smug dog rolling over every bit of my passenger seat. “I think today they are going to attend the party that is being given Marie and Clark right, then why wait till next week.”

“I think they are afraid of you so after proposing you might kill them in a very terrible way with the kind of stuff that is being happened around us because of negative Emotion. So they are planning after holidays”. He said warily.

“No no who said I will go out of track with my negative Emotion? Who actually feels jealous of me or them will go out of box but not me” I said  but not me I said to myself as I don’t want to be a killer in any moment of my life.

“Oh that’s great then I shall encourage them”, he said contemptuously but this time I can hear the pain in his voice and I can feel his heated aura around him like glaze of fire.

We reached the party by the time it was 8.15Pm and I met Clarke at the entrance and asked for Marie who was amidst of the hall arranging the bouquets and asking the service men to be the best of their hospitality talents. As soon as I moved towards her Ralph left my side and gone with Clark to meet other colleuges.

As soon as Marie saw me she came to me and said,” I am expecting you and I know that you will be here even though I am unable to invite you personally. You know these temper problems….. Causing a lot of problems and nonsense now a days”. “Ya, I know don’t worry about it I am also very sorry about what happened. How about your dog now? Means its condition?” I asked.

“Ya, it’s damn better now than the previous week, a few bones broken but its re growing all fast you know heat bodies as they are”. She winced as she said.


“I am also glad that it is Jimmy and not your kid”, I said. “ Ya, I am very much thank full to the god as it is Jimmy and not Sam otherwise I would be dead by now with the pain that caused due to my actions”, she wiped her tears as she is saying the words.

Then she turned and took me towards a miniature mount of presents mounted on a counter beside the column in the corner of the hall. I moved with her with my eyes on Ralph but I couldn’t feel any emotion in his eyes any more. They are more calm than usual. I think he is trying to gain control over him to avoid any bizarre consequences that are caused due to Temper tantrums.

“Are you looking for some….?” she asked looking deep into my eyes.

“No”, I said to quickly avoiding her stare.

“If you are ok, can you please help in giving away these presents? Please if you don’t mind”, she requested in a very low tone as if she is giving an apology to me.

“Ok ok”, I said quickly and I turned back to go Ralph but by that time he is with Mr. Watson our manager. I thought it would be better if I stay away from the crowd coming in. I sat in a corner where I can have my eyes on Ralph and lost in my own thoughts within seconds.

“Hi”, a gentle beautiful voice greeted me making me to jump on to my feet.

I responded to the greeting in a smug way but I couldn’t remember his name as I am completely absorbed into my own thoughts. I stared at him as if he is a stranger to me. I know him but not very well.

“Hi, are you ok? Is everything fine?” he asked again.

“ya ya, everything if fine and ok”, I answered by shaking my head as if I got up from the middle of my sleep.

“Then?” he asked again.

“Nothing lost in thoughts that’s it”, I said quickly.

I wanted to move away from him in that instant but my feet were deep frozen into the floor where I stood because of shock caused by his voice.

I thought it would be better if I initiate a small talk before he gets embarrassed by my actions.

“How come are you here tonight?” I asked him.

“I am here as Mrs. Notinbottom invited me as she is my previous employee. She worked as my father’s secretary few years back. As my father is on a tour he asked me to attend on behalf of him.” he said.

I just nodded.

“What about you?” he asked.

I felt sudden heat across my back and I thought someone is getting negative with the emotions and his or her’s aura is getting heated spreading the tremors across. But I couldn’t hear any heated arguments around. So, I wanted turn to my back and see what’s happening?

As I turned, I could see Ralph’s eyes bored into my back and I could see hatred in his eyes made his small eyes to get widened in a perilous way. I couldn’t able to see him in a way; I thought he would cross the threshold within seconds so I thought it would be better if I go to him with no late to make him calm.

I left immediately not even saying a bye out of courtesy to the known stranger.

As I reached for his hand, Ralph’s gaze is still in the same direction then I understood that he was not boring his gaze on to me but on him. I grabbed his hand immediately but he took it out from my hands forcibly and gone towards exit.

I also wanted to accompany him to know the reason behind his temper rise. After a second I started walking towards the exit but then I heard Marie calling me from back to meet some of her guests.

I turned back involuntarily but wanted to go to be with Ralph but then I saw Ralph again as peaceful as ever talking to frank and others having drinks in hand. I felt lighter but my thoughts were around the known stranger. I couldn’t remember him or his name or when and where I met him.

Then accidentally I met the calm and still gaze of the known stranger. His eyes are like they are smiling at me as if they know me ever since. Suddenly I felt the positive charge spread all over the place causing negative emotional charge effects nullify.

Suddenly there is bang music and the dance floor is open and I could see all the couples hitting the dance floor. Frank has to come to ask whether he can have a dance with me I told sorry and sat at the same corner where I sat before going for Ralph and I could see Christina waiting for Frank to ask whether she can dance with him. It made me chuckle, thinking of what was told by Ralph in the car regarding the thoughts of Frank proposing me.

At the same moment I heard someone asking me for a dance. I lifted my head which is in between my palms as I kept hiding my laugh a minute ago, in surprise to the voice that startled me again this time. But before I answer this time, Ralph is too quick to grab my hands and led to dance floor. Before I realized what is happening I hit my left foot hard to the steps while climbing to the dance floor and lost balance, fallen to the left side of the steps and then into the huge speakers kept to the side of it and then hitting to the floor hard enough to lose the consciousness and before I lose it completely I felt an exceptionally heavy weight on my back.

When I tried to open my eyes I couldn’t feel anything except blank and pain. My hands touched something soft on the sides while I tried to raise my head to see where am I? Then I recognized it as the soft toy pillows on my bed.



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