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Days passed by. Whenever I came downstairs for breakfast, mom would tell me that Aubrey had eaten early. If I needed a ride to Mercer, she would be at work already, claiming that the boss wanted her to go in early. When I walked into her bedroom to talk, all that greeted me was dust.

Not seeing her around was a big blow to me but I deserved it. I always wondered whether she was constantly cursing me and Jason or if she was on the road to forgiveness. I would shake my head bitterly when I thought of that question. It was ridiculous. This was huge. Kissing a sister’s fiancé was not something to be taken lightly.

My parents had obviously noticed the drift between me and my sister, but I found it funny that mom hadn’t overheard our conversation. Both have asked frequently but I always kept my trap shut. I couldn’t tell. I’d be an embarrassment to them. Who went around stealing taken men for themselves? And anyway, it might force my parents to take sides. I didn’t want another detachment in the family.

Also, a few days before, I had received a text message from Michelle, actually thanking me for telling my sister the truth. It was a rather bizarre moment for me but I appreciated the small amount of gratitude.

It was two weeks after I had told Aubrey the truth when I first glimpsed her. She had just arrived home from work late at night, but her shoulders were slightly hunched and her lids were heavy with drowsiness. I couldn’t bring myself to even take a step forward.

Although I convinced myself I was doomed for life, things slightly improved. Aubrey was finally able to tolerate being in the same room as me, but I longed for us to be able to smile at each other and talk about our day – something that most people took for granted. I would do anything just to have a simple conversation with her.

I hadn’t seen Jason for a while either, but I knew that Aubrey was on speaking terms with him … though it wasn’t necessarily a ‘friendly’ conversation. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I’d hear Aubrey talking in hushed whispers, telling him that she needed more time to think. So they were on their way to solving the problem.

Meanwhile, my sister couldn’t look me in the eye. I felt utterly useless and horrible.

Before I knew it, the seasons were shifting. Temperatures dropped, the icy wind would blow against my face and hair even in the afternoon and the crisp leaves of trees were falling, leaving orange and brown all over the lush lawns of fresh grass.

The coldness matched my mood perfectly. It felt like I was slowly starting to slip into depression. Ruby was always trying to boost my happiness level. Sure, venting it all out to her, leaning back in a bubble bath, reading magazines and shopping helped, but she could only do so much.

Now, it was my turn to cheer her up. It was only yesterday that she found out. Ruby had decided to take my advice and ask him out. She had been chewing on her nails all day, expecting a no … and she got it.

I had been outraged when Ruby told me that part, but she had shushed me to tell me the reason: Vince was flying back home to France today. That meant they couldn’t date.

“He said that he really liked me but that he couldn’t lead me on,” Ruby had explained, swiping at the tears dripping from the corner of her eyes. “I was right. It would just hurt us more if we started dating and then all of sudden, he has to go back, and you know that long-distance wouldn’t work. It would just be too hard.”

But, she had promised Vince that she would see him off. He had invited me too and so hence why I was sitting in a cab.

I peeked out of the corner of my eye and held in my sigh as I saw Ruby staring wistfully out of the window. I rubbed her arm soothingly and she turned to me with a gentle smile.

“I’m going to have to get over him, aren’t I?”

My heart went out to her. “Oh Ruby … you know everything will be ok.”

She pushed back her fiery hair and took deep breaths before saying, “Alright, let’s go.”

We halved the cab fee before hopping out and going through the revolving doors of the airport. Coming back here reminded me of when I had come back from France – when things between my sister and I were bright.

“Where do you think he is?” Ruby asked, craning her neck to look over passer-bys. “You don’t think he’s gone do you?”

I shook my head, firm that he hadn’t. Vince wouldn’t just leave without telling us. “I’m sure he’s here somewhere. Let’s go and look near the check-in hall.”

We hurried through the crowd and I heard a squeal come from Ruby’s lips as she spotted him. Standing by a pillar was my ex, who I hadn’t seen for long time. His curls fell over the right side of his face and his full lips were pursed. His eyes were wandering around the place, probably looking for Ruby.


I slowed down while Ruby did the opposite. She dashed over to him, flustered.

“Hello Ruby.” His gaze then wavered to me and I gave him a reassuring smile. “Hello Gracie.”

I hadn’t seen him for so long. All those memories of us resurfaced but this time, I didn’t feel like running back to him. Instead, I saw them as simply memories – ones that would be tucked away in a little box and when needed, would make me smile. Jason ruled my heart now.

I decided to let Vince and Ruby have some quality time together so I took a walk around the airport. On the way around, a mini coffeehouse caught my eye. People lounged on vintage couches reading books while waiting for their flight. Others drank coffee and munched on sandwiches. Seeing the menu made me thirsty, so I decided to purchase a hot white chocolate. I held it between my two hands and took a sip. It felt like heaven.

I glanced down at my watch. It was time. My feet picked up its pace to reach my two friends.

“I should be going now,” I heard Vince say as I neared them.

I stopped in my tracks and watched the two embrace. Ruby buried her face into his shoulder while Vince had his arms wrapped around her back. His lips brushed against her forehead and I heard Ruby sigh contently. They looked so adorable together. This was so unfair. Why couldn’t Vince live here?

After they untangled away from each other, they both spotted me. I gave them a small smile and walked forward. “I guess this is it, hey?”

Vince smiled softly and brought me in for a hug. “I am going to miss you too.”

I laughed. “Same here.”

Both Ruby and I stood silently as Vince took a hold of his luggage and walked towards the gates. My arms quickly took a hold of my best friend as her body started to shake.

“Au revoir.” He left us with his melting smile.

“There he goes …” Ruby crossed her arms and held herself. “He’s really gone.”

My grip on her shoulder tightened when I realised a glistening drop of tear escaped. “It’s alright, Ruby.”

She wiped the offending tear with a hand. “You’re right.”

We stood rooted to the same spot for a few minutes before moving. A narrow book shop caught Ruby’s attention and she suggested that the both of us look for an epic book to read, so we’d get our minds away from boys.

Why not? I loved reading and a new book was definitely needed on my shelf. The woman behind the counter smiled at us upon entering and told us about the sale on romance books. While Ruby headed for the non-fiction section, I stopped by the back wall full of fictional books and skimmed through the spines. My fingers found a historical romance about Anne Boleyn. I contemplated on buying it but it didn’t have a happy ending. Everyone knew her fate.

Right now, I needed a happy ending.

My heart pounded as I read the blurb of another historical novel on the bottom shelf. It sounded so much like my situation: a girl falling for her sister’s fiancé. I felt the need to hug it to my chest and cry for her, because I related with her so much. Even if Lucy wasn’t real, I could imagine the two of us connecting – sitting in comfortable, soft couches, sipping on hot chocolate and pouring out our feelings. If anyone could read my mind, they’d think I was absurd.

I felt the need to purchase it but a sudden nagging thought told me to flick to the last page. After all, I didn’t want a heartbreaking story. I wanted a desirable Disney ending.

My fingers flipped through the pages. It landed on the last page and I shivered.

Because of my idiocy, everything had been destroyed. Friendships, family … even my own beloved kingdom. Love had created chaos and now I had to watch as my kingdom burned down to the ground, engulfed in the fiery flames of the enemies. There was no hope, no joy, no faith. From heaven, I watched and mourned as the sweet songs of sorrow leaked through the cobblestone streets and up into the stormy sky …

Goosebumps broke out over my skin. The main girl died. Whatever punishment was in store for me, I hoped it wouldn’t be as unkind as death.

* * *

Once I reached home that day, Jason contacted me, saying that he wanted to meet up. I texted him back, asking where he wanted to go. In the end, he decided that he would just come over.

My insides were fluttering. I hadn’t seen Jason for so long and to say I that I was nervous was an understatement. Every night, his perfect face and consumed my thoughts but it didn’t compare to his physical presence. Before his arrival, I had changed out of my pyjamas, cleaned the house and paced up and down the hallway. When I spotted his car parking by the curb, I flew over to open the door.

I couldn’t contain my excitement. My heart soared when he finally stepped out of his tinted car. Little details registered into my mind – the trim he had gotten, the new coarseness of his jaw and his eyes: they were darker and empty – a mixture of blue and black.

“Gracie,” he breathed. Those haunting eyes widened as they scanned slowly over me.

I fiddled with my thumbs. “Hi Jason.”

We both watched each other yearningly. My mind became foggy as earlier and happy memories overwhelmed me. I missed our conversations and jokes, the contentment and euphoria I felt when I was with him, his assuring touch, those explosive kisses …

The moment broke when he blinked. He attempted a smile. “So are you going to keep me out here all day?”

I laughed softly. It was more like him to joke, but everything seemed strained. “Come on in then.”

Jason tentatively stepped in and his gaze travelled over to the charcoal grey couch – the spot where our first kiss happened. His eyes clouded over and it seemed like he was thinking of the exact same thing I was.

“Would you like a drink?” I offered, feeling rude for leaving him to stand there. I motioned for him to follow me into the kitchen. “We have juice, water, coffee …”

“Well, I’d certainly love a cup of coffee.” He sat himself down on the kitchen stool. “If it’s no problem …”

As I pulled open the cupboard, I gave him a smile. “Of course not.”

I turned my back to him as I started up the coffee machine. I was extremely glad for the loud churning because it stopped us from having an awkward silence. After pouring him a cup, he thanked me again and started sipping. I looked out of the kitchen window to avoid his gaze.

“So … how are you?”

His lips tightened slightly. “So and so.”

I didn’t how to reply to that, so I decided on a different, more straightforward approach. “Why are you here, Jason?”

He looked mildly surprised by my demanding tone and cleared his throat. His eyes were still wide as he explained. “Well, I came here to see how you were doing …”

“And you came over to tell me something,” I guessed, sensing that this was indeed the truth.

He let out a chagrined smile, confirming my suspicions. “Well yes … but I honestly did want to see you. How are you?”

A sudden small flame of indignation flared through me. So he only decided to check up on me now? What about the past few weeks? He certainly hadn’t bothered then. A sinking feeling told me that he was probably busy pining over Aubrey. I breathed in through my nose before letting it out. I needed to calm down. Arguing wasn’t going to solve anything. Oh, if only one of us didn’t exist. It would make everything so much easier.

“I’m fine thank you.” My fingers found the counter and started tapping on the marble. “So what news do you have?”

He took another gulp of his cappuccino before placing it back down on the counter. “Well … Aubrey and I have been talking lately. We sorted it all out.”

My head snapped up. Here was the news I had been waiting for. I had no idea what to hope for, honestly. My heart was a puddle of confusion.

“She’s forgiven me, Gracie.”

I stared unblinkingly at Jason. She had really forgiven him. But the question was whether they were now friends or still something more. My fingers gripped the counter as I found it hard to breathe. In and out, I chanted to myself. In and out …

“We’re getting married.”

~ I was originally going to leave some chapters before having Jason say that, but might as well say it now! Are you surprised? :) I think most of you expected a showdown between Aubrey and Gracie, huh? ;P xoxo

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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jellylver123 just have to wait for Aubrey and Grace's reconciliation! I hope it isn't depressing...that passage from the historical romance was pretty it from a real book?

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 4:40am


Yep! We'll see ... aww you think so? No! I wrote it myself, LOL!

Sat, June 2nd, 2012 11:56pm



Sun, June 3rd, 2012 4:50am



Sun, June 3rd, 2012 12:07am


guess i'm not first LOL ... will second good too LOL ... what is up with JASON i just don't get him ..... Grace should find someone new so JASON know whats his missing out on .... i have a feeling Aubrey is adopted ( i don't know maybe i'll just losing my mind reading too much) LOL .. can't wait to read more KMU

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 4:55am


Haha. Well he's already said he wanted to marry Aubrey so yeah! Lol, you think so? :) You know what's funny? I was actually going to make her adopted! But no, she's not. I sure will!

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 12:08am


YOU MADE ME SCREAM AND THEN TEAR UP AND THEN SCREAM AGAIN!!! So, to start off, I must say this: If this is the ending, I will hunt you down, sister. This is no rightful ending. But, because I know it's not the ending, I'll keep going. Vince left and rejected Ruby. That made me scream. I was like, "WHY??? Why does he have to be French? Keep the accent, but have him live in the U.S!!! That's what I want!!!!" And then when Gracie read the part about how the main character died in that fictionial book she found in the store made me tear up. When Jason said he wanted to come over, I wanted to smile but then I'm like, "What if it's bad news? What if they get together? What if it's bad news? What if they get together?" That kept going through my mind while I literally paced my room in thought before continuing the chapter, bracing myself to the big announcement. And I love how you described Jason's new look: how he didn't have a sparkle in his eye or something. That showed that he wasn't as happy as he was before the revelation to Aubrey. Oh, speaking of the sister, how has she not forgiven Gracie? Sisters before misters, am I correct? But, I suppose, I would be mad, too. She has every right to shun poo Gracie, but I would seriously never forgive Jason before Gracie. I would probably do both at the same time. Or maybe Gracie first. But, from Aubrey's point of view, her sister totally backstabbed her. I still ship Gracie and Jason, though. Honestly, who wouldn't? They're perfect for each other.
Okay, so time for my big blow up. SAY WHAT??? They're getting married!?!?!? I wanted to scream at the computer screen. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?????? It's not fair! They don't deserve to be together! Jason needs to be with Gracie! What if Aubrey doesn't invite Gracie to the wedding? What if she does? What if Aubrey decides to never talk to Gracie until after the wedding? What if Gracie tears up during the ceremony? What if she runs out? What if Jason follows her? What if I stopped rambling off my dream chapter 24? Okay, breathe, LovePeaceCrazy, breathe.
Okay, I think I've calmed down enough to tell you without screaming that I loved this chapter. It spoke to me through hurt, realization, love, and every other powerful emotion. You built up the tension perfectly until dropping the bomb, something that's really hard to do when you have so many fans' expectations to meet up to. Though it was great, I cannot say it made me dance in happiness. I definitely want more. KMU! Like, now. No, seriously, right now. I'm warning you, Vanessa.... Okay, okay. Breathe, breath. Like Gracie said, in and out, in and out. Okay. I can't say anymore without blowing up, obviously, so I'll leave it at this. I love you and your awesome writing! --LovePeaceCrazy :P

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 7:19am


Did I?! Haha. Noo, it's definitely not the ending! I wouldn't be as cruel to leave you with just that :P Haha of course we'd want Vince to keep the accent ;) Aw did it?
And it turned out to be bad news. Aw thank you! Yep, they're more dark. Mmm maybe :P Haha true that! I guess Aubrey's going for the misters before sisters. She did, she did. They're getting married! Aww you think so? I think Gracie would be hurting over being uninvited! We'll see how dream chapter 24 turns out :)
Aww I'm glad you did! Thank you so much :) You're too sweet! Thank you for leaving your lovely comments. Your thoughts never fail to make my day! I sure will xoxo

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 1:04am


Okay...i feel as though..MY heart is breaking! WHYYY do u have such a crrrueeel cliffhanger?! :( KMUU

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 9:33am


Aww really? :O Lol, I am just like that! Sure will do!

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:38am


Oh. wow. I didn't expect that :3
Keep me posted!

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 9:33am


Mmm :O Sure will do!

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:38am



Sun, June 3rd, 2012 12:07pm



Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:37am


kmu :")

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 12:07pm


I sure will!

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:37am


OMG!! I cannot believe this... Aubrey and Jason are still getting married!! I thought they would still be friends since she's a stubborn person... Now I

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 2:40pm


Mmm they are! Haha yep!

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:28am


feel so sorry for Gracie! Sorry for posting two comments because the computer already entered it without me being finished. Please keep updating me and KMU!!!

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 2:42pm


It's ok :) I sure will!

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:28am


Poo. Now I will slowly slip into depression while Gracie becomes a lonely cat lady. When he said they were getting married I did actually cry. Why is everyone giving bad new in their books lately!?

Whats up with Michelle too? Thank you. No no no. All the bad people (to me) are getting what they want. Gah. Vanessa you owe me one more HAPPY chapter! Please? Tehe Im begging aren't I?

Ugh well I do enjoy every update just so you know!!

xoxo Sunshine!

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 3:28pm


Lol, we'll see about that! Aww did you? :O Haha is everyone doing that? I'm not sure. Haha, well they're not fully bad ...
Awww we'll see if the next one is a happy one. Thank you! xoxo

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:24am

Mia J. Sienna

Ahhh! i have a knot in my stomach from that one. i don't like Jason anymore.... KMU

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 4:23pm

Mia J. Sienna

Ahhh! i have a knot in my stomach from that one. i don't like Jason anymore.... KMU

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 4:23pm


Ah really? I sure will :)

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:20am


Okay, I just spent started reading this and couldn't stop. It's so addictive. The characters feel like their somewhat real to that weird? Lol. You're a great writer, always leave us guessing. Keep me updated:D

Sun, June 3rd, 2012 4:46pm


Aw really?! Thank you for taking the time to do that :O Really? That's not weird at all! Why thank you and I sure will!

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:21am

Fairytale Dreams

nooooooooooooooooo!! Jason you idiottttt! i wish Gracie had a violent streak so she could slap sense into him, haha.
i hope Gracie does get her happy ending eventually :[ oh! and i'd love to see Vince and Ruby with a story of their own :[ toooo many sad things in this chapter!
i love this though, so please kmu :]

Mon, June 4th, 2012 10:47am


Mmm! Haha, maybe she does! We'll see. Aw really? True unfortunately, lol! Thank you and sure will!

Thu, June 7th, 2012 1:45am

Maddie Grey

Gosssh, I'm shocked Aubrey is still up for marrying him :S I guess now she's lost trust in him, though, which might prove fatal in the future :S
Loved the mention of Anne Boleyn, I spent hours doing a project on her, so any mention of her name always sparks my interest, haha :P
I hope she doesn't die like the girl in that book!! O.o Gracie doesn't deserve it! The very fact that she feels so bad about it is demonstrative of the nice person she is, poor thing. I guess you can't choose who you fall in love with :(
Amazing chapter, Vanessa! I absolutely looove your writing, you truly are amazing! :) please keep me updated!

Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:26pm


Mmm maybe we'll see why later! Aw I'm gad you did! She's my favourite wife of Henry's! That would have been interesting :O We'll see. Of course ... it's so natural and unexpected! Thank you Maddie :) Awww thanks once again and I sure will!

Thu, June 7th, 2012 1:51am


so i just read this from chapter one till now. its AMAZING!!! jason and gracie need eachother. jason should not be marrying her sister. anyways, i absolutely CAN NOT wait for more. so keep me updated please?!?!?!?!?! (;


Wed, June 6th, 2012 4:04am


Aw thank you!! You think so? :) I sure will Katie!

Fri, June 8th, 2012 2:19am



Hate Aubrey and Jason now


Wed, June 6th, 2012 12:34pm


Aw do you haha?! Sure!

Fri, June 8th, 2012 2:26am


WAHHH!!! This is so sad! I hope she doesn't commit suicide due to this! :(
KMU!!!! If not I think I will die of boredom and no emotion......

Wed, June 6th, 2012 3:14pm


LOL! Mmm we'll see :O I sure will and aww!

Fri, June 8th, 2012 2:29am


Lovely chapter!!
this keeps getting awesome!
keep me updated plz

Fri, June 8th, 2012 12:10am


Thank you :) Sure will! xoxo

Fri, June 8th, 2012 2:38am

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