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The next week flew by quickly, especially with how much fun I was having in college and how busy I was with reviewing notes in the backyard, under the sunshine. I didn’t really like the idea of studying in my room in the summer, because it would soon become stuffy and I would become unmotivated and weary. I preferred summarising key notes, completing assignments or online clothes browsing on my laptop outside, where I could sit back on the deck chair and drink lemonade or munch on fruit parfait.

As I flicked the blinkers to my father’s car, I spotted the local school that I was going to be teaching in. It was small, but looked vibrant and welcoming. That was definitely a relief.

I parked the car, careful not to hit anything and breathed a sigh of relief. I had my license but since I didn’t own a car, I wasn’t able to drive around as much as I’d like to. This meant I was still a bit hesitant and paranoid of crashing into other cars. It’s a weird fear, but I couldn’t help it.

I opened the door and slipped out of the car, but not before smoothing down my pale pink tulip skirt. I wanted to look professional and serious, but warm and friendly at the same time. I had tried so hard this morning to achieve the look and a wrinkled skirt wouldn’t help at all.

For a few seconds, I stood in front of the building, simply taking it in. My insides were jumping about and I wasn’t sure if I was more edgy or excited.

Parents were walking their young children into school, while the sixth graders were waving away their mothers, as if they were embarrassed that they were being given so much attention. I laughed at their idiocy. One day, they’d realise how much their mothers really meant to them.

When I walked into the front office, the lady behind the counter kindly told me which classroom I was supposed to go to. I was given a map, which made me feel like it was my first day of school as a student.

I made my way through the throng of children running around and to one of the kindergarten rooms which had a sign on the door saying ‘KS’. As I stepped inside, colours immediately greeted me. I was slightly disorientated at first, but got used to all the neon oranges, sunshine yellows and sky blues. Posters and artwork the children had made hung on the walls and were pegged on a line of string which ran across the room. I ducked underneath it and walked towards the teacher, a pretty young woman who looked amused that I had to duck under the cotton string.

She introduced herself as Rowan and we soon found out that she was only six years older than me. When the bell rang for class, I spotted two lines of children outside the window and smiled. How adorable! They formed lines faster than the second grade children three rooms away!

When the kindergarteners started piling into the room, I was met with curious stares, timid looks and a few shy smiles. I wanted to pinch their rosy cheeks so badly, but I refrained myself from doing so. I briefly wondered how that would look on my work experience feedback card.

Rowan then asked everyone to sit in a circle on the blue carpeted floor, and with eager grins, they complied, ready to start a brand new day of school.

“Gracie, come and sit with us!”

Usually I would hesitate when people invited me to join them, but children were something which made me animated. Once I situated myself between a little boy and girl, Rowan spoke up. “Good morning class!”

“Good morning Miss Sewell!” the rest of the class chorused, stretching out the word ‘morning’. They were so adorable!

I saw Rowan supress a smile at my expression. “Class, why don’t you say good morning to Miss Elwood too? She’s going to be helping us!”

They all turned to me and I slightly flushed, as usual when the spotlight was on me.

“Good morning, Miss Elwood!”

“You’ll be nice to Miss won’t you?” Rowan asked as she leant forward to hear their expected answer.

They all nodded their heads and the little girl next to me turned up to peer at me under her pretty eyelashes. Her cheeks went pink when she realised I had caught her, so I decided to ease her discomfort. “Hi there, what’s your name?”

The corners of her mouth lifted slightly. “Delilah.”

“Wow! I love your name!” It was true - I was insanely jealous of her name. It was so elegant compared to mine.

Delilah radiated with happiness from my compliment and was about to say something when someone interrupted. “Stop sucking up to Miss!”

“I’m not!” Delilah glowered at the scrawny boy next to me, who looked rather pleased that he could make a girl get so bothered.

“You are! You’re a suck up!”

I watched, horrified as a lot of the boys started to chortle with laughter. There was bullying going on at the age of five?!

Rowan caught my eye and something told me that she was used to these arguments. “Alright KS, shh!”

A dark-haired girl sitting next to Delilah then stood up and glared at the bully. “Why don’t you shut up, Justin?!”

The whole class gasped at the use of the two words. I was wide-eyed as well. I couldn’t believe these children were so … brash! Although it was cute that the girl had stood up for Delilah, when I was in kindergarten, I had no idea what those two words meant!

“Ainsley, don’t say that word please!”

I sensed that Ainsley wanted to say something, especially with her defensive pose, but she got the hint that Rowan was upset and sat herself down. The atmosphere was suddenly calmer, and Rowan started to go through the letter ‘H’, since that was the letter the class was up to in their alphabet books. As I listened to her going on about what words went with ‘H’, I heard sniffling coming from beside me.

It was Delilah, struggling to keep in her tears. My heart broke for her. It was probably because of the mocking comments from the boy next to me, so I decided to reach out and take her little hand.

“Do you want to come outside with me?” I whispered to her.

She nodded slightly, so I helped pull her up and quietly walk out of the room. I saw Rowan beam at what I was doing and then return her eyes back to the rest of the class.

While still holding Delilah’s hand, I opened the door to outside the classroom and tugged her outside to sit beside the pot plants.

“Why are you crying Delilah?” I asked in a kind tone. Well, I hoped it did. “Is it because of the boy just then?”

She rubbed at her eyes and responded in a tiny voice, “Justin?”

I nodded. That must be his name. “Has Justin always been mean to you?”

“Mhmm … he says I’m a suck up! I’m the only one so everyone laughs at me!” Delilah wailed.

I jumped a bit at her sudden loudness and then thought of something to say which could cheer her up. Children liked to be reassured, so I tried to do that. “You’re not the only one, Delilah. Everyone teased me in school as well.”

Her fresh blue eyes widened as she drank in my words and smile. “Really?” It was evident she was in disbelief, but still full of hope. “But you’re so pwetty! Like a princess!”

I laughed softly at her pronunciation of the word ‘pretty’ and stroked her silky, long brown hair. “All girls are pretty!”

She frowned. “Really?”

“Really,” I confirmed. “And you know how I dealt with all the people who teased me?”

Delilah shook her head and looked up at me with an adorable pout.

“I ignored them, because I knew one that one day it would all stop. You have to be the better person and just don’t talk to them. They’ll get bored of you and stop.”

“But … Ainsley said to talk back!”

“Maybe from time to time, but I just ignored them.”

I couldn’t describe the happiness I felt when her flushed face brightened. It was like sunshine and daisies, a look which suited her. Her dimples shower and her eyes shined. I loved the feeling when I was able to comfort kids.

“I won’t let him bug me!” she exclaimed determinedly, before bursting into fits of giggles.

I had no idea what she found funny, bur I joined in anyway and before we knew it, our stomachs and cheeks were sore from all the smiles.

“Let’s get back to class shall we?”

When we both came back into class, Delilah happily skipped off to Ainsley, who was colouring in the letter ‘H’ in violet. Rowan walked up to me, looking impressed. “That was very nice of you, Gracie."

I smiled bashfully. “She seemed really upset.”

“Mmm yes, Justin is a bit of a rough one,” Rowan added with a bite of her lip. “It’s quite tiring to stop him from talking all the time.”

After a few more minutes of talking, we both went around to each person to help them out with their ‘letter of the day’. They were such lovely kids and surprisingly, when Justin was put to work, he tried his best. Although it was stupid of me to pre-judge, I thought that he would be mucking around with his friends.

During recess and lunch, I followed Rowan to the staffroom to mingle with some other teachers and eat some of the chicken and ham sandwiches which were on display on the kitchen counter. Yes, the staffroom had a kitchen and a coffee machine!

When the last hour of the day came, I was tired, relieved but glad that my professor had given us work experience. It really gave me an insight into how elementary children behaved in the classroom and on the playground.

I was helping Ainsley, the loyal best friend of Delilah, with packing her bag when a dark-haired woman slowly walked up to me. I assumed it was her mother; Ainsley looked like the exact replica of her, except smaller in size. Behind her was probably her husband, who I had to admit, looked delicious.

“Hi,” Ainsley’s mother greeted. “Have you replaced Miss Sewell?”

I laughed. “Oh no, I’m a student teacher here.”

“Sorry, my wife here is a bit stupid,” the gorgeous man said with a cheeky wink. “My name’s Henry.”

“Hey, I am not!” She then turned to me and beamed. “I’m Lainie. Don’t mind him; he’s a very arrogant man.”

“If I’m arrogant, why did you marry me?” Henry challenged.

“Because mommy and daddy love each other!” Ainsley cut in as she bounced on her heels.

I hid my smile by biting my lip. What a cute little family they were! I would love to have something like they had.

“Well, it was very nice to meet you, Gracie! I’ll see you some other time then?”

I nodded as I shook her hand. “Of course! You have a wonderful daughter, by the way. She’s full of spirit.”

“Ahh, that’s my girl!” Henry grinned wickedly and ruffled Ainsley’s hair. “What did you do now? Did you punch the Justin kid?”

Lainie and I both laughed as we watched the father and daughter bond. We said our goodbyes, which left me standing with a few other kids in front of the classrooms. It was a security procedure at the school for teachers of the younger grades to wait outside with the remaining students, in case their parents were late.

Delilah was the last one to be sitting next to me by the bushes I had seen earlier in the morning. She had her Dora the Explorer backpack on and was swinging her legs, looking wistful.

As I stared at the front gates of the school, I frowned. Why were her parents so late? Maybe they didn’t care? My heart started to beat faster as I contemplated the idea. It wouldn’t be a surprise. Delilah was bullied at school and didn’t have much self-confidence …

“Lila! Oh thank goodness!”

My head snapped up to find a young man running towards with his hair flying in the wind and the sun beating down on his slightly tanned skin. Delilah had immediately perked up once she heard the man’s voice and rushed up to him to be hugged. I watched as he spun her around and they laughed. He looked eerily familiar, but I couldn’t place how I knew him. It was against my nature to just stay in the corner looking anti-social and rude, so I decided to introduce myself.

“Hello! I’m the student teacher in Delilah’s class.” I put my hand forward so he could shake it. “I’m Gracie. You must be … her father?”

A young one too, I mentally added.

The man stared at me, as if he was entertained by what I had said, while his daughter giggled into her hand. “I’m not her father, I’m her brother.”

As soon as the words flew out of his mouth, my cheeks heated. I was such an idiot. “I’m so sorry, I-”

He shook his head and gave me a reassuring smile. “It’s no problem, Gracie. I go by the name of Jason.”

Jason. Now why did that name sound so familiar?

“You can’t remember me, can you?” he asked in that still amused tone.

I simply stared at him, trying to remember. It didn’t take me that long however and once I figured it out, I felt like a true fool. “Jason! Oh my god! It’s so nice to see you again!”

My sister’s fiancé chuckled deeply. “I was getting scared there, Gracie. I thought you forgot me.”

“No! Never!” I felt my face get redder by the second. “I just – I’m really sorry!”

Jason hugged Delilah closer. “It’s fine.”

There was a bit of an awkward silence after that, until Delilah looked up at her brother with confusion. “Are we going home now?”

I laughed and waved them away. “You guys should go home instead of standing here.”

“I second that.” Hesitantly, Jason leant forward to shake my hand again, as if he was afraid that he’d scare me. “We’ll see each other soon won’t we?”

“Of course,” I answered confidently. “Aubrey will drag us on shopping trips, get us together to help with the wedding planning and there’s the engagement party coming up soon …”

Jason frowned slightly. “Right. We will. See you soon, Gracie.”

“See you soon,” I whispered.

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I like the sound of Jason! Being good with children is always a fantastic sign for a brilliant young man :P

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And yes, Delilah's name is gorgeous! It's actually my absolute favorite name for a girl. ;P One of them, at least.
I can't believe she's Jason's sister! :P What a small world! Haha. Poor Gracie, she was so embarrassed that she didn't recognize her sister's fiance right away. ;P Lols.
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